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0:15From The Back, I Gave him the Same one lol
From The Back, I Gave him the Same one lolvisningar 38tn18 timmar sedan
0:46Customer Caught in 4K Trying to be a City Slicker
0:18Telling Customers Huh? 😂 In the hood
Telling Customers Huh? 😂 In the hoodvisningar 51tn18 timmar sedan
0:15How I Write The Letter G
How I Write The Letter Gvisningar 82tn18 timmar sedan
1:26Calling Customers Fruity Names Compilation 😂
0:277 Eleven Worker Offers Me Pink Lighter 😂
7 Eleven Worker Offers Me Pink Lighter 😂visningar 226tn14 dagar sedan
0:37Pink Lighter Guy At Disney World 🌎
Pink Lighter Guy At Disney World 🌎visningar 135tn14 dagar sedan
0:24Finally Someone Accepted a Pink Lighter 😂
0:58Fist Bumping Customers, Part 2 👊😂
Fist Bumping Customers, Part 2 👊😂visningar 405tn28 dagar sedan


  • Offer him a small basket for shopping , he will not be putting in his pocket

  • .

  • What a punk ass B tryna steal from you bro

  • Bet

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Disney world in Orlando? Or Disney land in cali?

  • Wow man even if someone stole from my man he will still forgive them

  • Bro you are just what this country needs! God bless you Familia 🙏 ❤ 🙌 You are a real one. If you are ever in Florida let me know ill be happy to show you around and meet you!

  • <3

  • Gotten 🤾🏾

  • just proves thay have no idea idiots

  • Bruhh you got them high school donuts !! 🤾🏾

  • Forgot the $1.5 reeses ?????? No way that chocolate is delicious. He couldn’t resist bro 😂

  • She was still honest though ! Props for her !

  • 😭

  • You should give them some harder math problems first like 2 x 2 and if they get it right give them 8 seconds

  • He is trash just tell him go to minnesota if he is protesting, dont protest in your store.

  • When the “black” marker looks green

  • Should have hit him with a: “What’s, 1 minus 1?”... “Now you have 5 seconds to grab everything you put in your pockets & place them back on the shelves”

  • 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷❤️❤️

  • She looked so confused lol


  • You are so nice bro ❤

  • This is a good one 👍😂

  • Lol I’ll bet you could accuse most of them

  • Should have given her 5secs to grab whatever next time she comes through, ohhhh and a pink lighter lol

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m thankful there is not a White clerk behind the counter... they would’ve called the police and make it worse.. this guy actually helping them mad probz

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 cracks me up

  • Seriously some people shouldn't be theifs

  • I got a feeling this is staged

  • Kid: I wanna be on *TikTok*. PinkLight Corp: You wanna be on *TikTok*? Kid: Yes PinkLighterCorp: say thank you *SEnewss* Kid: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • They thought that was a gun.. there natural thought was gun

  • Plz dont like

  • that was beautiful for the kids ! thank you from Philippines !

  • The emotions that you give to those kids at their age are really special. Youre introducing them to kindness and generosity from a young age

  • He is intentionally making fun of those people. He can keep his free lighter's and bags of potato chips. Bet, he won't take his store to a poor White neighborhood and try that. Why? Because they would run his * out. Black people are not like that. You see that nobody has harmed him all this time. He comes out on top anyway with inflated prices.

  • You’re a good dude man!

  • What a bum

  • Yo Bro, i think its not correct to post theft videos..If you genuinly care for these people ,conforont them, show them the video, but dont put it out in public..Lots of people are watching this including their family members and friends.i know these things happen arround in ministores gas stations, markets ect, but we must deal with it in a more humble manner.If you truely wish good for people who stole from your shop, confront them with humility, advise them but dont ruin their images front of the world.If you do and wish good upon even your enemies or people who backstabbed you, you will genuinly turn them into good people.By posting videos of theft, its not going to change their hearts.

  • It means lot of them steal from you

  • nicely makes him pay lmao

  • (in disappointed voice) You- you wanna be on tiktok? 👀

  • She hurried up and got the hell on before he changed his mind

  • Such wholesome content!!!

  • There's another guy that does this. Pink lighter man is awsome. The other guy gonna get shot

  • Last girl was pretty asf


  • Those are so cute 😍😃

  • How'd u get Tee Grizzley in your video?

  • Bro do more of these if u got em vaulted shit was too funny caught em slackn like that😭🤣

  • It's just a misconception people have that the items in the front will be stale they are ignorant to the fact they are manufactured on the same day and coming from same damn box. Unless the seal is broken they will be relatively the same

  • In Spanish 😆? That E woulda sounded more like an A

  • I know that guy.. he forgets things all the time. He gets lost too and can't find home

  • 💯👍👍💯

  • ur nice bro i love u ☺☺

  • Right here

  • Omg you showed him the camera? 😱

  • He is soo cute

  • You are really nice guy dude 🙌

  • I'm slow ash 🤣

  • I'm just curious why they all happy yo get wtv that is 🤣

  • That's hilarious

  • Help me reach 10k pls

  • Why did he knock lol

  • Got emmm!!!

  • Wow, send that address 👀😂

  • “It’s a prank fat boy now put it back”

  • You should’ve told him to put all the stuff back and give him a pink lighter to rethink what he has done.

  • I know the guy didn't actually steal anything. His response is so freaking innocent but, he even like questioned himself... lol 😆

  • Huh huh😂😂😂

  • This guy is so fucking funny! I wish that I could fuck with people like that!

  • I'm in here every day lol

  • A great way to handle it.

  • Ask your customers to twerk promising that you would give them an expensive thing and then just handover the pink lighter to them.

  • I had to watch this twice! ☺ Now my cheeks a bit sore! 😫

  • Much respect 🙌 much love!

  • I never been to your store but I really do appreciate your energy and interactions with yo customers definitely would of been my favorite store to pull up on if I was from this neighborhood @4baadimh01

  • Thank god he had a bulletproof glass. Lol