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"Press" Out Now:


7:55Cardi B - Up (Behind The Scenes) [Part 2]
2:38Cardi B - Up [Instrumental]
2:38Cardi B - Up [Radio Edit]
18:29Live with Cardi B
Live with Cardi Bvisningar 5mn6 månader sedan
3:32Cardi B - Press [Official Music Video]
2:24Cardi B - Press (Official Audio)
Cardi B - Press (Official Audio)visningar 37mnÅr sedan
3:26Cardi B - Money [Official Music Video]
Cardi B - Money [Official Music Video]visningar 104mn2 år sedan
3:04Cardi B - Money (Official Audio)
Cardi B - Money (Official Audio)visningar 228mn2 år sedan
4:10Cardi B - Be Careful [Official Video]
Cardi B - Be Careful [Official Video]visningar 132mn2 år sedan
4:37Cardi B - Be Careful [SNL Performance]
3:52Cardi B - Get Up 10 [Official Audio]
Cardi B - Get Up 10 [Official Audio]visningar 46mn2 år sedan


  • aaaaaa no se ingles😎😎

  • unsure whether to comment "sometimes i forget which website i'm on" or "how did youtube allow this" so i did both

  • Me: Gets truck. parks* Truck: wrong truck Me: i lost

  • It's only below 3 mins !!!

  • Pfft

  • This song make me feel good ,this comment's make me feel crazy 😹✋

  • Hi, Girl you are very artist our congratulations for 7 years fastastic congratulations I'm in 2021 Cardi B I Love you❤

  • Feel sorry for the broke dudes

  • Did she wrote this

  • I love pop culture

  • This is straight trash.

  • So you're back too hey...

  • Wow this girl got no talent. Her rapping skill is like she reading someone lyrics. Theres no flow to her.

  • o

  • I know what is going up 😂😜✌️

  • gay

  • This song makes me wanna tell corona virus to wear a mask

  • Se vc viu esse comentário que Deus abençoe sua família.

  • The pleasant jennifer directly jam because element delightfully last mid a grumpy gymnast. waggish, blue myanmar

  • Muito top

  • This song would be nostalgic for us one day😌


  • 🥰 gorgeous

  • Who's watching after waking up?

  • I pray that anyone that sees this is successful in life

  • 😋😋😚😚🔒

  • Disclaimer: once you listen to one of cardi b songs you become a regular.

    • I read your name lol

  • Prrrrrrrrr 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💋

  • Tom MacDonald knocked you off of what you need to shut up quit corrupting the youth you do know he will go to hell for that right

  • 1:12

  • To even call cardi b a rapper is a disgrace to the art. All she raps about is sex and even then I’m barely listening, like for a “rapper” how you say so much but still got nothing to say?

  • 1:08 wtffff

  • so is Mrs.Cardi a bisexual???

  • Why is no one talking abt the le$bean scenesss

  • 🔥

  • diosss.esas matannn ayuda ;v

  • This still my shit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 3:10



  • From past 2 years waiting for 1B 🥺🥺 Still Waiting 🙌


  • Aaaaa



  • I’m glad she’s happy. I miss her old nose.


  • Me: What the heck Neighbours: Turn the music down

  • I made my girlfriend listen to this, 9 months later she became the dad of my baby

  • This makin my grandma twirk and messing my spelling up 💀

  • Cade os br?

  • its the clean version ahhhh

  • Is dat Trina ??

  • Karantinada burda olanlar varmı lannnn

  • 1:07 your welcome

  • Trash. She said the “N” word...this is what our children are listening to???

  • 2021?

  • Can someone please tell me wtf is up and stuck???????

    • Let me know when you find

  • This is really ugly

  • Its a lot of haters in the comments the song and video is 🔥🔥

    • Cardi is shading on poop 💩

  • She’s actually got 1.1 million dislikes 👎🏾 on Her music video I never seen this on SEnewss ever it’s the first time The crazy shit is this song is not even that fucking bad like everybody forgot there was a time where Lil Kim was very unfiltered and fucking nasty and I loved it so why everybody acting so fucking shock like this is something new that Just came out of nowhere

  • Jeffery doctor Jeffery

  • 🇷🇸❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • My budgie likes this song and so do I. My bird actually does the wap

  • Ну ти Валя с*ка и компот пилюка 2:49

  • Be smart, Be safe. Please! Don't try this at home and school or anywhere !! 😂

  • Pokaz dupe cardi b

  • even tho she got cancelled she has good music idc

  • Social distancesing???

  • Looks super fun

  • Pop