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SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft.


16:05Starship | SN15 | High-Altitude Flight Test
1:20:27Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 1mnDag sedan
7:45:30Crew-1 Mission | Return
Crew-1 Mission | Returnvisningar 3,2mn2 dagar sedan
44:46Crew-1 Mission | Hatch Closing
Crew-1 Mission | Hatch Closingvisningar 662tn2 dagar sedan
1:25:13Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 1mn8 dagar sedan
5:50:27Crew-2 Mission | Approach and Docking
Crew-2 Mission | Approach and Dockingvisningar 1,7mn8 dagar sedan
8:12:39Crew-2 Mission | Coast and Rendezvous
Crew-2 Mission | Coast and Rendezvousvisningar 783tn8 dagar sedan
11:45:42Crew-2 Mission | Coast
Crew-2 Mission | Coastvisningar 1,4mn8 dagar sedan
4:55:39Crew-2 Mission | Launch
Crew-2 Mission | Launchvisningar 2,7mn8 dagar sedan
1:24:45Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 885tn29 dagar sedan
15:54Starship | SN11 | High-Altitude Flight Test
1:23:36Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 675tnMånad sedan
1:49Starship | SN10 | High-Altitude Flight Recap
1:22:06Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 776tnMånad sedan
1:25:01Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 923tnMånad sedan
1:24:44Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 607tn2 månader sedan
14:47Starship | SN10 | High-Altitude Flight Test
Starship | SN10 | High-Altitude Flight Testvisningar 9mn2 månader sedan
1:26:47Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 1,4mn2 månader sedan
1:20:58Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 1,6mn3 månader sedan
13:42Starship | SN9 | High-Altitude Flight Test
Starship | SN9 | High-Altitude Flight Testvisningar 6mn3 månader sedan
1:49:51Transporter-1 Mission
Transporter-1 Missionvisningar 1,6mn3 månader sedan
1:28:36Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 1,6mn3 månader sedan
54:11Turksat 5A Mission
Turksat 5A Missionvisningar 989tn3 månader sedan
2:21Starship | SN8 | High-Altitude Flight Recap
Starship | SN8 | High-Altitude Flight Recapvisningar 9mn4 månader sedan
29:47NROL-108 Mission
NROL-108 Missionvisningar 941tn4 månader sedan
51:11SXM-7 Mission
SXM-7 Missionvisningar 1,2mn4 månader sedan
1:59:32Starship | SN8 | High-Altitude Flight Test
Starship | SN8 | High-Altitude Flight Testvisningar 9mn4 månader sedan
40:00CRS-21 Mission
CRS-21 Missionvisningar 1,5mn5 månader sedan
31:38Starlink Mission
Starlink Missionvisningar 1,4mn5 månader sedan
2:17:17Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Mission
Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Missionvisningar 928tn5 månader sedan


  • please put an sd-card slot into next starship and upload the video-files after landing. these signal losses on live feeds kindoff destroy the show :( or maybe go for some sec delay and increase the buffer? im no genious at this, but im sure at spacex team there are ppl who could workaround these frozen images. youre already on trending. imagine how much more people would watch this re-live footage if there were no freezings? Go SpaceX

  • A small fire the size of a large fire.

  • Holy shit, it didn't blow up!

  • SN10 is in Valhalla now.

  • Hi

  • To think that today they landed starship for the first time… wow 😮

  • tra space e xbox non cambia tanto!!!!!

  • So amazing!

  • anyone notice the 3 flashes and successive "pop" sounds at 13:14?

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  • COOI

  • Let’s see the reaction on Tesla Stocks smh


  • Elon has to be an alien, man is smart

  • We need the Recap of this flight

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  • looks like a squid

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  • Qui est française ici

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  • Hopefully we can take Covid into outer space.

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  • Congratulations to you space x team. With each try you make us dream ^^ and even if failure is part of the search process, you always manage to bounce back.

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  • Made it to #6 on trending. Elon will be proud.

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  • Can’t break that glass ceiling

    • Gwynne Shotwell would beg to differ.

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  • Разгоный двигатель рд 180 ?

  • BIG Congratulations!... one would expect thou, with all this technology at hand, proper images throughout the whole time... maybe you should try taping up some smart phones set on live stream... would have worked better and not lose signal at 3km up... just saying 🤪


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  • I like...............................................Space.

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  • But who will build a concrete landing pad on the Moon /Mars? Will they have to send a team first using another type rocket?

    • Future versions are going to have larger, more advanced landing legs. These early ones are just using cheap bare minimum legs since all they're trying to do right now is practice the flip maneuver. They're disposable too, only good for a single landing. If they wanted to fly SN15 again, they'd have to give it new legs.

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  • مرض كرونا وحكينا ماشي بس بدكو توقعوا الصاروخ علينا

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  • aaaaaaaand they just landed it, great work spacex team!

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  • A raptor a day keeps the rocket failure away!

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  • A raptor a day keeps the rocket failure away!


  • well done guys

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  • Outstanding job everyone at SpaceX. You just changed the world yet AGAIN!!!

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  • Good show! Those engines roaring back to life never gets old.

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  • In 4k?? WTF

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  • Way to go SpaceX!

  • I’m the English comment you’re looking for

  • 1:20 The Rocket Booster: I will out here !

  • pochamp

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  • Been following since the beginning and love the doggedness of SpaceX. They really are leading the future of mankind. I expect the appeal against NASAs shared view of SpaceX by competitors will fall flat, been watching each of the competitors and no one comes within close. Great we have the voice of SpaceX John Insprucker each time now and done away with the gratuitous calling by other engineers et al each taking turns. I have faith in Johns calls. He cuts out the gratuitous BS and calls it as it is. Mike (from AUS)

  • Congratulations 😀

  • Well done 👍 Elon Musk and company! 🖖

  • Great flight! The after-landing fire must be a bit of a concern though. I hope they're working on ways to stop that from happening.

  • So their video freezes up on a LOE flight yet they sent you 8K video from Mars. WHAT A DUMB 💩

    • NASA's camera and transmission system cost millions, SpaceX just slapped some go-pros on this with a basic antenna. Also, this was a livestream from a moving vehicle, while NASA's footage was recorded and then slowly transmitted from a stationary platform.

    • Only complain, never provide an actual solution. Please tell us how to keep a static antenna transmitting a good signal with all of the vibrations from the engines.

  • Mars, we're coming for u!!

  • Great step forward for us, mankind🤗

  • Schools:started Literally my brain who's been chilling for months: 0:07

  • Ultimate bottle flip.

  • I love love love these shots but come oooooon give us some epic drone shots or another boat nearby. That would be amazing.

  • epic !!

  • Spacex fazendo história 👏👏👏


  • I wish I go to Mars and pluto


  • SEnewss why didn't you show this to me earlier :-(?

  • Did I hear a bird t plus 2 20 ish???

    • now all we need is a crystal clear video of it :P

  • When I think about it, this is simply a gigantic model rocket.

  • that's the cam stream ip.. why are they using Multicast on a Wireless connection?

  • I would love to see these "Starships" enter a lift elevator system that launches them at least 200 meters above ground. Imagine the fuel this would save. I love to create new designs if they are hiring. Launch Skyscraper starts to be feasible now. 3D print the sucker.

  • Круто!

  • The dislikes are just the likes that didn’t land safely

  • Ask China

  • Nice work by Elon, keep it up. Meanwhile ISRO should work aggressively on its mission, entry of private sector might boost it.

  • Huge achievement for SpaceX! I remember all the naysayers on the last few SNs who just lacked perspective and vision.

  • I want to see Elon Musk's Reaction

  • Just amazing

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  • Can't wait for them to make a starship version of this

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  • Супер! Поздравляю!

  • Damn thats some whiplash

  • this man playing kerbal space program since 2002

  • But I have a doubt landing on Earth is different when compared other objects in the system doesn't gravity matter! Doesn't it hop during touchdown creating issues to the ship!!

    • Appreciate for the Excellent work achieved by SpaceX 👍

  • now all we need is a crystal clear video of it :P

  • Never Give Up👍👍👍👍

  • How apply for job in space x