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18:28These digital clocks aren't digital at all
These digital clocks aren't digital at allvisningar 282tn18 timmar sedan
23:21In Defense of the CFL: A Retrospective
In Defense of the CFL: A Retrospectivevisningar 554tn28 dagar sedan
35:15Heat Pumps: the Future of Home Heating
Heat Pumps: the Future of Home Heatingvisningar 1,1mnMånad sedan
21:12The GeoSafari Jr. was a cleverly flexible kid's game
18:25Reusable handwarmers that get hot by freezing
28:34Humidifiers: Simpler is better?
Humidifiers: Simpler is better?visningar 673tn3 månader sedan
8:01Bubble Lights: The Weirdest Christmas Light?
Bubble Lights: The Weirdest Christmas Light?visningar 411tn4 månader sedan
24:16What exactly is the goop inside a lava lamp?
14:21The Antique Microwave Oven that's Better than Yours
22:05Forced-air Furnaces: The What, Why, and How
Forced-air Furnaces: The What, Why, and Howvisningar 649tn6 månader sedan
27:36A record player that can play CDs: The Fisher DAC-145
11:12The Impact Sprinkler - more clever than it seems!
27:03Personal "air conditioners" aren't what they seem
9:32Cassette adapters are remarkably simple
Cassette adapters are remarkably simplevisningar 1,2mn9 månader sedan
27:55Laptop Docks! They're pretty neat!
Laptop Docks! They're pretty neat!visningar 856tn9 månader sedan
24:26The US electrical system is not 120V
The US electrical system is not 120Vvisningar 1,4mn9 månader sedan
12:45Pulse Oximeters; An Amazing Use of Light
Pulse Oximeters; An Amazing Use of Lightvisningar 575tn10 månader sedan
17:48Fans; High is next to Off on purpose
Fans; High is next to Off on purposevisningar 1,9mn11 månader sedan
20:27DVD+R and DVD-R; What was that about?
DVD+R and DVD-R; What was that about?visningar 1,1mn11 månader sedan


  • I think the single biggest offense committed by these auto designers: form follows function, not the other way around.

  • Network IR security cameras would be an interesting topic. I noticed on mine i can see the LEDs even though they are supposed to be IR. They glow red and turns out that if you use a too low of wavelengh you can see them. The higher end ones i read have higher level wavelenth and then you have the military IR lights for NVGs.

  • I hadn't really thought about the way I pronounce "catch" (like "ketch") until hearing him say the word so many times.

  • Sometimes I don’t even use my turn signal 😎😈👻

  • Sorry but there is nothing wrong with how they present the flip click in Groundhog Day given this is a fantasy film. Remember, the plot is about a guy who repeats the same day over and over again so whomever is making that happen (God?) Is also making the clock flip exactly on time. Thus that is why the clock time is never off even the slightest. Had this not been a fantasy film but a reality film then the clock far too accurate timing would be relevant.

  • "drugs are bad.... Mmmkay?" Counselor Mackey.

  • Great content as always, but umm.. I think the lock down is starting to get to you and you are approaching super villain territory there.

  • 0:56 🤣 “To understand them we’ll first have to learn about latent heat and the refrigeration cycle” 🔥☃️🕰

  • You need a haircut

  • unhinged posting

  • There's GOTTA be some sort of clock that runs on latent heat. You need to research this now. :-D

  • Man you got me with the regrigation joke LOL

  • The first 25 seconds were beautiful

  • You really got me with the refrigeration cycle

  • That moment when you realize a better title would have been Flippin' Clocks.

  • My favorite flavor is cherry/lime. The grape/lime/cherry you are holding are good but not like the ORANGE/LIME!!! wHAT. I DID remove it from the plastic this time? What...why are you so far away and talking to me through a 1980's walkie talkie? Mom, mom is that you? I like candy.

  • Well, now I just want to make a clock that actually does rely on latent heat and the refrigeration cycle.

  • The added back pressure on the 59 minute card means that likely the flip over is late every single hour if it is otherwise on-time. I think.

  • “Does anybody know what I’m talking about here?" Yep. We are your viewers after all!

  • I wonder if you might have fun talking sometime about electrodynamic speakers (like in very old tube radios)? Pretty cool how their electro-magnet (in place of a permanent magnet), provides both oppositional force to sound signals, but also acts as a choke-coil in the power-supply noise-canceling AC voltage hum by being in opposite phase to it. Pretty slick!

  • You're one of my favourite internet people.

  • I think this is the reason why ps one took off. Because people could buy pirate games for 5$ and play them on ps

  • Alex has really been going on a trip with his power of buying two of them.

  • Wow man. Beautiful script.

  • I don't know if it's because this is the first time I've watched one of your videos in 4k, but I'm really concerned about you. Please get some sleep.

  • I've never seen someone use a turn signal in the US, they will just drive right in front of you and not use their turn signal at all

  • "Some even have a third hand, called the second." Your wordplay gets me every time, ya rascal. Never stop~

  • 2:25 lol'ed at those faces :D

  • If someone went back in time a couple years and told me one of the most entertaining parts of my day would be watching in anticipation for a flip card clock to flip as someone excitedly tells me the mechanics, I’d believe them but be very concerned about my future social life.

  • Next video is this same exact one and it will repeat until he realizes it's Groundhog Day.

  • "But there's a catch"... Would it be wrong to turn the frequent puns/foretelling into a drinking game?

  • Damn it, Alec! You had me there in the beginning!

  • 15:00 You are referring to the Coconut Effect. A white lie is told about the physics or sound effects of a universe because people believe that's the way it always is, rather telling the truth and being accurate which would be Even More Unsettling. The name comes from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie where Arthur King Of The Briton's 'horse' is a medieval guy in chain mail clapping two coconuts together which sounds like horses galloping, because that's the sound they initially used on old time radio shows involving horses galloping. Same goes for the over-the-top foaming action in toothpaste. It is caused by Sodium Laurel Sulfate and the toothpaste would clean your teeth equally well without it, but it is put in there by the manufacturer to placate the user to give him the impression that cleaning is actually taking place.

  • I had a flip clock years ago. The hour and the minute would not always flip at the same time. It would go from 7:59 to 7:00 and the hour would flip some time later (or earlier). You never knew what time it really was near the top of the hour.

  • the theme song gets me every time

  • "I think they know algebra" 🤣 love your videos

  • 1:58 That's what she said.

  • I swear you made a video on this exact subject in the past. I must be bonkers... Prior to this viewing, I was familiar with how modern flip clocks work because I thought it'd be neat to install one in the dashboard of a car several years ago. It was, in fact, neat. And I learned how all the mechanisms worked in the process. Though my clock was slightly different than yours (it was actually the cheap one you showed at the end). For readers who wish to know the difference: The motor was all the way to one side, and the secondary hour catch was only controlled by the movement of the minute drum and not by the flipping of the 59/00 card, so the hour flips were always out of sync by about five to ten seconds. Mine also did not have duplicate hour cards. And it did tick once every second like a conventional quartz clock; when removed, the motor looked almost identical to what you'd find in a wall clock. It ran on two AA batteries which were installed in parallel (I always just assume it needed extra amperage to move the heavy-than-hands card mechanisms). During installation, I had to leave the cards exposed so the clock could be set by gently advancing them with your finger since the set lever was on the rear of the clock and no longer accessible once it had been installed in the dashboard. Something I always found neat was that even though the clock could advance artificially if the car was subjected to a sudden jolt, it would self-correct because of the way the flipping mechanism worked. It ran fine for a few years with no issues (other than my sketchy wiring that relocated the batteries so they could be changed without removing the clock). Sadly, I lent the car to my dad for awhile, and when I got it back, some fiddly dummy had jammed up one of the card mechanisms which apparently ruined the motor since it was no longer free to rotate. Now the clock sits idle at 4:04, which is a joke in itself.

  • lol i just watched ground hog day and was about to buy that exact panasonic clock.

  • The alarm and the clock being perfectly synchronized is probably a once-in-a-lifetime sort of occurrence, and it just keeps happening because time is actually repeating.

  • There comes a time in everyone's life when you just need a buzzcut.

  • By 0:16 - You've somehow gotten Culture Club's "Time (Clock of the Heart)" stuck in my head, and I'm already wondering if your "time" puns are going to slip into "thyme" puns... I used to have a GE variant of your Panasonic alarm clock radio. Childhood Me, knowing no better, tossed it when the motor died. Also had another brand of flip alarm clock (buzzer only) that had a tiny blacklight bulb and glow-in-the-dark painted numbers.

  • "Some even have a third hand, which we call the second." Wh- he's right but _wha-_

  • This video is perfect and you're awesome. 🙂

  • Woah! I had that Sony VCR on the left! 🙌 It was one of the new ones that could read tapes from other countries!

  • Sonny and Cher? Goooooooooooodmoooorningggggg!!!

  • What is the third rule of comedy?

  • My watch face is currently a flip clock. It has four positions though, for a 24 hour setting.

  • there is another version of this where they have flip tabs the cover the 7 segments of a character. Still mechanical but it uses a cam with 7 lobes per digit working rather like a mechanical odometer. I had a flip clock like that that had 2 separate "wheels" for the Minutes so it was easier to set (0-5 repeated on the tens digit and 0-9 on the units with the same tab like your "59" mechanism on the left of tens and the right of units - also the AM/PM indicator could be set separately and a tab on the 12 flipped it )

  • The 8 o'clock bit "do it, do it, do it"...haha! My style of humor.

  • Is your Favourite Herb Thyme?

  • You could probably wipe that Victrola text off of your clock with some acetone and a paper towel.

  • I've seen these as a kid and thought they looked cool and wondered how they worked. I'm glad to finally come across it again after forgetting about it. The mechanism is cool as hell even though they are similar to the round clocks and would too hate the inaccuracy.

  • Is that a groundhog day reference 😂😂 oh yeah the rest of the video was great too.

  • I was SO happy when actual digital clocks became available. The constant ticking, clicking and whirring of analog clocks meant I could not have one in my bedroom.

  • Looking forward to the followup video explaining how putting hieroglyphic cards alongside the numeric cards is impractical.

  • Alec, are the flip clocks in your well-timed video still available?

    • Oops, never mind. I found it! In case anyone else is curious, just Google, 'pedestal flip clock'. Brilliant. 😁

  • "And I've apparently uncovered something of a mystery." Shouldn't that be mist-ery? ;)

  • *Sees Vestaboard* *SHUTUP AND TAKE MY...* *Sees price of Vestaboard* *Oh. Nevermind*

  • Anyways 90% of the drivers don't use them. At least in Europe, in the US must be worse.

  • My dad had a clock radio like this.

  • You: *The alarm clock absolutely has NO precision* Me: *OK google; set an alarm at 3:33 am everyday* /s

  • Those were some timely puns

  • Hair, time for a Flo Bee review.

  • Death: So, how'd you die? Me: Some internet guy made a joke about the refrigeration cycle and I suffocated laughing Death: Great another fucking nerd

  • The only thing you don’t have to screw around is... *The google nest hub flip clock that is in sync and automatically adjusts itself*

  • You mean Engineers like to jerk around with new tech...

  • 10:15 sorry, what? i was staring at the clocks like I was told.

  • In Australia I only get 2400 Watt heaters as 1500 watt often ain't enough, but now I know why they exist and feel sorry for those in colder climates and with less power for other power hungry appliances like welders I can run just fine here from a standard 240v 10a power point. I made a 3 kilowatt stereo that still scraped by as the circuit breakers are rated at 16 amps, it used car amplifiers and a modified welder for a power supply, and had a car battery for energy storage that smoothed out the peaks; certainly couldn't have run that lot of a 120v 15a supply!

  • I won an orange Panasonic clock radio, selling candy. I would lay awake waiting for the next click.

  • I've never wanted to down vote a video so much as I did in the first 30 seconds of this video.

  • I just bought a big evaporative cooler. By the time the AC from the central unit gets in my room, its virtually useless. (Previous owner was a cheap ass and didnt get Dual zone cooling. Should be a requirement for homes with 3 floors (including the basement) I'm hoping the central unit can dehumidify enough to keep my room steady.

  • Or maybe they wanted to show time actually repeating.

  • /me wakes up to the same song again and again and again.

  • Can't you sync these up by doing the same mechanism but for seconds and miliseconds

  • You totally got us with that latent heat

  • I actually _have_ seen an old battery-powered flip clock at a yard sale before, but as it appeared broken I did not buy it. I regret that mistake. Regarding flip clocks not flipping the minutes card very consistently, couldn't they just use a mechanism similar to the extra catch on the hours cards? The extra minutes catch would then be activated by the seconds "hand". And one last thing, a good aspect of my rolling-digits clock (similar to your stock footage but with a continuously spinning seconds wheel) is that the alarm time is exactly as you set it because it is tied to the intermittent movement of the tens of minutes wheel. I consider myself an amateur electric horologist myself, btw.

  • I had a flappity alarm clock when I was a kid. Now I feel old.

  • Manual defrost freezers keep food longer. Freezer burn is nearly eliminated.