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Geography, geology, biology, and ecology. That's what we'll be talking about here at Atlas Pro. Well that and maybe some history, chemistry, and whatever else is really necessary to explain something. Point is, we're trying to learn more about the Earth, it's systems, and maybe more. Subscribe if that colors you intrigued!


27:55Habitable Exoplanets | In Search of Earth 2.0
18:57The Geography of Vegetables
The Geography of Vegetablesvisningar 193tn2 månader sedan
20:15What Is A Nebula?
What Is A Nebula?visningar 122tn2 månader sedan
23:26What Are The 7 Realms of Biogeography?
What Are The 7 Realms of Biogeography?visningar 526tn3 månader sedan
18:44What is the Blue Revolution?
What is the Blue Revolution?visningar 352tn3 månader sedan
20:12Lands That Will FLOOD in Our Lifetime
Lands That Will FLOOD in Our Lifetimevisningar 1,7mn4 månader sedan
11:37What Does an Alien Ocean Look Like?
What Does an Alien Ocean Look Like?visningar 165tn5 månader sedan
19:48Earth's REAL Lost Continents
Earth's REAL Lost Continentsvisningar 934tn5 månader sedan
11:46What's the Biggest Canyon on Earth?
What's the Biggest Canyon on Earth?visningar 349tn6 månader sedan
15:31The Steps to Making Mars HABITABLE
The Steps to Making Mars HABITABLEvisningar 264tn7 månader sedan
17:07Intro to Areography | The Geography of Mars
Intro to Areography | The Geography of Marsvisningar 476tn8 månader sedan
13:06The Geography of Fruits PART 2
The Geography of Fruits PART 2visningar 324tn10 månader sedan
13:59The BIOGEOGRAPHY of the Ice Age
The BIOGEOGRAPHY of the Ice Agevisningar 778tn11 månader sedan
15:28The Geography of the Ice Age
The Geography of the Ice Agevisningar 2,6mnÅr sedan
13:44What Causes an Ice Age?
What Causes an Ice Age?visningar 623tnÅr sedan
14:52Around the World in 54 Days and $10,000
14:17The Problem With Africa's Borders
The Problem With Africa's Bordersvisningar 2,3mnÅr sedan
10:25How to Build a Forest
How to Build a Forestvisningar 1,2mnÅr sedan
13:21What Did Pangaea Look like?
What Did Pangaea Look like?visningar 2,2mnÅr sedan
15:17How Geography Turned the Sahara Green
9:55The Tricky Nature of Conservation
The Tricky Nature of Conservationvisningar 163tnÅr sedan
9:49Why Build Venice?
Why Build Venice?visningar 2mnÅr sedan
5:47All The Lions I found in Europe
All The Lions I found in Europevisningar 70tnÅr sedan
7:07The History of Lions in Europe
The History of Lions in Europevisningar 686tnÅr sedan
8:26What if GREENLAND Melted?
What if GREENLAND Melted?visningar 984tnÅr sedan
13:18Redefining Continents
Redefining Continentsvisningar 410tnÅr sedan
15:58The Geography of Pets
The Geography of Petsvisningar 1,3mnÅr sedan
12:59Could Global Warming Start A New Ice Age?


  • That is so cool!

  • although it's hard to understand what you say, GREAT video and very interesting topic indeed.

  • You over-emphasised unity in Europe. Europe was a cesspool of war and divisions BUT because it was of a similar climate basically everywhere it allowed easier movements for army and a easier time for conquerors to maintain control thus leading Europeans to overly focus on war and ways to most efficiently kill and conquer their neighboors, this is why they had way more developed weapons and strategies than most of Africa, Australia or America.

  • There is no global warming. If that were so, why does everyone want to move to the south?

  • How much of the land for pasture cannot grow crops efficiently?

  • I call upon the mighty _Ark_ project!

  • 4:45 in, you're puttin me to sleep dude, I gotta stop

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  • 8:30 hyenas are not canines

  • I'll take that bet. In the 70s we were supposed to be frozen by now. In the 80s we were going to be cooked from lack of ozone. People are stupid.

  • "Elephants speak either hindi or Swahili" Umm you do know that elephants cant talk right?

  • I really like this guy's sense of humor. It's pretty original.

  • coming back to this video. i read that the confederation constitution would be drafted by the end of this year

  • Soy farms "to feed the livestock", I thought vegans eat all the soy these days?

  • 18:40 really agree, no video as detail as yours, regarding this matter. I really curios, in farming kelp, then turning the kelp into animal feed such as chicken or pig, I found some video that some people are able to make edible food with kelp. If kelp is edible to some human, then I think that chicken and pig can eat that too, as I know chicken and pig can eat almost everything, and kelp can grow really fast compared to normal plant, I think this is the missing point of large scale kelp farming. Because in the end of the the day, if we can produce large kuntiti of kelp, then what? kelp can adsorb CO2 from the atmosphere bla bla bla. If we can only farming large kuantiti of kelp then what? What next? Some people even think to dump a large kuantiti of kelp into deep water ocean as a solution, I think that's not good enough. Farming large kuntiti of kelp will possible if only there is a way to create high demand for large kuantiti of kelp. As in your video, your mention (well not explicitly) the only demand that increase is, large kuantiti of meat, So if we can convert large kuantiti of kelp into large quantiti of meat, then kelp farming will enter new blue revolution. Because let's be real, common people eat meat, eating kelp directly might not be pleasant for some people. sorry for my blabering, but if you could make video regarding this subject, I think this is gonna be interesting. Love your video btw.

  • With automation reaching a point where packages could be delivered via drone. Why can't we do the same application here? Launch a farm from land with fingerlings, automate it to drive out to the grow point and auto-feed, then it will come back to the plant once a certain time has passed allowing the livestock to mature at sea. Luckily, alot of renewable energy is present in the ocean. You could use a combination of wind, solar, and wave energy to power the autonomous farm.

  • Better than schools...great video🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Atlas pro: make a video on terraforming mars Atlas pro again:find evidence for life on mars

  • mmm roasted penguin.

  • Heard the word "Huns" sparked me up that someday, China will claim the land of Italy

  • So according to this guy. The land I have in Central Florida will one day be ocean front. Anybody want oceanfront property in Florida. I will let it go for the same price as Palm Beach property..

  • Uh... you already answered my question, the World Sea, so no land other than Pangea I believe is the gist

  • Livestock on pasture is sustainable and greatly beneficial. CAFOs are the culprit and unsustainable.

  • Thankee, sir, for a great river of knowledge I suppose. I think a river and a basin and delta, etc., are just water finding the lowest point and draining into where it feels fit, gravity, of course, and so on. But rivers are one of the very many beautiful things where we are. :)

  • Thank you for this crucial information. Please create more videos that address the climate crisis.

  • Real history of Tibet Tibet under Yuan rule Tibet under Qing rule,expelled%20by%20Qing%20in%201720. Tibet (1912-1951)

  • Nice👍🏼

  • Hopefully Putin didn't see this Otherwise he will start this

  • Interesting thoughts and presentation! I agree with most of it, but what about peatlands? In the boreal and arctic, they exist next to and even under forests and tundra, the further north the more in combination with permafrost. They are actually the densest biological carbon store (excluding coal, oil and such) and are also a form of soil. Could you consider that in your next videos about northern biomes? They are massively underrated ecosystems that store immens carbon stocks =)

  • No body. red Indians were lived there. Before any one else

  • The best way to grow a forest is increasing CO2 levels drastically.

  • The DNA of Native Americans matches close with North Asians (especially Tungusic people), not East Asians. In fact, the Tungusic language-family is spoken in northwest Canada and Alaska by natives. Amphorae weren't only used by Romans and Greeks but also by Phoenicians. The Phoenicians (originating in Lebanon but expanding across the Mediterranean) were the premier naval peoples of the Mediterranean aside from the Greeks. The Western Romans were never a major naval power. Finding Roman era artifacts in the Canary Islands doesn't necessarily mean the Romans reached there either. Roman artifacts could have landed in Berber (Amazigh) or Phoenician hands, who in turn traded with the Canary Island peoples. Speaking of facial features "of African descent", there is no singular phenotype. Just as Asians and Eurasians have a range of phenotypes, so does Africans. The Cushites, Khoi-san and Amazigh have completely different facial features from the West African and Nilotic peoples. The facial feature of wide noses is also found among non-Africans: Melanesians, Australians, many Polynesians and some non-Polynesian Austronesians such as in Indonesia and the Philippines.

  • CS:GO Map

  • The people hitting dislike on this video be like : I got to do something yeah let me dislike it would be fun = Idiots.

  • Element 118: hold my beer

  • I hate China

  • Nothing will happen

  • If the pandemic rolls out as planned, most people will have died before the great floods

  • Looking forward to the next story to worry us and make us unhappier.

  • You forgot the smaller countries like Maldives and Kiribati that will be completely submerged underwater

  • Don't believe in the carbon/global warming myth. We are going into a new mini ice age due to reduced solar activity. Thorium nuclear reactor will decrease carbon emissions greatly so no need for all this gloom and doom environmental had ringing. Still, I think it would be cool to bring back the mammoths.

  • 11:57 Namibia is a unique country.

  • I don't buy it, and disagree with your theory of global Warming Again

  • Zealandia is Atlantis if it was a continent

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  • Dont try to fool people

  • 1 John 2:15-17 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. 16) For everything in the world-the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life-comes not from the Father but from the world. 17) The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

  • Climate change is real. Agreed. Global warming is bullshit. The earths temperature hasn’t changed more than a degree and a half or so since we have been keeping records in the middle 19th century. Greenhouse gasses comprise less than 1% of the earths atmosphere. You would need a substantial increase in percentage to change the over all temperature. They’ve been saying Florida will be underwater for over 50 years and yet look, the coastline hasn’t changed all that much. I find this video very misleading. One thing is for sure, some people are making a lot of money on this “We are all gonna die unless we...... crap”.

  • Brazil is the country that has most preserve Forest. Brazil has 83% of the original forest...much more than any other country in the entire world.

  • Isostatic Rebounding as they mentioned earlier

  • Have you noticed that when democrats speak, everything seems to be a crisis? Take Climate Change as an example. It is referred to by democrats as a Climate Crisis of monumental proportions. Indeed, Barack Hussein Obama has said it is an existential threat to the world! But, have you ever heard an honest to goodness debate among scientists representing both sides of this argument…and there are, in fact, two sides diametrically opposed to each other…to determine just how real this “threat” is? I have not seen or heard such a debate, but I have read both sides of the argument on my own and I can say without equivocation that the issue of climate change is clearly unsettled science. You notice that democrats and liberals no longer use the phrase “global warming” any longer and the reason for this is because the earth has cooled some 0.7 degrees over the last decade! Like Casey Stengel, the old New York Yankee Manager said, “you can look it up”.

  • Complete bullshit 😂

  • Very well, I def dig your videos. The separation from Pangea. I live in Guatemala. Question section: Was Pangea the only body of land or was everything else sea? And also, how do coconuts procreate? Haha, love this channel, and it's genius. Also, dig the planetariums, dude. Cheerzz!

  • What about the water currents taking that waste and stuff to other places and messing with the ecosystem? Maybe in the beginning it won't be an issue but as more and more people do it than it will be.

  • We had an ICE AGE on a shopping globe? Imagine that at our traveling speed

  • Right

  • 5 years before my dad teach me how to Use constellation for guidance and also sun orientation. When I get lost I only worry about wolves,Snakes and mountain tigers also other things I will meet in my way back to home 😅😅😅

  • Ur-Kontinent translates into: Prehistoric Continent. Super Continent would just be Super Kontinent.

  • NASA actually found methanogenic life with cells made of azotosomes on titan in 14/2/2021(14 February 2021) and where extremely exited upon this amazing discovery. Edit:if you're wondering, NASA is going to send a drone called "dragonfly" to Titan in 2026 to inspect and analyze Titan's surface and discover new creatures living on Titan.

  • Sure would be sweet to find the lake but im sure the spanish had gotten involved and who knows even if big piles where hauled out i believe the ships that had it where either sunk or taken by pirates

  • EXPANDING UNIVERSE.MENTIONED IN HOLY QUR'AN 1500 YEARS AGO ALMIGHTY ALLAH THE MASTER CREATOR Who can claim 1350 years ago that the universe is expanding? والسماء بنينها بايد و انا لموسعون o " And the heaven We built it with power, and indeed, We are the expander " (And We it is Who make the vast extent, thereof ) (Qur'an, 51:47) Until 1931, physicist Albert Einstein believed that the universe was static. An urban legend attributes this change of perspective to when American astronomer Edwin Hubble showed Einstein his observations of redshift in the light emitted by far away nebulae - today known as galaxies. After Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding, Einstein called the cosmological constant his "greatest blunder." At around the same time, larger telescopes were being built that were able to accurately measure the spectra, or the intensity of light as a function of wavelength, of faint objects. It is clearly mentioned in Holy Qur'an : " And the heaven We constructed with power, and indeed, We are the expander " (Qur'an, 51:47) Almighty Allah is the Master Creator of the whole universe.He says: Should He not know what He created? And He is the Subtile, the Aware. The knowledge of scientists is very limited and poor to understand the universe! But theirs constant efforts to understand the universe is highly admirable and they are praiseworthy indeed. He DR.MOHAMMAD LAEEQUE NADVI Ph.D. (Arabic Lit.) M.A. Arabic Lit.+Islamic Studies) Director Amena Institute of Islamic Studies & Analysis A Global & Universal Research Institute Donate to promote this Institute SBI A/C30029616117 Kolkata,Park Circus Branch [email protected] Thanks

  • arrogant, spit on mother earths face. yes and no.

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  • Love the thumbnail of all those predators meandering peaceful in close quarters lol, accurate much

  • Talk about the Nuclear Dilemma.

  • 11:35 Is the earth really warming like never before? Wasn't there a time in earths history with even greater warming?

  • Well, seeing as you're well on your way to 1 million subs, I just wanna say it was here since around 500k

  • Great content!

  • Great coverage...but...Just ..anybody.. else..noticing" THEEE" way video voice is becoming. .as "A" skipping in word formation..theyre all..sound IF " A" block is between THEE and A...evry other word has a period?Word. " A" pause. " THEE voice.." A "broken vocal?.. recorded.i noticed this pattern way back with Lisa Haven seems so many are adopting this fake mk w of speaking. But. If . Speaking "THEee" language as" A" skipping stone ..who does this in real life? Hard to listen but great coverage

  • 3:00 Or maybe. Just maybe. They died of an unknown virus. The last thing we need is a prehistorical Covid-19.

  • Reject Tree, Embrace Grass

  • I think the biggest and sustained difference will come from population reduction. If everyone decides to have only 1 kid ( or zero ), then we can save the planet without doing much.

  • What a truly amazing world we live in.

  • 20 years ago we were all going to die in 10 years. Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut up!

  • This is really good!

  • What was the elevation on the map and what human time scales did it fall under.

  • BS the earth is getting colder and you all know it

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  • Get the Indian Map right .!