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I'm full of very big and very bad ideas. If it isn't incredibly hard or time consuming to do it isn't worth it.

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21:51I Spent Millions To Find These Fish
22:17I Finally Caught The Rare Shark
I Finally Caught The Rare Sharkvisningar 298tnDag sedan
22:38I Couldnt Stop Upgrading This Thing
I Couldnt Stop Upgrading This Thingvisningar 430tn2 dagar sedan
17:39I Earned Millions Launching People Into Orbit
17:38I Caught A Legendary Fish From A Secret Spot
22:17I Spent $500 Evolving This Shark For You
I Spent $500 Evolving This Shark For Youvisningar 690tn8 dagar sedan
22:04More Upgrades Get More Rare Fish
More Upgrades Get More Rare Fishvisningar 502tn8 dagar sedan
18:16I Found Rare Fish Of Incredible Value
I Found Rare Fish Of Incredible Valuevisningar 821tn8 dagar sedan
17:02Using Backwards Logic To Solve My Problems
Using Backwards Logic To Solve My Problemsvisningar 525tn8 dagar sedan
21:04I Upgraded My Harpoon To Catch The Rarest Fish
19:31I Spent $400 Upgrading @$#*\u0026ing Sharks For You
16:39I Caught The Rarest Treasure From The Very Bottom
23:16I Found The Rarest Fish At The Bottom
I Found The Rarest Fish At The Bottomvisningar 1,2mn15 dagar sedan
15:22I Was Paid To Make A Mess Of Cookie Run: Kingdom
14:07I Forced Him To Risk His Life For Profit
I Forced Him To Risk His Life For Profitvisningar 501tn15 dagar sedan
18:25I Skipped 7,200 Hours Because I'm Lazy in IdleOn
12:31I Forced Everything To Suffer With Spiders
I Forced Everything To Suffer With Spidersvisningar 293tn22 dagar sedan
23:51I Upgraded Until I Caught A Massive Fish
I Upgraded Until I Caught A Massive Fishvisningar 2,3mn22 dagar sedan
18:08I Evolved My Shark Into A Dangerous Size
I Evolved My Shark Into A Dangerous Sizevisningar 905tn22 dagar sedan
11:35I Upgraded This Creature To Ruin All Of Creation
14:50I Ruined Evolution With Too Much Damage
I Ruined Evolution With Too Much Damagevisningar 337tn22 dagar sedan
20:20Making Another Stupid Idea Work
Making Another Stupid Idea Workvisningar 327tn22 dagar sedan
14:20i just upgraded it until it worked
i just upgraded it until it workedvisningar 353tn29 dagar sedan
12:42this rocket flew 100,000km into space
this rocket flew 100,000km into spacevisningar 292tnMånad sedan


  • To catch the dragon, you lure it into the cave with the mamo to scare it away, hook the mamo egg, and use that to catch the dragon

  • Fun fact: The richest cat in the world is worth 97 million dollars

  • Anyone realize that fish he said he's not going to get because he doesn't want to risk that fish at the end, that fish he saw was 1mil dollars and he passed it for a 9k dollar fish.

  • To catch the dragon you have to make him follow you into the cave underneath him and find the egg then get the egg on your hook and catch the dragon it’s pretty hard

  • You need the coke on his back to catch it

  • And the other small fish is the saudi fish

  • The huge thing you saw is the dragon you need a egg to catch it

  • You should really replace your upgrades. You only really need one sinker, they slow down your reel speed. You want the upgrades that increase reel speed so you can stop having bigger fish eat your stuff.

  • DF: 150- get in the boat Me: damm bro that’s expensive

  • Finally, understand the appeal when my dad would spend hours watching the fishing channel

  • 5:16 if you release the big one, you can catch the medium fish that lurks with him and there is no other way to catch the medium hope i hepled! (even tho i dont know if i should)

  • you need to get a egg to catch the dragon and u need the dragon to scare the fish thats gaurding the egg

  • Game: Press CRTL to grab a fish DF immediately: I don't know what to do

  • To catch the dragon you need the mamo’s egg and feed it to the dragon with no special hooks.

  • This is the middle of when he lost his soul

  • 2:10 Why do i find this funny

  • Wtf the stone owl is rare? It appeared on my farm yesterday I thought it was common lmao

  • the fish that guard the nest has an egg wich u use to catch the dragon

  • game: ''no special hooks needed'' df: ''I think I need something special to catch it''

  • the richest cat has 12.5 mil yeh

  • To catch the dragon you need to lure it to the mamo nest and get the mamo egg then catch the dragon.

  • 6:54 this is a chaw 50 thousand aka 500

  • You need to lower the dragon down to the momo and take its egg you need it’s egg egg to catch the dragon

  • Idk why but I like watching this guy fish as a cat.

  • Elmo is a communist

  • If you want the game to lag, then play co op mode

  • To catch the dragon u need the Mamo egg

  • Purple fish lots of money Mom fish has egg dragon eat egg

  • I like how he doesn't recognise a Hammer Head and even things that are in hungry shark

  • To catch dragon u need to lure into maou territory, dragon only take maou egg as a bait.

  • DF, if you get into the clouds at the top you become a giant cotten candy ball which helps your speed and money a bunch. Also, buy speedometer upgrades!!!

  • I love DF, but man what I wouldn’t do for a “Hello, everyone”

  • get in the boat

  • I didn't read all the title.... i've been tricked, i've been backstabbed and i've been quite possibly, bamboozled

  • You can press h to buy a huge hook r for a rocket L for a lightbuld M for a megahook and B for a bomb

  • in order to catch a dragon you need to draw the dragon to the cave to scare the mamo,then grab a mamo egg and then the dragon will be hooked.then pull it up and you have caught it

  • "Do you wanna bite my thing. " -DF 2021

  • Soo in this game you are a roided up , software ingenier , who owns a farm, and chickens, That's literally my life dream.

  • There is a cave where there is an egg so u use that egg as bait

  • what game is this

  • *catches fish worth money* "I sentence you to B O A T"

  • Get in the boat I have candy

  • Day 8 of asking DF to play Days Bygone I said day 5 twice but whatever it is now 1 week from day 1

  • Thank you very much df for still playing this game it’s really enjoyable plus your humor makes it even better

  • use the mamo egg to catch the dragon

  • I love the transitions this channel goes through. Like for a while it was all platform shooters, then it was all idle games, then it was all evolution games and now it’s all fishing games. Everything is always so fresh

  • Df you know when renegade armor is combined with fighters bindings it’s actually just regular mercenary armour right?

  • “A chaw, worth $50,000” yup, DF sure can brain good 6:59

  • To catch the dragon you have to take on of the mamo’s egg but then you have to lure the dragon in tho the cave so that the mamo gets scared and you can take the egg


  • Based on a Google search, Olivia Benson (Taylor Swift's cat) is worth an estimated $97m or more.

  • The only way to catch The dragon is by getting him în The mamo cave and you get The egg and the dragon will bite

  • The mustard fish in this game are the equivalent of sea bass in new horizons

  • E

  • I like how he catches The Lamby: one of the rarest fish in the game, and hes like super chill and doesn't care ;p;

  • I hate how he didn’t realize you can catch fish with control 😵‍💫

  • 6:58 no need to laugh everyone makes mistakes

  • While swimming, click ctrl to get a fish

  • the dragon you can only get with max bait, no hooks, NO radar. good luck

  • Anyone else remember SamGladiator? Df sounds exactly like him XD

  • The war between the ferngill Republic and the Gotoro empire sounds like the war on "terror." Soldiers fighting and dying, innocents lost and atrocities on both sides over companies not making as much money over oil tariffs. Damn.

  • Lure the dragon to the mamo it will scare the mamo then you use the hook to pick up the mamo egg and the dragon will bite it

  • i like cat

  • “no special hooks needed” *proceeds to put on a mega hook* I literally get so mad watching this dude play games

  • DF (sarcastically): Reception....that’s far more important than a doctor. Me, a medical facility receptionist: You joke but that’s honestly not far off.

  • You use the mamo egg to catch the dragon fish

  • Not to seem rude, but the way to catch the dragon is to lure him to the mamo and steal the mamo egg. You then use the egg to catch him. He runs away if you have sonar on, so if you have it when ypu decide to catch him, turn it off.

  • ovivorous means it only eats eggs which can be found next to a big fish in the cave not gonna say because i want you to find out and the high frequency sound waves is just the sonar

  • you need the egg inside of the cave to catch dragon

  • This game is realllllly pretty though

  • you need an egg to catch the dragon. its in a deep cave near where the dragon is. i forgot the fish name who has the egg.

  • to catch the dragon you need a bomb and large bait you need to scare the mamo get the egg and the dragon should bite and stay on edit: the dragon also hates the sonar so don't equip

  • Press control to catch fish while swimming

  • You need to lure the dragon to the Mamo cave and get the egg and the dragon Will bite it

  • today i was sick but your videos distracted me plus to catch the dragon you need to catch the mamo steal it's egg and the dragon will bite

  • There’s a dragon fish

  • There’s a dragon fish

  • There is a dragon fish

  • omg

  • Why da heck keeps me laughing when he's said get in the boat Lol🤣