Film Theory: Winnie The Pooh's DEADLY Diet! (The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)

Publicerades den 22 okt 2020
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Film Theorists, did you watch Winnie the Pooh? I did and one of the things that sticks in my memories with sharp clarity is Pooh's huge love of honey. That Pooh bear was never far from a pot of honey. It was one of his biggest passions. It seemed to me like he ate it for pretty much every meal. Now, I may not be a specialist on bears but that strikes me as a very dangerous diet for a bear or any animal! Is Pooh's love of honey actually killing him? It's time to find out!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Yep love the theory .... But why Pooh BEAR

  • Me wondering why this isn't a food theory video

  • me watching my favorite move matpat hes EVIL

  • So this thing is basically an STD?

  • There is also a theory that each character represents a different mental illness

  • He talks about an mnm's bag but show a candy bar

  • This is what my life has come to? Seriously!?!!

  • While I start to watch this video (I'm commenting before I finish watching) I already know that my childhood is going to get ruined some more

  • Dont you fools ruin my childhood with this dumb!!!!!!! Terrible video ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

  • Not me having my winnie the pooh blanket just in case

  • im here because i cant watch anything else during week days

  • Matpat is a poohbear-Godzilla-cereal set of channels now 😂

  • 1:32 through 1:40 Were those the Kingdom Hearts 3 renders??

  • ah yes, my favorite show, *Pooh-zilla-crunch*

  • Uhhh matpat it’s called diabetis

  • OMG I just got a honey ad!?!

  • To Pooh🐻🐻🐻🐻

  • I always thought that hunny was a drug that was addictinge.

  • *The cherry on top would have been Honey as a sponsor*

  • Seems like hes gotten himself into quite the sticky situation...

  • That's was the worst old navy ad ever! So dumb and a bit racist.

  • The bear that snuck into the honey place to steal honey is funny

  • “Should have listened to that Godzilla cereal website” is a phrase I never thought I would hear. Well done. XD

  • his diet is deadly because my friend Sofia has a neighbour called honey who is evil and super rude

  • Feeling fatigued? Check. Feeling abnormally thirsty? Check. Get blurred vision? Check. Always feeling hungry? Check. I guess I have diabetes

  • If pooh is 1/3 the height of a normal bear, wouldn’t he be 1/27 the volume of a bear, and calories needed are better represented by volume?

  • Why was tigger digging in the toilet because he was trying to find Pooh

  • there's a big difference between brown bears and grizzlies

  • Should have listened to that godzilla cereal website

  • Matpat: this is gonna be a light episode. No no no theory about death Disney characters. Also matpat: Pooh is probably going to die.

  • Wait matpat has limits

  • film theory: winnie the pooh needs a balanced diet from eating "just honey" meatcanyon:

  • did you see the theory of them all being mental disorder like tigger is ADHD

  • bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • They clearly are based off of the seven deadly sins... Just saying

  • Theory: Pooh eats honey to charge his battery

  • Bees also store pollen in their hives which contains protein. But I don't know if it would be enough for Pooh.

  • Thats cute! My almost 2 year old looooooves the Spongebob intro.

  • I thought bears only eat honey for the larva and grubs inside

  • Pooh is a spirit bear / kermode bear confirmed

  • 0:05 his matts jar said THEOREEZ lol

  • I think pooh might be a grolar bear

  • Brown bear cross with polar bear

  • These are one of my favorite

  • My friend did a speech on how the characters in Winnie the Pooh represent the things like eyore is depression

  • I think.... he is just a stuffed animal

  • ok matpat, pandas aren't even bear. people just call pandas, "panda bears becuase idk. make a joke about it in one of your next videos

  • never wanting to stop eating suger faster in my life than now

  • Grizzly bear?

  • I dunno man, I remember Paddington being really popular right along side Pooh in the early 90's, maybe more socially than financially :P

  • I'll be honest MatPat this wasn't a theory. You spent most of the time talking about what kind of bear he is and then about eating Honey. I mean it doesn't really feel like a theory to me at least. I understand you ran out of ideas and all but this? hmm.

  • Wha

  • O bother, he assumes the box is the same size on the inside as it is on the outside.

  • I think a better theory is that if Pooh bear is a living stuffed animal, which he is, how can he eat and why does he eat so much honey ?

  • pooh got diabetes lmao

  • Pooh is a stuffed animal tho but he can taste.

  • I never noticed how many different british telephone booths there were.

  • Blackbear Brownbear Where's Whitebear? Cause Polar Bear hmmm they weren't trying to be racist

  • I can't remember if Pooh was a happy bear or a depressed bear.

  • 7 deadly sins the anime sucks

  • I always heard the theory that they all represent mental issues😂

  • Oh bother~ STARTING CPR

  • 15:21 isn't that how the original winnie the pooh always looked like? I start to think that disney provides him also with huge amount of make-up to cover his diabetes-grimace, not only with hunney...

  • He many adventures of winnie the pooh was loved by me all my life. Now its loved by my younger brother, giving me the excuse of watching it

  • I don’t trust him ever since that Moana episode

  • 10:35 That is where you are wrong ... smaller animals lose much more heat, and therefore need a higher metabolic rate ... and have a higher caloric need /kg/cm³ than a bigger animal. If a blue whale had the metabolic rate of a fruit fly it would explode as the water in it instantly boils off.

  • 4:25 Or is he a poo bear with a spelling mistake?

  • lucky he's just a teddy, but this makes me think of the bear from Over the Hedge

  • Sun Bears like their honey.

  • Pooh: Passes out. MatPat: Starting CPR Dr. Mike: CHEST COMPRESSIONS, CHESST COMPRESSIONS, CHEST COMPRESSIONS. *note: Pooh is so relatable top 10 favorite franchises.”

  • OK BUT!! I wanna know, using the idea that honey is basically just energy rich candy, how much honey would be needed to give a conscious teddy bear like pooh enough energy to function?!?! I MUST KNOW

  • You know we never see pooh spit out the larvae and eggs

  • You showed Lotso the bear?

  • This comment has low chance to be read but I just wanted to say I hope MatPat will make a lore theory about the amazing world of gumball because it is a great show and its ending is unsure

  • Calories should be proportional to h³, not to h

  • Film Theory: MatPat ruining his own's son childhood in the future.

  • "Bears beets... Battlestar Galactica"

  • Wait, you're trying to find out what kind of Bear Pooh is? He's made up. He's a Pooh Bear. His name is Winnie, people just call him Pooh as a nickname because he's a Pooh Bear 🐻

  • Make a Steven Universe theory

  • If someone is 3 times smaller, then he most likely needs less then 1/3 of caliries. How much calories is needed will be based on weight, or if we assume same density, then on volume, so 3 times smaller means something like 1/27 (1/3*3*3) less calories, or somewhere between 1/3 and 1/27, but definitely not 1/3.

  • I’m here watching while eating a Five Guys burger lol oops

  • This should be on food theory

  • Aaaand we're blocked in China

  • It's actually just that Christopher Robin about 15 feet tall.

  • Why didn’t you put this on food theory

  • Film through what the heck do you just wanna pause the video where the blue midget in the cartoon and go play on our you really that serious

  • my mane got the thregan

  • Hey really like your channel, my channel has FILMMAKING content as well, any support would be really appreciated!

  • Poo-zilla-crunch. I am *so* not eating that cereal.

  • Haven't heard the 7 deadly sins theory... I have heard the one about how each character represents (or has) a mental illness of some kind...

  • What about the theory that they are mental illnesses aka eior was depression ..esc.

  • That meme at the end actually made me laugh this time 😂 “Bees better have my honey” that’s gold

  • Matpat: "If the environment allows for it they'll also fill a portion of their diet with rodents, *birds* , fish, insects" Me: *stares at owl* Poor you, you might be Pooh's next meal...

  • Pten or fatten

  • Me * cant do a 2 page homework cause lazyness * Matt patt * reserches téléphone boots for hours to find out the hight of a teddy bear *

  • *koala bear*

  • must consume H O N E Y

  • That bear stuffed animal is terrifying

  • MATPAT NO NO NO. The bear was named Winnie after the good ol city of Winnipeg of which the soldier that bought him was from going into the war cross country by train he bought her and she ended up in England after the war