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15:09Minecraft, But Books Are OP...
Minecraft, But Books Are OP...visningar 251tnDag sedan
14:03Testing Oddly Satisfying Builds In Minecraft!
14:58Flipping 100 Bases In Minecraft!!
Flipping 100 Bases In Minecraft!!visningar 493tn7 dagar sedan
12:59I Sold Minecraft's BEST Mystery Boxes | E25
13:19Amazing Minecraft Things You've Never Seen Before
13:45Testing VIRAL Redstone Builds To See If They Work!
12:20100 REAL Ways To Cheat in Minecraft!
100 REAL Ways To Cheat in Minecraft!visningar 526tn14 dagar sedan
13:21I Built An Illegal Spawner In Minecraft... | E22
11:10100 Genius Ways To Get RICH In Minecraft!
10:04Testing Dreams 999IQ Plays To See How Hard They Are


  • 4:09 saw not sword

  • Do you know the puffer fish trap where you can make a invisible wall all you have to do is make a hole and put purple fish in it without using the piston and put carpet on it and when somebody tries to walk over the carpet it won't work they'll get poisons and won't be able to walk over it really good hack to use to keep your friends out of your base instead of a lava trap

  • 30m is my favourite

  • Loverfella:Q the gold montoge Loverfella:oo coal The video:makes a coal montage Me:👁👄👁

  • your telling me mincraft dongeons is the same as dragon raja since it was also made by unreal engine

  • Dude I’m 5 foot 5 and I’m 12 lmao

  • You’ve really inspired me thank you so much🤩

  • complex

  • I love You

  • NOOB!

  • seeds are the best

  • Idea: Add a “Mob Repellant” which can be crafted with anything related to that mob you wanna repel


  • I really like this kind of video , but why are you on your Minecraft server?

  • Loverfella is likeME cuz he beat the game only 2 times like me

  • NO WAR

  • Y dont he just use the lvl 2 book to get 64 lvl 5 book

  • The creepy 1 thing is the warden za wardenn

  • Imagine if he type op level 5 books 10 😏

  • Typing level by

  • Cool

  • Can you make a part 2

  • if u are the owner of the server, why don't u just get lots of money

  • What does he use for screen recording

  • for the item stairs is zppzrently the item nneded to throw at the PERFECT angle

  • loverfella:i have no paper me:sees paper in third row second column 4:40

  • Your thre besst

  • This is the best he is just like other youtuber like tapl tommyinnit and bionic

  • :)

  • I think warped forest has twisting vines

  • Yes it’s Beautiful

  • Lova complex


  • actually you can really break it just by exploding it by tnt

  • My boy should have gotten netherite blocks

  • Java i think you put the chicken firsr seriously in bedrock: can put chicken even tho there's no fire

  • Java armor stand why it didn't work because it dont have arms 😂

  • I WANT YOU TO DO THORNS 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 NEXT

  • Will it work on My nokia

  • Tapl intro every SEnewssr does this

  • Get your self on fiere


  • Do a command beat the ender dragon with command no creative no /kill only /fly /give /effect

  • Me: ima just use this OP book to get more OP books

  • wait you mean minecraft isnt real life...

  • It isn’t van gow it’s van gof and it’s spelled Van Gogh

  • You should have got a command block

  • Love you Love Fella!

  • Can you make you server also on bedrock , hey more people more money you get when people spend. Yah I do not get what I said about why to do that but I was trying to say that if people spend money and more people come that is more money. like if you agree .

  • feels weird to see zach play minecraft in survival, but i like it :)

  • How much punches did randy Orton do to this dude

  • anyone see 98 gold ingot 7:26

  • Legends are watching after 11 months

  • Tiny op

  • 1) The blazes spawned on the bedrock because they don't actually spawn on a block, they spawn in the air 2) from his tests, mycelium actually did take less explosion damage than grass but not less than paths, he misread the results. 3) respawn anchors don't "overcharge", it's just when they are charged fully, if right clicked in the overworld, it will explode like a bed in the nether

  • Did loverfella did not know that when you hit a mob your dog attacks it

  • 6:22 Everyone pause there and look at the number of the gold nugget

  • 5:42 we saw nothin

  • Cdghgfdgjy😋🤓🤓🤓

  • Hui

  • Loverfella you used projectile protection

  • Hui

  • So... This is wisp now ? Or bionic ?

  • complex

  • I think if mojang actually add all of that I will probably never Use the old ones like bruh they useless now and I'm begging mojang to put all of them and my favourite is the backpack it can be soooo useful and I actually need that Everyone that see's this comment please tell MOJANG WE NEEDD MORE! hopefully they bring all of these in the next update

  • can ur server work on 1.16.2?

  • Make a survival series with Issac and Ben and make a muffin you muffin

  • His levels at the end were 69 :D

  • "Chest is locked" Me:*laughs by breaking it*

  • The snake looks like jar jar binks

  • Don’t now if this is a dumb question but it won’t let me join your Minecraft server only discord

  • U look like sypherPK

  • Minecraft but evry thing hav silktutch

  • Your mad bra

  • His right his a scam lol 😂 it makes me cringe hahaha at the 2 last targets haha it's so fast to be honest