Kentucky Ballistics

Kentucky Ballistics Kentucky Ballistics

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Good clean shooting fun!


19:55My 50 Cal Exploded
My 50 Cal Explodedvisningar 12mn7 dagar sedan
13:35The BIGGER The BETTER 💪
The BIGGER The BETTER 💪visningar 728tn7 dagar sedan
BARRETT 50 CAL TORTURE TEST 😱visningar 614tn14 dagar sedan
18:16Gatling Gun vs Indestructible Body Armor 💪
10:4450 Cal SLAP vs Body Armor 💥
50 Cal SLAP vs Body Armor 💥visningar 604tnMånad sedan
11:13My First Hand Cannon 😍
My First Hand Cannon 😍visningar 204tnMånad sedan
KENTUCKY BALLISTICS 500 MAGNUM 💪visningar 282tnMånad sedan
10:3750 Cal SLAP vs Thor’s Hammer ⚡
50 Cal SLAP vs Thor’s Hammer ⚡visningar 776tnMånad sedan
9:40Gatling Gun vs Transparent Shield 🛡
Gatling Gun vs Transparent Shield 🛡visningar 1,8mnMånad sedan
8:1745-70 DERRINGER 😱
45-70 DERRINGER 😱visningar 863tnMånad sedan
50 CAL GLOCK vs DESERT EAGLEvisningar 1,2mn2 månader sedan
14:5450 Cal vs Slam Ball 🏋 (150 lbs!!!)
50 Cal vs Slam Ball 🏋 (150 lbs!!!)visningar 701tn2 månader sedan
17:40Elephant Rifles vs Soda Machine 🥤
Elephant Rifles vs Soda Machine 🥤visningar 436tn2 månader sedan
8:5750 Cal vs ICE ❄
50 Cal vs ICE ❄visningar 302tn2 månader sedan
8:06WHAT SNOW ???
WHAT SNOW ???visningar 237tn2 månader sedan
5:40Granger Smith Goes Full Auto 🔥
Granger Smith Goes Full Auto 🔥visningar 172tn3 månader sedan
THE GATLING GUN !!! 😱visningar 581tn3 månader sedan
IT’S NOT OVER TILL IT’S OVER...visningar 214tn3 månader sedan
9:1350 Cal vs Tractor Weight 🚜
50 Cal vs Tractor Weight 🚜visningar 660tn3 månader sedan
7:3944 SNUBBY 💥
44 SNUBBY 💥visningar 235tn3 månader sedan
13:00Elephant Rifles vs GIANT Gummy Bears 🐻
Elephant Rifles vs GIANT Gummy Bears 🐻visningar 1mn3 månader sedan
12:0750 Cal vs Steel Olympic Weight 🏋
50 Cal vs Steel Olympic Weight 🏋visningar 620tn3 månader sedan
SHOTGUN OF THE FUTURE 🚀visningar 387tn3 månader sedan
11:33Double Barrel Elephant Rifle vs Bulletproof Glass !!!


  • Why tf did i laugh so hard😂 4:25

  • I’d start making my own rounds

  • That 50 cal almost got you dude. Thank God that He had the reason for you to live more in this world. More videos to come and stay safe!

  • Please take it steady🙌

  • God didnt save you, the doctors did!

  • I'm glad you survived bud !

  • Ohh my God Thanks for the Lord how you survived that i scared when you shooted the third shot i... i can't belive it!

  • Is this a .45?

  • Why do americans need to make everything bulletproof? XD

  • The jams are killing me

  • Funny how this gun being recommended now

  • Ooo my god ooo my goddess unbelievable so sad so sad , wish you a fast recovery man and keep your way

  • You can stop the bullets but you can't stop the heat and pressure

  • 12:15 "And that wasn't fun" - Well damn, here goes my dream of being shanked in my side and lung..... Seriously though, you were really lucky to survive that whole mess. Get well soon!

  • God bless you and make you good!!!👍🙏🏻

  • 11:59 weapon from Walking Dead LOL

  • This made me cringe and wince just hearing it but I'm so glad your okay man. Stay safe you behemoth of a man

  • is that mud, or is it the toilet after a Taco Bell session?

  • Very cool. More elephant gun days, PLEASE! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • How it started:

  • 🤦‍♂️

  • You are really luck to have come through ok but no mention of the .50 cal that did it and how to avoid this happening in the future.

  • I want buy a Elephant rifle. can i have the Link for the weapon you use ?

  • Do not shot with cannons on little birds...hahaha. That is cool.

  • Good karma the ammount of good things you have done has payed you back

  • What a horrible accident man Im sorry that happened Glad u made it tho man Unfortunately accidents happen

  • Much love from the UK.. glad you ok brother❤

  • Wow god ain't threw with you yet amazing god bless

  • This little old lady subscribed - praise God you're ok, son. What an impressive, incredible story of grace under pressure by you *and* your Dad! Shout out indeed, to Cody & your surgical team. I'm gonna show this to my son & grandson - what a testament to the importance of *safety glasses!* Stay well, be blessed, and drive on! #BackTheBlue <3

  • When he hit the dummy My mind : I like ya cut G!

  • Your metal targets all make a different sound,make up a tune to go with your shooting. Hell do shave and a hair cut! 🤪👍👋

  • Glad I never started using SM

  • A Big GOD BLESS u Scott 👍& stay 💪 Brother Amen

  • It's funny, those fire rings appeared up until you shot the fire extinguishers. 🎆

  • Girls Pockets:Fit Half Of A Phone Boys Pockets: 1:55

  • What is ith with most Americans that they dont know the difference between a AKM and a AK-47. I bet they still would say ak47 to a AK-74

  • Good stuff

  • 14:58 Cody is such a lad.

  • I love p Spanky

  • Glad you're okay brother

  • Praise God man! Had an ND in my femoral where a tq wouldn't work. Trooper was a combat medic and had quik clot gauze and packed the wound. Got a tube keeping blood going to my leg. Still carry and shoot. Glad you are getting through it! Staying calm in these situations is is CRITICAL! as well as having back up!

  • So close

  • It might be a good shield for airsoft

  • .700 when?

  • Do a lot of Americans need elephant guns for self defense from elephants ? In India we just give them a banana and they go away and don't bother us.

  • A useless weapon for killing an endangered species . A better use would be as a boat anchor .

  • iagine someone asking you who saved you : “ My thumb”

  • Carotid artery supplies the brain. Jugular vein drains it. I am happy that you recovered and shout out to the hospital.

  • Thank God He is OK 👍Fast Recovery from Serbia and Germany… and Scott you are a BEAST !

  • I remember being in the gun shop, staring at that gun, falling in love with it. I had no experience with firearms and thankfully my friend who was experienced, talked me out of it. Still, it gives me the warm and fuzzies to see it in action. Thank you for the vid 👍

  • G'day for down under your the man.

  • God saved you bro will pray for your recovery your father is a super father


  • grandpa how did u get those scars Scott: yeah i fought a great white shark

  • now thats a story to tell ur grandkids

  • At least he was wearing eye protection and probably saved himself from losing his eyesight

  • I hope he’s okay he’s the only SEnewss with a gun I watch and can trust🥺🥺

  • Thnks for sharing...all the best on your recovery😉u the luckiest man alive ...wowzers...your dad😉

  • This was such an intense story, freak accidents are so unpredictable, but I can say u had someone or something like a higher being looking out for you...doctors and nurses are angels on earth...been in the ICU a few times myself so i know how precious life can be at that point, glad you made it through and good job "putting a thumb in it"...👍😄.

  • это какой-то пиздец... досмотрите до 7 минуты - охуеете... КБ, поправляйся скорее!

  • It was so annoying.. The red tshirt guy ... Eeueeuuuu

  • You gotta be careful bro

  • By the way...... when you’re using your hands to pick up the cement blocks, and your hands are touching the cement and dirt and/or any food you shoot, will it not potentially damage or mess with the new bullets when you pick them up and put them into the chambers of the guns? Like especially if some cement gets stuck to your fingers and gets stuck to the bullet and gets into the chamber or damages the bullet and how it might fire. Isn’t that also dangerous?

  • Omfg This made me sick... Thank lord you are ok sir. God bless and go rest take a break

  • Wow, brother wow. So glad you are alive. Jesus.

  • Good to see ya back at it.

  • oh i i once did some thing stupid while duck hunting just walking through a lake with a friend and he said make sure its not loaded being young and an idiot riased the exit end just above my head pulled the trigger well you guessed it pease folks treat a firearm with respect never play with it

  • What a rocket scientist, handles glass with no gloves !!!!!!! The plastic layers are the laminate One would say what a D i c k h e a d personal safety does not exist

  • There you go I am so glad to hear you say prayed need to be thanking JESUS for that my friend

  • Hold on, man! Health for you!

  • [email protected]

  • And then the very best part of ever going to the hospital, those good'ol pain meds lol

  • Lucky guy, If god is so good tho, you'd think it wouldn't have let the weapon explode in the first place. Doctor is good!

  • im glad that you are okay, dang that was a nasty accident. you're extraordinary man, tough asf

  • I wonder what this man's going to be thinking about every time he shoots a 50 caliber rifle after this

  • I wanna see Gattling Gun vs Atlas Stone. Do it Do it Do it!

  • You’re blessed man, good to see you walking and talking

  • I'm a fan of yours from N. Ireland in Europe. Watching your videos up until now, I've always jokingly said "I'll try to get that guy to marry my sister". I always thought your videos were insightful and that you were an all-round nice guy who could generate excitement in guns and shooting while maintaining an air of responsibility and light-heartedness. This latest video from you now really just re-inforces the view I've had of you up until now. Candidly describing your ordeal without sensationalising it, and your trust in God, really demonstrates a moral fibre and the highest dignity. I have the greatest respect for your Scott and an admiration for your psychological resilience. Please keep shooting. Thomas

  • Talks about what he his father and the doctors did go to save him for 10 mins "If it weren't for god....." Nah mate if it weren't for the quick thinking when you first got injured and the doctors you wouldn't be here.

  • Story and sorry for my spelling