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Meet my New Girlfriend MAYBE?!
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  • My new girlfriend?! What do you guys think

  • Faze Jarvis almost date more than ricegum rice date lot of People trust me

  • Funny seeing Jarvis late! SUPER FUNNY!

  • Got no chance

  • Yo

  • If u r really together then BRAKE UP

  • Did u break up with jaz

  • kay needs to shut up sometimes

  • she's cute tho

  • plz date hanah or sommer

  • She's the one bro looking forward to more vids of u 2

  • When I saw the cover I thot that was assh

  • where is she now!!???

  • Anyone else wondering what happened to her? If u know reply to this please

  • When avani started coughing Jarvis looked at her like damn bitch u got COVID

  • Get back with sommer

  • she is peng fam do it

  • 🤮

  • Where is she now my guy?

  • When someone says something gay without saying no homo in early 2020 Have it paused lol 4:44

  • Jarvis u be simping bro

  • That's ur ting maTe

  • I'm a big fan

  • Jarvis is now the deep throat king 🤣

  • Jarvis be smooth wit it 😂😭

  • she is my friends sister not joking he showed proof the kid in this video is him: and heres more proof his discord name and tag is reeekid #6485

  • if this was being filmed and I saw it, I would've thought it would be filmed for something else...

  • Jarvis can lie

  • Jarvis can lie

  • Yo she's javis's ting lmao

  • Who's watching this when there not together

  • yeeaaaaaaaa don’t mess up again pls

  • cheter

  • I like sommer ray more

  • What is her tik tok Account

  • Jarvis the you know that dance that u did they added in fortnite

  • jarvis u dont have time BROO

  • jarvis simpppppp

  • he p-put soap in on his tounge 😂😂

  • 4:43 CRINCH

  • I mean what happened to this girl

  • When your late to your date

  • He gets a new girlfriend every week

  • Yo Jarvis bro you’re supposed to kiss her at the end🤦🤦 That was a good video though

  • Are I still dating her

  • Was that awkward or is it just me

  • damn jarvis got one heck of a ting

  • isn't this the girl that passed on pewdiepie during his ''smash or pass reaction'' video ?

  • Are you mad that sommer Ray is dating someone

  • The way Jarvis sleeps XD

    • For real man it’s insane bro

  • Her @?

  • Bro where is she bro???😲😲

  • Guys she is a gold digger

  • Simp

  • Jarvis is chillin

  • She sound like she would be in some kinky sh- and is just tryna get some

  • Jarvis got the bag😂😂

  • Jarvis: crying inside thinking of sommer Sommer:crying bc she knew Jarvis is the one

  • He diservs it

  • Imagin dating somebody who looks like 10 years older than you

  • cilk beat

  • The power of fame lol

  • Lucky so lucky Jarvis

  • I really want Charlotte back in faze house

  • that was funny to gym

  • I think Summer ray is better

  • Damn Jarvis what happened to Sommer Ray

  • Bro this is so cringe

  • I think he is serious this time

  • SIMP

  • Girlfriend goes to the bikinis. Jarvis: "Its so hot"

  • Hold digger

  • Dang how many girlfriends do u have it is like he went to the strip club

  • Girls like this wouldnt even spit on jarvis if he wasnt rich, so its hard to take him seriously when hes too blind to realize that fact and feels all confident😂😂 like bruh any girl that looks like her would just mooch off ur money and dump your sorry ass somewhere down the road (not to mention cheating, cause shed wanna get some better D than u have to offer)😂😂

  • Aww I got a new girlfriend

  • why dont you upload any videos with her anymore

  • She wanted a kiss goodbye😂😂😂😂

  • Yo make more vids of you to

  • Yes she

  • Me: wait where is sommer

    • phantomsonicgaming 5 lol

  • That not his new girl

  • *fakr

  • Bruh fale

  • Is that avani

  • c r i n g e spells CRINGE

  • Since when did u like kwellkop

  • I feel like jarvis is one of those models that dont poop

  • Sorry but nah u should date Sommer !😋😀💖

  • what's her @

  • How many girlfriends has this man has

  • Hygiene means nothing to jarvis

  • Using you for the money

  • I bet he pays them to come and act like she likes him

  • What's with Sommer ray??

  • I like summer Ray better

  • Good

  • You like soomer

  • M8 you are a fricking legend, when you stare at the camera like that I can't stop laughing

  • Best couple

  • im sure that you got to do more videos with you girlfriend