Nissan 200SX on slippy Nürburgring Nordschleife S13 CA18DET 17.08.2019 日産 ニュルブルク 4K

Publicerades den 18 aug 2019
Light drizzle all afternoon, causing some sketchy little slides.
-Touristenfahrten Saturday, August 17th 2019-
1991 Nissan 200SX S13
Federal 595 RSR 235/40R17
CA18DET stock internals, modified intake camshaft
GT2860RS@1.1 bar
stock transmission and shifter, EP3 shift knob
S15 helical LSD
Aftermarket intercooler, radiator and oil cooler
custom 3" exhaust and downpipe, xs manifold
Ksport coilovers with custom spring rates
Energy Suspension bushings
Modified front knuckles, DW Geomaster2 rear knuckles
deleted power steering
Skyline R33 GTST Brakes front & rear with CL RC5+ pads
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  • Skill, no electronics, no expensive car, no bu**hit.

  • Rover metro at 10:27 🔥🔥🔥

  • милата :D

  • Love the fact that a 30 year old car is smoking much newer ones, you're a good driver too.

  • the Mitsubishi was the first car that actually kinda gave him a challenge but barely

  • вот что значит быть гончиком

  • Well driven fair play.

  • He was grinding all night baby (day)

  • Your heel-toe is very impressive :)

  • Cómo se llama eso que el está haciendo con los pies en los pedales?


  • I need that cupholder in my life

  • My guy is delivering tofu.

  • Reschpekt, super Cam-Einstellung für uns Zuseher! 👏🏽

  • Svaka čast majstorcina🇷🇸

  • instead of coffee before work))

  • I dont know how suddenly u just enter the track so easily

  • I have never seen anything like this. His correcting of those slides is totally incredible

  • Pat of approval @11:45 👏

  • Bei den will ich nicht als Beifahrer mit fahren

  • Why did my hands get sweaty watchi rhis

  • kann es sein das bei dem Wagen gar nix kommt lach rein gar nix

  • those popup headlight waves lol

  • 5:36 i shit myself

  • He thinks if he crash he will return to the pit

  • slower shit!!!

  • He's driving this fast with an almost empty tank 😂

  • propre

  • You are hero!

  • 7:24 that’s one fire breathing evo

  • i like how you can see the fuel gauge needle just go up and down and up and down throughout the video

  • Got some skills mister :)

  • 4:55 - masterclass!!

  • Nice bro)

  • waaaaat the fuuuuuc*** :o :o

  • My man shifts down like takumi

  • Dude has mad skills. Genuinely curious to know why the hell he heel toes at 1-2000 RPM shifting from 3rd gear to 2nd at 50 km/h 🤣🤷‍♂️

  • Wieder so nh kleiner Rennfahrer der sein Auto irgenwann dort zu schrott fährt xD o.o

  • You should do a lap with Misha Charoudin! I'd definitely like to see that!

  • This man is wild

  • 5:43 I shit my pants

  • whats the car on 1:06?

  • Careful the ass end doesn't come around on ya, I had one and it was fun as shit, but every now and again that straight rear axel and light back end would end up in front.

  • 10:38

  • 1:07 miata😍

  • Wie er sein Auto wie nen Gaul klopft nach der Runde😆 geil, super gefahren, feines Autochen👍🏻

  • everyone : wow this guy whipping it me: is he sponsored by Rockstar energy drink?

  • boring

  • Hammer Skills Junge😎

  • Very impressive driving and sub human shifting. Rev matches on point.


  • Der Man ist ein profi !

  • ニキ、ノーヘルやんけ

  • 5:39 WOW!

  • Car lost gas and then gained gas

  • Aya podran tener veiculos de lujo. Pero jamas podran superar nustros tsurus👌👌

  • Deja vu song playing in my head through out...

  • Holy shit

  • da würde ich ja gerne mal mitfahren :D

  • Vans = 100hp and +50 skill

  • Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 |Cinematic| NİGHT DRİFT//Forza Horizon 4

  • All 8MPG n shit. It's good fun until you have to fill her up with high octane fuel. 🤣 My VR6 4 Motion R32 gets about 16MPG when I'm gunning it. But I'm selling it because it's not fast enough, and dropping a turbo in it would eat even more fuel. My old MKIII standard VR6 went like a train and still got 30MPG. I miss that car. Love my new one though.

  • メーター振り切れてるしw

  • Excellent

  • Shit got real around 5:42

  • looking this video with an Eurobeat is insane! LMAO

  • eres una maquina

  • Подскажите, пожалуйста, NIssan 200 - это модель или до этого видео 199 ниссанов было намотано на ограждение?

  • Nice

  • 13:26 beautiful moment with the Miata 🥺🥺

  • perfect race thx

  • This was a really fun ride!

  • Nashe

  • 13:25 my broo

  • Ballsy lap; I mos def would have to have a cage and brain bucket to attempt that shit.

  • perfect driving bro have a nice drive all time

  • 7:42 !!!

  • ehh that a live


  • 👍👍👍

  • Who even drives like that on the street?🤔🤦🏼‍♂️

  • How much super cars😱 Wich country?

  • Aynı forza horizondaki caddeler

  • Nice energy drink and shoes bro! Extra points for driving to the ring like a proper douche.... hahaha. Nice footwork man!

  • Elle va bien

  • *Nürburgring near Death Compilation*

  • Imagine if this driver drives a tuned sports car...of course wearing his Vans sneakers

  • Excelente 👍

  • 1 star safety rated car , taking corners well over 200kmph and no roll cage or helmet , also not to mention the driver has balls of steel and the skill to get into formula 1

  • Was thinking "A 30-year old Datsun? at the Nürburgring..? Why did I click on this?"... But that was pretty f*ckin cool ;) Riveting driving. Some spellbinding piece of track.

  • どういう状況?

  • Amazing how you were on the street in one minute, and racing on Nurburgring in the other

  • You're good! nice car! from japan 🇯🇵

  • 5:42 u crazy

  • I like how other drivers go on side of the road, so he can overtake them. Imagine it on normal road...

  • great driver!

  • Did you weld your differential?

  • You’re driving over 240 km/h wtf you are incredible 👍👍without helmet and stuff like that

  • A wonderful creative artist