We Tricked Celebrities into Auditioning for Borat

Publicerades den 25 okt 2020
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  • You guys should get a canvas, add a blob of paint, and try to sell it at an art exhibition for millions of dollars and call it “modern art.”

  • Props for keeping your cool talking to Ann Widdecombe she's such an awful awful horrible woman. And we all know David Walliams is no stranger to doing offensive impressions lol also tbf Jimmy Carr is a trash person too lol

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  • when i tell you how much i laughed after searching this video whilst watching zane & heaths podcast...

  • Jason was trying his best god bless him😂❤. I really hope he manages to get a role in a big movie someday.

  • Ppl who are actually funny on their own are more impressive than ppl who only get laughs for bringing ppl down and making fools of ppl. Lowlifes

  • Considering that you ticked David Walliams, you should do it again & somehow tie into an actual Britain's Got Talent audition.

  • I am here from David and Jason’s podcast and this was amazing LOL

  • No fukin way hahaha, I heard about this on David Dobriks podcast like a month ago, just today I was watching boxing news videos, was recommended ksi vs logan paul 2 highlights, then recomonded the video about ed sheeran, then I clicked on yalls channel and and it was you guys who pranked Jason Nash, hahaha, really wanted to know who they were talking about on the podcast, and it was you guys, what are the absolute odds, are we in a simulation? That I ended finding who they were talking about, lol, great f^kin video

  • 😂😂😂 never fails amazing work lads

  • “this suit is black .... NOT!!”

  • Who else came here from zanes and heath pod cast

  • Now Jason nash knows how jonah felt

  • David Walliams and Jimmy Carr were actually really good 😂

  • You probably unintentionally provided an opportunity for them to actually star in the next movie lol i think David could fit for real in a Borat film

  • You should try Meghan and Harry next

  • I haven’t watched Josh in years but I heard about this prank from David and Jason’s and Heath and Zane’s podcasts and omg I didn’t know it was him lmao.

  • Yeah I kind of feel bad for these people.

  • ok but we NEED Perrie in Borat!

  • Only watching this because Jason mentioned this in their views podcast with David, and I knew they were talking about josh pieters 😂😂 what the heck.. poor Jason.. anyone else came from views?

  • omg that's illegal and not funny at all

  • Mint video and it’s lovely to see Stephen bear in fake Gucci T-shirt’s, career must be going well


  • Jason had a good feeling that something was fishy😂

  • Very nice

  • this video deserves more likes and views holy fk its hilarious XD

  • Cannnnnot believe that You got Perrie to do this lol

  • What happened to the quail

  • This is kinda just mean

  • Finally came here after hearing Zane and Heath talk about this... and then Jason and David... Watching this was so cringey though. Its definitely a well thought out prank and kind of evil genius type thing so kudos for that, but its just so cringe and gives me second hand embarrassment. I genuinely feel bad for these ppl bc they were probably excited thinking they might have a chance in this movie.... dont feel bad for Jay Alvarez tho... fuck that guy.

  • Just here because of Perrie edward

  • You guys deserve more subs

  • Don’t touch my precious Jimmy Carr god please !!!

  • It’s actually genius

  • Not perrie my babyyyy 🥺🥺🥺 she did so well though

  • what happend to ty from the ksi vs logan fight?

  • omg they talked about this on the views podcast with David and Jason and I remembered they pranked Carol Baskin

  • Who else is here because they watched Ann Widdecombe and Stephen Bear on CBB? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Not in the same series, of course, but... ... ... ... .... ... .... Only me? Yup, probably 😂😂😂

  • I kinda feel bad to some celebs who had to pushback meetings for this. If you're a celeb, you'd think this could be your big break. So you naturally move your other business.

  • i wanna watch this movie though

  • Pretty sure u can get sued for impersonating a director. Pretending ur someone else . Scammers.

  • How has this not blown up!!!!?!?

  • The movie script was shit but the video was funny

  • Anyone here from David and Jasons podcast?

  • I want to believe that these are genuine, but I just can't...

  • Ngl some of these were cringe.

  • anyone else here from the views podcast?

  • After hearing zane and heath's podcast i literally feel so sad, poor jason, i honestly wish zane and jason would have had the opportunity to do their bit, it would have been hilarious

  • Jason Lolol

  • I listened to david and jason talk about this on their podcast😂,Jason was still good though

  • Sort of messed up, playing with someone's emotions isn't okay.... they could be depressed they can't switch careers or get the next movie role etc... then to publically shame them.... not cool 🤬

  • Lowkey... give Perrie the role

  • Why didnt you guys put the call with Zane H.

  • I love these but I was wondering do you ever feel bad after

  • omg jason is so funny

  • David should actually be in a borat film

  • Zane and Heaths Podcast!!!


  • who here from the podcast 😂😂

  • They really did these guys dirty 🤣👏🏻

  • Jason made me laugh

  • I love Jason Nash but mainstream acting is just not for him. Loved Williams acting though he smashed it.

  • LMAO Jason got played like a flute he was so into it 😂

  • Jason Nash tried so hard because he has no talent and has nothing

  • sacha bara cohen has to get in on this. absolute comedy gold

  • Poor Jason 😂

  • Oh man.... how could they do that to them....

  • This should be illegal though fr

  • jay alvarez will never make it as an actor and that is something i can promise you🤣 that was the laziest audition i've ever watched

  • Won't they get arrested for doing this? LMFAO

  • Here after listening to the views podcast 😂

  • Here from David and Jason's vlog. Jason knew but he was like lmao I'm gonna go along with it

  • Came from David’s podcast

  • Perrie smashes that, love her so much. Protect her at all costs

  • This is wrong

  • I came from Jasons podcast he was so pissed about this

  • POV you came here from unfiltered

  • Nah this is just a dick move, not even funny. Poor people taking time out their day for this

  • Who is here after listening to The Views podcast from David Dobrik👍

  • Dude this is vile. I feel so bad for them.

  • You guys should thank the views podcast for talking about your prank cause I would never came to watch. Just FYI

  • Who else came from David’s podcast 😂

  • how is this video not viral

  • I came from David’s new podcast 😏

  • David and Kerrie were the best.

  • What I’m a watching 😂 Jason Nash is the funniest

  • Came from David's podcast 😂 my ❤ broke for jason.😭

  • this is actually so funny

  • Who's here from VIEWS?

  • 0:11 yo the guy i rep is her boyfriend thats mad

  • Lol Jason 😂😂

  • Here from the views podcast

  • Who came from listening to David dobriks podcast

  • Jason mash goes from Slavic to bad Chinese accent lmfao

  • Fucking hilarious pranking people in a time when there are job losses and low job security. Nailed it.

  • the borat of borat

  • Jason nash was fantastic btw

  • Omg how would they do this to Zane and Jason

  • Whyd you have to do Jason like this?🥲