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That French guy who doesn't understand French.


1:00Why French Makes No Sense pt. 118: Plus
Why French Makes No Sense pt. 118: Plusvisningar 207tn23 timmar sedan
0:58Why French Makes No Sense pt. 117: Silent Letters
0:19Spanish Makes No Sense: Año vs. Ano
Spanish Makes No Sense: Año vs. Anovisningar 409tn23 timmar sedan
0:28Why French Makes No Sense pt. 116: Bra
Why French Makes No Sense pt. 116: Bravisningar 314tn23 timmar sedan
0:20How The Pandemic Started
How The Pandemic Startedvisningar 565tn23 timmar sedan
0:56Why French Makes No Sense pt. 115: Pronouns
Why French Makes No Sense pt. 115: Pronounsvisningar 437tn23 timmar sedan
0:21Oh My Gode?
Oh My Gode?visningar 476tn23 timmar sedan
0:50Why French and Spanish Make No Sense: Pronouns
0:52Why French Makes No Sense pt.114: A-t-il
Why French Makes No Sense pt.114: A-t-ilvisningar 476tn23 timmar sedan
0:34Why French Makes No Sense pt. 107 ("Hen's Ass")
0:38Why French Makes No Sense pt.93
Why French Makes No Sense pt.93visningar 826tn23 timmar sedan
0:31French Is Easy pt. 4
French Is Easy pt. 4visningar 1,5mn7 dagar sedan
0:22How To Laugh Online In Different Languages Pt. 1
0:21French Is Easy pt. 3
French Is Easy pt. 3visningar 4,9mn7 dagar sedan
0:28English Makes No Sense pt. 12
English Makes No Sense pt. 12visningar 4,5mn7 dagar sedan
0:37French Is Easy pt. 2
French Is Easy pt. 2visningar 8mn7 dagar sedan
1:00Why French Makes No Sense pt. 73
Why French Makes No Sense pt. 73visningar 3,9mn14 dagar sedan
0:37Spanish is Having Marital Problems...
Spanish is Having Marital Problems...visningar 2mn14 dagar sedan
0:38Why Spanish Is Sexist
Why Spanish Is Sexistvisningar 8mn14 dagar sedan
0:29How French Came Up With The Word For “Pool”
0:44English Makes No Sense
English Makes No Sensevisningar 4mn14 dagar sedan
0:41Why French Makes No Sense pt. 47
Why French Makes No Sense pt. 47visningar 4mn21 dag sedan
0:40S.O.S. (Eso es!)
S.O.S. (Eso es!)visningar 3,5mn21 dag sedan
0:53When You Forget To Do Your Homework
When You Forget To Do Your Homeworkvisningar 4,1mn21 dag sedan
0:38When Languages Get Lazy.
When Languages Get Lazy.visningar 6mn21 dag sedan
0:28French is Easy.
French is Easy.visningar 15mn21 dag sedan
0:44Guns and Ships from Hamilton in French
Guns and Ships from Hamilton in Frenchvisningar 810tn21 dag sedan
0:41Œuf vs. Œufs.
Œuf vs. Œufs.visningar 752tn21 dag sedan
1:00How Sea Animals Got Their Names.
How Sea Animals Got Their Names.visningar 7mn21 dag sedan
0:09Spanish is easy.
Spanish is easy.visningar 3,8mn28 dagar sedan


  • “something funny”.

  • French always looks so sweet and innocent for some reason

  • MDR

  • Well, I must say, if French is (and it is, in fact, as a Romance language a divergence of Vulgar Latin) it is the most vulgar of them all!

  • I always hated French our dumb ed system tried to force it on me


  • PART 117 😳

  • Tu as insulté 6.8 personne

  • shouldn't universal language be English because he is speaking in English?

  • Eau

  • Se dice cazar crack

  • Who else thought is said chipotle

  • This was hilarious I laughed so hard when French said “Hehehe 😳”

  • English:

  • American football 🏈 = Sissies rugby. That’s what they should call it.

  • The Americans will never expect the Spanish inquisition!

  • Mais c'est logique voyons 😂😂😂😂😂

  • You know Sanskrit?

  • i knew i wouldn't regret watching this

  • In reality we pronounce both differently : No more = plu More = plus

  • I am French and « more of that » is pronounced « pluS de ça » you have to pronounce the -S But « no more that » is pronounced « plu de ça » don’t pronounce the -S (Sorry for my bad English btw) ;)

  • no te entendi ni madres no se ingles 😎🤙

  • Just for saying a information In french we Say "pluSS de ça" for saying de want more

  • Your voice tone is so beautiful :D

  • For more you have to pronounce the s in "plus" for no more you don't pronounce it

  • How many languages do you speak

  • I took french in high-school cuz everyone said it would be easy as I know english very well! I am laughing at my life now. I was so confused when my professor told me that objects have gender 😐

  • This one's my favourite lol🤣

  • For the people who want to know the difference: when you want more, you pronounce the S, and when you want less, you don't pronounce the S.

  • this joke don't work, we say PLUSSSSSSS if more, PLUUUUUU if no more

  • So basically the real life version of "you are HIV Aladdin"

  • Universal language after this: I don't get paid enough for this

  • University language needs a vacation or a new guy/intern

  • In french in the first "sentence" the s is actually prounounced.

  • It’s because the first one is pronounced pluse and the second is plu. More is with a s pronounced and no more is without

  • Russian is "vadA", not "vAda".)) nice try tho, because the spelling is voda and it could mislead you

  • Can someone please tell where I can see the other parts in this series, I can only see some and they’re not continuous like there is Part 73 after Part 47

  • -100 sa langit! 😂

  • In fact, in French, we say "pluSS" if we want more, and "plu" if we want no more, even if it's written the same way ("plus")

  • I’m learning French currently and it could be sometimes super confusing and Loic’s videos actually help tbh....😂

  • I kinda hate France because of the new rule they made so yeah

  • I am learning Korean and french and ISTG FRENCH IS HARDER THAN INDIAN 10th EXAMS...

  • Its the pronounciation if we want no more we scilent the s

  • Wait, why does he always reupload videos?!

  • 🐈‍⬛🔥💥✨Oniesly✨💥🔥🐈‍⬛

  • I love how universal language is speaking in English m

  • Thought the thumbnail said chipotle 😂

  • We should just go back to learning Hebrew or Arabic.

  • French : cerf volant English : flying stag

  • Truth is: if you don’t pronounce the S by Plus, means no more. If you pronounce the S, it means more.

  • German: umfahren ain’t umfahren

  • That face at the end just sums up every student who studied french regretting their choice

  • sUrE yOu CaN pEt My ToIlEt

  • Qui est français

  • Qui est français ?

  • You have a nice bedroom.

  • French doesn't understand what Universal Language doesn't understand and Universal Language doesn't understand what French actually want to do.

  • This happens with the last letter of numbers that are in front of Milliard(1 bil) and Million(1mil)

  • La peor parte de hablar español es cuando estás usando cualquier cosa en inglés y accidentalmente te cambia la ñ por la n al escribir "años" o "año" a "anos" y "ano" porque la ñ no existe en inglés. Un error catastrófico para muchos de nosotros... tantas veces accidentalmente he dicho "feliz cumpleanos" a alguien...

  • does he have a problem?

  • 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁

  • Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't just assume my toilet's gender

  • it's the same with person in French. Personne means person but Personne also means no one also I can't spell

  • having never heard chiotte used to refer to a toilet, and being second language french canadian, i wouldn't bat an eye if someone said chiotte to refer to their girl puppy. Edit: I guess that's how language evolves

  • Me vs that one kid in class

  • Could someone french try to explain us? 😓

  • it sounded more like a "zipping a** hole"


  • Gæ. You know what, maybe squeezing letters isn't that bad at all

  • Fun Fact: I speak Spanish and I am from Latam, but I also speak some of English, and you can't understand what I say... And this is really fucking accurate / Para los Latinos que leen esto ni en pedo lo traduzco

  • Wait que is pronounced k?!

  • meanwhile Turkey: S U

  • Actually, is Spanish, water is femenine both in singular and in plural, but we use the masculine pronoun to avoid cacophony :D

  • Tengo miedo de aprender a francés ahora

  • "Eheheheehe" "French? Right?" "About zat one... Am..."

  • More: PluSSSSSSSS. No more: Pluh. It is an issue when its written and not said though, even for french speakers 😅

  • Feels good not to learn French 😌

  • I love his video..

  • *Meanwhile in Wadiya* Waiter, "So do you want more?" Me, "Aladeen"