How Delivery Robots REVOLUTIONIZED Minecraft's 2b2t

Publicerades den 1 maj 2021
Delivery robots have REVOLUTIONIZED Minecraft's 2b2t, and today we uncover how this advanced system actually works, and if this service is even lawful. These delivery robots have revolutionized not only 2b2t itself, but Minecraft as a whole.
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Never thought I'd see the day where actual delivery robots revolutionized Minecraft's 2b2t and the economy, but here we are. I would appreciate if you would consider hitting that like and subscribe button!
The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft can be a crazy and chaotic place! From VTubers invading, to immortality machines being built, and even actual crimes destroying bases. It never ends.


  • 2b2t is advancing faster than actual civilisation

  • When 2b2t server shuts down (i hope it lasts forever) Mojang needs to recreate it as a new dimension or a separated official free DLC because dude, this server is something i want to explore someday

  • You should do a video on redstoner himself, he seems to appear in your videos a lot.

  • i wonder what its called so i can buy one

  • hey he added a beard to his pfp

  • I can just imagine one of these delivery bots getting hacked and becoming an actual spy bot for the delivery service for 2b2t and a way to grief peoples bases

  • 5:39 is it in a cheat client or in a website ??? ( just asking :> )

  • "Stay alive out there" "No, I don't think I will"

  • they should store the items in echests while delivering so they dont getstolen

  • new profile pic pog?

  • Push to 2mil

  • I'm going to build a palace out of obsidian on that server no matter how long it takes

  • never heard fit laugh lol

  • Fun fact: if you search " the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft " it immediately goes to fitmc

  • Next video: how delivery bots learned to pvp

  • K ab

  • I can’t wait for u to get to 2M

  • I'm curious on one thing what is or was the largest base ever built on 2b2t . In its entire history.

  • Ah yes of course. Redstoner

  • What happens if you kill the bot and steal the loot?

  • which hacked client do u use can someone tell me which one is the best one for 1.16.5

  • Why the frofile picture is changed

  • What client does fit use?

  • The flying carrier music from Sonic Adventure is perfect for this video lmao



  • what is auto bot and how do i get it?

  • Fit where can I get the skin the bot was using???


  • Fit's youtube pfp now has beard coz fit have a beard irl now

  • i more like 9b9t more than 2b2t bc on 9b9t theres no waiting time untill you can join

    • Same but the old map and the bedrock

  • Fit lowkey lookin like a level 7 giant😩

  • ya lol

  • I've always wanted to join 2b2t until I realize that people in 2b2t have done crazy things in the game. Like breaking laws just to get an advantage to a block game. So, kinda don't wanna join 😅

  • People would actually pay for this???

  • I got a cool vid of rain on 2b2t no shit fit check it out ;)

  • What hack is he using for 2b2t? I’m new and need a good hack client

  • 9:18 I'll sure do

  • Random fact: the word short is longer than long

  • Welcome to minecraft 2021

  • He added a beard lmao

  • A couple of suggestions for whoever made this: 1. Put the deliveries in enderchests (linked to the bots) so the bots can just place down an enderchest at their destination to retrieve the goods and there's no chance of them losing the items due to death. 2. Boatfly. Cheaper than elytra so not too much of a loss when it kills itself.

  • Maybe you could make a video about the history of the mooshroom cows on 2b2t since you can only have a certain amount of them on a world at a time

  • Anyone now what the actual website is called

  • Okay. Now this is actually awesome. I'm not for using bots to do sketchy stuff. Buuuut, what if someone created a working faction of bots. Like bots that could build using schematics. And bots that could defend a base from griefers and attackers. Bots that acted like alarms when the detected unknown players entering bases. Oh boiiiii

  • New profile picture!

  • Imagine Amazon copies the idea They make your delivery driver go through an active war zone and then travel all the way to your house, only to drop it off in the nearest shed

  • Reminds me alot of runescape bots

  • What’s the website name

  • I can totally see real players both griefing the bots and pretending to be said bots.

  • Who remembers in a live stream looking for bases, someone donated almost 1k we all thought it was mr beast

  • Fit: talking about drones that can carry stuff around Ad for Amazon: *appears*

  • FitMc in a year: Bots are being used as SOILDERS on the oldest anarchy sever

  • is it just me or did fits yt icon change?

  • It's pretty cool but my concern is, why would they destroy the diamond tools. I'm assuming it's probably from a duping glitch. (They could probably just put it in an ender chest)

  • Wow, this is actually really freakin awesome.

  • "Welcome to the future" XDD

  • Just asking, what hacks do u use Fit or someone else tell me pls

  • *you can crash log the bot and know the coords of his bed*

  • i found the website to buy stuff

  • Bro they should create the time machine on 2b2t so scientists have to escape spawn to use it

  • Guys i have a quick question is 2b2t the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft??

  • next fit vid: how sheep have been used as a murder weapon on 2b2t

  • You put a beard on you profle Plz tell me I am the only one that noticed

    • nah he changed it

    • Thanks I just came in the commentary section to look if I am the only one that noticed

  • Screw UPS

  • Is it me or did FitMC changed he's profile picture?

  • i just got bookbanned

    • I found a chest now everytime i crash by joining since i did open the chest

  • Did anyone noticed the logo of fitmc's channel is changed

  • i just noticed the pfp change b e a r d

  • Very Late Comment. BUT Petition for Fit to not say the Oldest Anar-. You know.

  • Can't wait for an army of proffesionally coded and trained combat robots.

  • 1.16.5 will be the update the server gets very fun

  • Fit: I can't endorse it Also Fit: Endorsed it anyway Minecraft EULA: *Am I a joke to you*

  • ah yes ruin these guys countless days of work by telling everybody who watches how they work and where to find them

  • y r u using that music

  • *BEARD*


  • Redstoner is like a criminal but also ur friend

  • Why don’t they use ender chests? Have the bot with an empty inventory (except an ender chest) go to a player, place down the chest, then take out whatever the order is for.

    • They would sabotage deliveries easily by 1 attack

    • I had the same idea.

  • But why they can;t use e-chest? So bot put items into e-chest on master stache, go to place put e-cjest, take items out? So items never get lost?

  • Next time : Hitman robot exist now and it can calculate and pvp like a god but you need to pay your ctedit card and kill any player you want, robot Hitman track every player and can kill anyone even hausemaster

  • 5:20 S U S a m o g u s

  • Why is he not useing any Echest? then the delivery cant be stollen.

  • “kpopbob” lmfao

  • Is 2b2t still have villagers

  • NDL

  • NDL

  • what I heard the entire video: row bots

  • The delivery is faster than than the pizza delivery in real world

  • 1 milliont view from me lol

  • Whats your discord? I wan to talk to you about something.

  • The owner is sending it to him... For publicity. The site is likely a scam

    • how lonely are you, that you liked your own comment?

  • 2b2t the great ancap server

  • amazon in minecraft except it violates terms

  • Shulker Road is the website

  • bots after delivering the items :"this cactus definetly need a hug"

  • Popbob exposed

  • Gotta give props for using "No More Bugs", a solid musical choice, that aside they're actually pretty neat!

  • This is technically online delivery.

  • *sigh* I saw a bald man with a beard, a title with all caps REVOLUTIONIZED--- I thought this was a Heimler's History video for a second. Man, AP World History has really done a number on me.