Publicerades den 29 apr 2021
Today me and Harry (W2S) take on a TikTok Try Not To Laugh Challenge!
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  • I had a blind dog

  • Geezer accent “ well well well what’s all this about social distancing mate!”

  • Harry every video oh I've seen this

  • If Josh posting a video twice a week is scamming a living, then what is Harry doing?

  • Dad of the year

  • You gotta get jj now.

  • Awesome video as usual, keep up the good work man you'll get the recognition you deserve soon if sure of it. Also I really want more sidemen reacts or sidemen gaming, that GTA video with you bashing the plane and then dropping JJ had me in absolute hysterics.

  • Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one gets to heaven except through Him. Repent before It’s too Late. It’s your choice heaven or hell change your ways and turn to Him !!!

  • Yes sidemen reacts to pieface please

  • Harry and josh are like best freinds :)

  • Next level click bait

  • W2S 🥀

  • I’m a sag too lol

  • Did anyone see on the door it says “dad of the year”

  • Harry I that u hate Josh

  • 9:06 if anyone knows it would be Harry 😂😂

  • Thumbnail!!!!

  • Get jj on

  • What a tan line

  • Thumb nail was click bait.

  • Man asks for subs with his 4 million

  • That poor kid

  • 12:23 what did Harry say?

  • Didn’t laugh


  • Please do sidemen reacts too pieface clips

  • Actuallly yes the child could get childhood trauma. It is true that you don't remember it but you do absorb it and babies do recognize harsh words it's said the first five years of life are the most important in psychology and what happens during that time sets the foundation for that child.

  • JJ next, that’ll get you done subscribers

  • Me:Oh it’s Josh and Harry My Dad: It’s father and son


  • I subscribed because why not

  • why does it say dad of the year on joshes door

  • One day I aspire to be like Zerka

  • When Harry sniffs up n gets a dropback🤣🤣

  • I figured out why Josh and Tobi have the least subs, THEY DIDNT MAKE A DISSTRACK

  • shout out to "dad of the year" if you know you know.

  • anyone else notice it says dad of the year on the door

  • CLICKBAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The bro has 4 million subs. Still needs subs tho😂

  • That thumbnail isn’t funny at all I’ve been baited

  • Nice me and josh are virgos

  • Harry looks diffrent today

  • Not trying to hate or anything but this is ridiculous, i mean i'm 2 minutes in the video and they're not even TRYING not to laugh like does anyone not understand the words quote on quote "TRY not to laugh?" like seriously, come on.

  • ur not fooling anyone with the thumbnail

  • Came for the thumbnail. Disappointed.

  • that gravity bit was a big ass flex

  • 150.000 away from Toby

  • Sos

  • Change your camera zerka or whatever color grading you add to the video

  • Should make a series of reacting to sidemen tiktoks like Simon did for sidemen vines

  • “Dad of the year” (If ya know ya know)

  • Why did it say best dad of the year on the door

  • Get jj on please hahahah

  • Ksi

  • my dog once got high on paint fumes

  • the lads dident even try lol

  • I know josh was hurt when he weren’t in that Tiktok... here what I’ll sub big josher‼️+1✅

  • I’m a Virgo as well

  • Get zerkaa to 5 mil and I’ll upload

  • the casual dad of the year

  • "I'm just existing" - Harry, 2021 Everyone felt that.

  • Like the video freak! Get josh to 5 mil

  • 4:12 the thing on the door is class

  • Those Tiktoks were awful, Harry saved this video!

  • 3:50 when they choose who should be reacting to the lie face clips on sdmn reacts they missed tobi out of the whole thing tobi seems so lost and not really part of the group that much anymore

  • The dad TikTok part, the dad only knew he was called Ethan cause it’s secretly his dad 😂😂

  • He only gets a million views when he reacts to tiktoks. Life is sad

  • 4:55 hiw to punish your child!

  • Nobody talking about the writing on the door?

  • I love how at 4:13 it says dad of the year in the background

  • 12:24 What did Harry say?

  • 11:53 Harry's smart

  • Whys Addison in the thumbnail tf

  • Every tiktok W2s:I have seen this before

  • Who else saw "dad of the year" on the door when harry was talking about roasting his kid

  • Thumbnail. !!!

  • Why does it say dad of the year? josh you got something to tell us?

  • Dad of the Year indeed

  • Oldest and the youngest

  • I was the million views

  • Zerkaa vs WillNE sub race

  • i am gonna start watching you because in one of short video you guessed my country Georgia :D

  • The collab we need

  • Really gonna bait us in like that with the thumbnail Josh 🥲

  • Harry can’t speak about not uploading

  • It's weird seeing Harry wearing headphones

  • 5:07 I think for Josh or Tobi, one of their names is Tom. You can see it in the top left corner.

  • 7:00 good old Mark 😭😭😭

  • Anyone else notice ‘Dad of the year’ on the door as they were talking about roasting their kids 4:29

  • The oldest and the youngest sideman in one video

  • Josh were gonna have to have some words my guy… i’m pretty sure you know why.😞

  • Harry: "I'm just existing" 😂


  • Me and josh have the same birthday 4th September

  • Is no one talking about the, “Dad of the year” on the door?

  • 6:32 funny part 😂

  • I saw it saying dad of the year in the background

  • josh u just hit 10 mil on a video congratulation

  • you should play geoguesser together since you're both really good

  • the "dad of the year" behind W2S head did it for me😅