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10:24First and Last Lines | Vikings | Prime Video
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  • Y u gotta spoil us?

  • man has a dump truck

  • Ragnar is a Legend 💪

  • let the man eat

  • Just stories... Just stories? All things begin and end as stories.

  • Ferewel my brother

  • The best show with best characters....❣️❣️

  • What rich people pay for. Easy money come. Easy money go

  • Ragnar

  • Reasons to watch Vikings: Ragnar Lothbrok Harald Finehair Ivar the Boneless Floki King Ecbert What am I missing?

  • Beste Serie der Welt

  • Harald Finehair 🐐

  • I want one of those!

  • Ragnar 🐐

  • Whats the name of the girl at 4:45 Who is she?😅


  • All hail Vikings

  • Epic

  • hey umm what about


  • moral from this "never help the boss" even they were dying

  • imagine that your walking and all you see are these three in super cars... bets day of my life lol

  • When people in charge really care about both the show and the fans, we are able to get excelent shows and excelent endings. Vikings and Supernatural are 2 great examples.

  • Try telling the bloke first

  • Now its time for a Skanderbeg Series

  • Stop shopping at scamaerzone Cut scamerzone out by finding the product you want and buying it direct from the sellers website 🐑

  • Second comment I will watch it it definitely was the best thing on TV better than Game of Thrones better than any of them the idea of all these different belief systems coming to the America's and that first scene of the Viking getting the arrows I was hooked so much so I'm going to put a hard copy of season 1 on right now Nick game and did tell us about techboy so in hindsight Nick gamelink was always ahead of the curve my first comment was just after this mental stuff in the capital it's just kind of got everyone and little bit upset as in it I love America and I'm an Englishman how about that

  • It gladdens me to know that Odin prepares for a feast. Soon you will be drinking ale from curved horns!

  • Super super super .....👏👏👏

  • easily the most epic scene in the whole of the series. this is like the 4th time i've watched it and it still sends shivers down my spine

  • The only epic moments in all seasons , the rest is absolutly dispointing

  • Beautiful

  • 2:47 I love how he says "M,M"

  • ليش مات

  • I need the soundtrack of this gave me goosebumps

  • Last episode i remember, ivar had the rus climb the cliff to take over. Don't remember this part.

  • Can someone explain to my why i didnt see this szene on the netflix ending?

  • For more music related to this one i can recommend Danheim, Wardruna and Forndom. All Scandinavian artists.

  • Hey bim

  • Can you give me the Name of the music ?

    • Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry

  • rus warriors in 13 century mongol armors ... historical as it gets ...

  • не смотрел, но не одобряю

  • those women fighting like men is so political correct..

    • @J.R. Spingly no it is a viking myth.

    • Viking women fought also.

  • Isn't this the only battle he won?

  • The actress that plays toni is a misture of kristen stewart (bella from twilight) and lindsey morgan (raven from the 100) lol

  • Best moments all 6 season

  • Left out Ali's best line ...

  • and that should have been the end of the series

  • I wish there was better marketing on Prime itself. I didn't hear about this until today despite having several Star Trek shows and movies on my watch list and rewatching them. A shame that it isn't announced in the app or anything. Well, now I'm excited to rewatch it starting tomorrow.

  • What is your favourite song by Sam Cooke?

  • Why does he look like DJ Khalid if he was boufht of wish

  • $8000 to spend 4 nights on a train but they can't make more than one meal course for the media people that are going to bring the revenue in

  • Who were they fighting? any historical accuracy in this battle? Was that old slavonic language at the beginning?

  • It’s a scene that i will even watch after 10 years...

  • Any one guess next season is come??

  • Как фильм называются

  • Valhalla

  • As the seer said: “No one will forget the name of Bjorn Ironside , greater than Ragnar.”

    • @Fady Shaalan Bro its not a comparison game he is quoting the words of the seer

    • Ragnar is Wayy beRRA !

  • I watched the trilogy a few weeks ago, i am prepared for Matrix 4

  • Hahahaha bim!!! Hahahahah

  • Nice spoilers!

  • in french please too.

  • Got or Viking Is better

  • why do horror young (white) protagonists always have the same energy as unseasoned chicken boiled in plain water?

  • I like the vikings hiatory .It is epic.

  • Che morte epica cazzoooo

  • why did u not see this on netflix

  • the only show I enjoyed more onscreen than the original book :)

  • No know that's a bad sign

  • I like how they are wearing an old diving mask and what looks like a helmet made out of a life jacket. Definitely gonna give this show a watch.

  • deben repedtsre!!

  • I shall call you Clarkson. XD

  • Once a legend said, 'retreat'. The rest is history 🤣🤣