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1:41:572021 Masters Preview - Fore Play Episode 349
8:14Riggs vs Wickenburg Ranch Golf Course, 7th Hole
6:42Riggs Vs Innisbrook Island Course, 1st Hole
18:01Dustin Johnson Vs Fore Play - Lefty Challenge
8:37Riggs Vs We-Ko-Pa, Cholla, 8th Hole
Riggs Vs We-Ko-Pa, Cholla, 8th Holevisningar 20tnMånad sedan
5:19Riggs Vs Starfire Golf Club, 3rd Hole
Riggs Vs Starfire Golf Club, 3rd Holevisningar 22tnMånad sedan
6:55Riggs Vs His Scottsdale Apartment, Hole 1


  • pause on 10:39 and thank me later

  • Y’all should play 4 comedians Bert kriescher Ron white Andrew santino and Tony hinchcliff

  • Has anyone ever just told Trent to sloooowwwww downnnnnnn

  • Rigs iron swing is so fucking ugly!!! How does someone play so much golf and still suck so bad!!! Take some lessons bro, I wanna see y’all improve since they’ve been playing a few years now!

  • Is Kiz not anyone’s favorite golfer??? I mean how can ya not help but like the guy!!! I’m from SC about 100 miles away from him so I may be a bit bias but still, he’s just such a cool guy. 💯💯💯💯💯

  • GOD YOU GUYS!! HIT THE FUCKING BALL!!! ~Harry Higgs~ love this guy!!!!

  • Says I’m going to aim way left. Proceeds to aim right down the middle 💪🏽 😅

  • Shoutout the dude just screaming in the background periodically. Electric.

  • Who is the dude in the black shirt and red hat who just cant manage to shut the hell up?

  • Trent Daddy's back swing is pretty ugly, but his follow through usually looks pretty good.

  • its crazy how suprised these guys all react for a par while playing scramble considering two of them say they are a 5 handicap lol

  • It angers me that someone as bad as Trent gets to play all these courses

  • Ya’ll need to play good good and Kyle Berkshire

  • What course is this

  • When are you guys going to get somebody to beat you with a putter. That would truly be embarrassing.

  • why does riggs bother rotating after he hits the ball, its literally all for show as he has zero rotation through out his swing lol its hilarious this guy thinks he's a 5 handicap. I'm pretty sure that if he dropped the act and actually just played golf he'd play much better.. instead he trys to chase numbers and maintain a 5 handicap for youtube

  • Chiclets make infinitely better content. Why do people still watch this shitty excuse for a golf channel?

  • Harry Higgs is the man! I'm going to be rooting for him every tourney going forward

  • Would be fun to watch if not for all the F-Bombs.

  • Trent isn’t going to remember Tommy teaching him what his heel is

  • That course looks so sweet!! Those big greens leave you with some long putts. And you burned a lot of those holes. Was definitely routing for you to make some of those putts!!

  • DJ doesn’t have much practice looking for golf balls

  • how many groups did you hold up on the tee box for this?

  • dude is just tin cup

  • “That was Tiger driving.” Little did you know that you were in extreme danger!

  • Nice Girlie by discount Vince Vaughn on #2

  • At least we can say sc has produced the two greatest golfers of our era- DJ snd Kiz lmfao.

  • hey "ben" shut up

  • I would literally rather watch Trent hit it into the trees every time, then hear lurch ever again. Holy fuck is he cringe.

  • I would literally rather watch Trent hit it into the trees every time, then hear lurch ever again. Holy fuck is he cringe.

  • Truly taste like Shit

  • No one told me Tyler O'Day is on the PGA tour

  • Thinking of having dinner with Fore Play crew seems like an all time boring event. Bunch of pea brains sucking up to you

  • These girls are former pros : |

  • man the opening shot by trent had me restarting the video for awhile lmao i could not stop laughing

  • He pulled both putts so bad lol

  • He can’t get a 5 with his regular clubs yet he thinks he can with only a putter. Lol

  • He got a lesson from the best. Why is he still humping the ball? Lol

  • Is it a requirement to have a short swing to work for barstool?

  • Played against Harry in highschool. Awesome to see him doing well.

  • Somebody get Trent a longer club...that is outlandish😂 @8:42

  • Damn! I may have a new favorite player on tour. What a dude.

  • This is just a truly add isn't it?

  • Does Riggs realize that the bald head and beard combo doesn't work for him?

  • Paige foreplay, you know you saw it. Don't lie.

  • Harry is cool as hell. Seen him on Golf Sub Par and he is very likable. Would be fun to get a lesson from him and then..#getamongstit

  • Tommy’s cool

  • Sorry to be this guy but I really hate the promotion of drinking and golfing. Although he's sponsored?!

  • Lurch is unbearable

  • Had to turn it off after he said he’s friends with Patrick reed. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Trent for president

  • Should do Kiz, Riggs, and Trent vs Lurch, Pat and Frankie

  • He’s just the worst

  • I hate Jake owen

  • I only caught myself saying "shut the fuck up and hit the ball" 4 times this video...that's a par

  • There’s nothing embarrassing about losing to the top ranked golfer in the world...

  • Heck yeah! Grew up playing this course!

  • And you are NOT Justin Rose.

  • Ummm, why is he using the hzrdus green shaft? His piss poor swing needs something more suited to him

  • Even the phone tried to commit suicide watching this crap

  • “That’s A1, fuck no, never do” “I do that all the time” 😂

  • A 5?? Hahahahah. Total bullshit.

  • I heard he is a 2 handicap when playing only with his putter. Just ask him.

  • Pretty sure ANGC takes the flags down at night now.

  • I don’t ever want to see Riggs run again 😂

  • Cocky Frankie is nauseating

  • Johnny Manziel vs fore play would be an awesome video!

  • Did anyone catch how long since DJ played left handed?

  • riggs always looks like he just did a bag of cocaine and figured out who was behind 9/11

  • This guy is just the worst

  • You 4 guys have a absolute worst swings going. 😂

  • I’m not very good at golf either but when he said “Sponsored Athlete”, I about died. 🤣

  • If he had his full bag, he would only have saved a stroke.

  • I think Frankie wants Pat to play his hole!

  • Get Robert McIntyre to do the next one

  • Lurch is incredibly annoying

  • fucking loved it!! i want to play with Joel every week...:-) best 1.5 hrs ive spent watching YT

  • Riggs hammered drunk!!!!! Love it

  • $3000 set of clubs.........10 cent game.......

  • Did you get a chance to play 19?