Sugar Bowl Highlights: Ohio State vs. Clemson | College Football Playoff

Publicerades den 1 jan 2021
Check out highlights of the College Football Playoff semifinal at the Allstate Sugar Bowl between Justin Fields, Trey Sermon and the Ohio State Buckeyes against Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne and the Clemson Tigers.
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  • nice fc

  • In Clemson's last 2 playoff games they've given up 91 points. 42 to LSU & 49 to Ohio St.

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  • 6:08 Makes the throw Jimmy Glass could not when it mattered. Perhaps the next 49ers QB?

  • I am an Ohioan and huge Buckeye fan. I think, of all of the offensive skill players in this game, the one who will have the best NFL career is Travis Etienne. Him not being at 100% totally changed this game. It demonstrates how important he was to Clemson's offense. To beat a great team, the Tigers needed Lawrence and Etienne at 100%. With Etienne hobbled, they got blown out by a hungry Buckeye team.

  • The disrespect that Justin Fields gets from NFL critics during Mock Drafts is unreal haven't they seen this game


  • This is not meant to be disrespectful to Zach Wilson, but how on earth is that dude rated above Fields...

  • Great win for Ohio state

  • It was probably best for Clemson that they lost this game...Alabama would have punished them for stealing their property two years ago anyway! Consider yourself lucky Clemson!!!! Don’t mess with Bama again!

  • Best game ever! Go Bucks!

  • He’s not as good as he thought or the big wigs thought!

  • Bucks gotta schedule all the teams they’ve never beaten (FSU, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina). They would dog-walk all of them right now.

  • If Kendrick made some plays the score would’ve been a lot closer but Ohio State would’ve still won

  • For all my other Clemson fans out there, we have some terrible luck in New Orleans don’t you say?

  • Ohio state beat Clemson two years in a row.

  • Justin Fields played like a 99 overall player in rookie madden

  • Wade got SCORCHED. So over-rated.

    • Did you get that from your dad?

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  • Fields looks better than Lawrence

  • Arm strength by Fields ridiculous

  • "Launches downfield. It's Olave..." He's that type of player that makes momentum plays. His big plays seem to add fuel for Ohio State and demoralize the opponent.

  • Herbstreit crying like a baby when his Ohio State lost was priceless.

  • Clemson never wins in the playoff when it wears all orange.

  • Justin fields vs trevor lawrence

  • Probably one of the sweetest victories in my 31 years of being a Buckeye

  • 3:20 Brett Venables so insanely salty.. Shady coach..

    • Fr he can't win without stealing signs. But even cheating he couldn't beat the buckeyes!

  • Ohio State should be proud. Now their 1-4 against both Alabama & Clemson. Won 2 A.P. national championships in the last 52 years and is 2-11 against the SEC in bowl games.

  • Everyone hating on Dabo because of the #11 ranking of the Buckeyes but to be fair, Bama made them look like an unranked team in the Natty.

    • @_Yeti Skeet_ Bama would have made literally every team look like a bottom of league sissy team. I feel like people fail to mention that they have 2 heisman candidates and 5 future top 10 draft picks. It's like people were surprised lol.

    • @Firestorm Yes they did. It’s like both Clemson and Ohio State didn’t deserve to be in the Playoffs.

  • GOAT

  • “Clemson by 40” - Clowns

  • I like coming back to videos like this to see all the Ohio state fans saying how they’re gonna beat bama 😂 then getting whooped 52-24 😂😂😂 hilarious

  • Lawrence will be nowhere near as good as expected in the nfl. Overhyped

  • It took Clemson at least 2 defenders to bring down Trey Sermon. Trey Sermon looked like a grown man running the ball against kids.

  • Nolan Ryan let the receiver get behind him twice for OSU touchdowns!!

  • Amari Rogers got shut down!

  • Trevor lawrence is so good

  • Sure osu got curbstomped by bama, but simply beating Clemson after they payed off the refs last year felt great

  • as an ohio state fan, i see this as an sbsolute win!

    • @James Hayes basically what I'm saying is that when you say that a team like OSU is taking a blow and just walking away from it, in reality, it was a very expected blowout and nobody expected to beat bama.

    • @bbbready and this is why osu will never win the natty. When Alabama comes in second, they take it as a loss and work to improve. After the natty, osu took a break. A break after getting destroyed. What kind of team expects to win championships when they won’t even practice after losing. Osu doesn’t have the right mentality, and won’t win nattys for a while because of it.

    • @James Hayes Getting to the natty is a win, even if we get destroyed by a team that was clearly the best in the league.

    • Did you see the natty as an absolute win?

  • As a life long Buckeye fan I can say we had a great season. Dabo should've eaten his words, but he didn't. Ohio State wasn't picked by anyone to even remotely compete in this game. I knew we had a chance, but that it would be very tough. The Buckeyes had to be at the top of their game, make little to no mistakes, and keep the Clemson Offense off the field, or at least controlled. We succeeded so well to my great pleasure. Sure there was an interception, but still a great game all around. We held a team that had averaged over 45 pts per game all year to 28. . Anyone who says that they failed by not beating Bama doesn't know college football. Bama is a beast, and for us to get there was a major accomplishment.

  • Shut up dabo

  • I did think that Clemson was going to win, but Ohio State showed so much athleticism throughout the season that I thought it would be a good game for sure. At 4:39 of this game Ohio State uses motion to create a 'Numbers' advantage to the wide side. For more details check out my analysis of six plays in this game at Numbers Angles Grass dot com.

  • DayVid 1979 ​“Ohio State has no chance against Alabama.” You were right.

  • #11/3rd Ohio State beats #2 Clemson. 49 to 28 Clemson got owned. BAMA 52 OSU 24. BAMA is a Monster. Best BAMA team I have ever seen.

  • 3:08

  • And then got a worse beating from the kings

    • @Mister night who cares about that lol

    • And it was the two most hated college football teams going at each other

  • Clemson is my fav

  • That touchdown to Olave 🥵

  • Bucks will be back next year Ohio state can Clemson in championship

  • That Clemson defense can make anyone look good, terrible

  • We dominated y'all Clemson clowns. Clemson been sorry past couple years in playoffs. Buckeyes have to much tradition and elite players for Clemson can even think about playing at our level.

  • Nolan Turner got smoked on the deep ball twice!!

  • Clemson Defensive backs got smoked all game!! OH---IO!! Ohio State’s tight ends were clutch in this game!!

  • Happy every day

  • 6:05 long bomb

  • Go Bucks!!!

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  • I pray that the wishes of everyone who sees this comment will be fulfilled this year!🙏

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  • all this just to get beaten up by Alabama lmfao

    • What is that supposed to mean? Why wouldn't you win your playoff games and want to go to the natty? Bama was going to destroy anyone they played this year. You must be a smooth brain

  • We will be back with QB2 Cj Stroud

  • So as a Brit, I have to ask, why do so many college football players wear little crop tops? Isn’t that a touch errrr.... feminine? Seems a bit weird for such a manly sport.

  • I'm looking forward to seeing Ohio State playing IBM's new FOOTBALL A.I. DEEP BLUE TEAM.

  • I pray that the wishes of everyone who sees this comment will be fulfilled this year!🙏

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  • One of the quietest 22 point nights I’ve seen

  • #47 on Clemson that hit Fields is sooooo lucky that he just ejected and not paralyzed. I study physical therapy and I know this guy could’ve definitely lost it all with that terrible form!

    • I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️

  • Alabama is the National Champions 😂😂😂 Thanks Bama ...greetings from Michigan 😆

    • ScUM fans are so pathetic lmao

    • @disi That would be like asking a 'Bama fan to cheer for Auburn. Never going to happen.

    • You should have cheered for OSU we’re both apart of the big 10... y’all got clapped by Bama last year

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  • I don’t like the Buckeyes but I will give props to Fields for getting up after that targeting call and coming back with a vengeance

    • From a 'Bama fan, Fields is a tough dude.

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  • Ohio never should have been in the playoffs.

  • Knowing the repercussions he was going to hear from National media and go ahead and say it and then caused the Ruckus that he did I have a very shallow opinion of the man now I really like Nick Saban he is such a humble individual and to be in his position I want to support Alabama from now on

  • You know after listening to Dabo Swinney comments on the ranking of Ohio State I have now shifted my opinion and loyalties for Clemson and now support Alabama


    • @Jason Weaver awww. Had to be so hard on them after those first 5 games they played lmfao gtfo

    • Playing both of those teams back to back like that had to be mentally and physically exhausting

  • Ohio States gets shredded by Bama in the Championship game.

  • Alabama made the critics quiet lol. Ohio St Fans mad mad

  • Who is here after Alabama blew out Ohio state 52-24 in the national championship

    • @Ill lLlLl found the kid again he actually said Ohio state- 63 Alabama- 49

    • @Ill lLlLl and also you got your 1st grade reading teacher to help you fix some key mistakes that’s why your reply is edited and also you finished the rest but you were still not able to fix your key mistakes

    • @Ill lLlLl and also when did I talk about other teams like Oklahoma and lsu I was telling you guys that a kid told me it would be 63-28 bama and I knew it was gonna be a good game but bama’s offense was unbeatable and Ohio state’s 2020 offense was not as good but osu has a little better defense then bama but osu let Indiana almost beat them and they could barely do anything against northwestern and dabo Swinney said that they didn’t take practice for the sugar bowl and I believe him because how bad Clemson performed against Ohio state so I predicted that it would be 52-17 but originally I thought it could be as good as Clemson vs Ohio state in 2019 so you need to read replies more correctly once you get into 2nd grade

    • @Ill lLlLl and also are you brain dead cause I clearly never said it would be a good game you paranoid imbecile I just said that a kid told me that it was gonna be 63-28 are you still in 1st grade or what

    • @Preston Nguyen Nobody really said they would blowout bama, but mostly everyone even bama fans expected a good game, and I mean just because they struggle with some teams during the regular season doesn't mean that's a true representation of how good they are. Teams develop as time goes on. I mean bama let Ole miss drop 50 on them and barely beat a 2 loss florida by 5 pts who got annahilated by OU. Same thing with OSU in 2014, they lost to Virginia Tech early on then went on to beat up bama and oregon. Same thing with LSU last year. Is it that unrealistic to have expected a good game after Ohio State destroyed the #2 team in the country? If anyone sounds brain dead it's you.

  • came back here to feel better about the bama loss/:

    • Lol maybe if yall played more game, yall wouldve been more prepared

  • Ohio state is gonna lose

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  • OHIO ST THE GOAT. GO BUCKEYES FROM SWITZERLAND. Buckeye football fan base is world wide folks. No offense to Clemson but your fan base is not.

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  • I'm a Michigan man However I appreciate the tenacity that Justin Fields played with... To that hit he made it a personal game to prove to the other defense that's going to take more than that. Hopefully Michigan can get to this level someday

  • National Championship QB Justin Fields vs RB Najee Harris Winner gets drafted to the Rams

    • @glizzy.gladiatoronlyfans He played like a 7th rounder last night.

    • fields is gonna be top 5 lol

    • Rams gave up a lot to draft Goff and found their #1 RB with Akers. Neither of these players are going to LA.

  • Maybe Justin Fields will come to the Rams

  • So this is what Clemson looks like when they can’t steal signals

  • A great game great win for Ohio State I missed this game I really want to see it

  • BALAIADA toma Barbie

  • Does someone know why they only played 7 or 8 games when the others played full schedule and their in national championship game.

    • @ÏÏ Why does it matter?

    • @Patrick S. ur not even Justin Y tho so why r u speaking???

    • @ÏÏ Florida shouldve been in quarter finals instead of Ohio

    • @ÏÏ Clemson isnt really a tough team, Notre dame could of beat em. Shoot LSU coulda beat clemson and they lost half their greatest players. Yall act like playing 6 games is national championship worthy and when you get there, yall choke. Granted Alabama has its downfalls, but Bama is #1 in the country for the reason.

    • @Patrick S. Explain how they beat #2 then? Lmao

  • Man, Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt would have had way too much fun commentating if Fox aired this game instead of ESPN.

  • This would have been a way more intense game if there were fans.

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  • When I say this league is soft. I promise this league is SOFT ASF!!!! That was a solid good hit and they call targeting SMH wow

    • That is not a good hit. No coach from pee-wee to NFL will teach you to tackle like that. The LB could've paralyzed himself.

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