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Welcome to Good Mythical MORE with Rhett & Link! GMMORE is the show after the show where things are a little more relaxed, but every bit as interesting as Good Mythical Morning. Tune in daily for even more taste tests, challenges, and games!
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18:40Craziest Survival Stories (Game)
Craziest Survival Stories (Game)visningar 63tn3 dagar sedan
11:27Let’s Play: Reiko’s Fragments
Let’s Play: Reiko’s Fragmentsvisningar 186tn4 dagar sedan
16:40Guess The Pet + Owner Costume (Game)
Guess The Pet + Owner Costume (Game)visningar 237tn8 dagar sedan
18:58Can We Guess Which Chips Were Combined? (Game)
16:27Can You Solve These Impossible Riddles? (Game)
12:56What's The Best Mac And Cheese Noodle Shape?
17:55Crazy Waffle House Crimes (Game)
Crazy Waffle House Crimes (Game)visningar 308tn10 dagar sedan
20:55Crazy Kickstarter Products (Game)
Crazy Kickstarter Products (Game)visningar 362tn11 dagar sedan
12:56Weird Mustard Taste Test
Weird Mustard Taste Testvisningar 491tn16 dagar sedan
15:30We Try Cotton Candy Tie-Dye
We Try Cotton Candy Tie-Dyevisningar 375tn17 dagar sedan
15:49Can We Smell Wine Notes? (Aroma Kit Test)
Can We Smell Wine Notes? (Aroma Kit Test)visningar 220tn16 dagar sedan
17:48What's The Best Rice-A-Roni? Taste Test
What's The Best Rice-A-Roni? Taste Testvisningar 538tnMånad sedan
16:28IKEA Sweets Taste Test
IKEA Sweets Taste Testvisningar 459tn18 dagar sedan
11:37Vegan Yogurt Taste Test
Vegan Yogurt Taste Testvisningar 319tn24 dagar sedan
16:48Mystery Shotski Taste Test
Mystery Shotski Taste Testvisningar 485tnMånad sedan
15:35We Try A Coconut Opening Kit (Without Instructions)
13:27Ranking Weird Pizza Cutters
Ranking Weird Pizza Cuttersvisningar 493tn25 dagar sedan
13:03What's The Best Margarita Rim? Taste Test
18:27Guess The Food Scented Nail Polish (Game)
Guess The Food Scented Nail Polish (Game)visningar 282tn29 dagar sedan
13:00Celebrity Fast Food Jobs (Match Game)
Celebrity Fast Food Jobs (Match Game)visningar 317tnMånad sedan
13:00How To Cure A Sugar Hangover
How To Cure A Sugar Hangovervisningar 288tnMånad sedan
18:20Can You Name This Part Of A Fork? (Game)
Can You Name This Part Of A Fork? (Game)visningar 287tnMånad sedan
20:08Crazy Fast Food Lawsuits (Game)
Crazy Fast Food Lawsuits (Game)visningar 476tnMånad sedan
13:30What’s The Best Cracker For Soup?
What’s The Best Cracker For Soup?visningar 383tnMånad sedan
17:10Can You Guess These Crazy Soup Facts? (Game)
12:09We Play Sushi Jenga
We Play Sushi Jengavisningar 323tnMånad sedan
13:06Weird Waffle Toppings Taste Test
Weird Waffle Toppings Taste Testvisningar 492tnMånad sedan
14:56School Supply Smell Test
School Supply Smell Testvisningar 370tnMånad sedan
13:11Chicken Chips Taste Test
Chicken Chips Taste Testvisningar 370tnMånad sedan
19:00Shocking Costco Scandals (Game)
Shocking Costco Scandals (Game)visningar 506tnMånad sedan
18:01Sweet Flavored Coffee Creamers Taste Test
20:41What's This Cheeto Supposed To Be? (Game)
18:30Cake Flavored Snacks Taste Test
Cake Flavored Snacks Taste Testvisningar 839tn2 månader sedan
14:37Kinetic Sand Pictionary
Kinetic Sand Pictionaryvisningar 481tn2 månader sedan
14:21Match The Fast Food To Its Zodiac Sign
Match The Fast Food To Its Zodiac Signvisningar 325tnMånad sedan
18:36What Do Essential Oils Do?
What Do Essential Oils Do?visningar 389tn2 månader sedan
15:08Frozen Dog Treats Taste Test
Frozen Dog Treats Taste Testvisningar 308tn2 månader sedan
14:16What's The Best Face-Smushing Bread? (Test)
What's The Best Face-Smushing Bread? (Test)visningar 225tn2 månader sedan
11:56TikTok Potato Trend Challenge
TikTok Potato Trend Challengevisningar 228tn2 månader sedan
14:07Roasting Pop Stars
Roasting Pop Starsvisningar 278tn2 månader sedan
18:31What Lettuce Am I Stepping On? (Game)
What Lettuce Am I Stepping On? (Game)visningar 432tn2 månader sedan
26:15Rhett & Link Write A Poem | Poetry Biscuits
Rhett & Link Write A Poem | Poetry Biscuitsvisningar 442tn2 månader sedan
11:10What Fast Food Should You Get For Specific Occasions?
15:13Reacting To Weird Baby Products (Game)
Reacting To Weird Baby Products (Game)visningar 338tn2 månader sedan
13:59Ridiculous Pizza Slogans (Game)
Ridiculous Pizza Slogans (Game)visningar 290tn2 månader sedan
13:18What's The Most Soothing Noise? (Test)
What's The Most Soothing Noise? (Test)visningar 302tn2 månader sedan
11:02We Try White Hot Dogs (Taste Test)
We Try White Hot Dogs (Taste Test)visningar 432tn2 månader sedan
12:45What's The Most Satisfying Thing To Pop? (Test)
12:06Can We Guess Which Dog Breeds Were Combined? (Game)
13:34Starburst Unwrapping Challenge
Starburst Unwrapping Challengevisningar 300tn2 månader sedan
17:36Guess The Crayola Scented Marker (Game)
Guess The Crayola Scented Marker (Game)visningar 525tn2 månader sedan
18:21Ridiculous Cereal Mascots (Game)
Ridiculous Cereal Mascots (Game)visningar 538tn2 månader sedan
12:40Pasta Sauce vs. Pizza Sauce (Game)
Pasta Sauce vs. Pizza Sauce (Game)visningar 512tn2 månader sedan
13:59Hot Slurpee Taste Test
Hot Slurpee Taste Testvisningar 492tn2 månader sedan
9:38Giant Fortune Cookie Taste Test
Giant Fortune Cookie Taste Testvisningar 397tn2 månader sedan
18:51Guess The Meat Rub (Game)
Guess The Meat Rub (Game)visningar 591tn2 månader sedan
19:23Babybel Cheese Olympics
Babybel Cheese Olympicsvisningar 573tn3 månader sedan
13:37Jelly Bean Sparkling Water Taste Test
Jelly Bean Sparkling Water Taste Testvisningar 553tn3 månader sedan
12:40Ice Cream Flavored Snack Taste Test
Ice Cream Flavored Snack Taste Testvisningar 525tn3 månader sedan
15:45Fast Food Employee Fails (Game)
Fast Food Employee Fails (Game)visningar 531tn3 månader sedan
11:21Guess That Guy Fieri Slang (Game)
Guess That Guy Fieri Slang (Game)visningar 263tn3 månader sedan
13:52What's The Best Soda With A Big Mac? (Taste Test)
15:50Alternative Potato Chip Taste Test
Alternative Potato Chip Taste Testvisningar 808tn3 månader sedan
15:55Ridiculous Fight Matchups (Game)
Ridiculous Fight Matchups (Game)visningar 363tn3 månader sedan
18:50Dyed vs. Undyed Food Taste Test
Dyed vs. Undyed Food Taste Testvisningar 1,5mn3 månader sedan
15:03Colorful Tooth Polish Test
Colorful Tooth Polish Testvisningar 365tn3 månader sedan
17:47Can You Smell Ice Cream? (Game)
Can You Smell Ice Cream? (Game)visningar 774tn3 månader sedan
9:59We Play Donut Disaster
We Play Donut Disastervisningar 319tn3 månader sedan
10:07Larvae Snack Taste Test
Larvae Snack Taste Testvisningar 345tn3 månader sedan
12:32Our 5 Favorite TikTok Creators
Our 5 Favorite TikTok Creatorsvisningar 250tn3 månader sedan
14:17Vegan Egg Taste Test
Vegan Egg Taste Testvisningar 617tn3 månader sedan
12:00Hot Sauce Lip Gloss Test
Hot Sauce Lip Gloss Testvisningar 339tn4 månader sedan
15:17Do You Use A Fork Or Spoon? (Quiz)
Do You Use A Fork Or Spoon? (Quiz)visningar 629tn4 månader sedan
14:53Just The Tips Guessing Game
Just The Tips Guessing Gamevisningar 391tn4 månader sedan
11:54Testing Sriracha Condiments (Taste Test)
Testing Sriracha Condiments (Taste Test)visningar 442tn4 månader sedan
13:28Weirdest Things Found In Ice (Game)
Weirdest Things Found In Ice (Game)visningar 275tn4 månader sedan
15:58Are These "French" Things Actually French? (Game)
10:46Testing Dog Tooth Brushes
Testing Dog Tooth Brushesvisningar 248tn4 månader sedan
12:42Would You Pass This Baby Quiz?
Would You Pass This Baby Quiz?visningar 262tn4 månader sedan
12:57Ridiculous Food Slang (Game)
Ridiculous Food Slang (Game)visningar 294tn4 månader sedan
13:12Guess The Dad Joke Game (Chicken Edition)
Guess The Dad Joke Game (Chicken Edition)visningar 254tn4 månader sedan
12:11Reacting To Fast Food Merch
Reacting To Fast Food Merchvisningar 267tn4 månader sedan
15:17Ramen Seasoning Packet Taste Test
Ramen Seasoning Packet Taste Testvisningar 790tn4 månader sedan
10:04Is This A Musician or a Mortician? (Stock Photo Game)
11:38Touch My Body (With A Slim Jim) Challenge
Touch My Body (With A Slim Jim) Challengevisningar 229tn4 månader sedan
15:29Lego Pictionary (Game)
Lego Pictionary (Game)visningar 356tn4 månader sedan
15:24We Try Every Mountain Dew Kickstart Flavor
We Try Every Mountain Dew Kickstart Flavorvisningar 483tn4 månader sedan
10:40Spicy Nut Taste Test
Spicy Nut Taste Testvisningar 431tn4 månader sedan
18:12What's Their Deal? (Game)
What's Their Deal? (Game)visningar 625tn4 månader sedan
11:37Can We Guess Which Cereals Were Combined? (GAME)
18:03Crazy Oreo Flavors (Game)
Crazy Oreo Flavors (Game)visningar 1,8mn4 månader sedan
13:24Weird Scratch n' Sniff Sticker (Game)
Weird Scratch n' Sniff Sticker (Game)visningar 453tn4 månader sedan
14:04Which Glue Tastes Best? (Glue Taste Test)
Which Glue Tastes Best? (Glue Taste Test)visningar 255tn5 månader sedan
16:13Cookie Dough Panini Taste Test
Cookie Dough Panini Taste Testvisningar 856tn5 månader sedan
18:59Reacting To Dating in Quarantine
Reacting To Dating in Quarantinevisningar 160tn5 månader sedan
17:32Two Ridiculous Truths And A Lie (Game)
Two Ridiculous Truths And A Lie (Game)visningar 290tn5 månader sedan
17:47We Earn A Girl Scout Badge
We Earn A Girl Scout Badgevisningar 180tn5 månader sedan


  • After living in Florida, I would not be surprised if the Florida Man story was true.

  • "Frictions good"

  • Link should absolutely read r/TIFU!

  • Wow, it only took you 10 months to tell people they should be wearing masks...

  • Rhett immediately beating up the ghost is me 😂

  • I can't believe I actually knew 1893!

  • anyone else think Rhett looks like Nigel Thornberry?

  • 6:06 Oh my goodness, I was laughing for hours!

  • Rhett is vers confirmed

  • I wonder how believable links camping story is if he heard it on Reddit

  • Future game: Top 100 documentaries (Real or Fake)?

  • the movie you're thinking of is vertical limit, the beginning scene, you can watch it on youtube it's quite thrilling

  • The movie is Touching The Void from 1985...


  • Link had the controllers the wrong way around because Rhett accidentally switched them as he handed them over.

  • 13:52 I think maybe you're confusing voiding with defecating

  • They haveee to play among us!

  • 09:54. Is it "Touching The Void" 2003 based on a true story

  • I think the movie rhett was talking about is called vertical limit

  • ✨engagement✨

  • Among us with the mythical crew

  • I really miss my best friend when I watch some episodes of GMM or GMMORE, this was one of them

  • touching the Boy????????????

  • Link kind of interrupts Rhett a lot.

  • I'm confused by the premise of this game lol

  • Voiding is not a term we use for stool but for urine. Fyi


  • You need to stop pushing the wheel away 😥

  • Fun Fact: Dumpster diving is technically legal in all 50 states.

  • Oh snap I thought I was the only one who put peas in Mac and cheese. I'm not alone after all.

  • Link starts the story with “simply” and expects a story to roll from that? 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂

  • I miss the episodes where they would tell each other stories

  • I’ve said this before... They should write all of the 10 word stories down and publish a book of them😂

  • if teachers had really cool jobs after to school rhett and link remind me what they would be like

  • you can say you void your bowels/or bladder. Meaning what was in there (feces or urine) is now gone and has created a void, since that space in your body is now empty after the feces or urine has been evacuated. So if you wanted to touch the void, you would have to reach inside your body to touch the newly formed void in your bowels.

  • The mud man with a hatchet is a classic Hook-Handed Man legend. Pretty much anything that has "lures people into the forest" is likely to be a legend.

  • I love how link always makes a statement while Rhett tries to save it by making it a story 😂

  • I love how that chick Never shuts up. I watch GMM for Rhett and Link. Not to have Chuck chime in every second. Shut up!

  • They both seem like such old men today 😂

  • I've watched a lot of your shows .. but this conversation about not cleaning utensils after use and just rinsing may be your most disgusting show ever lol

  • Link's camping night of horror

  • rhett: in our relationship either one of us could be the top or bottom davin: oh no

  • Please release a green one.

  • Rhetts got way more leg so he's more likely to hurt a leg. So link would have to cut the rope

  • Stool is the medical term for poop and defecation is when u release all your stool Youre welcome

  • Void is the medical term for emptying ones bladder, i.e "he can't void his bladder because of the pain medication he is on right now" 👍🏻

  • I joined the mythical society as a 3rd degree member!

  • The dangling scene where the guy cuts the rope is in the movie with the day after tomorrow also.

  • That’s how you know it’s fake he said he had a girlfriend in the first story

  • I thought Link was gonna say Strange Solids again not survival lol

  • Void is urinating, not pooping

  • I was very confused when I heard “drained his leg”. Don’t worry Link, you’re not alone!

  • If Rhett and Link were in a relationship, Rhett would DEFINITELY be the top.

    • oh no

  • The movie about the two climbers is called Touching the Void. Incredible film! Highly recommend.

  • Did anyone else think about that one episode of Grey’s Anatomy with the hikers?

  • 8:28 creamed potato 8:52 drained his leg 12:43 touching the boy

  • The rope cutting conundrum in a mountain climbing also happened in 'Vertical Limit'. I thought that's the one Rhett meant, but apparently he was taking about"Touching the void"

    • And then I watched the rest of the episode.... they already found the movie. Guess I need to watch before commenting.

  • Who else watched the trailer for touching the void after this video

  • rhett lowkey looks kinda like a more refined frank gallagher from shameless

  • Soy yogurt is hands down the best yogurt. Thickens nicely and has actual protein content. Almond milk is trash in any application.

  • Critical care nurse here. Voiding is definitely a term we use. It can be used to describe both urinating and defecating.

  • FYI You can void your bladder as well as your bowels so void is a "technical" term for elimination not specific for poop

  • Link said "ow"

  • WILL IT MATTRESS?!?!?!?!

  • voiding is urinating, evacuating is bowel movements.

  • 2.6k+ like.

  • Link looks jacked in that shirt

  • simply dan sometimes touches where it doesn't feel so slippery

  • That was fun, but it doesn't beat Rhett :" was about to get interesting." Link :"iNtErEsTiiing"

  • Verse but only when hiking ❤️️

  • First “the Twitter” and now “the Reddit” 😂 Rhett is such a dad

  • Anyone else think of Simple Rick??

  • I thought they were saying "boy" instead of "void" & was thoroughly confused & uncomfortable

  • Voiding = URINATING!

  • Ghosts in the darkness is a great movie.

  • Lol Link doesnt even get it.

  • Also the same situation showed up in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".

  • Speaking of clothing items, Whatever happened to the Golden Tee Giveaway? No one has heard from ya'll about it! :)

  • Voiding is used for urinating. Defecating is used for a bowel movement 👍

  • Voiding in.peeing lol