MICAH VS GARRETT | Sunday Match #6

Publicerades den 4 apr 2021
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  • Josiah told me today that tig was putting so bad once in a college tournament he started putting with his three wood

    • @Micah Morris Damn Si Woo Kim copied you yesterday.

    • Now that's awesome. Switch it up if you have to!

    • I made some birdies too haha

    • That is indeed true

  • Palm Springs in California

  • If you are planning to travel this summer... like Kanye said “SUMMER TIME CHI” with that being said Harborside International Chicago Golf Course. Top course in Chicago 👌🏼

  • St. Louis

  • Love to see a match at Cedar Crest in Dallas

  • You should play Tierra Verde in Arlington for one of these matches. #1 public course in the metroplex

  • Come golf in Adrian MN

  • What is your new 2 iron

  • Who thinks it would be cool to watch if each tenth match is stroke play

  • Holy crap Garretts driver flexes really bad when driving. He needs to get a stiffer driver. This will improve accuracy.

  • Whwre is he skiing this time of year? Here in Minnesota we haven't had snow for a month now -.-

  • Garrett, have you ever heard of a pre-shot routine?

  • Imagine having one of the biggest golf channels on SEnewss and BARELY improving your game over the last 2 years

  • Let's be honest.. Garrett's mental game when he plays Tig is terrible. If he loses the Sunday matches this year by 15 it will be a miracle. He says I gotta keep my head in the game but that's clearly the issue. He's got plenty of skill, but the issue is above his shoulders.

  • one might say garret folded like a lawn chair

  • Love ya micah

  • Come on out to San Diego CA. it's not just Torrey pines out here. There's some beautiful courses all over the area.

    • @Micah Morris I'm guessing the Crossings, that place is amazing.

    • @Micah Morris nice. How do I follow where abouts a you're gonna be? Would love to be in the peanut gallery.

    • I’ll be there next week

  • Somerby in Byron MN

  • Ya’ll should try to play Augusta #Masters

  • Great round guys, keep up the hard work, it will pay off in the end.

  • you guys should do a tour of Northern Ireland once restrictions lift! playing a Sunday match in Royal County Down or Portrush would be insane

  • Get Garrett a coach, I mean this is getting really bland watching Micah stomp on Garrett 99% of the time. Also, you live in Dallas now, Altus performance is there and it’s one hell of a golf school.

  • You’re getting a little quick and handsy Garret thats why the hooks are coming. Slow the tempo down a tad

  • Would love to see you play Bandon Dunes in Oregon! Very tough course and would like to see how you guys stack up!

  • Need to do a match at edge wood lake Tahoe..

  • Tigs just to good. And for everyone saying that grat played well against Kyle....he’s a long ball hitter not much of a golfer. When he’s on the channels I don’t watch. He commentates what he’s going to do before every shot and never does it. Gets old quickly.

  • Micah your fans are petty as fuck.

  • These aren’t even fun to watch anymore. Tig is so much better and clearly cares more.

  • Try out Cleburne links. It’s a little south of Dallas but it’s right on a lake and it’s beautiful out there. I play there regularly.

  • Micah Morris gm_golf Would love to see you guys come out to Illinois once the weather is good. I actually live not too far from where bubbie grew up but there's some really nice and challenging courses out here I'd love to introduce you to.

  • Go to tiger wood’s course in Branson MO

  • Go play a match at sand valley (Wisconsin) you won’t regret it!

  • Y’all need to do a video (18 holes) at Rangers Golf Club in Arlington. Hosting a KF tourney this month and course is always in great shape.

  • play plantation in frisco

  • My family is members at Virginia Country club in Long Beach, CA! HMU if you wanna come play the course

  • links at lands end in yantis, tx

  • Come to Canada next year when the restrictions lift.

  • Micah is gonna win so many matches this year, idk what garret is doing but he went from pretty dang good to like uhh what happened?

  • We all have bad days. Garret is an absolute beast as we all know. Tig, great job on another win 💪🏼

  • Your Driver backswing looks so much better, clubface is square to slightly open at the top, no more hooks, nice. 👍

  • If you hit subpar shots, do you get birdies?

  • What happened to the 2 iron?

  • Garrett has got some major club path and face angle issues at the mo , it’s either a push or smothered hook , very trapped and stuck in the down swing , downswing is too much travelling outwards

  • Vaaler Creek Golf Club is a nice course

  • Rayburn Country golf course, Brookeland Tx

  • Come to Colbert Hills! Killer course in Manhattan KS, 7500 yds from the tips, 152 slope rating, I'd pay your greens fees 👍

  • Micah needs to say something about his fans trashing Garrett in the comments. This is ridiculous

  • Come play Dallas national with me

  • Damm, this comment section did not pass the vibe check

  • You guys need to come down to prairie dunes!

  • Gotta play we-ko-pa golf course in Arizona

  • Bandon Dunes. Make that trip happen!

  • Come play in Utah, I’ve got some killer courses for your Sunday Matches!

  • Not really interested in Garrett vs Micah matches. Wish Garrett would play other perple

  • Not a Micah fan

  • And just like that... season 2 is done.

  • Tig we wanna see you enter a tournament!

  • Come play Vandergrift Golf Club, Vandergrift PA. Its not a country club. It's a club in the country.

  • shot tracking with like a tripod would elevate this like crazy i feel

  • Come to TPC Harding

  • "3 down with 3 to play. Crazier things have happened." Have they Garrett? Have they?

  • Garrett might need to start playing baseball with how much he’s finishing with 1 hand and dropping the club lately

  • Play Texas Star!!

  • I'll fly you out if you play me in Aspen Colorado this summer

  • Go play Tour18 in flower mound.

  • Courses of Clear Creek, Fort Hood, TX. Awesome course to play!

  • please play lantana golf course in argyle, tx

  • Heritage Ranch in Fairview near Twin Creeks is a gem.

  • Micah is killing it lately.

  • Go to North Carolina.

  • Sadly, the quality of play these matches is making them less fun to watch. Tig certainly is playing much better, but neither drives the ball very well and for both the short game from 150 in (which for them is a freakin’ gap wedge) is pretty terrible. Lots of talk about remarkable shot distances from these two, but more accuracy would make for better viewing. I’d rather see a well struck 7 iron hit the green from 170 yards than a nuked wedge miss the same shot.

  • You guys should try Payne's valley or Buffalo ridge

  • Playing golf for a living is literally a dream job. Micah get me to the good good house please. i would love to play with you guys.

  • Come out to New Orleans. Not too far from y’all and we have some solid courses out here.

  • Try to get up to Michigan this summer, the island resort and casino has a great group of 4 courses to play!

  • You all should play at Augusta National next

  • You got to love these intros 🔥🔥

  • please come play in south africa

  • Hopefully this motivates Garret to keep working on his game cause he ain't getting over 10 wins this year otherwise

  • garret is poop

  • Doesnt Garrett get fitted for clubs like every week🤔

  • Gare Bear needs to work on his short game yayayayaya

  • Everybody saying garrets playing bad, I just think Micah is next level atm

  • Come play Chambers Bay ! Let’s get a round in !

  • From watching you guys for a few years now the biggest disadvantage garret has is confidence and lack of accountability. I rarely hear tig give an excuse for why his ball isn’t where he was trying to hit it but with Garrett it’s all of the time. The other point is when Garrett starts playing bad it’s almost like he gives up. I’ve never seen more one handed finishes from a golfer. He sets up to the ball expecting his shots to be bad. The dude is an incredible golfer but he gets in his head so much Micah doesn’t even have to try. The matches are far from out of hand but Garrett needs accountability and confidence.

  • What’s your outro song?

  • Y'all should play "the patch" in Augusta Georgia" would love to see a Sunday match - it's got historical legacy!!!

  • Y’all have to go to Alabama and play rtj Capitol Hill!

  • I think u were 9 down not 8 down and also did you cry after losing once again?

  • Play a match at chambers bay

  • Micah needs to give Garrett strokes

  • You guys should come play Chambers Bay!

  • Garrett needs to control his emotions against Tig. He wants to beat tig so badly his mental game isn’t there yet. When G-rat plays Kyle or anyone else Garrett is on fire.

  • Micah.... there is a CLEAR GAP between you 2 & since I’ve been watching these Sunday matches (going back a year + or so it feels like anyways) you have gotten even better & Garrett has gotten significantly worse!! Garrett needs strokes going forward or these matches aren’t gonna be competitive! I root for G every wk but truth be told it has become a 1 sided match in your favor! You need to HELP your boy out famo he’s waving the white flag, throwing in the white towel, sending morse code signals “SOS” etc etc etc lol for real tho HELP YOUR BOY OUT.... FASSSSSST!!!!!!

  • Golfholics and Mr short game are looking for worthy scramble opponent's gm and Micah 🤔

  • you should go to firelake golf course in shawnee oklahoma. its a beautiful course and i would love to see yall play my home course. maybe a friendly match

  • I've got a 4some in Tulsa Oklahoma ready to whip your asses 👀👀👀

  • Well these Sunday matches are becoming 🗑! I don’t think GM will win 10 matches at this rate. SMH

  • Looks like the driver didn’t fix garrets hook....

  • Is it time to start handicapping these matches?