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  • Yet another week where I'm thinking, is Salah really worth keeping?

  • This game week is so slooowwww it's killing me!! This covid season needs to just piss off

  • "xG of 1.22 in the last 6 is not bad" is something you will never say next year when you play Fantasy ESL

  • Hi Andy, just to bring to your attention, 🔴⚫AC Milan is the least prosperous of the 12 teams. The Lega Serie A & UEFA with FFP sanctions have completely destroyed the club. Thanks to an efficient management we are finding our way back. I've watched my beloved club for the past 20+ odd years, the last decade has been painful to say the least. Having said that we love the UCL & were dying to hear the anthem again. The Milan fanbase is very split on this, it helps us with infra development but where's the competition that Milan thrives on! I couldn't care less about Inter & Juve but we as a group need to prosper for the sake of Italian football. Anyway I hope they talk it out. FORZA MILAN 🔴⚫

  • What makes Premier league as appealing and fun as it is for me. Is how the bottom of the table team can go and beat the top teams. And the "top 6" teams is not really the top 6. Relegate contender West ham who barely survived last year is now in the top 4,top5. Competing for Champions league place? Awesome!! I love when it's even and upredictable. I don't like it's no relegation in European super league

  • Will Kane play against Southampton? My triple captain 😩😩😩

  • imagine a FANTASY SUPER LEAGUE tho

  • You have the platform and you used it well! Well done! We stand together against this crime

  • Play Dallas or Rudiger next gameweek???

  • I swear I'm never watching this Soccer League. It doesn't even deserve to be called football

  • So many great young players will get lost in the system because to play on the greatest stage you have to be at one of 20 clubs. That’s potentially 500 players that fit into the league. The current system has that many players at the top tier in each country and all of these players have the ability of qualifying for the champions league. 100% football is better when your local team has a small chance of being involved. I love nfl but the system hasn’t exactly inspired a lot of overseas involvement - the premier league could end up as a college football equivalent feeder system. If you want elite football that means inspiring as many as possible to achieve the highest level and this really isn’t inspiring

  • subtittle?

  • It's disgusting, I for one won't watch it. The so called big six is crap, Villa and Forest have more Euro trophies than some of those teams put together.

  • not clubs but owners

  • You’re a legend, thank you for your content Andy.

  • A bit gutted you didn't bring up the reason for the timing of this, which is obv the UEFA vote for the new CL style. Moving towards long CL season, massive income boost for the corrupt UEFA and Fifa and their friends. Making the top teams having to hoard an even bigger part of the player talent to be able to compete two three times a week. And the German and French teams are not the good guys for not supporting the super league. It's just that they have a much worse league, so there is no chance of not qualifying for CL. And Bayern close link with Qatar will ofc make any support og the super league impossible. That being said, I am totally against the super league. But I understand it is used as a leverage for the greedy UEFA and FIFA organisations.

  • The current status quo is no any better, see for exemple in Germany, it is basically Bayern every years, same in France with PSG, Spain with either Barca or Madrid. UEFA and FIFA probably are not happy because they wont get their share lol This make sense for the owners and the entertainment value.

  • Just make it a preseason competition that would sort it out

  • Wow, this is World Series Cricket all over again.

  • So it is like the Scottish premiership with loads of money,lol

  • Clubs were made rich by the fans and they will be made poor again. The supporters will not go to the matches. These goons do not understand the game or culture!

  • West Ham might win the league this year

  • Apparently gareth bale said he liked it he was happy to sit on the bench for more money

  • When Let's Talk FSL ???

  • The Premier League is just League 1 with a different name. It’s no different. Still has the same amount of teams and the bottom 3 get relegated and 3 teams from the next league down get promoted.

  • the initial investment is a bit of a hurdle aswell

  • Domestic Leagues should throw them out. UEFA has already said the players playing for these teams won't be allowed in international competitions.

  • Liverpool in there. They couldn't defeat Leeds today. Lost at home this season Fulham, Brighton and all...Shite

  • I'm absolutely disgusted by the proposals - it's an utter disgrace! (from a Liverpool fan).

  • Spurs, Arsenal, Inter, AC Milan, Athletico in there. This is a stupid joke

  • It's like the gang of elites in some college movie. No one is getting out & only a few are allowed in.

  • Premier league matches for these 6 will be a run out for their B teams. Wouldn’t want their stars injured for their ‘big money’ games. Great video Andy you put across your views very well.

  • Its all about the debts at some of these clubs, its unsustainable

  • I dont agree with the competition because it cheapens all the other comp not just the league but the FA cup which is built on the premise that any football team can win it. However I can see away around all this ust make it a pre-season comp there are currently invite only you anyway this way you dont have to give up the league or any other comp

  • Give tip bro

  • Beginning to regret not taking a -4 to bring in TAA.

  • Hey Andy, it’s your channel mate - you have every right to post this on here. Besides, it’s relevant and related to FPL going forward.

  • My motivation for playing Fpl was to win it obviously and eventually visit England to watch Liverpool play Utd at Anfield with VIP access. Thanks for crushing my dream, ESL.

  • As a Bayern fan I am 100% behind our club's decision. A football world dominated by vultures like Florentino Perez is the last thing we need. Want money out of football? That's a complete different conversation....

  • I’ve had Watkins on the bench for a good amount of this season and he hasn’t done too bad considering his price

  • NFL has a salary cap. EPL can't have that because the big teams wouldn't want a cap while also having the threat of being relegated. They'd never do it. Caps only work with no relegation fears.

  • Sigurdsson? Punt for the rest of the season. DGW at some point.

  • People talking about the price of lesser players going up next fpl season the premier league would be trash without the big clubs. It would take away the importance of winning the premier league or champions league. Who cares about who is the king of garbage. I know not all lesser clubs are garbage, some are doing better than these elite clubs, but without them there is no glory or interest in watching.

  • If the super league happens and these teams are only in that, all leagues most importantly premier league and champions would be reduced to trash It would ruin football. Who would be interested in watching the premier league or champions league without the biggest clubs in the world.

  • I've heard and read so much about this today, from fans on Twitter to experts on TV, and this is the most balanced, well-informed piece I have heard. Top notch Andy, well done.

  • At last someone who calmly sets out the facts. I've watched various news outlets all day and all I've heard is emotion, 'betrayal', outrage etc. Great channel. You should be on Sky or the BBC.

  • Me being naive but if it’s a midweek competition how does that affect the premier league .. Is it that the premier league will boot them out as a result of the clubs joining this league .

  • I’m bringing in Watkins; so we can be stupid together😂😂😂

  • The day pay per view came, footy for the lower classes stopped. Bring back free footy on t.v. All should boycott clubs, buy no shirts or pay per view etc. Players wages are too much & we work for mimimum wage to pay high fees to watch them.

  • All fans who truly care about the integrity of football need to come together and stand in solidarity against this absolute abomination.

  • So you're onboard from a business sense. You'll do content on it. Unsubscribed.

  • Can you make players to look for next season? As the big 6 are gone.

    • Wait till more news comes in

  • Andy are you breaking off from the regular FPL community to join the Super League for FPL pundits?

  • Danish FA Chairman, and member of Uefa's Executive Committee, Jesper Moller, says Man City, Chelsea and Real Madrid could be kicked out of this season's Champions League. And, players involved with these 12 clubs could be free to end their contracts!

  • 🖕🚾❌🗿🧻🚽💩💀😐= Super League

  • Loved this video Andy

  • Apparently City and Chelsea were hesitant to sign it but felt financially forced to dp so... Hopefully they unite in a u-turn to destabilize the order and make more clubs think twice

  • Sorry Andy, the woman's league is just virtue signalling by these oligarchs. They have an interest in guaranteed income without having to earn it and nothing else. Besides a woman's super league is also a bad thing for the sport.

  • If fans were in the grounds this weekend, there's no way they would've announced this bollocks

  • WELL SAID ANDY!!!!!!

  • Better move that Stones shirt.....

  • I hope ppl will also channel their anger to the VARs 🙄.

  • So that's why Arsenal haven't been chasing top 4. 🤣

  • We can talk about the unfairness of the selection, the injustice it imposes on the other clubs, the lack of care towards the fans and etc, but just the timing of this alone makes me so mad.

  • It's far too messy, it'll never happen.

  • FESL is gonna be awesome though

  • I support ESL. As a football fan outside of the UK, I simply don't care about the bottom half clubs and the lower tier clubs. I didn't become a fan because I was born there, I became fan watching hote top teams play.. There are so many clubs who win their inferior domestic leagues year on year and get into CL to be knocked out in group stage every time. Isn't that unfair to teams from better quality leagues anyway? This argument about EPL being fair to all clubs and any club can win it is just a joke... Name any teams outside of these big 6 to win it more than once in the last 15 years.. that means the competition is unfair already. Will any of these big 6 get relegated in the next 10 yrs unless they make a huge financial blunder? I don't think so.. because there will always be atleast 3 poorer clubs than them.

  • grealish bout to be 12 mil now but

  • only great thing is that they f*** with gangsters at uefa

  • What to do with Fernandez? Useless piece of wood worth 11M

    • Risky before Leeds.

    • Take him out for my man Lundstram

    • Swap for salah or downgrade to greenwood maybe?

  • If it goes ahead then Man City and the other top teams can never complain about fixture congestion ever again. One week they have too many game and now they want more? Money wise I think players wages should be capped, that way they play for a team they believe in, not the one that pays the most.

  • Don't even feel like playing FPL.

  • Women don't compete against men... Yet

  • The reason Women's football doesn't compete with Men's is nothing to to with investment Andy just stop 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Firstly Andy Spot on. As a Chelsea and a football fan I am absolutely against this "Super League". As a direct "Business Model" it is a great idea, however growth & interest will fall as a result of the FOUNDING Teams having reserved their spots no matter what. Qualifications are determined by those who are deemed worthy "Financially" not on Merit or Results, which is what has made the UEFA Leagues as successful and desired competitions by Clubs, Players and Fans. Further more I applaud the "Big NAME" teams such as BVB, PSG & Bayern on their exclusion from this League. Should the Domestic divisions decide to expel the teams in question along with FIFA not allowing players to partake in national teams, surly players themselves would choose not to be apart of this league. Not just financial implications but the Honor of representing your country on the Largest platform "The World Cup", is at stake. So should these players then wish to choose the traditional leagues and the World Cup, what would be left of these POWERHOUSE teams. Thanks again for the awesome Channel

  • The irony of the corrupt corporate governing body crying "poor me" after fleecing us out of the game for decades is about shareholders not fans.. They have bled football dry for so long its about the golden goose flying off..Im not pro the super league but the super league is a symptom of greed, not the cause of it

  • Triple Everton next season it is lads

  • D I S A S T E R

  • Arsenal havent qualified for UCL in 5 years or won the PL in nearly 20