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0:29Such A Cool Carving 😮🔥 (ig: nugeandwood)
0:31Making A Cookie Jar (ig: amauryguichon)
Making A Cookie Jar (ig: amauryguichon)visningar 24tn21 timme sedan
0:12Ghost Rider Photoshoot 🔥 (ig: jordi.koalitic)
0:30Tiny Home On Wheels 🔥🤯 (ig: summerginther)
0:15This Is So Cool 🤩 (ig: kuvaldaru)
This Is So Cool 🤩 (ig: kuvaldaru)visningar 50tn21 timme sedan
0:11This Looks So Cool 😎  (ig: visualfeeder)
This Looks So Cool 😎 (ig: visualfeeder)visningar 69tn21 timme sedan
0:25Marine Evacuation System 🔥 (ig: captroulis)
0:14One Of The Largest Cruise Ship (ig: jeff.real05)
0:16This Looks Fun! 😄 (ig: naominajarin_)
This Looks Fun! 😄 (ig: naominajarin_)visningar 49tn21 timme sedan
0:09Cleaning Life Hack! 🤩 (ig: dad.dancergram)
0:31This Guy Is Genius!! 🔥 (ig: drmoody22)
This Guy Is Genius!! 🔥 (ig: drmoody22)visningar 95tn21 timme sedan
0:16Riding In Style 😂💨 (ig: kuvaldaru)
Riding In Style 😂💨 (ig: kuvaldaru)visningar 53tn21 timme sedan
0:10Soft Serve Anyone? 🔥😅  (ig: prctaping)
0:31Crazy Motor 🤩🏎 (ig: lucky7willow)
Crazy Motor 🤩🏎 (ig: lucky7willow)visningar 53tn7 dagar sedan


  • Who Is the name Song


  • First one is best.

  • Ugly

  • Him touching it,like he’s doing anything is triggering me so HARD😤

  • Since 1972 idiots

  • Be careful bro that machine can give you some cool tattoos 😂

  • BE CRAZY! 😯 Вот Это Трюк! 🙃

  • Dia yg nyeluncur aku yang copot jantung 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Lmao idk why I thought it would be the parody song where it goes "I just pooped and got up"

  • Initiate docking

  • women when they see me 😎

  • Ummmmmm, cool !

  • Very cool

  • That's just a murphy bed, I'm scared of them

  • I dont think

  • Nexflix and chill in tesla 🤔

  • Uh, that's a no for me dawg

  • Nah if ur ugly having the mask is just what u need

  • One was drilled sideways the other wasn’t

  • Never...

  • Stupid music for great historic period

  • The lights on the laser turn red whenever the pathos obstructed and it will not fire until the path is clear. The person doing this doesn’t seem to be in significant danger

  • Omg this is very difficult

  • No clipping at its finest

  • Dry Ice

  • O bagulho foi de petróleo para um azul lindo em 5 segundos

  • I love that color!

  • We got salah mane mane 😂😂 @442oons 😅😅

  • Do jeito que eu sou retardada eu queimava minha mão de primeira

  • Don’t forget to shut the dam door and turn off the dam lights

  • Dam, I'll be sliding in my own pee... 😯

  • Bikeoppressor mk3

  • I know it’s just JROTC but we used to use actual Tank Simulators at Fort Bliss and it was just like this aside from actually loading the round. You’d just press which round you wanted and then press a button where you would load it in on the chamber and then Tank Commander would give orders to fire to the Gunner below his feet. Maybe that’s where my love of making VR YT Vids came from haha

  • Thats a big dam door

  • Looks like a ratners special circa about 50p

  • I need a one machine for my house 🏡

  • The fact that thes are 2 different types of wood and the one is warped

  • Well no I would throw up

  • Now film her flying...

  • There's a reason they didn't show it run fully. She probably flipped or idk

  • Wtf is spring Break Candy ? Im an imigrants i have No idea

  • That's definitely looking like it could give you cancer

  • Brutal timing.

  • That is smalll

  • Yeah look at all that yummy artificial flavor and cancer causing dyes and sugar, feed it to kids and get them addicted at a young age!

  • Hello

  • Fucking ugly tattoos. 👎😭🤢🤮

  • damn

  • Why this freaking song

  • Such a beautiful color

  • Wow

  • Zoom zoom

  • Fake idiot

  • Didn’t expected that

  • Amo Gimme More

  • Work Smart not Hard

  • Moron

  • Just toy

  • Door on the left : *Am I a joke to you?*

  • У него что руки запасные есть 🙀

  • 1.5k watch too ha was gunna buy but i brokeeeeee AF haha

  • Song?

  • So government gives our money to military just so the chopper can get some ass

  • 😎

  • Damn that car actually looked nice

  • Mmm Wheelcycle

  • From where did you buy it?!?

  • Imagine being hit by those corners of the edge of the doors ouch

  • Or small pilot hole

  • Song name plz plz plz

  • This is the best way to irrigate the plant.👌

  • Fake

  • ショットガンシャッフルはカードを痛めるぜ

  • Chinese 😃

  • IT looks so Bad hahah

  • Can we make the 68.420 likes plzzz

  • When the government says its opposite day:

  • Bad....ass That was cool