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12:17The Dark Side of Ninja's Life
The Dark Side of Ninja's Lifevisningar 283tn20 timmar sedan
15:30What Happened to TSM Hamlinz?
What Happened to TSM Hamlinz?visningar 313tn7 dagar sedan
12:16Bella Poarch: 60 Million in 12 Months (deserved?)
15:12What Happened to TSM Daequan? (UPDATE)
What Happened to TSM Daequan? (UPDATE)visningar 3,7mn21 dag sedan
12:38The Dark Side Of Ryan ToysReview
The Dark Side Of Ryan ToysReviewvisningar 2,2mnMånad sedan
15:10Boogie2988 becomes RICH? (apparently 😂)
13:53What Happened To Prank Invasion? (???)
What Happened To Prank Invasion? (???)visningar 271tn2 månader sedan
22:03The Fall of YouTube Pranking (W/ Joey Salads)
The Fall of YouTube Pranking (W/ Joey Salads)visningar 386tn2 månader sedan
18:19The FULL Story of Mark Rober
The FULL Story of Mark Robervisningar 111tn2 månader sedan
13:15Nikocado Avocado Is Smarter Than You Thought...
15:15The Death of RiceGum's Channel.
The Death of RiceGum's Channel.visningar 621tn3 månader sedan
18:55The Evolution of Linus Tech Tips (Documentary)
The Evolution of Linus Tech Tips (Documentary)visningar 343tn4 månader sedan
12:21Why is Minecraft so Nostalgic?
Why is Minecraft so Nostalgic?visningar 141tn4 månader sedan
4:38Commentary Channels Be Like...
Commentary Channels Be Like...visningar 66tn4 månader sedan
10:24VitalyzdTV has become budget Dan Bilzerian
VitalyzdTV has become budget Dan Bilzerianvisningar 653tn5 månader sedan
26:40Becoming Elon Musk (Full Documentary)
Becoming Elon Musk (Full Documentary)visningar 788tn5 månader sedan
28:24The Evolution of Lachlan PWR (Full Documentary)
13:36How to Make a Video Go Viral
How to Make a Video Go Viralvisningar 44tn7 månader sedan
17:30The Daunting Downfall of Bajan Canadian (2009 - 2021)


  • Hahhaa

  • Quality

  • We love ninja

  • We miss old ninja

  • 0:05 music?

  • I don't think Ninja is using the drugs to game with my friend.. using them to numb himself when he's off stream.

  • i started playing minecraft when i was 5-6-7

  • hopefully he watches this

  • Ninja is gonna end up dead within the next few years if he doesn't get into rehab. He has heroin face. I am not bullying, I've seen it in person. He is abusing a drug.

  • ":gar:"

  • I wish him good health and to recover from whatever he is going through right now

  • Ninja looks so feeble now, it's scary. He actually looks one energy drink away from perishing. This can be caused from the immense stress and anxiety of trying to preserve his image since Fortnite has been declining. I tune in his streams every once in a while, he just can't seem to find his niche game and truly enjoy it like he used to. All I see in his streams is this constant barrage of complaints along with an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle. I'm a little concerned, I think he needs a small hiatus more than anything to regain the energy or even quit at this point.

  • I mean Faze Rain hast the same “sickness”

  • did he just said the n word? xd

  • There's not much of a story here. So the guy's channel declined after making him a multi-millionaire. So what? That still means he's winning far more than 99.9% of people out there. Also marriages end all the time, and this one ended amicably, so again there's not much of a story here.

  • sigh i subbed i cried

  • Exurb1a IS one of the best SEnewssrs

  • we just grew up that’s all it dint die

  • Ninja looks like a crackhead now

  • duuude this guy's Minecraft parody was fire back in the days

  • The music at the end got me tearing up even though I never played the game

  • Its going downhill but its holding strong and its here to stay almost like minecraft is

  • what about TSM myth?

  • AKA Greese ball

  • Damn simps

  • No tbh why should anyone of tiktok be famous......

  • Same thing is lowkey happing to TypicalGamer

  • The Black ops zombies music hit thevspot

  • Serious question what is Aderol and how does it help u i dont see a way anything can help you game besides maybe increasing reaction time but thats it.

  • 8:06 Im sorry but that is actually one of the stupidest takes ive ever heard. Not the guy talking but the tweet. I make racist jokes all the time. Do i mean them at all NO. There jokes for a reason to get a quick laugh and that is it. I dont believe what i say because they're only jokes nothing more nothing less. Again Just a joke. On an unrelated note i love your voice and your vids keep up the great work.

  • Jesus Christ speaking facts ⁉️

  • Honestly people blame her for no talent which I agree but she gets the hate she did nothing its really the idiots who find her content amazing or its the simps

  • Bruh anime is better than this

  • Why are tsm menders missing....?

  • I hope his ok😞🙏

  • Ngl kinda laughed at the clip when he said “fu€k yku kid your adopted”

  • do you know how fun he would be a GTA rp, imagine the freestyles and acting

  • All that energy drinks and stuff like redbull will kill him

  • I like the black ops zombie song in the background

  • When pat and jen broke up that’s when i stop watching him, then i saw this in my recommendations...woooowww

  • SMH poor man

  • It’s not even a downfall the games still amazing and doing great like it always has been just because people are starting to get better at this game your all complaining 😂😂😂😂

    • The game is shit admit it Brandon

  • Fortnite with out dae is not fortnite my guy made it fun to watch and just good vibes back in the day every lobby you'd join you'd here what do you mean my brother or gimme them toes now it's just boxed like a fish

  • I don’t like ninja but it is alright if you make amends for ur past

  • @ninga

  • Damned in the background did not go missed

  • Wait why was a hearing cod zombies music in one part

  • F for lee

  • Wow dude looks like the drugs are sukin the life outta him

  • Um pokimane isn't a pro but whatever

  • Nobody’s perfect man, I don’t think ninja is racist or a bad person and appealing to your audience is part of being a popular and successful streamer

  • Prison mate Luke is not a reliable source.

  • He didn’t deserve hate from saying how bad the fortnite community is ninja has a point!

  • Stampy predicted among us 4:00

  • I hope I grow! 7 years later 58 million

  • I prefer sunny videos where I don’t see his talking head. Feels like less of a lecture.

  • Exurb1a is my favourite youtuber

  • I was one of the kids that watched stampy when i was still a kid in kinder garden.Hes literally my childhood.

  • this is the thing, when people get popularity over the internet, they will also get tremendous antis... its like for pewdiepie and like pokimane, they are famous and popular, but for exchange they get all those toxic audience which is really sad reality. i really hope ninja gets better, he needs a break

  • you made the chic-fil-a one so dramatic

  • SunnyV2 is the type of guy that wears a suit when he eats Mac and cheese

  • i dont even know why im here i dont even care bout him

    • Dude, you don't care about a person being unhealthy?

  • Why am I hearing Zombies music tf?

  • U can’t say the fall of Fortnite. The game still have millions of players in the game.

  • I like the zombie music in background

  • Because people can’t change?

  • this whole video is a load of bullshit

  • I stoped watching ninja because fort nite fall not for his personality

  • I’m sorry but the first 30 seconds of this is so dumb. It’s obvious he’s making a joke referencing chick fil a being closed on Sundays. Couldn’t have had a worse intro because now you lost all credibility

  • This made me cry and the 140k viewer

  • The Crimson Chin protects us from simps

  • Most of these clips where he’s mean is in the past. Don’t you think he’s matured now. He probably ly just not as toxic as he was before

    • exactly

  • this was nice to watch

  • A big reason it’s nostalgic for me is because I grew up as a poor kid. My dad owned a Christian themed restaurant, book store, food joint, and a place where bands would come and play on a stage. One day one of the people who worked at the store told me and my little brother (I was eight he was six at the time about this game called Minecraft that he bought on the stores computer with my dad permission. I loved the game but after the book store closed I couldn’t play anymore. Fast forward three years later I messed up on a dance solo audition, my parents were doing a bit better with money so when I walked to the car bawling my eyes out they said I can go to Walmart and pick out one thing that I wanted there. When I went inside I looked through the toy section and saw nothing, then I walked to the game section and I saw the old cover of Minecraft and I begged my parents to have it. Even though it was over the price range I told my parents I would share with my siblings and they got it for me. After that around 9:00 at night I went to my grandparents house where I put the disc in their old Xbox and played. I remember I spawned on the edge of a jungle, in a tree. I used dirt to make a fort in that tree because I was scared to come out. Now I am eighteen graduating in May and I still love playing the game. My brother and I had many good times playing and even though the disc I first got was for the Xbox 360 and all my older worlds are gone I still remember those first five minutes of playing again. Good memories.

  • hey you liked ? yea next time don't forget

  • Who that drug addict in the thumbnail?

  • You seriously don't wanna know what my thoughts of this man are.,you tube would not be amused.

  • Bruh this deadass made me cry. Not tear up or shed a few tears, this really made me cry man. Just knowin that one of my faviorite streamers/entertainers is going through this. I watched not just daequan but myth and hamlinz since day 1 and i been hooked ever since. I would have videos and playlists on repeat and would just sit there and just watch them. I joined streams i did everything and this broke me dawg. I miss tsm. I miss daequan, i miss myth and hamlinz and i know I’m not the only one out here that does. We need to bring them back not just for them to be streamers ir entertainers, we need to bring them back as people. Hamlinz and myth ate probably going through stuff too and we need to help them. If we really love them as streamers and as humans, then we need to fight fir them. We need to do everything we can to help them. Spread the word, post it on insta or twitter, tsm needs help yall. Please dont let me be the only one that still cares. Spread awareness, get people involved, professionals to really study and see how we can help daequan, give support to hamlinz and myth. #SaveTSM #HelpTSMDaequan

  • WHO ME?