Matt's Off Road Recovery

Matt's Off Road Recovery Matt's Off Road Recovery

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We do off road towing, recoveries, and rescues. We cover beautiful southern Utah, near Zion National park.
We have a unique way to do off road recovery with our Jeep XJ affectionately named, the yellow banana.
We have the infamous Ed with his positive outlook on life.
We treat everyone we meet with respect, and we hope to have a positive impact in your life!
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10:37It Looks Like Mud, But It Feels Like Ice!
It Looks Like Mud, But It Feels Like Ice!visningar 391tn2 dagar sedan
16:42The Corvair's FIRST Ever Rescue!
The Corvair's FIRST Ever Rescue!visningar 638tn8 dagar sedan
11:44How Am I Going To Get Out Of This Mess?
How Am I Going To Get Out Of This Mess?visningar 497tn8 dagar sedan
23:44Can The Corvair Handle Moab's Easter Jeep Safari?
14:34You Took Your Mazda DOWN HERE?!
You Took Your Mazda DOWN HERE?!visningar 405tn15 dagar sedan
12:18Jeep Crashes Hard Into A Ditch!
Jeep Crashes Hard Into A Ditch!visningar 436tn15 dagar sedan
20:36We Finally Take The Corvair Off Road.
We Finally Take The Corvair Off Road.visningar 776tn22 dagar sedan
8:59What Is Burning On This Jeep Wrangler?
What Is Burning On This Jeep Wrangler?visningar 472tn22 dagar sedan
12:28I Drove The Banana Too Fast In The Snow!
I Drove The Banana Too Fast In The Snow!visningar 439tn22 dagar sedan
16:15The Corvair gets Gears and Lockers
The Corvair gets Gears and Lockersvisningar 396tn29 dagar sedan
17:28The Corvair Hits The Road!
The Corvair Hits The Road!visningar 641tnMånad sedan
11:06Toyota Tacoma Goes Over The Edge!
Toyota Tacoma Goes Over The Edge!visningar 406tnMånad sedan
15:14Jeep Wrangler Snow Stuck \u0026 Out Of Fuel
17:14The Corvair Build Went Up In Smoke!
The Corvair Build Went Up In Smoke!visningar 595tnMånad sedan
10:36Testing the limits of my off-road trailer.
26:01Major Mistakes were Made, Failed Rescue!
11:33I Can't Believe He Spent The Night In A Ditch!
I Can't Believe He Spent The Night In A Ditch!visningar 505tn2 månader sedan
17:08The Corvair Is Coming Home...Good Bye Las Vegas!
13:55Not Again! Scout Truck Breaks Deep In The Desert Twice
12:19Lizzy's Friends Call For A Rescue...Ford Power Stroke


  • Liberty in there , and that Prius that was like 100k into the wops too,,,you guys certainly have some strange,and wonderful recoveries..

  • jeep liberty with highway tires all the way up there? this guy is crazy!

  • My buddy Steve who drives a green semi and transports houses, went up saw you guys last week got me a signed shirt from all of you THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

  • The ballast move!!👍

  • That must have been one of those fancy Trail Rated Liberty's.

  • oh mate you just about dented the bonnet on that one! love to see them having fun for sure!

  • That's weird, people complaining about washing hands? Right now, in the pandemic? I think your a role model for keeping clean, even out in the middle of nowhere!

  • My Prius could make it too

  • Rule #1 Matt, don't run over the rope! 😂

  • when you send the dogs do they know where the tow out is ???????

  • I’d love to know the differences between what this vehicle was made for / capable of and what the jeep was capable of... maybe a side by side comparison going over many different types of terrain... thanks for this great entertainment I’ve actually learned quite a bit

  • newermind if broken, good thiref if destroy ALL truck in world. normal men not ewer need truck anywere or need go out normal road. onlyy totlally idiot want go out of road. stupid, we have road were drive not need go out newer.

  • Seriously, you couldn't make a better movie. That was awesome skills all around! You guys are nuts. And that new yellow rig is getting some crazy testing as well. So cool to see that all come together. Winch sounded strong.

  • Get some boggers please

  • You have the funnest job ever. My kids and I love watching your videos.

  • What does this guy use for Brains that inspired him to take a street vehicle out in that hell hole and then roll it to boot. If he would have been injured in that roll over he might have stayed there and passed laying in his vehicle. He will probably have to mortgage his home to pay for this recovery.

  • That new project looks sick - ~1ft wider?? Holy smokes that will be wild!

  • just a question is the covair a registered recovery vehicle??

  • That was quite a recovery. Good work, and you were all safe about it too.

  • Hey you are 10 minutes from my property west u of you on Hwy 56

  • I'm thinking he probably should not have been that far out there in a 2WD Liberty with what looked to be stock street tires... I'm surprised that he made it that far though...

  • Greetings from Beryl Utah in Iron County Home to the Original Desert Cannibal's USA

  • Think you might need a dash mounted off road big display gps.

  • I think a good name for the Corvair would be the “Towvair”.

  • Another great one Matt, the Corvair is off to a good start.

  • Why?

  • Matt you’re my guy🤣👍🏼

  • Is this the first official video of Matt without a hat?!

  • Hey guys, I watch all your videos and today the first time the amount of ads was really annoying. Just wanted to let you know, keep your content up, it’s awesome.

  • I like this trail would be awesome in my old square body

  • why not take out winshield ???? OMG

  • You guys need to wear Gloves , only one pair of hands . Rudy standing where that rope snaps bye bye rudy. shame you guys. and reveing up the customers transmission. id fire you . your professionals guys act like it... Grrrr

  • Use engine oil for transmission? Mind blown! What the heck am I going to learn tomorrow?? Awesome stuff!

  • Great work y’all....waiting for the finish product❗️❕❗️🤙🏽❤️

  • Did the Corvair have pin striping applied during this recovery?

  • Why Didn't You Just Kick The Windshield Out So You Could See? Yerington Nevada

  • AAA SAID AS LONG AS U CAN DO IT SAFELY THEY WILL COVER IT 🤯😅🤣 hope u get a extra service charge for it🤣

  • “It’s gonna need a flush” no it’s just totaled😂😂😂

  • that's just going to buff right out.

  • I love the fact that Matt brings his 2 dogs on the vehicle recoveries but I’m always worried that they would get injured or killed if a towing cable/rope ever hit them if it broke, or if a vehicle being flipped over rolled over onto either 1 or both of them. I also worry that when they are out cruising around in those natural, secluded areas, that they could possibly get bitten by a venomous snake and then be to far to have them get treated with antivenin, and then that would cause either 1 of them or both of them, to suffer and/or die from a prolonged exposure to the venom that got released into their bodies from the snake bite and then subsequent envenomation. I love all of Jesus’ living creations. Especially dogs! And it is because of that love for all living beings, that I never want to see any of them get injured, suffer, and/or die.

  • What did Patrick Henry (SSBN-599) say “Give me a Jeep Liberty or roll me over in the clover!” At least you can put the Liberty on the trailer upside down w/o doing anymore damage and put the other Jeep on top of that then just send the rollback to bring in the CorVate if you’re hungry Short straw gets Max?

  • Did the Liberty driver come in via the back door? I would be trading it in for a 4WD ASAP.

  • No masks inside, can’t wait

  • That's why bead lock wheels are beneficial when driving in the sand.

  • 5min. Done.

  • The wagon is crushing it!! Amazing to see so many man hours come to life on the trail, that thing is a BEAST. However, as a devout and fellow XJ owner I’d love to see a walk around video of Rudy’s Jeep. :)

  • As much as those dogs seem to run around, they look like Bovines?. What's the deal?

  • Cylinders full of water in that ranger

  • Wow went out to have fun and had to do a recovery

  • "It will need a transmission flush after this" as if that thing is not totaled.

  • Nice.

  • Matt your videos are awesome I wanna party with yall

  • At 11:31 you can see Bigfoot walking in the background.

  • Good stuff

  • That's a miniature Durango with a Jeep logo on it

  • Those side by sides are so nasty

  • Finally videos I like to watch

  • What kind of tires are you running in here?

  • I'm surprised the cops made it that far 100 miles from the nearest donut? heck no they're going to turn around.

  • Was that Matt that ran over the rope? That’s ok because he’s the owner of the rope!

  • What was the guy doing down there with the two wheel drive truck in the first place I don't understand but you got them out his trucks are right off. 👍👍😀🇨🇦

  • Here's the deal, if you actually USE your jeep, I feel bad if something happens to it. But if it's a mall crawler, and 99% of them are, then... not so much... your jeep is basically man jewelry at that point.

  • How did it get out there on 2wd????

  • Love the sound of that xj fan kicking in!. The Trinity fan controller nickintimesfilms makes is good.

  • There really isn't much more Liberty that anyone could ask

  • "We'll figure it out..." best line ever

  • Respect for getting stock liberty with street tires getting that far.

  • Should of brought front driveshaft, it would have been easy to change out when upside it on side🤣

  • Where's the banana? I like it a lot better. I have never liked the Corvair.

  • Really recovery !! Nice change from the escape vans stuck in the mud on a flat road .😜

  • I love love the corvair, but please also show rudys sick xj going through ditches and stuff too!

    • Maybe I should finish the video first.. fml

  • whats up with the sun glasses ? LOL

  • Good job guys , and the Corvair is the better looking of all the rest in that trail ! .

  • Matt, you should charge fans to come out on recoveries with you and the team.

  • if farts were scary movies dog farts would be wizard of oz and cat farts would be the exorcist...cats dont fart often but when they do it's catastropic : - )

  • The wait for the final reveal on the corvair is killing me!

  • If you are still looking for a name for the corvair? I vote for the "vair"

  • are you going to put glass in her?

  • More Lizzy

  • Greetings Matt! I just have one question. Where’s the banana Jeep? I miss it!