i went to the Hype House and got Tik Tok lessons from Charli D'Amelio..

Publicerades den 12 mar 2020
ahhhh i love vlogs like these. hope u enjoyed. i love u


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  • Why do you keep saying the f word

  • Jesus is our lord and savior

  • Tana is a hardddd catfish bro!

  • Why are these people even famous lol

  • the bling ring is the best movie I need to watch it again!!

  • I actually love Tana

  • LMFAO alexis mom 🤣

  • Why does every tiktok boy say that their not a tiktoker. Hunnie....you are a tiktoker and it's ok. Still made you millions. That's the best way to quit their ego lol. 🤦‍♀️

  • Jsjsjsj 25:17

  • Me watching waiting for S3

  • The fact that’s everyone’s more excited for charli over Alexis just shows that I’m in my 20s 😂 we loved her!! And pretty wild was my shit haha

  • Oki but charli is high af

  • I love your hair ❤️👏👏☺️☺️

  • Hey :)

  • I remember watching a movie about the bling ring

  • I love Imaris laugh sm bahaha

  • How am i just watching this lmao charli is just amazing lol

  • To see the title of this video... skip to 25 mins in 🥲 Also, when he said “that’s a body roll” that was not a body roll 😂 I’ve been a dancer for at least 20 years lol

  • Is it just me, or are Tanas teeth different?

  • alexis didnt stfu

  • I like your nails like this>>>

  • Out of this whole video all u guys are talking about Charli being baked and hair extensions but for me I learned a lot about someone’s addiction and then beating it. Yes that girl did a lot of bad things but look at her now living her dreams. I learned a lot from this video not from tana but the other girl. I feel like a lot of you looked past the really deep part instead of learning from it you guys are talking about the little shit. Smh

  • my hair smells like coconut

  • Yo tana did you ever get your camera back

  • That TikTok at the end was the best and amari getting verified at the hype house!!! 😂😂💗💗💗

  • OMG pretty wildddddd

  • I live in Indiana lol

  • 😂😂

  • “BORRRINGGG” 💀💀💀💀

  • who let these tik tokers have a career smh

  • Being at the hype house seems so fun and having all those friendships they are so lucky

  • What is the movie called about her? I'm so intrigued now? I had never heard of the bling ring 🙄😮

  • OMG I had no idea who the girl was until you mentioned PRETTY WILD!!! Omg that show was crazy lmao my friend and I used to binge watch that shit. You just unlocked a lost memory with that one damn

  • Jesus is our lord and savior

  • I wanna be like u tana.🥺pretty,smart a lil bit of a crack head 🤪

  • Does tana wear fake teeth?

  • 24:16 her laugh sounded like goofy from Micky mouse. No hate just thought it was funny asf

  • wow, I worked at the PDC during this time! So many SEnewssrs would come to do podcasts there. The day this was posted was my last day there due to coivd. Crazy!

  • Aren’t u 30?

  • i wish i was a white women id get actual treatment

  • If that lady couldn't find dope in Mexico she wasn't looking for it.

  • tana said shane who ?!!!!

  • She said she was only there for Orlando's house. Not one or two of the crimes....just Orlando's house.

  • tana I havent watched you in so long but ive been watching you for the past week; youre so real and genuine. ive missed you, I love you. thank you for making videos that can always make me smile💓

  • you only got into the hype house around 23:38 and made everyone wait

  • wow december 2020 anyone?.....

  • Cause that is fine with me but I did not know cause I am a true fan so I don’t care if she dose or not

  • Dose she do drugs

  • Wait...usually when u go on a podcast, the host (interviewer) is the one to get to know, promote, ask questions, make the show about the guest...why was that Alexis girl on a roll about herself n everytime tana tried to talk she interrupted her. Huh???? Even if tana was recording the conversation bc she wanted to knw about this girls life, don’t interrupt or not acknowledge when another persons speaks. Ohh if that ain’t a turn off..🥱(meaning this Alexis was interrupting tana)

  • Tana tanning lotion: I'm all up in yr 💅 Tana: I'm going to fix my 💅

  • I am so here for for this girls drug recovery

  • Everything she says is everything she and every SEnewssr should listen to this

  • How the hell did I end up here let me leave

  • LOVE “PRETTY WILD”!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Tana if you need a break just take a break you definitely deserve it

  • God tana I love you💖

  • Lol it wont let me comment who is Charlie

  • this was posted the day before (my) lockdown started. i remember watching this and agreeing that it was one of the highest parts of my like (or so i thought) lmao

  • Hi

  • Legit; 10g heroin habbit? Im in recovery, and i did a lot of dope back then WHICH I AM SOO UNPROUD of, BUUTT 10g a week on dope then is like 150 bags (like over 14 grams) a day.. youd be dead asf

  • omg when she said "I would hate to be held accountable for the things..."

  • wait so where can we see that pod w the Paris Hilton stealing lady?

    • @Arianna G thanks sm! ♥️

    • her podcast is called "Recovering from Reality" and the Tana episode is #58

  • Me literally watching this now and REALIZED SHE IS IN IDNY WHERE I LIVE 🤯

  • Old SEnewssrs trying to leech clout of teen SEnewssrs is very sad....

  • im from the idubbz content cop and i think im the only one

  • I am such a big fan of you Tana! I hope you know that I will support you in no matter what. You are my inspiration.

  • Legolas saved many lives

  • i wont lie charli looks BAKED but you know shes with tana im not surprised. she could also just be tired

  • The first 25 of the minutes Charli isn’t in the video, so just skip to 25.

  • The foundation doesn’t match

  • Tana will never fail to make me feel like I’m on FaceTime with her while she vlogs

  • Omg Alexissss😱 I was obsessed with pretty wild😂


  • I need the pants tana had on !


  • Lmaoooo ‘I make millions off that home button’ I’m deadddd 💀😂😭

  • Was Tana re-verified or was she never unverified?

  • your risking your live smmoking

  • raspberry pi 4

  • I totally forgot but then you said the name and it tickled my brain then I went 🤯 oh yeah but I had NO clue this is what she did 😂 “and so it is”

  • Tanna cake face

  • Tana ilysm :)

  • no , i think murder is forgivable in the sense of like the person was abusing you or you got abducted


  • 25:17 🤣🤣🤣 charli

  • Is charli high??

  • she's in Indiana, omg same state-

  • How is watching this in 2020

  • how about tana is the easiest youtuber to watch without youtube premium. she doesn’t have seventeen ads a minute

  • You were so close to me!!! I can’t even... CANT EVEN!!!! 😂❤️💋

  • gibi asmr

  • God loves you and bless you Tana, he is there for you and loves you more than anything.

  • She’s my idol💕

  • whats the average annual income to justify funding this life style

  • you that girl form that poop head jake pole idk whats his name

  • anyone in here in september 2020?

  • for everyone looking for charli; i got you ;) 25:18

  • Is charli high JDHDJDBDJ

  • 25:10

  • She just tilted the video that to get more views 🙄