Minecraft, But the Entire World is DIAMONDS

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
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In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but the entire world is Diamond Blocks. You would think this makes the game easier, but it actually presents a challenge, in finding Iron, Coal, and wood. Can I beat the game on Minecraft Hardcore mode?
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  • The stone age enchantment. Yep.

  • Coal, that’s super rare. -SB

  • Stone is rare. -SB

  • Imagine if the nether and the end was made if diamond blocks

  • SB: sees a random thing Also SB: Omg that’s so rare 😱😱

  • 9:52 Skeleton: Listen before you zombie pigs kill me just so you know the penguin guy is with me so kill him too >:D

  • who wants sp to do 100 days one block hardcore

  • cAn We GeT 1.17 pLeAsE?

  • You can already make a full beacon


  • This is Hardcore not min craft

  • I want that wold soooo bad you have no idea

  • Oh oh in deed

  • Dead bushes normally:................. When sb joins a diamond survivall :Ladies and gentelmen we got him

  • 3:06 enchantment? Ok

  • Bro every vid i saw, you're always lucky...how?

  • my brain cells just aren’t working, I’ve been watching sb since 960k but I never even commented on one of his videos 🤦‍♀️

  • Fun fact: he loves and he’s playing minecraft hardcore

  • who remembers diamond survival

  • Parents: Dont waste your diamonds! they dont grow on trees! You: Uhm they do now

  • Iron is pretty rare. -SB

  • We got wood! Yes! -SB

  • Anyone remember when he did years back but instead of blocks he used ores♥️

  • Yay

  • Make a enchanting table

  • what happens win you have to many diamonds

  • i love your videos sb

  • That fact that the world is all diamonds but he barely got any diamonds

  • Alternative title: Playing minecraft in 1.17

  • Everything is rare accept Diamonds

  • Did you know windmills are used to make bread?

  • World full of dimonds but ther is the village that is made out of sand...

  • Love your vids man

  • only the OG’s remember diamond survival 🤩

  • *cant imagine the production value.*


  • Im a minicraft God Player i am Dreams Brother

  • imagine that grass block is rare

  • How to download ??

  • im in version 1.16.40 mojang

  • I mean, at least it’s *NOT* clickbait

  • I love your videois

  • what is this version? of minecraft

  • “We got the Stone Age. After full diamond armour” sb737

  • He sound Scottish

  • Ender dragon be like: ight ima head out

  • Gravel: Imma diamond SB: Mine's the gravel diamond Gravel: diamond gravel fall'x SB: Has an headache of cunfusion


  • Shouldn't you have used the plains biome since it grows trees

  • hi

  • I appreciate that every challenge he makes hes in hardcore

  • Sb373 animals don't spawn in a desert biom Ms what about rabbits

  • How does the world look like a island

  • s b join me no!!!!!!

  • someone has done this before on the old version but the daimonds are ores on version 1.15 like SB

  • instead it should be all netherite

  • Did anyone hear “Stone age enchantment “

  • Comment ''i do'' if your on creative and you enchant BC u want things too look cool.

  • He could of smelted the iron leggings

  • You're the best SEnewssr

  • Have you ever heard someone say I’m sick of finding desert temples

  • SB: Gets diamond armor Ender Dragon: *panics*

  • playing on 1.15.2

  • What is that really cool guitar intro song called that he uses

  • map download please

  • Who else knew imediantly he was in hardcore

  • Juywergjkk

  • Brother we have the same accent might

  • 10:30 I’m going to get into ur bed 😐

  • Minecraft but it’s another one of those really easy challenges but the player of this challenge is really trash

    • And I can say this because I’m a veteran who has been playing Since emeralds weren’t a thing

    • He’s not as bad but there are at least 1000 others who are straight up hot garbage

    • Hes making this for enternainment and hes skilled

  • Sb in the past: does a diamond survival series Sb now: does a new and improved diamond survival series Me: an OG

  • Lol it is hard but sad because you still can’t mine any :(

  • I would do this mine diamond blocks make them diamonds and them make diamond blocks

  • Who used to watch SB years ago? because I did

  • New title: how to become super op in Minecraft quickly

  • Tiktok girls : First time?

  • Book shelf:exists Me when see book shelf: sus

  • Diamond axe

  • The ten trout hypothetically wail because feature experimentally park sans a mushy spoon. selfish, many hubcap

  • I saw the gamer reacts video boi

  • make this a series

  • Normal minecrafters: OMG ITS A DIAMOND PICkAXE SB: It is just a normal diamond pickaxe, not a big deal

  • Hi

  • bruh if it was me i would mine up all the diamond blocks

  • This was wadzee's dream

  • SB: 5:42 im done with trading Also SB: 5:47 proceeds to trade again

  • I can hear you clicking

  • diamond age

  • so original

  • evrything is rare -sp737

  • Me in 5 years ago: If its diamond blocks everywhere in a world would be perfect! Me at now: @…@

  • HHi

  • the fact that he found 10 minus desert temple

  • Ah yes, the Stone Age enchantment.

  • SB: i got diamonds beffore the "stone enchant" Me: tf its called a acheviment

  • Me:Sb why are you on hardcore instead of survival ?! SB737:ITS THE LAW

  • 3:02 enchantment or achievement lol

  • Awww man he’s back

  • Jason is not good it Minecraft on PS 5 and 4 and 3 and 2 and 1 .

    • Hes better than you

  • Sb:I am on 1.15 Me:Why? Sb:An elegant version for a more civilized age .