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This channel is dedicated to my journey to improve the scope and diversity of what is available in the marketplace for partial hand amputees.
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0:26Quick little update on my new hand 4/29/21
Quick little update on my new hand 4/29/21visningar 258tn7 dagar sedan
0:56Follow along as I build a new hand
Follow along as I build a new handvisningar 1,5mn2 månader sedan
0:18Left handed beer pong with a prosthetic hand
Left handed beer pong with a prosthetic handvisningar 114tn2 månader sedan
0:29Ash vs Evil Dead Chainsaw Update
Ash vs Evil Dead Chainsaw Updatevisningar 781tn4 månader sedan
8:38Gamer Upgrade for Missing Parts Club Members
Gamer Upgrade for Missing Parts Club Membersvisningar 329tn4 månader sedan
1:14Finger lock demo, aluminum partial hand prosthetic.
10:24Aluminum Hand Update! Starting all over...
Aluminum Hand Update! Starting all over...visningar 7mn7 månader sedan
2:52Quick Release Tool Lock
Quick Release Tool Lockvisningar 35tn8 månader sedan
1:06Milwaukee 1/4" impact partial hand prosthetic device
0:30New grip pattern enabled.
New grip pattern enabled.visningar 126tn9 månader sedan
0:22Donning my hand. (putting on my prosthetic hand)
3:30Prosthetic hand Esp32 GUI demo.
Prosthetic hand Esp32 GUI demo.visningar 77tn10 månader sedan
0:24Myo mechanical prosthetic hand update
Myo mechanical prosthetic hand updatevisningar 4,4mn10 månader sedan
0:25Partial hand prosthetic strength test 2
0:19Mechanical Partial hand prosthetic.
Mechanical Partial hand prosthetic.visningar 391tnÅr sedan


  • Crazy story, Awesome retractable chain Sword!! you rock! Glad you are doing better!

  • Wow! You are an inspiration!

  • You’re pretty handy.

  • THIS ladies and gentlemen, is what a super hero looks like. A hyper-intelligent yet humble person with a purpose to help his fellow human.

  • Much respect.

  • Bad ass shit and the fact that you can work on it and modify it yourself is even that more bad ass

  • Fucking kick ass!! Nice hand rock on buddy great job make more for other's sure they would Lov a piece of art work like that! So cool!

  • Wow.... I’m speechless. This is the most interesting thing I have seen on SEnewss in a long while.. Subscribed!

  • Thats fuquin cool bro

  • Fakin hero with man hands. Those are not femenine hands. God bless your work and your life

  • I have faith in your skillsets.

  • MEGA :D

  • That much closer to automail

  • O pau desse cara deve ta todo machucado

  • This is the kind of guy SEnewss should be for, not the narcissists that usually haunt it.

  • Handy little gadget

  • lets see you shoot with a desert eagle it would be cool to see you shoot stuff with your robot hand

  • Ian, if you have your electronic schematics I am happy to tweak them up for you, I do that shiz all day long mate.

  • Subscribed to see the future in real time. A truly inspirational human you are!

  • My uncle invents farm machinery that we use on the family farm and also sell to surrounding farms, he doesn’t patent his work for this same reason, it only needs to be 2% different from the patented design to sell as your own anyway. He has a brilliant mind though and has made our lives sooo much easier with his inventions haha.

  • Bende Gerçeği Var Ağla

  • Echo

  • I expected an hard Russian Accent. What a suprise 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • I just stumbled on to this. This man is an inspiration to all of us. Rock on dude. Meanwhile you have these little snowflakes crying that it isn't fair and everyone is racist if they don't get their way. Subscribed.

  • I want a prosthetic but I have all my parts. Trying to figure out where to stick a third arm.

  • Hail to the king baby

  • Aaaah wooow. That is just too neat man.😲👌🏼

  • Oh man, know how you feel with recurring infections, hate the side effects of antibiotics- rashes, secondary infections out of nowhere and that nasty eternal taste in your mouth. Plus the scary scent of gangrene and ensuing battle. For that I suggest doing a twice a day wash with cistus incanus tea, plus drinking it 4x a day.

  • You ever tryed nylon cf or PC on 3d printer ?

  • I love the disclaimer.

  • How have I not seen your channel before can't wait to go through all your videos thank you for showing your skills

  • Have u considered a way to make the index finger of yur prosthetic move independently from the other 3?

  • Ебать, так это же инженер из team fortress 2!

  • So 571 people really hate Sweden.

  • Build me some teeth.

  • That could easily break your wrist

  • Groovy

  • Wow!

  • maaaan its sooo awsome. For a moment a wish my hand was gone xDDD. jokes aside great work, much respect.

  • What fingers?!😭🤭🤷‍♂️

  • Imagine if this guy had to punch someone o.O

  • Once again, SEnewss algorithms prove to be scary perfect. 😳 Just found you! Love this video and your positivity! Sub!

  • I subscribed.

  • praise the omnisah

  • This is fascinating. How much does the hand weigh - it looks heavy? Amazing work, and one-handed too! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • thanks but, me thinks I'll stick with my original hand... ✋

    • as cool as this is, I would too!

  • Now do a Bucky Barnes hand. 😁

  • You had me at stupid and dangerous.

  • I feel so blessed to be able to make something out of nothing like this guy. So cool to be able to create what's in your head and make it real

  • Great fucking job m8 honestly im impresed

  • C'mon, give us the finger, my guy. Bird us up.

  • Nice

  • X-Men's "Forge" : I lost a leg, so I built a robot leg. Ian Davis: Same, bro, except I can do it without superpowers.

    • @Ian Davis Forge has been my favourite character for years. :)

    • you are the first to get it! my oncology radiologist was the one that suggested that name to me.

  • Hi Ian, I just came across your channel, that hand looks great wish you well with all your endeavours. Keep those ideas materializing and stay well mate live ya work.

  • I watched it five times, like never before, excelent job, sir. You could patent it and produce prosteses like that. A lot of people would buy.

  • This is the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time!

  • Takes a great engineer to diy a steampunk prosthetic hand! 👍

  • Holy shit this is epic

  • Good luck, I hope you stay with us in this world for quite a while longer

  • Really awesome and such a steampunk type vibe, its interesting to see the evolution of prosthetics and how they will actually drive a lot of humans to enhance themselves but also innovate new materials etc

  • I will wait the day when this guy will be able to crush metal with his left hand.

  • I'm guessing that this guy is a Libra

    • Pisces are always tortured though,...so in that case, it makes sense

    • @Ian Davis interesting, I was guessing from the hand, usually Pisces is the feet. Thanks for the reply brother 🙏👍🖖

    • pisces actually.

  • I really appreciate your courage and drive after so much that's happened in your life. You're plugged and driven for a cause and I wish you all the health and best things in life... And I'm subscribed to you too...

  • Looks cool. Starting to look like automail from Full Metal Alchemist, Keep up the good work.

  • This is actually sick. I'm 19 and watching this and, not even an engineering student, I'm really impressed hearing you talk about it and go through all the settings in detail. I love hearing people talk about stuff like this and I'm truly amazed to see you able to make these devices on top of your setbacks, even actually using your creations to eliminate those setbacks. Honestly, I'm amazed, you have all of my praise.

  • Man brother it always seems bad things happen to good peoples I know this videos kinda old and I know you won't see this but I pray you get better and ill keep you in my prayers

  • Holy fuck dude your one amazing survivor . Hats off to you

  • Awesome 👏

  • Love you.

  • How long have you been machining

  • Sir you reinforced my own convictions that we are ALL here for a purpose, that purpose WILL be fulfilled despite our prior self -suggested intended path, without regard despite many a pair of replacement shoe heels, from protesting our need to be the one to decide with our heels dug firmly in. Thankfully, since Faith was what I received from the very start, and Love I recieve from Christ on a daily basis , and my greatest hope is to maybe reach just one person who doesn't have Faith, for whatever reason and not even knowing how much they are Loved by God, the Father, and the sacrifice it took to pay our debt of sin and Only through His Unconditional Love, and the Grace given from God, completely devoid of our own independent actions( so that nobody may boast about the measure of Faith they received). The honor I feel in being allowed to share this hard won message of Hope, and representing the Father by simply telling folks that He truly does Love each and every one of us, and whether you know it or not, He desperately wants for you to simply know how important that is, because unfortunately time is quickly running out to decide who it is ones soul will serve for eternity. I truly apologize and honestly hope this message of Love and the invitation from Christ to at least consider checking him out, that unconditional Love is so amazing and freely given despite anything I have ever done or will ever do before I finish my propose here and return to the Father knowing I honestly did my best with the tools I had and the one talent given me was the ability to share my thoughts and feelings with others in a way that is one hundred percent genuine and sincere, without being pushy or judgmental... I'll thank everyone here for allowing me the opportunity to invite one and all to experience God's true Love, guidance and Salvation...and again, this coming from me, written by a guy with no home or family anymore, in a city funded "tent City" In Olympia, Capital of Washington state. Sharing only to add depth to my message, and help illustrate my belief in the Lord, and my desperate late game attempt to help shepherd any of the lost sheep still grazing despite the raging fire just on over the next hill out of site but burning relentlessly forward. Hope I haven't sounded to preachy or Judgy or pushy...just truly hurts my heart thinking about life without Faith, and if that's you, just know that somebody LOVES YOU very much, and it's not too late to try is it? As long as there's breath in my lungs and in yours, it's not too late. Love, Prayers and Encouragement to one and all🙏😁

  • So glad your video popped up! I designed and did a bit of CNC on college. And I’ve been looking into SCT. My white blood cells are messed up too but in a different way than yours were. You’re inspiring!

  • johnny silverhand

  • I know who I'm calling if I ever have an accident... or lose a fight

  • Awesome!!!

  • Thank you!

  • I make fancy metal ornamental doors for a living too!, man I really I wish I had your skills and tools!!

    • Before the 2008 crash my main gig was residential ornamental iron and structural steel. Then I switched to be a plasma form weld shop, now I design and fabricate prosthetic hands. You have to always be open to what life puts in front of you.

  • Groovy.


  • Myoelectronics, articulated fingers, and MAKING A CHAINSAW HAND Oh, I so need to see more. <Subscribed>