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Just an 'ole farm boy growing crops and fixing stuff. I am just a young buck but join me on my journey as I learn the ropes to farming and everything that comes with it.

Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad and brother on the farm. His vision is to teach people what goes on during day to day farm operations. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.


8:05Mowing My Mansion! (Super Satisfying)
8:04Exploring My ABANDONED Junkyard!
Exploring My ABANDONED Junkyard!visningar 186tnDag sedan
8:14My Farm Has A Problem...
My Farm Has A Problem...visningar 202tnDag sedan
8:11Racing Cars And HAULING CORN!
Racing Cars And HAULING CORN!visningar 186tnDag sedan
NEW UPGRADES FOR THE JOHN DEERE!visningar 218tnDag sedan
8:20An Update On The $1,000,000 Bin Site!
An Update On The $1,000,000 Bin Site!visningar 220tn7 dagar sedan
DAD HAD AN ACCIDENTvisningar 233tn7 dagar sedan
10:25Removing The "River" In My Front Yard!
Removing The "River" In My Front Yard!visningar 207tn7 dagar sedan
8:45The Government Sent Me A Bad News Letter...
13:18Why Is There $10,000,000 Of Soybeans In This Room?
9:18I Am Tearing Up My Mansion's Lawn!
I Am Tearing Up My Mansion's Lawn!visningar 197tn14 dagar sedan
8:37Filling In A Giant Hole In My Backyard!
Filling In A Giant Hole In My Backyard!visningar 205tn14 dagar sedan
9:08We Bought A New Piece Of Equipment!
We Bought A New Piece Of Equipment!visningar 261tn14 dagar sedan
Clearing My ABANDONED TREE GROVE!visningar 222tn14 dagar sedan
8:19After 40 Years, We Finally Upgraded!
After 40 Years, We Finally Upgraded!visningar 261tn14 dagar sedan
8:05Back To Demolishing My Mansion!
Back To Demolishing My Mansion!visningar 222tn21 dag sedan
10:33Hmm...Should I Buy A Jet?
Hmm...Should I Buy A Jet?visningar 194tn21 dag sedan
PLANTING MY 105-YEAR-OLD MANSION'S YARD!visningar 193tn28 dagar sedan
11:05I Bought My Dad The Largest Tires In The World
9:08Getting Rid Of My Mansion Debris!
Getting Rid Of My Mansion Debris!visningar 215tn28 dagar sedan
8:03I Entered An Arm Wrestling Competition!
I Entered An Arm Wrestling Competition!visningar 204tnMånad sedan
8:09Cleaning Out The Big Machine Shed
Cleaning Out The Big Machine Shedvisningar 212tnMånad sedan
8:29Taking Delivery Of A New ($100,000) Toy!
Taking Delivery Of A New ($100,000) Toy!visningar 241tnMånad sedan
18:39How Much Debt Do Farmers Face?
How Much Debt Do Farmers Face?visningar 236tnMånad sedan
10:45Am I Wasting My Time Restoring My Mansion?
8:21Why My Electric Bill Is $100,000.00
Why My Electric Bill Is $100,000.00visningar 251tnMånad sedan
8:14Saving The Massey From The Junkyard
Saving The Massey From The Junkyardvisningar 220tnMånad sedan


  • Good to see you are rocking oakleys.

  • Grass looks GOOD!!

  • Get a professional landscaping company to to fertilization and chemical Weed Control those Weed. To get it only grass growing.

  • Cole your place is already looking great it's come along way. When you get your new ben's your house finished inside and out. The grove cleaned out and the grass is all up your place will be the most beautiful farm around. When you are married and have kids and grand kids that see these video's they all will be so proud to see what you accomplished with the work ethic that was instilled in you from your grandpa and daddy. The cornstarch family are my favorite You Tubers.

  • At least the weeds are green

  • The Geo needs a warsh!

  • You need some chicken litter on that yard. Send a truck to my farm and I will load you up.

  • Everyone paint their left index fingernail black so you can look as cool as Cole.

  • Cole, you are such a cool nerd!!!!

  • Cole if you use fertilizer the grass will fill in

  • A simple weed and feed will do a lot to help with most of your issues.

  • How come for the last 4 years all I heard was the farmers were going under because the tariffs on China? But you guys seem to be doing real good?

  • The problem is that your not running a TeeJet product.

  • pull a soil sample

  • The white is clover.

  • I think the grass seed probably washed downhill with the rains and made the lower ground more lush.

  • Daddycorn star you have to be tired of moving corn. I am sure you are looking forward to your new ben site.

  • Use Momentum on your lawn, will take care of all the weeds without harming the lawn, even new growth

  • Need to get some fertilizer with weed prevention on the yard. It will start looking like a golf course soon after!

  • A lot of that is just Dandelion which is actually good for the yard in the long run. Brings calcium up to the surface and helps aerate the soil with its deep roots, which will help grass establish better.

  • It's time to hire the guys who pick up junk to clean out your grove. You'll be 89 before you get all that done!:-)

  • Daddy Cornstar do you sometimes sing the green acres song when you are driving the green tractor?

  • Cole the Grass star ☘️🍀

  • 👍👍👍

  • Cut your lawn at 3.5-4 inches, it will grow thicker and choke out the weeds.

  • You should get fellow SEnewss guy Ryan Knorr to come out to the farm. I think he is in your neck of the woods.

  • 👍👍👍

  • When are you going to fix the outside of your house, when the snow falls?

  • I used to own a lawn care co. and I would use Trimec for broadleaf weed control and I'd also add some chelated iron that would be like Red Bull for your bluegrass for short term - but it was great for a booster!

  • Sponsored By Oakley now? And Pitt vipers?

  • PLEASE put the 'sub-titles' option back on, so I can read what you're saying when you talk fast or mumble - it's been missing for a while now :( THANKS in advance, IF you read the comments :)

  • Cole you need to talk to Pete at GCI TURF and I believe he will be able to help you with your yard.

  • We have that weed with the white flower.

  • I can't believe you're wearing Oakley's for shame on you.

  • Its just a big house buddy, my grandparents had a big one as well a lot of homes were big back then but I wouldn't exactly call it a mansion

  • county agent can id weeds and soil sample,,,,,

  • Mow mow mow frequently will really thicken that grass. That plus weeds don’t care to be mowed and will die out eventually. Mowing is just as important as the fertilizer

  • If you read your comments you would see many recommendations for broadleaf control, 2-4d etc (MSMA would work too). You would also see people recommending fertilizer. But you don't read your comments soooo....

  • In Australia 🇦🇺 we have spray bottles that attach to your hose called “weed and feed “ it kills the broad leaf weeds but not the lawn and fertilisers at the same time xx

  • yep 2,4 D will work, gotta watch out for 2,4 D burn and tolerance though. Got to use it in conjunction with other herbicides.

  • Dont mow the grass yet, use weed killer & let the grass grow tall.

  • Cole we all have to disown you know. Shame on you for cheating on pit viper!!

  • Do a video with Ryan Knorr Lawn Care. Two Iowa guys. He will get your yard going.

  • No pit vipers!?

  • Scotts weed and feed would do your yard some good

  • Don’t worry about the grass it’s a farm and I see your not a good farmer you world of by good grass seeds I don’t understand why my grandpa never had a problem

  • Hey Cole You might like Scott's weed and feed.


  • tell your gf to pull weeds by hand as that is her job now

  • The weeds look like something 2,4d should take care of. Want to stay away from the new seed for several weeks until after germination, I think

  • Trimec herbicide

  • Weed and feed Scott's fertilizer

  • For the cables, you need to color code all the connections.

  • Spray with mesotrione. It will allow you to overseed, will kill existing weeds, and is also a pre-emergent. Spray again in 28 days. 2.4-D will not kill the weedy grasses, and will mess with any overseeding you do. Mesotrione is also known as Tenacity. I sprayed a few days ago and I'm already seeing results. Good luck!

  • Your yard is gonna look Great

  • Spread weed and feed

  • The white flower is ladino clover. Good for your lawn. I don’t see any crab grass

  • Opps no sound?

  • "front track of the skid loader" yeah i don't know.........

  • You need a pool with a diving board too go along with the mansion lol

  • Kentucky Blue is not suitable for a large yard like yours. Its a beautiful soft grass great and manageable for smaller lawns but high in maintenance and very susceptible to weeds. At the end of the day, I suppose it doesn't matter if its weeds and grass as long as its green and always kept mowed.

  • Just do what my Dad believes if it is green mow it .

  • All mowing is doing is spreading the seeds and cause more patches! You need to spray it and like I said in last video I highly recommend the chemical " par 3 " broadleaf and it will get rid of all the noxious weeds and keep grass looking healthy

  • Weed n feed!

  • i know what your talking DC and i don't get why cole not helping

  • Since your broad leaf weeds will pop up taller than the grass, maybe rig up a wick system for the mover or an ATV and hit them that way. Less stress on the grass, less competition from the weeds = better established grass by the time winter arrives.

  • You look funny with a different pair of sunglasses!

  • Are you sure they didn't sell you weed seed? 😂

  • Key to your lawn is to mow often. Weeds don't like it, but the grass will thrive and put out more rizomes.

  • 10-10-10 twice a year. Early spring & Early fall.

  • Strong Farmers make a house a home

  • Boy, nothing like the first mow on a new lawn, sure hope the gophers don't take a liking to your lawn.

  • Spray 2-4-D and the lawn will grow so much better and thicker.

  • Daddy cornstar you spill more grain than anyone I’ve ever seen lol the grass looks great cole

  • It's green, call it good.

  • Weeds are still green. Get the grass growing then worry about weeds next year.

  • Grass is beautiful and your first mowing!! You and Nave should celebrate!!! We may get down to freezing I think Tue night/early Wed here in Northern Arkansas. I hope ya'll have good, productive crops this year and the weather cooperates. SUMMER, can the videos be 15 min at least? You did awesome on today's video!! It flowed well. My heart rate has been racing a bit with each video, afraid with getting the corn out, it will pile on the ground somehow. It must be difficult watching over the corn removal process with only one person at times. HAVE A GREAT WEEK YA'LL ❤❤😎🚜🌽❤❤

  • In the intro Cole where are your pit vipers

  • mix mate is slick!

  • Looks good Cole. Will take some time to get the yard all figured out, but remember what it used to look like. Making progress!