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10:38What To Do In The Event Of A Crash
What To Do In The Event Of A Crashvisningar 45tn2 dagar sedan
14:365 New Films You Have To See On GCN+ This April
18:58In Pursuit - The First Epic Ride Of The Year
6:5010 Mistakes Cyclists Make When Riding In The Rain
9:30Top 10 Excuses For Being Dropped On A Bike Ride


  • How are they actually tracking the blood glucose levels? I somehow missed that. Are they using a devic ethat is permanently taking it or do they take blood samples when stopping? Which app, etc. is that?

  • Great class to start out the week! Go get it!

  • boooooooooo wheres the rim brakes

  • I just bought clipless pedals for the first time. Probably a bad idea, as I am trying to mentally recover from a crash where I sustained 8 fractures. Luckily, my new carbon fiber bike I bought 3 months prior is undamaged. They are on my indoor cycle and I am pretty freaked out by the thought of putting them on my bike. Thanks for the tips, I am heading to the park tomorrow.

  • Weren't you supposed to bury Hank together with the bike?

  • Wondering if did become "Hankry" with Hank eating all that stuff next to him while he was starving...

  • I know gcn has to earn their money somehow, but the product placement in this one is honestly annoying... Maybe tone it down a little next time

  • EPO

  • fixies are just a waist of money

  • Its pretty epic how the clarity of his conversation changed after his 1st effort. Hank was still Hank.

  • after my 100km on brompton yesterday atleast this video made me feel better that i didn't go thru that much pain. 😂

  • I’m hoping to rack up 💯 km this whole year 😂👍

  • #CaptionCompetition: Workin' my ass off? Yes I con-feel-dis'!

  • I can't believe you didn't set the bike on fire! That should've done trick of breaking Di2

  • 1:52 simonhas abit of a situation down there

  • It would be much more scientific if the same person did the ride once with food and once without food. I propose Hank and Conor switching roles.. ;-)

  • you are kidding me - carbs (white rice, potatoes, etc ) are more important than protein

  • 100km is not that hard a guy like hank can do it in 3 hours

  • Awesome 👏🏼

  • Brutal but brilliant session.

  • am I the only one who thinks that she's absolutely adorable? also, very interesting video btw! :)

  • If Hank rode 100km a day for 3 years straight he might go bald but he will be fast as light.

  • That's why profesional atlet use doping

  • Definitely not a walk in the park. Now imagine this lass does it all year round - 12,873 km so far this year. And yep, that's in addition to a full-time job :-O

  • I did 100km plus every day for 23 days in Italy and France. It was not easy with big bike, extra gear, sleeping bag etc. It was fun though. I remember sleeping 10 second periods during o long straigh road. Scary? Yes! Did I ever fall? No! No accidents.

  • Nice presentation

  • This is just a blatant advert. Very poor content GCN :-(

  • Ahh, the wonderful felling when you get on your bike and the first five minutes are just pain till the muscles are getting warm. Great challenge so next one is 250k/day during vacation? :D

  • Best quote: "He's like a bloody glucose camel"

  • How was the wear and tear on the bike?

  • damn, this episode got me emotional, well done lads!!

  • Hank really is the good soldier isn't he?

  • The "Lemond method" never worked for me. I measured a hundred times and the result is an inseam measure of 84cm. This results in a theoretic saddle height of 74,2cm. Boy, I never had so much pain. Saddle way too high. Besides that: Are you sure that you want to measure the inseam while wearing your cycling shoes? I never heard that. It always said that you shouldn´t wear any shoes. Your measuring method would make it even worse for me. Additionally: differently shaped saddles don´t make it easy to know where to measure. Therefore my only valid method is: Trial and error.

  • How many Hank's dads on road e-bikes to beat one Hank in a recumbent?

  • When it is pure cycling I can go up to around 400-500km. At the minute it's around 300km cycling, 70km running and 15-20km swimming when the pools are open, or the open water is warm enough

    • That's with 2, 3 or 5 kids depending on who is where :D

  • I thought he'd smash this one, tbh. I did near on 160km a day for seven days bikepacking to my dad's house in the south of France and it was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be. Fair enough, I was a lot slower and I wasn't working but for someone who cycles all the time, would have thought this would have been fairly straightforward. Still, though, good challenge but I think it was slightly overhyped to promote the brand who paid for the video. Doesn't make it any worse, still good entertainment.

  • Does anyone actually follow the laws 😂😂😂 £500 gets you 3000w that can get a mountain bike that can do 45mph. 😂

  • The story is simple: I need a new bike, another one...

  • Wanted 140, did 140. Try 200 next.

  • Try 300km for 20 days

  • what happens when the bikes battery dies. he has all that dead weight

  • man really bought an electric bike lmao

  • Damn im 2meters tall and im afraid my seat mount is kinda short

  • “Conor, just try and be less of a house”

  • Great challenge ....well done. Heading out on my XC mountain bike now inspired, so hopefully a mix of terrains and about 50 miles...and NO rain just outside Edinburgh

  • The Cycling Weakly comment killed me 😂

  • This is just a advertisement BS GCN

  • put a 90's bar ends on the flat bar.

  • The first time I think that tubeless would have a tiny advantage over tubes and tires. Question is: If you are on a ride and run flat, then how many kilometers or miles can you torture the liners to get back home safely? And if you make it back home, are the liners reusable or do they have to be replaced? Still questions over questions.

  • More meat, less (plant) protein powder bs

  • Great video GCN I don’t even think about this tbh

  • Hank you're great but... Try to do 200km in a week with a 9 hours a day work and two little beautiful girls and you'll find the real meaning of sleep deprivation 😅

  • what about bonking at 60k avarage effort? for an amateur, was that kinda condition i've been through lack of energy even though it was far shorter that 140k or something else?

  • Now in the interest of fair competition I think Hank should swap with Conor and see how far he gets?

  • Just illustrates how hard it is to do what on paper looks ok all around work commitments. Chapeau Hank.

  • Product placement !

  • Should we be comparing watts/kg instead of watts? Different riders, body type , FTP..

  • That mount by Jeremy is a thing of beauty

  • Can't see Strictly giving you a call after that dance performance ha ha ha

  • Thanks for sharing! I too love the marks and dents on my bike, they sort of personalize them, brings character to them.

  • A triathlon bike would have absolutely smashed it, riding 180 under six hours no big deal. Definitely faster than the endurance bike, a bit slower that the TT one but one can pedal and sustain power during all the course, same as the endurance bike.

  • Well done, great effort👏

  • What happened to your left leg, u break it? For the guy with the beard. Sorry, I don't your names. Lol but I still Love your videos! 🚲😍👍

  • Let's do a bonk ride with Hank they said. It'll be fun.... Wait WHO is going to bonk ? Anyways, clearly there's no need to eat during just a 100K ride :-)

  • I was interested in this one until you started talking about the food supplement. From that point, I just switched off. Sorry! I know you do product placement and I know why - that's fine. But these nutrition products are just a rip off - eat proper food!

  • Hank: Goes home and flops on the couch Me: Goes home and has a 2yo and 4yo jumping all over me expecting me to have all the energy in the world.

  • Hank I think you need more protien for your recovery. This challange would be a piece of piss if you had a shake at every meal...

  • was Hank eating blocks of cheese?

  • Great effort! But a little unfair I think... You did 3.5 hours per day; If I can do a half marathon in 2 hours, I'm sure Mr GTN can do one in 90 mins... So I think you excelled.

  • Why didn't they let Hank bonk, and wait until he got 'Hankry'?

  • I'm a non-diabetic hypoglycemic. All I have to do to bonk is not eat for 5-6 hours, no exercise required.

  • I bet that Nuzest and Whoop will never find a promotion for their products like this ever. He did 700 km in 7 days. Hats off🙌🏾

  • Hi gcn, what apps been using.for monitoring.glukosa . N how it can live monitoring

  • Hank: I'm gonna ride 100k a day on camera around work! Literally Hank's work: Riding on camera :) just kiddin, great effort!

  • Well done to inspire the viewers , the cycle fanatics !!

  • Do any of you presenters consume coffee before doing these rides?

  • How have you measures the glucose level? I haven't seen any needle or glycometer in the video

  • What’s with all the ads now, really wrecks the mood of the workout

  • You want a test? Ride it in a city on dirty roads with potholes and dirt in the rain with intense car traffic. Lots of those roads in eastern Europe, by the way.

    • Oh..and do it for 5000Km, not a week.

  • GCN: Asks for ascending/descending 11,000 m in a single ride. Hank: Picks a 25 % gradient. On his way to becoming legend!