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Molly Sandén is one of Sweden's biggest artists and songwriters. In the past decade Molly has released 4 studio albums, gained +300 million streams on Spotify, headlined multiple sold out shows and won several prestigious awards (Pop of the Year, Album of the Year and Artist of the Year at the Swedish Grammy Awards and Guldmicken and Pop of the Year at P3 Gold).

My Marianne is Molly’s moniker name used when singing in English and voicing Rachel McAdams singing voice in Netflix blockbuster Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. In 2021 main theme “Husavik” received a nomination for Best Original Song at the 93rd Academy Awards and Molly My Marianne Sandén was invited to perform the song at the Oscar’s ceremony.

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0:12Molly Sandén - DOM SKA VETA (Teaser trailer)
2:35part 3: Molly's performance of Husavik
part 3: Molly's performance of Husavikvisningar 170tn7 dagar sedan
2:59part 2 : Molly Sandén to perform at the Oscars
2:39part 1 : Molly Sandén going to Husavik
part 1 : Molly Sandén going to Husavikvisningar 132tn7 dagar sedan
3:26Husavik (My Hometown) - Acoustic Live Video
Husavik (My Hometown) - Acoustic Live Videovisningar 3,4mn8 månader sedan
3:40The Fire Saga - My Marianne
The Fire Saga - My Mariannevisningar 797tn10 månader sedan
3:02Molly och Victor Leksell
Molly och Victor Leksellvisningar 100tnÅr sedan
Sverigevisningar 11tnÅr sedan
4:01Molly Sandén öppnar P3-Guldgalan 2020
0:25Molly live på Liseberg 2019-08-23
2:55estraden, Molly Sandén - Smartare
estraden, Molly Sandén - Smartarevisningar 693tnÅr sedan
3:07Mollys framträdande på Grammisgalan 2019
0:39Live på By:Larm - Den som e den
Live på By:Larm - Den som e denvisningar 7tn2 år sedan
2:10Den som e den - Behind the Scenes
Den som e den - Behind the Scenesvisningar 14tn2 år sedan
3:21Molly Sandén - Den som e den
Molly Sandén - Den som e denvisningar 1,9mn2 år sedan
3:27Kär i Din Kärlek "Taxi Lyric Final"
0:46Kär i din Kärlek - Kareoketaxi resa


  • Lovley!

  • Så bäst du är Molly! Låt ingen annan bestämma över ditt liv eller din kropp!

  • Kanonbra! Väldigt bra musik och äkta känsla i texter som vanligt. Hoppas hela världen nu upptäcker vilken stjärna du är efter oscarsgalan☺

  • Det är rätt skönt att du börjat landa i dig själv! Diggar dig!

  • One of the favorite song of mine ..lot of love..😊

  • Please come to Nashville TN in the states! Need a drummer? Im your man! My wife and daughter absolutely love you as well! Cheers!

  • Great song. Even tho I don’t understand the lyrics 😆

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Stark låt!

  • You are not Sweden's Adele so please do not believe it 🤣🤦‍♂️

    • Does your parents know, that you are out on the Internet all by yourself? 🤣😂

  • STARKT MOLLY!!!!!!!!! ❤️ #KäftSmäll #DomSkaVeta #Molly ❤️🇸🇪

  • Thank you Molly, good music you never disappoint, I love it.

  • WOW Molly!!! Fan vilken bra text och låt! Känns som du gått igenom en del...? Hoppas du mår bra nu och är hel och stark igen! Ta hand om dig! Björn

  • is wild watching these clips cause ive been listening to her since I was a kid. so amazing to see how far she has come and the confidence she holds

  • Du forsätter att överraska gång på gång, när man trodde du inte kunde bli bättre Den här låten var verkligen så bra!

  • Omg its too shooooooort! I cant stop listen thst

  • modigt och viktigt

  • [Intro] They must know [Verse 1] A tiny makeshift stage by the counter on a Monday at the mall By the highway roundabout I sang playback for nothing Seemed shady, You used to say ”lil sweetie” You should be grateful, should be grateful That was before I had to starve until I soared in corsets above stages that I never got to keep If I didn’t have the ”follow”, if I didn’t want to ”swallow” If I wasn’t ”Carola”, wasn’t ”Carola” [Bridge] Was so lost but refused to stop What needs to happen must go down [Chorus] They must know They must know [Verse 2] My boyfriends were boys Had six-packs, were a free pass True divas & real hotties that half of Sweden wished to strangle Could dance, could sing Had dreams just like mine, dreams like mine (Dreams, dreams like mine) In front of everyone & the camera no one liked it All wanted to watch me fall until I lay on the dance floor No one saw but everyone watched, paparazzi, ”Se & Hör” [=gossip magazine] Poor stupid little girl, stupid little girl [Bridge] Was so lost but refused to stop What needs to happen must go down [Chorus] They must know They must know [Verse 3] Filled the back seat on ”Sunset” with a fucking row of palm trees Spent 10 000 hours, LA dreaming goes to pieces Mum dad already divorced My sisters stopped calling, sisters stopped calling Take a selfie, real tan Up the ”Hills” to someone’s mansion, all losers, All famous in a smog of smoke & mist The producer wants to bang me, oh, surprise, deliver lines Wants to rip me off completely Real tears, real salt This is my quick attempt at capturing the spirit of this song - hope you enjoy it because it hits different! 🔥

    • @Des Information They didn’t find out recently but she was too young & the circumstances too tumultuous at the time, to stay in touch (it’s a little much to ask fron someone who’s quite young). I guess with time it must get harder & harder to establish contact but 2020 helped her (& her sisters) in that area. They contacted their half brother quite recently & she spoke of him for the first time in media last November or December.

    • @Mathilda Backlund Indeed, I mean Molly and her sisters recently found out they had a half brother so that might have been a bit awkward I suppose...

    • @David Israel All I know is the fact that the sisters are close but I don’t know the nature of her relationship with her parents! 🤗

    • Thanks for the translation. I didn't know some of her personal life issues but thought this song had something to do with her life as the video included clips throughout her career. Wonder what happened with the family and siblings. I always got the impression they were close.

    • @Jen You’re welcome! Yes, she makes that fake world VERY real! 😳

  • Så jäkla grym låt, du är sveriges bästa stjärna. Kommer ihåg dig på Uport.

  • So beautiful ❤️😍

    • If you look further down in the comments, I’ve translated it 🤗

  • Så jäkla bra! Keep going strong!

  • Vad i helvete var det för nåt 😱

  • Du är så jävla bra Molly, på alla sätt ❤️

  • I swear that she’s an angel: angelic voice, beautiful and selfless. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Your music is amazing.

  • Molly doesn't have a bad song.

    • If you look further down in the comments, I’ve translated it 🤗

  • Where is the full music video?

  • WOW! Så djävla bra!

  • Sjukt! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hatar 'finger snäpp' musik... Synd att Molly 'kastar bort sin röst i skräpmusikfacket'

    • @davidLAMF vilka är fördelarna?

    • smak är individuell. finns inga fördelar med att sprida negativitet.

  • HELT. JÄVLA. FANTASTISK. LÅT. Molly, du är beyond AMAZING!!!

  • Magiskt 😍

  • Jäklar vad bra, Molly!! Otroligt viktigt det du förmedlar. På dem bara!

  • Didn't get a word, but still... it felt smooth :D Sing more songs in English, please. Post Husavik, you have got people round the globe waking and sleeping to your voice :D

    • If you look further down in the comments, I’ve translated it 🤗

    • Absolut nej. Her songs are much better in Swedish.

  • Love the song.., even though I’ve no idea what is being said apart from “they should know” haha

    • It’s about her life in the spot light (spoiler Alert, it’s sad)

    • If you look further down in the comments, I’ve translated it 🤗

  • Hela albumet är helt perfekt 😍

  • Gåshud 🥺❤

  • Sjukt bra! Tung låt och grym text!

  • 395 klippningar på 90 sekunder

  • Now I want to go to Husavik, who will join me? 😅

  • W🤩W!

  • så sjukt bra ❤️❤️😊

  • Älskar dig, du har gjort så jag känner mig mer bekväm i hur jag ser ut.

  • :00

  • P O W E R F U L

  • Du er perfekt..

  • Fortsätt alltid att vara som du är, för du är såååå grymt bäst! Wow.

  • Damn.. tungt skit, grym låt!

  • Menar du De ska veta?


    • If you look further down in the comments, I’ve translated it 🤗

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  • The whole album is absolute heat!!!!

  • I just wanna hear Jaja Dingdong

    • If you look further down in the comments, I’ve translated it 🤗

  • mitt klagomål är bara låten är kort. Det är allt. Men älskade det.

  • Oh my God! That's sooo good!!! Congrats, Molly!

  • Så fakking braaaa <3

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  • Love it!! From Spain.

    • If you look further down in the comments, I’ve translated it 🤗

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  • Sveriges bästa sångare

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  • Love it!....its revolutionary♥️♥️♥️.. Love ya MoLly♥️

    • If you look further down in the comments, I’ve translated it 🤗

  • Bästa Molly 🤗

  • Jag är kär jag älskar den jag grät jag känner igen mig mycket

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  • Såååå fin älskar den är kär ❤️

  • 💗

  • This song reduces me to tears every single time! Extremely well done Molly et al! This is a win for Iceland and Sweden!!

  • special oscar performance ❤ in my heart, you are already a winner

  • hoping for the day molly will finally win melodifestivalen

  • This song is an absolute masterpiece in every way. That song that won sounds like evvvvvvvverything else

  • It's really sad that Husavik did not win the Oscar for best song. This was such an incredible performance! Molly, you did everyone proud!

  • Should have Won the Oscars

  • Vem kommer från mollys magasin?

  • I wish that Molly Sanden becomes guest at the Rotterdam Eurovision show on 22.05.2021.

  • BOP ❤️

  • I watched your performance on SEnewss for the Oscars and you did great. I didn't watch the rest of the Oscars and according to the ratings, America didn't either. I with that show cared about art more so your talent could be seen by more

  • Yes its your new hometown they love you there

  • byt kamera man, är det din kille, dumpa honom...