Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)
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  • Opens sketch pad. Proceeds to draw dick lol

  • there you go, the first thing he draws is a dic XD

  • its disgusting his promoting electric car, especially with your past opinions.

  • 1:04 WHAT IS THAT😳

  • will see how far your gimmicks will entertain you when you cant just put petrol in your car at WILL and start your journey , because your electric wont start because the government have switched it off by a click of a button and then my friend your restricted to there WILL.

  • hmm. doodles a wang at 1:10. This shows how useful a sketchpad is while driving

  • Did no one see him draw a Dick on the screen

  • On a long haul this car is slower than a rusty 1980 Lada.

  • But what's it like rallying ?

  • Grand Tour? Clarky did this at TopGear years ago!!

  • Jeremy didnt you critisised tesla before ? now you are a fan ? really ?

  • You may be on Mars now but you WILL be 6 feet under if you let that overpriced vehicle drive for you for any significant time.

  • The reason it's expensive (and not really compared to comparablecompetitors) is that Musk is using the extra profit to produce the cheaper models. The Model 3 was introduced with a much more affordable price.

  • love how you have to essentially take the red pill to activate the ludicrous mode

  • Can you imagine a world without lawyers?! *shudders*

  • And who's driving that vehicle from headquarters no more privacy tesla has taken away your rights and freedom. Tesla is a fad. Electric cars are a giant bomb they burn to the ground. And they are hideous

  • What did Jeremy draw at 1:04?

  • why in the world would he draw that on the pad?? 🤦

  • Why is this advertising and n my Yat I watched it on telly years ago

  • Also astonished by the crashes and of the killed people by it?




  • Clarkson being forced to do a review of a car he hates just for what it is. This is a negative review hidden as a positive one, and a rehashed one at that to drive the point home. Clarkson was good 20 years ago, now he is just an entitled old prick.

    • Naah, I think he's slowly adapting. There's no reason to abolish gas cars completely if 90% of all cars go EV. Pollution will decrease dramatically, and that small percentage of gas cars left is no or little threat to the environment, provided they do adhere to the strict emission standards.

  • The solution to the self driving car problem? Bumper cars and crash protection

  • At least there is enough room to the steering wheel to accommodate his baby bump

  • When is the next Grand tour coming out?

  • Are those talkative personnel on board is reference to giant fiasco with top gear faking car battery power running out while testing tesla, and then going away with it claiming review show is a show and it's fake anyway? Then getting faboiis and tesla after their butts?

  • I actually want one now

  • The one in Texas that couldn't adjust for the corner and hit an on coming vehicle wasn't astonishing, but you know what was...the 4 hour lithium battery fire that burned 2 people to death. You see a tesla...give them a wide margin

  • I'd still prefer a V8.

  • That guy is a piece of .... too arrogant thinks he’s the best of the world just bcs he had the luck to be starrin in Top Gear

  • The lawyers were there talking about the range because of the previous incident between jeremy and tesla? 🤣

  • Who is Clarkson?

  • 2 auto driving cars crash... Who's at fault? The drivers or the company who makes the car?

    • The drivers who weren’t at the wheel

  • 1:06 did he draw a pienus? ?

  • That drive with those Lawyers must have been awkward

  • Celebration mode was perfect

  • I think Musk bought that bond car?

  • "James May is a moron"

  • Did he just draw a cock?

  • Yet another ACTOR called upon to steer brainwashed people, for a dirty paycheque.

  • £156,000 but can trap 6 lawyers... Worth it I'm sold...

  • Why the re upload?

  • Mr. Clarkson at his best more please

  • I think Elon built this with Jeremy in mind from the last time and why this car is brilliant you can engage warp speed mode all men are just big kids lol and that alone is why this is a good car 😆

  • Auto drive wont work in Bangladesh and India😑😆

  • changed his tune since last time

  • Did Clarkson draw a chode or a cactus lol

  • Why is this guy so impressed with features that have been around for yeaaaars on other luxury brands?

  • دعاية قوية لتيسلا

  • An Owl Sanctuary 😂🤣😭

  • When was this filmed?

  • Gull Wing is a poor design of the car. It looks cool but it is impractical.

  • @1:05 Jeremy really drew a dick on the Tesla screen 😂

  • He changed his tune I see.

  • No sport cars were harmed in this video.especially r8

  • Just realized how annoying it must be to have the control panel on your left side in Britain, unless of course your are a lefty then it is great.

  • Ι wish it had a feature that it could sound like a mid-engined V10 powered 600 horsepower audi R8

  • I don't know who this guy is bi don't seem very smart

  • how this peoples stay calm in car with him :D

  • Jeremy used to be a Tesla hater, but in here looks like he's really enjoying one

  • The first thing he did in a Tesla is draw a penis

  • what exactly did he draw on the sketch pad? I know am not the only one with the same question

  • 1:02 From all the things that he could have drawn, he chose .............

  • Sometimes his brains, they are almost frightening

  • The lawyer's are like assholes classmates

  • Okay now do that dragrace 5 times in a row, you will beat the Tesla in a GTI.

  • 1:03 art and humor transcend age.

  • 3:15 you lost me at 'take out your phone'. Never thought clarkson would get like this, and he calls himself a petrolhead, thats just sad.

  • This is all well and good - but Clarkson has been in a Tesla for quite a while.

  • Tesla’s are for techies and people who don’t like driving. Soulless cars.

    • Tesla accelerates fast. Other than that it's just gimmicks and overpriced junk.

    • Have you ever watched how much fun Tesla drivers get at how fast they accelerate?

    • The best

  • A bit late aye?

  • Anyone remember when Jeremy and Top Gear we’re trying to crush Tesla / the Roadster back then?

  • I will never ever go in a selfdriving car . I have seen electic failure to many times plus if this would become a thing. Think about hackers who want to do massive damage, with this car you make a terrorist lazy, they just need to wake up drink some koffee and open a cumputer and do horrific magic with our new self driving death mobiels.

  • A big issue though is once your out of warrantee the monopoly of car parts means even them door handles that are prone to failing can be 800 each...batteries are new car prices.

    • None of what you stated is true. Tesla has every customer on a maintenance plan, you play $0 and get a rental tesla when your car is in the shop. Tesla makes their own parts, it's not a monopoly (you need a dictionary, ffs), dumbass, it's proprietary, for obvious reasons. Battery replacement for Tesla cost is $3000-$7000, and you won't have to worry about that until about 23years of heavy use with each year of a 1%-3% loss in efficiency. Stop peddling lies, and actually google something for once in your pathetic life, loser.

  • Clarkson geeking out in a tesla is something I thought would never happen, but I'm so happy we are finally here. Embracing the EV future that is far more fun for automotive enthusiasts than ever.

  • "Oh look, a sketch pad" *instantly draws a penis*

  • British people are sooo serious, all the time. 8:16

  • A racist hypocrite who defamed Tesla when it most needed to join efforts to make it. Now Tesla is popular so you have good opinion about it….how annoying.

  • 6 days and gets 2 million top gear fans watching 😶🤔

  • He didn't punch anyone. Successful day.

  • custom and relax ps( in it . lounge car

  • what I need is A cat Eldorado ar coop de village

  • wee need top gear back and you team. don't let others paint van gogs picture

  • The best

  • ? iRobot.. I aint saying more

  • Are we all going to ignore the pretty pattern!?

  • Knight Rider is coming to life after almost 40 years

  • didnt elon cry n sue top gear for first reviews. maybe they felt bad so they did a good review lol edited: haha never mind i didnt watch enough yet

  • So you're finally back to your sense?

  • @1:05 i see what you draw there 🌚

  • "No I want my mommy"... Lol...

  • Its the replay

  • You would want to hope it does not crash and burn.

    • Have a look at Tesla manual and see what it tells you about electric cars catching on fire. The last driverless Tesla vehicle in America took 3 hours to put out. Tesla’s advice to fire service, let it burn. Guess you save on cremation costs.

    • Out of the 6.5 million teslas, only 7 have actually burned down, with only 2 being manufacture defects, the rest being accidents. That's comes out to 0.0001077% of teslas in a full failure rate. A statistic that is unheard of in the automotive industry. Tesla is well and beyond considered the safest vehicle ever made.

  • 1:03 OMG, yes, nice feature the sketchpad to draw a d*ck in a Tesla...

  • 10:05 A battery should have the positive and the negative

  • 1:05 eyyy

  • 11:04 I legit thought he was gonna lock the lawyers in the car and then turn on celebration mode with the blaring ear deafening music