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Pronounced "Smitty" - Gameplay, Funny Moments, Hilarity \u0026 More!


30:56Teardown: Endgame
Teardown: Endgamevisningar 627tn20 timmar sedan
36:25The average UNO FLIP experience
The average UNO FLIP experiencevisningar 1mn20 timmar sedan
15:52The funniest game nobody is playing (Intruder)
16:51They made a game about Dodgeball! (Knockout City)
20:46This is the most INTENSE Teardown video
This is the most INTENSE Teardown videovisningar 755tn14 dagar sedan
30:51A Very Explosive Teardown Video
A Very Explosive Teardown Videovisningar 1mnMånad sedan
13:34EXPIRED MILK #18 (Leftover Funny Moments)
22:53Portal 2 with Kryoz for the third time
Portal 2 with Kryoz for the third timevisningar 700tnMånad sedan
36:45Teardown is starting to scare me
Teardown is starting to scare mevisningar 1,3mnMånad sedan
32:42Detective SMii7Y is on the case! (Hitman 3)
20:32Fighting Fire with an ACTUAL Firefighter... again
18:53Prop Hunt but it's 2021 (Witch It Funny Moments)
26:14Teardown has gone too far.
Teardown has gone too far.visningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
30:50Portal 2 with Kryoz Again
Portal 2 with Kryoz Againvisningar 1,1mn2 månader sedan
19:06Among Us but we can use explosives
Among Us but we can use explosivesvisningar 1,1mn2 månader sedan
31:39The WORST Hitman of All Time
The WORST Hitman of All Timevisningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
19:10Revisiting the Boomer Simulator
Revisiting the Boomer Simulatorvisningar 808tn2 månader sedan
25:36You can do ANYTHING in Teardown
You can do ANYTHING in Teardownvisningar 1,2mn3 månader sedan
23:08Portal 2 with Kryoz
Portal 2 with Kryozvisningar 1,3mn3 månader sedan
14:00EXPIRED MILK #17 (Leftover Funny Moments)
EXPIRED MILK #17 (Leftover Funny Moments)visningar 1,5mn3 månader sedan


  • Taking inspiration from chubzzii 2021: YEET is in fact still relevant

  • MR

  • I get so annoyed when the other kids use a smg or assault rifle😴

  • Yo bro, you thought 2020 was bad, you ain't seen nothing 🤣

  • can anyone else agree this treadmill shit is lame? don’t get me wrong the whole series is great. there isn’t a better person to play over this game but it’s just to much time of something not funny.

  • Did you seriously just make me tear up over a treadmill?

  • I have watched A LOT of Among Us videos and I got to say... this was the MOST entertaining one I've ever watched. While it's cool to watch how people try to accuse one another, the absolute CHAOS was the BEST! Please do more of these! This is something I could keep watching and listening to.

  • More more more more.........❤❤❤❤❤💣💣💣💣

  • 8:25 "Okay, it *wasn't him* and it's - *it's me* or *I did it* ..... wait..."

  • Awww

  • I’m confused what happened to smii7y Minecraft purge series? on twitch

  • Bryce: you win no matter what. The Mario cart gods: Excuse me? SMii7Y take them out.

  • Im crying 😢 😭

  • More Pleassseeeeeeeee <3

  • o7 for the teardown story mode

  • Smii7y you can explore this town (frustrum) from ,, THE CHASE'' mission. I was there. NICE PLACE:)

  • 5:55 my mom when she gave birth to me

  • Someone needs to make a mod of this game: Treadmills attack

  • Finally a big youtuber played intruder yesss

  • Hey Smitty just a question why do you hate the treadmill so much I mean I hate the treadmill too but why just a question

  • I'll only continue to watch if we keep getting treadmill updates! XD

  • Smii7y was to heavy.

  • Sometimes Smii7y concerns me.

  • How the fuck did I just get this into my recommended???????????????? SEnewss what in the fuck are you doing.

  • Teardown? More like my Tears are falling down..🥲

  • I memorise the important cards before they flip so I remember which card shouldnt be played and I get do triggered when he plays it.

  • Homie thats a piece of workout equipment

  • Yes. I am leaving a comment that you will appreciate.

  • why

  • swedish makers

  • There are so many sexual innuendos in this video, I laughed so damn hard. Also why the fuck am I getting this video in my recommended 3 years later after it coming out.

  • Please more!

  • “Actually puts ad”

  • we want more!! we want more!! we want more!!

  • Out of context I have no idea what's happening

  • There now needs to be an update that simply states “The fridge can now be moved”

  • yo what soundboard was used, asking for a friend whos into music composition and 808 whale sounds

  • Woah jesus smii7y starting the video off team killing? Im so dissapointed in you!

  • milk bag

  • 10:04 BEYBLADE!

  • This video is amazing! Amazing end to a story about a guy and his treadmill! And amazing game!

  • You should be an anime dub voice-over

  • oh right, they’re Swedes, those names were pronounced a little bit weird but sure.

  • this game especially on this channel is just so entertaining to watch I can't put it in words

  • he could've keep the card at the end

  • alot more!!!!!!!!

  • I have never seen a hand with such girth before.

  • This look so much better than sea of thieves!! Shame it died..

  • why do people find assortment of dishes so hard??? it's easy

  • Smii7y love your vids, you and Kryoz should look into Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure, seeing y'all get a group for that would be hilarious

  • CHEERS MY MAN!!! 4 Years later and no matter what warzone/golf it video you put out. People are bound to watch. No troll, you're just an entertaining guy

  • i love this


  • Smii7y x Treadmill is OTP

  • I miss hearing mini's voice....

  • I was actually wincing at the times where I'd thought he'd failed and when he did. And scared my parents when I cheered loudly when he made it XD

  • Turn a nigga into a convertible Less goooo

  • kryoz: " gimme teal... pink!" smii7y: "you said teal!" Byze: "TEAL!?" also byze: * nukes kryoz's hand *

  • 1383

  • This video was so exciting and just great. Keep up the good work making videos

  • boys...we cry together..👊🏼😔

  • No look look I😣😣😣😣😣

  • I nearly pissed myself on the Star Wars bit

  • Leaving a comment so the milk bag knows I want more teardown.

  • 1985

  • fuck the treadmill redemption arc

  • This series has been a pleasure. And the story you created, like many have said, is a masterpiece. Hell, you're the reason I got this game, myself.

  • A some

  • 2:04 wat has this become

  • Endgame you say?

  • Does anyone know the song at 00:51 ?

  • 10:00 this is how the Titanic sunk

  • More pls

  • please more teardown! Either Mods/ Challenges its so interesting to see how you map everything out, that's my favorite part

  • Uno is always chaotic, that’s why it’s so fun

  • I love the clip art

    • But yes make more if not i will flip out

  • please finish the game! you're so close to the end

  • Literally my favorite part when John suicide bombed the whole house. It starts at 9:50

  • 999k view gang

  • Nah fuck Garrett