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MONITOR: Asus 144hz Monitor
WEBCAM: Sony A6000
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PC Specs

GTX 2080ti, i9 7700k, 32 GB RAM


1:21:02Kings Gambit - Rust Movie
Kings Gambit - Rust Movievisningar 1,4mn7 dagar sedan
14:48The BEST TUNNEL RUN in Rust...
The BEST TUNNEL RUN in Rust...visningar 358tn28 dagar sedan
37:44Blooprint and Frost TAKEOVER MAIN - Rust
52:21Kings Downfall - Rust
Kings Downfall - Rustvisningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
55:56House Of Cards - Rust
House Of Cards - Rustvisningar 2,3mn3 månader sedan
26:27Taking Down a HACKER - Rust
Taking Down a HACKER - Rustvisningar 698tn4 månader sedan
41:30Wipe day on the HARDEST server in Rust
Wipe day on the HARDEST server in Rustvisningar 1,8mn4 månader sedan
31:00Taking down the WORST clan in Rust
Taking down the WORST clan in Rustvisningar 1,3mn5 månader sedan
35:15Rust: The Forgotten Ones
Rust: The Forgotten Onesvisningar 1,2mn5 månader sedan
17:26Rust: Spiraling Into Sanity
Rust: Spiraling Into Sanityvisningar 615tn6 månader sedan
26:05Hunter VS 3 Speedrunners - Rust
Hunter VS 3 Speedrunners - Rustvisningar 562tn7 månader sedan
18:30Written By Frost - The Truth
Written By Frost - The Truthvisningar 429tn7 månader sedan
27:50Rust veterans best start ever...
Rust veterans best start ever...visningar 819tn8 månader sedan
44:10The Brotherhood - Rust
The Brotherhood - Rustvisningar 1,4mn8 månader sedan
50:32The Most Legendary Solo Run EVER In Rust
The Most Legendary Solo Run EVER In Rustvisningar 1,4mn9 månader sedan
29:35Rust, But It's Not Scripted...
Rust, But It's Not Scripted...visningar 816tn9 månader sedan
28:19A Matter of Minutes - Rust
A Matter of Minutes - Rustvisningar 699tn9 månader sedan
36:02The Last Survivor - Rust
The Last Survivor - Rustvisningar 1,6mn10 månader sedan
56:47Once Upon a Time in Rust
Once Upon a Time in Rustvisningar 1,5mn11 månader sedan
30:46Our Best Start EVER in Rust
Our Best Start EVER in Rustvisningar 1,4mnÅr sedan
49:40A Story of Retribution - Rust
A Story of Retribution - Rustvisningar 1,2mnÅr sedan
22:49Manipulating a Clan - Rust
Manipulating a Clan - Rustvisningar 1,3mnÅr sedan
10:08Unlocking TRUE Tarkov...
Unlocking TRUE Tarkov...visningar 731tnÅr sedan
34:23Belly of the Beast - Rust
Belly of the Beast - Rustvisningar 1,5mnÅr sedan
36:16The Inevitable Betrayal - Rust
The Inevitable Betrayal - Rustvisningar 1,9mnÅr sedan
14:16THE PREDATOR - Escape From Tarkov
THE PREDATOR - Escape From Tarkovvisningar 208tnÅr sedan
5:28My BEST RAID in Escape From Tarkov
My BEST RAID in Escape From Tarkovvisningar 153tnÅr sedan
BLOOD BROTHERS - Rustvisningar 486tnÅr sedan
NEW GENERATION PLAYERS - Rustvisningar 444tnÅr sedan


  • That intro and outro concept was fucking dope. Great vid as always.

  • Clap clap clap *crying*

  • God Damn youre wonderful

  • that sponsor segment was soo clean

  • wasnt 1233 KAI's code for his hemp base and the base he was raiding

  • i saw the hk in the cinematic and thought it was actually in the real clip

  • Next time on Frost: Dominating Vital Main SOLO

  • AN absolute master piece. A new subscriber right here!!!

  • Man the ending scene is great we need part 2

  • “Super Roleplay Mega Farm Chad Base”

  • Bro the fucking ending gave me goosebumps

  • Embarrassingly scripted.

  • POV: Alot of people are at train area

  • Hold on is that Jack's septic eye on the chest??

  • my tip sticky

  • I wanna just competitive like this but i dont have no money, time, and a good pc so yea, i hate myself

  • Worst raiders from the worst country of gamers 🤣

  • this shit was soooo fucking good lets go boiz

  • I nerded THE FUCK OUT watching this. Smile on my face the whole time... wow dude!

  • Anyone else think d-day during the raid?

  • Makes me think of both the intro and drug sequences in the FarCry series.

  • Been watching rust vids for some time now. Gotta say, best intro. Come back just to get that hype from this one.

  • 48:50 that music perfectly complement it with the full switch

  • That other guy was annoying

  • Is this scripted?

  • watching kais body hit the floor is so satisfying

  • Frost: doesn't get raided after destroying every group in the server Me: sad noises while my base is being pummelled by rockets all because I threw a rock at someone's swimming pool.

  • You shouldve stayed on this game mad could've made some nutty clips

  • When u get so much money u can pay for movie introductions

  • Is that 5k ???

  • bruh i watched it all and im still waiting for the part 2

  • This is so fun its like a film i hope i can play with you someday

  • Yoooo this awesome The ending is so awesome

  • Thought this was supposed to be a frost rust video, not michael bays new movie


  • Frost: You took everything from me. Raider: I don't even know who you are.

  • Lmao almost scripted for how well this is put together like a movie🥴

  • To 1% of people that are reading this. I WISH YOU THE BEST IN LIFE.

  • pov: you started to get sad when you forgot the title half way thru the vid then saw it again

  • Still the best video of all time

  • Desvered it he killed asad

  • Holy

  • Rest in peace Asad

  • DUDE THAT LAST SCENE WAS THE BEST MY GUY. It would have been beter if it was the group that caught him didnt build a role play base. They had built a fucking empire

  • how frost show his dominance : spit on'em

  • LOL

  • Hi

  • god is not as good this

  • 19:19 i had to loop that scene 10 time before.. i realised how that guy came from torch to db ..

  • I've watched this 4 times now. Still my favourite

  • A corse it’s the keruns🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵


  • that ending got me hype i started playing this video and all the sudden an hour was gone

  • should have at least 5mil subs. but i guess rust isnt popular enough

  • I’ve been waiting to long for part 2 I’m literally checking my notifications every day for part 2

  • shows the power of brother hood. apes together strong

  • Will never forget the line: what the hell are you looking at blueprint.

  • The ending gave me chills!! Keep up the hard work bro!!!

  • bruh this was litterately the forgotten video like why am i just seeing this

  • this was insane...

  • pls tell me there is more after this

  • That was totally Reee kid

  • This is the most amazing Rust video I've ever seen.

  • How can a video like this even have a dislike on it ..... banger after banger

  • I hope this game on console works out....I'm wondering how it'll be

  • 10:55

  • 32:10 "No one can controll the ak in the team but me"...

  • This makes my day

  • this was so fucking good i like the editing frost keep up the good work

  • Nooooooo I need a TBC

  • this went from a regular rust story to a rust movie. wow

  • Ī

  • Epic. I don't even play Rust, and I just spent an hour and a half watching a movie about it. WE WANT MORE!

  • indir bayrakları indir...

  • can we just appreciate this ending?

  • You should get a full film scholarship and a movie deal for this.

  • My new favourite character in film criss . wait what this isnt a film?

  • best SEnewss video I have ever seen you could go into professional film/moviemaking with your editing and storytelling skills

  • that made me cry... bro...