A message from the FUTURE + BUILDING LOADS! - Sailing Yabá #22

Publicerades den 4 apr 2021
Bringing Yabá from wreck to dreamy! Episode 22
In this episode Ben comes back from the future just to clarify something, we share massive spoilers, we finally introduce our wood of choice and we get building! Frames, planks, floor timbers... so much has happened! We hope you enjoy watching it! Xx

We are Ben and MP!
Recently we decided to purchase a two-masted 70ft wooden schooner in Brazil. The fun detail about our story is that the boat we bought was sinking and relying on many bilge pumps to survive so we had to lift it onto the dry to start a full refit. Once the boat was lifted (for the first time in her life) we realized that the works needed were a lot more than expected. Between bailing or accepting the challenge, we decided to go for the second option. Watch us as we bring Yabá back to life with the help of an amazing team of traditional shipwrights, sharing every phase of the process, overcoming the highs and lows and having fun along the way.
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Massive thanks to our amazing team of carpenters that never let us down and continue to amaze us at every step of the process: Toninho, Zeca, Hélio, Claiton, William, Nezo, Nico and Beto. YOU ARE LEGENDS!


  • HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! We hope you all have a great day and that this date inspires us all to renew our hope for better days! Wish you all well! Stay safe! Thank you for being here! ❤

    • @STEVEN R C'mon man, step up and be a man (woman, it) travel over there and show us what ya got, oh and quit ya bitchin eh.

    • @gav2759 forgive them,they no not what they do

    • Praise the lord god almighty

    • @Pete 68 praise the lord

    • Sure minorDirtberty cowardice. No thanks, I'm partial to non-polluted boat yards. You go and have them show you there on u-tube.

  • You will know your boat very well when all the work is done.

  • Hats off to the bloke at 17:10. No goggles, gloves or any other safety gear whilst smoking a ciggy and chainsawing away.

  • Aye your painting before you plank up Good to see Yaba coming back to life again

  • Don't you need to put some form of wool/cotton caulking between the boards to create a water resistant seam?

    • @Sailing Yabá As the boards were being cut, shouldn't they have had a space cut for caulking [[re installation? Sampson Boat Co., is a really good channel to watch as well. You can see the channels precut into the planks that leave a slight bit of room for the caulking.

    • Hey Bec! You are right, the caulking is needed for sure! It's one of the last steps though, so we are not there yet!

  • Piece of sh.....t.... Lot a money crap...

  • Every time I watch the Yaba videos I wonder if the Boat Yard owner is sitting in his office Smoking a big Cuban cigar and sipping his Caribbean rum laughing his butt off. Where the heck is the money coming from??

  • Never use nails to attach planks to a boat. God I say:/

  • Where the ribs are bolted together, the bolts look a little small for the job. Some epoxy at joint? I can’t criticize the bolt material. If it’s stainless, there are all kinds of alloys, some may work others not so much.

  • Your videos are so great enjoy watching your boat come together and can't wait until you are back in the water. Be safe and continue to have fun

  • Are there parts of the hull that are not replaced? 😮 With all the repairs done until now it is mostly a new build hull. That is really the better option than building a new one? Labor there must be extremely cheap. Materials also. Watching the process is really interesting. But in which way this makes any sense financially eludes me.

  • The great thing about wooden boats is that they can be repaired.

    • You mean, they have to be repaired, often. I think they’ve said this boat is only 15 years old and they’re having to rebuild the whole thing.

  • Dear Comment Jockeys, Please stop comparing this refit / rebuild to Tally Ho and other projects. This is not any of those and you are comparing apples and oranges and not being constructive at all. Some points to consider; Leo is a shipwright, these are owners. Completely different perspective and you should have different expectations. None of us were born a sailor or a shipwright. We all have to learn from somewhere and these two may surprise you. They are helping out to be involved, document the journey and are learning about their boat and boats in general. They never claimed to be shipwrights and say right in the intro that they love the ocean and chose this as a way to live. They love this boat, for whatever reason and this is their path. Maybe offer advice and ask questions instead of being a useless troll. This is Brazil, they are working on a Brazilian designed and built boat, you can't compare what is done elsewhere in the world to this. Every area of the world has different materials, techniques with varying results. Saying that these guys are doing a shit job because they aren't using the tools, techniques or materials that you or other SEnewss creators use is plain ignorant. What have you made today? These shipwrights aren't random people off the street, this is a Brazilian shipyard, this is likely how wooden boat construction is done there and many other places in the world. Who are you to criticize how things are done on the other side of the world with the budget that they have? I see all kind of comments about the tools use, their "ship saw" not being proper, ect. Do you even watch the videos? They are in Brazil and make less than $2 an hour. You think they can just go out a pick up a ship saw? I'm pretty sure they have a literal boatyard of customers and repairs and this isn't their first week in business. They are wearing flip flops and sneakers. This isn't North America and no one likely has access to anything else. On that note, there is one commenter in particular who comments multiple times in every video that the workers are being exploited and that the owners are making serious bank at their expense. Give your head a shake, these guys are employing 1/2 dozen people just at the shipyard and pouring money into the local economy. If the shipyard was being exploited I don't think that they would be there on the world stage. I'm sure they all know that they are on SEnewss. The owners also live there, that's why they bought the boat and brought it to the town they live in already. They aren't a bunch of foreigners exploiting locals. There is also a tremendous amount of work that goes into making videos that you don't see on screen. No one is becoming a millionaire on this channel. Check back when they have 5 million subs. Everyone who is saying that this boat will only last 10 years and not 100 years like Tally Ho should ask themselves where they heard that this boat is supposed to last 100 years? With the material and labour costs (which haven't been disclosed) perhaps they are paying 1/4 of the money and it will take 1/4 of the time it takes for Tally Ho and if they know up front what the expected life will be, then who cares? They both seem like genuine people who love what they are doing. While I find it funny that they have no idea what half of the boat parts are called, I also see them learning and growing with skills that will carry them through many future adventures and they are starting to get the terminology. If Sailing Yaba is reading this; that big timber on top of the floors is called a "keelson" in English. I didn't see an on screen correction for that one. I'm enjoying the content, great perspective. Look forward to the next one. Don't let the haters get you down. Fair winds!

    • Thanks for the lecture, sorry to disappoint you but to many of us this channel will never be anything more than a clown show.

    • 👏👏👏👏👏

  • The fasteners are not adequate, even if you follow with a stainless steel lag bolt.The wood is unprotected where they have been joined. This cannot be undone and is the point where substantially rot can occur. It is still not to late to walk away from this project, it has absolutely no integrity. At this stage rotten frames are being cut away and scabbing on new wood. Endless.

  • I believe Sonic is an American grafitti artist living in Brazil

  • Nice progress! 💪🏽🛠

  • not bad m8s, not bad at all. those guys are doin excellent work. stay safe, vertical an well

  • It's seems as if you guys have made general improvements on construction techniques. Can you go over the various improvements you have made to Yaba regarding construction? Was the original framework primed? Also, how much of the original framework are you keeping?

  • Amazing progress

  • no scarf joints on the planks?

  • How much have you spent so far?

  • Serious question...would it have been cheaper to build a new boat from the ground up?? Just curious. Not being a jerk.....just wondering 💭

  • you move to fast

  • Yaba is doomed no more, she looked a little like the ugly duckling to start with, but is gradually turning into a beautiful swan...........😀

  • I'm just glad that no one smokes there, with all that sawdust laying on the ground. That would be a hell of a fire. :( NVM: There is a guy, the one in the red T-Shirt, that is actually smoking. Just mindblowing... :/

    • The sawdust absorbs moisture from the humidity and rain and isn’t very flammable. But still, not that bright.

  • Ótimo trabalho!

  • Stop using zinc nails. You want to sink?

  • People asking about costs need to google “wages in Brazil”.

    • Or you could’ve just written the info, or provided a relevant link. 🙄 Something like this one: take-profit.org/en/statistics/wages/brazil/

  • A weakening is commonly observed in the wood that surrounds corroding metal, such as nails, spikes, screws, bolts, and plates in house siding, rail ties, boat docks, highway trailer beds, and wooden vessels. Wet wood not only causes metals to corrode because wood is slightly acid, but when a metal fastener is embedded in wet wood, certain conditions are created that can accelerate the corrosion of the metal. The corrosion products often can result in slow deterioration of the wood sur-rounding the metal. Corrosion of the fastener with deterioration of the wood causes loss of strength to the joint and to the structural in-tegrity of the assembly. Weakened wood is frequently noted around nails in old, weathered house and barn siding that is wetted by rain and snow. The wood that surrounds the nail is usually stained black. "Iron Sickness" excerpt from the paper titled "DEGRADATION OF WOOD BY PRODUCTS OF METAL CORROSION"

  • I can't believe how well this is all turning out. I'm amazed at the workmanship from these guys using primitive tools. So happy for you guys and can't wait til it's done!

  • How much Money in Total have you spent so far ? purchase, materials, labour, work, etc Would you say your %10 done?

  • Kudos to you! I really wasn't sure if this would be worth doing. You are in the correct boat yard. They are taking thier time and doing it the rightway. It really has become interesting to watch what they are doing.

  • You need to coat the inside of the prop shaft tube to keep Teredo worms out.

  • We are loving your journey! You are not repairing a boat, you are building a new boat, and it is a classic! Peg just asked me, how long do you think it will take them? I said 6 months. Let’s see, will you be sliding into the water in September?

    • Hey Dan! Thank you so much!! We really hope you are right about our splash!

  • OMG, guys! I am so glad watching all the progress that has been made. Yaba looks stunning and you both are nailing on the videos!

    • Victor my friend!! Thank you for watching us still and for being so supportive as always! We can't wait to have you on board of the brand new Yabá!

  • Are you putting a wear keel on the keel to prevent shipworm from eating up the keel again?

  • I wish you “American does it right” people would leave the Brazilian shipwrights alone. They know what they are doing and have done it a lot longer than you armchair shipwrighting.

  • May should have primed before you planked hey guy's the rot will take place where the planks meet the frame the worst. The frames needed to be primed first. You think maybe I'm wrong.

    • Apparently the comment at 14:41 is just to silence some of the critics. Further along it is very obvious that no effort was made to coat planks or frames and no mating surfaces in any location were coated earlier. It is not like there is a shortage of wooden boat building knowledge available to those managing (mis-managing?) this project.

  • Stainless steel or Galvanized iron is still iron. You will still get iron sickness. Also Stainless steel doesn't work if it's in a non oxygen environment e.g below the water line. Stainless steel pits and corrodes internally.

  • Shaking my head.

  • Curtis hide here of the sailing vessel liberty freedom in Honduras where I grew up It was customary for the man who built the boat to inscribe their name on the boat so that the boat would remember them and carry their love of building the boat with the boat for good luck

  • How did this boat continue to float, looks like it should have sunk, WOW !!!!!!!! That's a lot of work done and a lot more to do...............

  • damaged is starting too be new again 👍👌💯🏴‍☠️⛵🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • Can any guy's out there please enlighten me on the reason this old girl rotted out so badly , Considering that she is not as old as I thought she was , is it probable that the use of the wrong or poor quality wood /materials have resulted in this mess .

  • I would not worry about some of the comments, these guys are master craftsman and know what they are doing, this is not the first time they have refurbished a boat.

  • I say "NO" to stainless. It will disappear faster than galvanized. You can't bury stainless and expect it to survive.

  • Hey guys, how about some pretty brazilian cheerleaders in the background? Brazilian women are great!

  • Wow, a sneaky peek into the future! The question arises... is Yaba actually totally finished and sailing and are the videos just slow to render and post ;)

  • finally I understand the philosophy of Ben and MP. They are rebuilding there boat and also give these shipwrights and there familys an income for months with the support of YT and patreons, great idea! It doesnt matter if Yaba will survive only 20 more years.

    • finally I understand the philosophy of klaus menzel, he,she, it is trying to disparage Ben and MP from continuing with this project through his,her, it's comments causing the builders to lose their income, unable to feed their family's and lose their homes, all because he,she, it doesn't like seeing people go out there and do stuff but would rather see them stay in their basements.

  • rot protektion betvin the wood??? the most important place...???

  • Keep up the good work guys all the best and it will be worth it in the end cheers

  • I was wondering where those woods come from.🤔. Thankfully MP explain it in detail. Cheers 🍻 to both of you.

  • Thanks for the explanation on the preference to burn oil rather than steam. The oil should soak in deep and help protect the planks as well. It will be good when she is all caulked. 🏴‍☠️

  • You must both love this ship very very much, The cost to rebuild her, you could have easily have found a new ship to sail off to what you love most the sea, well done 👍 take my hat off to you both for what you are doing 🇬🇧⛵⚓

  • Normally a sealer is applied to raw wood and the primer goes on top of that....

  • Just perfect, keep up the great work 👍👍👍

  • Fantastic progress. Well done team Yabá!.

  • I have 1 question. What are the plans with the concrete ballast on Yaba. Does it need to be altered when she is finished or just put in place again? Thanks❣

  • Please do not use as screws! I don't care what grade they are, even 316! Ss needs air around them and you are mixing metals under water. Nothing wrong with galvanised nails

  • Beautiful episode! You are the best!

  • Just curious, is there any reason why you couldn't spray the paint on all the framing? It is much more efficient and gets in all those little crevices! Keep up the good work guys!! And happy Easter.

  • Last week I watched your episode, typed in a bunch of comments, then managed to lose them. Then in despair and being tired I gave up and went to bed. I had put down a few thoughts about the interior cabin space that I want to try and retype. 1. The galley is awful: cramped, little natural light and awkward. Never use full sized house appliances: it's a waste of space and looks ridiculous. For me where you cook needs to be a space to enjoy and to be able to take in the scenery, as well to interact with others. The cook is not a servant and it bears pointing out that the cook is well positioned to poison everyone should they become aggravated. What to do? Your idea to make it part of the wheelhouse isn't bad, however that may cost a lot and there isn't a lot of room. There may also be safety issues with having the stove next to the companionway and wheel. And it would be cramped. (My solution below to create a real double salon and connected galley solves a lot of the problems) 2. Lighting is terrible: (part of the reason is the layout and how cut up the space is, see below) The portholes need work, but what that closed in space really needs are hatches. Light and at least a few that open for air and egress. 3. Layout is at best odd, like it was a guest cabin, small and cramped, for a larger home. Look to other types of sailing vessels for layouts to see what Yaba could be Your "living room" (it's supposed to be a main salon) is basically just a hallway. The fix is to remove the starboard cabin, and shrink the starboard head, which then gives you a double salon space that's directly connected to the galley. It could start to look like the SV is should and could be. And, for guests you will have more sleeping berths. Keep the day head (on port). Keep the smaller cabin (consider reorganizing). And keep the guest head; But make it smaller and a wet head (no separate shower). The result would be a large quite open space with 3 separate but connected spaces: the galley, and two salons, one with a mess table Main, captain's, cabin is a tutorial on wasting space. I would consider putting the berth lengthwise along the beam. or tight to the starboard side, so you have usable space, including enough for a cozy built-in settee on the port side. From what I can tell the interior space is traditional for this type of vessel, but in my view fails in virtually every category. You often said there's great storage in the vessel--I see the opposite. Look at other SVs and I think you will find that many potential storage spaces were not utilized. If what I've written sounded harsh, that was not the intent. I simply think there are some important decisions ahead of you that should include possibilities you may not have considered. Cheers from Vancouver, BC, Canada, Dawson ps. still love ya, and, what you are doing heartens me, Thanks

    • You're welcome Often times we are limited by what we are able to conceive. In your case, this adventure is all a learning curve, so you will/could be ready to take on the project once you have the experience only achievable by doing the the project. That's the difficulty. Despite no experience and limited technical know-how, there's quite a bit of positives. Basically you two: even embarking on this improbable project is a positive as is your relentless positivity. A can-do attitude is it's own reward. However, I think your biggest asset is that you are smart, have some transferable skills and are curious and willing to learn. With your tech skills, this is why I suggested researching other SV layouts--seeing them lets you know what is possible. We'll talk design later. But here too, limits are often in the mind. Cheers, Dawson

    • Hello Dave! Thank you so much for donating us your time and wisdom! Your tips are epic!! We are definitely planning some big changes in the layout of our interior! And your point of view gave us some really great ideas! Of course there are some limiting factors, but we really hope we can create a very nice space for us and our guests! Let's see if we can make you proud when the time comes! 😉

  • Doubter no more!

  • Happy Easter. Good work, it's so nice to see that the work you are doing is being done in the most environmentally sustainable way as possible. 👍😊

    • Thank you Aldonio!! Happy Easter to you too!

  • My favourite horror channel... Someone's in denial: "All I see is the new frames"...! Well, all I see is a massive hack job on a pile of junk. If you ever are going to get that thing to float again, there's going to be a massive amount of repairs and maintenance constantly...

  • Thanks So Much For the Explaniation of the Type of Wood , wow Really Looks good in the Future , Don"t be Afraid to let your crew know to coat those Frames and Plankes With the Stff MP showed , I can"t see them using it But Mabye I missed it , Really Glad your Coating them frames Slop it on dont be Afraid of it , Great Eposide , Of Coarse i wish you Guys Luck :)

  • Expected splash date??? (2023)???

  • Happy Easter, MP, I truly love you. And you comment about what you see and don't see--all I see are the new frames, I don't see the rest ...--illustrates why. You really are lovely, and smart. And Ben, I think you're pretty cool too. Yet you're both off your heads: who goes from we love the ocean, SO we decided to make it our home, and, then buy an old wooden schooner that's sinking, described as, "The fun detail about our story is that the boat we bought is sinking ..." Who could resist such an intro? Specking for myself I'm delighted to have not resisted, so I have the pleasure of watching your delightful episodes. Always a pleasure to watch you and the shipwrights. Dawson

    • Thank you so much for your always present kindness, Dawson!!

  • Im so happy for you two. It's coming along and looks amazing!.

  • The carpenters crew are doing miracles with basic tools masters of their own craft!

  • It probably woulda just made more sense and been cheaper to build a brand new custom boat from scratch...

  • Where are the worms supposed to live? you primered their new home

  • I am curious about something. Would it have been cheaper, faster and easier to just cut the top half of the boat away and have them build you a whole brand new hull and frame and then set the top of the boat back on the new bottom of the boat?

  • Great video again, good to watch your progress. Do your boat builders know the size of the audience that they have ?

    • Thank you Mike!! Yes, they are aware! We also translate some nice comments about their skills to them! That makes them really happy 😄

  • what is the condition of the deck?

  • What would be cool is when this is done, make a time line of when things were done. I get the feeling they are going faster than the videos.

  • Do you have an estimate when the men will be finished with the bottom and sides of Yaba?

  • Can you please tell me when the cold weather will arrive?

  • How are you guys funding all this there seem to be heaps of men working on your boat, is it just patreon?

  • I seem to say this every episode..... Well done again guys... :) Awesome work again by all the guys in the yard, work is coming along so quickly now that most of the old timber is out and so much new stuff going in. I know that you follow Leo’s site Tally Ho, and l see him using a jointing paint in every join, just wondering why your not doing the same, and Jack da dawg wants to know, can he have some of that wooden cheese 🧀.....lol

  • hello Yaba, will you be doing a cost for us durring the remake? Interested how much it cost so far to have this work done. Here in the U.S.

  • This project really is interesting to watch. I have never worked in any way with wood let alone this size of task, but the skill and techniques used are fascinating. Glad you brought us to date on the big stainless steel screws.

  • Happy Easter. This is a great project with quite a powerful imagining. Best.

  • Which gentleman is the primary shipwright on this rebuild?

  • Great series guys, very entertaining! I have an idea for you, it's something I was going to do 20 years ago when I was living on my 41 Lord Nelson in Seattle but didn't. To get to the point, I was going to clad my frp hull under the waterline in copper sheet. I contacted 3M for help selecting an adhesive, they recommended 5200 series polyurethane adhesive. I was going to hammer 1 sq ft pieces to match the compound curvature of the hull, ballpeen hammer against a sand bag. Here are the pros, last for decades, does not pollute like stuffing paints, looks cool, the copper oxide (green) repels barnicles, worms, everything better than anything. Cons, copper sheet is expensive, need advanced skills in shaping the copper. Cladding Yaba in 99.9% pure copper sheet would be the ultimate protection, and you could make a living doing it for others as you travel.

  • No Brasil não existe este bordo em portugal sim lá existe! aqui no Brasil e boreste e Bombordo esquerdo e boreste direito !


  • Can you layeer fiber glass inside of the wood in a boat to make it stronger?

  • Come on this is going to be a disaster.You need to remove every bit of rotten wood.Why attach new to rotted wood?

  • Bjus meninos. SUCESSO!

  • Great progress. I have heard that you use bronze fasteners where air is not present in lieu of stainless steel. See Acorn and Arebella You Tube.r


  • It is funny to see the moral apostles drinking out of plastic bottles trying to make sure you are being ecologically woke. I am glad you are using the ecological option, but it isn't any of my business or anybody elses.

    • Its everybody`s business, don`t make a youtube channel if you don`t wan`t to hear the other side of the argument..........

    • We share this planet. It is everybody’s business

  • I can almost smell the overheated windings on some of the lightweight power tools they use,Planers ,drills etc..

  • You might want to look at getting a paint sprayer, it will speed it up and get in places you can't with a brush

  • Hi Ben and MP, Thanks for the explanation on where and how all your wood is sourced. I was worried you would become victims of the eco warriors who see any opportunity to destroy people who are just trying to fulfil their dreams. Best of luck and happy restoring.

  • I will always remember watching the amazing couple for the very first time, I was so, so excited, something exploded insiad of me, and I did not understand at the time, but the more I have watch this amazing couple, you grow with them both, and learn to love, and respect everything that they are both involued with, not a small project hay, lol but am as excieted to see a little bit of history coming back to life, I personaly cant wait to see these guys put this very beautiful yacht back on the water where she belongs, happy future sailing to them both, and all who sail on board of this beauty yaba :)

    • Thank you so much for your loving words Philip!!

  • it must surely have been cheaper to buy a better boat or have a new one made , when you two are finished 80% + of yaba will have been replaced all the best take it easy

  • Parabéns a reforma está ficando muito legal, gostaria de sugerir que vocês fizessem uma apresentação dos integrantes do estaleiro e o que cada um faz.

  • Well done everybody, keep soaking her bare timber in preservative she will love you for it. Great job.