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19:16Why Starlink Is Crucial To SpaceX’s Success
Why Starlink Is Crucial To SpaceX’s Successvisningar 375tn19 timmar sedan
17:29Who Makes Money From Online Coupon Codes?
Who Makes Money From Online Coupon Codes?visningar 150tn19 timmar sedan
14:20Why The Leading ATV Maker Is Betting On EV
Why The Leading ATV Maker Is Betting On EVvisningar 81tn19 timmar sedan
10:42Will Robots Replace Human Financial Advisors?
Will Robots Replace Human Financial Advisors?visningar 171tn19 timmar sedan
13:42How Mercedes-Benz Is Losing Its Prestige Image
10:25Why Americans Are Eating So Many Snacks
Why Americans Are Eating So Many Snacksvisningar 245tn7 dagar sedan
12:35Why You Can Be Forced To Get The Covid Vaccine
16:28Are DoorDash, UberEats Good For Restaurants?
15:21Will NYC Go Bankrupt?
Will NYC Go Bankrupt?visningar 1,2mn14 dagar sedan
19:41Is Texas Becoming The New California?
Is Texas Becoming The New California?visningar 2,6mn21 dag sedan
10:52Could Tesla Succeed In India?
Could Tesla Succeed In India?visningar 578tn28 dagar sedan
12:22Why Tipping Is An American Custom
Why Tipping Is An American Customvisningar 508tn28 dagar sedan
11:51Why Tire Prices Are Rising
Why Tire Prices Are Risingvisningar 353tnMånad sedan
17:22The Rise Of Wind Power In The U.S.
The Rise Of Wind Power In The U.S.visningar 279tnMånad sedan
8:10How Much It Costs To Mine For Cryptocurrency
12:48Why U.S. Malls Are Disappearing
Why U.S. Malls Are Disappearingvisningar 2mnMånad sedan
13:59Why The U.S. Builds Houses Wrong
Why The U.S. Builds Houses Wrongvisningar 967tnMånad sedan


  • Hari ku berganti, pantatku menari. Wkakakakakakkaakkaak!!!!!!!!!!


  • PANTATNYA DIKURIK KURIK SAMPAI TEBIRAK BIRAK TAPI TIADA ISI SEBAB PEMAKAN TAI!!!!!! Wkakakakakakakakakahaahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!

  • Your lying

  • There going to.keep us getting vacinnes.ovrr and over

  • All I know is that there are ton of idiots who lost their life savings on cryptocurrencies.

  • No, don't rely on tips! Mark your price the price I need to pay.

  • California is organized to inflate and support the cost of realestate. That's good, as long as you don't live there.

  • The US, the only country in the world where you get punished for getting sick.

  • What's actually really horrifying to me; is that Sophia has gone into mass production for use in care homes. Very frightening to think of the elderly (and no doubt some with Alzheimer's and dementia) getting 'companionship' from a non-sentient entity! Once humans get used to breaking human contact; where does that end?! This lady presents the concerns very well in her vid:

  • LoL do you even know how many Constructor championships Mercedes AMG has won?

  • Lithium is not the future. We need to invest in graphene!!!! Plus we need to go nuclear or we will just be using coal and nat gas to power those electric vehicles.

  • Starlink will also be the first internet provider for the Moon. So Earth, Moon then Mars...very cool! 🚀🌔

  • America: Dems wants to go EV to help with climate change. Republicans: Climate change is a hoax, we love gas and oil. China: Whatever the boss saids. Short time later: Done boss. Of course America is going to loose.

  • Gasoline cars are cleaner overall.

  • I just found out you can still get an apartment for under $1000

  • Yelp strangely resembles the mafia and their protection racket, with a digital twist and a bit more sofisticated than sending 2 goons in sweatpants into your store with a "pay up or else" business proposition.

  • Blech. Bitpay. I turned off the video when I heard that.

  • This is why I don't watch cnbc. Because they're idiots.

  • The batteries mostly get burned by umicore instead of recycling. Thats just stupid.

  • There's an easy way around this. The restaurants can offer delivery like many pizza and Asian restaurants do.


  • Now if you can only get the Chinese to do this. They have parking lots full of this stuff leaking into storm drains and into the ocean.

  • eating out is a ripoff.... eating out while using a delivery app... u just wanna be broke for life

  • the ugly truth is that this video is just lazy propaganda! containers full of hazardous waste coming from recycling batteries are buried in the old stone quarries around the eastern Europe, south Italy, Africa and south America! paying for propaganda is much cheaper than paying for recycling!!!!

  • They should have never shut down eating in.

  • The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what the unsuccessful only on occasionally.

    • There are scammers but real brokers are out there for investors

    • Most people don't invest due to ignorance, People are scared of investing because of the high rate of scam in the business

  • People are fatter.

  • If you don’t want voter ID, you’re saying you also don’t want secure elections. Who doesn’t want secure elections? Hmmm 🤔. Anyone can just walk up and vote, no verification of who they say they are, how convenient for a certain goal. Plus. Are people too stupid and incompetent to get any state ID... what’s the pushback for requiring proof of identity to select the leader of the free world?

  • The Chevy Caprice 9C1, and Ford Crown Vic are way better than these modern SUVs. As cars shrank, people opted for the next big thing. These older sedans have more room than some CUV or SUVs. Unibody construction is crap....any HD vehicle is Body on Frame, not unibody. Even the Ford Transit and Sprinter are Service Body vehicles. The NIssan Van, and Chevy Express are HD vans.

  • I would try it. The thought of flying around the Earth in space is exciting and could open up my mind to new possibilities.

  • Biden is a senile sock puppet whose DNC cronies installed Biden as President from the stolen 2020 election.

  • Wait, people in the US don't need any form of identification to vote such as having proof like a drivers license? That's crazy.

  • So much garbage and clutter in orbit... we are going to be trapped by our own development indeed.

  • "You can't just take all these great minerals and dump them".... Imagine the world if we had this mindset from the beginning

  • 42,000 satellites. Damn.

  • I do not trust CNBC. The World Climate has always changed & always will change. The “Climate Change” crowd are complicit in Marxism and the seeking to tax “carbon footprints” for redistribution of wealth. (This will make liberal heads explode:) The Sovereign God controls climate.

  • Hilarious, this video confirmed every argument that the pay gap isn't the result of discrimination.

  • Uber is a terrible company. Shame somebody else didn't digitize this industry

  • im just trying to make money from crypto so I could invest stocks....

  • covid nazis . who was the first to say new world order. it was hitler

  • Internet shouldn’t be the first thing you need if you’re living off the grid.

  • We Australian can Live without Starbucks

  • So they are trying to force us to get the shot when vaccination companies have ZERO, I repeat, ZERO liability in case of serious side effects or death after taking the jab?

  • I support Socialism to an extent. We need government to help society. Healthcare, Housing, Education, Transportation. Wealth needs to be distributed! Orange Face is wrong about Socialism.

  • Just goes to show WHO CNBC is towing the line for. Decentralized blockchain is the future.

  • Why is China not being held responsible for this dramatic change in our lives

  • All the homeless camps, and the acceptance of the government to let all these people trash neighborhoods, is also driving people out.

  • I've lived in the US and in the UK and their tipping culture is completely different, I've also worked in the hospitality sector at both places. In the US, I would be making about 40-60$ a day and the tip was meant to help me out, if I got seriously lucky I'd make 20$ on tip daily but most day I would go home with maybe 5$ tip, I also had to share my tips with the other workers so that took away. In the UK, you get paid a livable minimum wage and tipping wasn't included unless it was like a special event and even then it depended if the customers went out of their way to tell the restaurant "Hey, this person did an amazing job, went beyond what they needed to, give them % as tip." Overall, most places did not accept tipping. On the flip side, I've also been taught since young to always tip my delivery drivers, waitress/waiters, ect since it was the polite thing to do but in the UK it was frowned upon whenever I did that and I was looked at as someone weird until they heard my American accent and then be like "Ah, you are American...that's why. Yeah we don't tip." I had never realized that tipping had such a dark history🤯 Thank you for this!

  • Make that money, build more factories using oil to recycle batteries! Genius way to make money

  • So I gotta find the dumpster behind my nearest Amazon warehouse...

  • Republikkklans

  • If Trump claimed is not true, then why silent him? 😂

  • Pure Genius!!!💡

  • This feature has no impact! Merely click bait. Mercedes: "The Best or Nothing"

  • Solar -> battery -> charge at night

  • Absolutely one of the most vile human beings to ever live. Real people’s lives were affected and for a profit motive she was entirely comfortable lying and fudging the statistics. Legions of employees witnessed her actions and have attested to her misrepresentation. We need to protect society from her, and that means a lengthy prison sentence. How she can sleep at night speaks to her psychopathy.

  • Very soon aluminum prices will reduce dramatically due to the fact that air transportation is almost dead. Governed by the climate lobby, Sars-Covid came at the right time. 1000nds of aircraft will be scrapped as similar to the megalomania cruise ships.

  • Crypto is the future, tradind crypto has become a lucrative way of making money

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  • My body my choice.

  • Stupid texas

  • Loosing? They lost in in the 90s. When they started making cheap plastic overly computerized cars. I need a reliable car not a 32 inch TV on my dash!

  • tExAs literally

  • The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the best decision

    • Despite all the economic crisis,this is still good time to start up an investment I invested in both stock and crypto but currently I believe crypto is doing More better!!"

  • Look at all that beautiful land. Looks like more than enough rain to do rain harvesting peraculture/regenitive agraculture

  • jaguayer what? US won't shift to EV because all the big oil company will go bust and they will not have reason to go start another war some where

  • The scary thing is even if no laws are ever passed requiring a vaccine, the private sector can still run buissness however they see fit, as long as there is no discrimination involved. My state has already passed measures declaring that refusing service to non vaccinated individuals after full FDA approval is not a form of discrimination, it's a public saftey measure. The new normal is on track to look like "No shirt, no shoes, no vaccine, no service."

  • „You did okay“ to the proud excited kid waiting for acknowledgement was so savage 😂🤣

  • I'll be going to Uptown Poke and FieldTrip to support them! After the pandemic due to my compromise immune system I started using Uber Eat more and noticed just how expensive everything is.

  • 23 dislikes for every 1 like. The public know that the Gender Pay Gap is Lie. Pushing this lie is one of the main reasons why CNBC Ratings are falling.

  • It would be quite easy to enforce companies to deorbit non-functioning satellites. Tax them for every broken satelite that is up there. As long as their junk stays up, they pay n% per month as a fine. Soon, it becomes cheaper to bring the junk down/design satellites with a failsafe that will bring them down on loss of communication or other critical error.

  • What a great video. It was a pleasure working with you guys!

  • THIS IS YOUNG GUN COUNTRY!!!!! Fore we all know it, awe hell! KANYE gonna MOVE HIS CHURCHILL HERE!

  • Do people not realise that all those cupons do is rise pricess overall? Sellers have to make a profit, so instead of selling something for $20 they sell it for $30 and give an option for $10 cupon. >.<


  • Somebody will be shot long before I'm forced to get one.


  • That young lady who lost her job,because woke employer says so needs to sue their asses... Go get em honey,money to be made,it is illegal under the Nuremberg Act to force people to do anything if government is saying its voluntary.

  • Well, if it's really about global depopulation (Agenda 21/ Agenda 2021), why would they let you have the right to sue them? Sincerely, The Conspiracy Theorists

  • "you want Rank Xeros to consider something called a MOUSE????".... "Give it to that Bill Gates guy" :-D