REVIEW - Ember App-controlled Mug

Publicerades den 3 apr 2021
Have we reached peak connected device with Ember the Temperature Controlled, app connected mug.
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  • Shouldn´t coffee come out 80 C when brewed?

  • When the whole IoT thing took off, they still were able to convince me: "You know, these smart personal assistant AI things need access to a datacenter to function because they are oh so advanced." I was able to accept that. Not so sure anymore these days, but at least that's an explanation. By now it's already past absurd, though. Internet access and an account for a low-powered electric heating element and a thermostat? Do they even try to explain why it supposedly needs that? I'm fairly sure had we wanted to and needed it, we could have achieved similar functionality (minus the Lithium Ion battery, so It would have only worked while standing on the saucer) some thirty or fourty years ago without even thinking about connecting it to something other than maybe a wall outlet for power.

  • till the battery explodes and burst 95c coffee everywhere

  • Oh "Your mug is up to date" t-shirt could be worn during segments like this where you try out really ridiculous products. Like how "cheese sandwich" is a theme!

  • A great entertaining video -but what a sad indiictment of modern commerce and consumer excess when so many people around the globe can`t even get hold of clean water, proper sanitation or enough food. A lot of people on this planet need to wake up and smell the coffee -not re-heat it with a completely unecessary piece of over thought out crap to solve a problem that doesn`t really exist ! :0)

  • amazing review!

  • Create an account for your coffee/tea mug! So now MI-6/CIA/ASIO/(whatever government spy agency is watching you) knows exactly when you are drinking your beverage and how hot it is. Now there is truly no escape!

  • In my experience, the biggest benefit of the Ember mug is getting DOWN to temp and keeping it there, rather than getting it UP to temp from too cold.

  • Where are my bluetooth connected condoms

  • Stupid.

  • How utterly ridiculous

  • Just a tip, use hot water in your coffee machine, I know it's double jeopardy but hey ho there you go

  • I just wonder who is the MUG buying something like that at that price? Seriously, just go boil the kettle again or microwave it. I would love to see how thick the skin would be if it were a milky coffee after an hour in the mug!

  • I love my ember mug I use it everyday

  • Smart mugs. Jesus Christ.

    • Smart mugs, dumb users!

  • Yet, another absolutely unnecessary App controlled "Smart to Dumbdown" gizmo.

  • Absolutely want one!!

  • have you thought about heating up the milk?

  • mug with an app vs microwave

  • Someone in my family would microwave it.

  • Me: "I want one." Amazon: "Only $100." Me: "Never mind."

  • This guy: Buys an electronic smart mug Also this guy: stirs coffee with a sharpie

  • My Cup is empty long before hitting the 3 Minutes mark... I Better better let the microwave run for 20 seconds. Anyway... as allways - nice Video. Thanks!

  • rip humanity when the killer mugs fight back

  • What a time to be alive ☕️

  • I have come to the conclusion that you may be at least partially bonkers.

  • 30 seconds in the microwave plus an insulated mug is a bit cheaper than 60 quid... Or you could literally buy two more microwaves from Aldi

  • Can’t wait to see them branded for £19.99 from the usual mainstream coffee to go houses....with charge points on the tables....etc 👍🇮🇲

  • Anyone who buys this is a MUG When I selected to watch this video I thought it would have a rotating base to auto stur. That would be far more useful 🤯

  • Haven't laughed this hard at a video in awhile.

  • It’s handy that it tells you on your phone that your mug is empty! As if you would realise otherwise! Technology for the sake of it! Great video as always!

  • Ah yes, but will it talk to the dashboard in my 10 year old Volvo?

  • Why the hell is an account required?!

  • Better to break that than the royal doulton. Wonder what Hyacinth would think about all this...

  • Connected devices are beyond a joke, it used to be magical when your phone connected to some other gadget but now it is a pain

  • I think this could be a fantastic product in the right marketing hands but sadly brand recognition is the issue not so much the price. If it had Apple, Samsung or Dyson on the cup it would sell like hot cakes and within years the Chinese will produce hundreds of knockoffs that will drive the price down to a more sensible £10 -£15 per mug. Sadly this ain’t going to happen.

  • why are you calling it saucer? its not like it will Abduct your Coffee.

  • You literally live in the UK, why the hell you are still using an iphone instead of a fairphone?

  • Dont feel bad... My toaster needed a firmware update OTB also..

  • I have the Ember smart travel mug that I use every day for my coffee. It works great. It hold more that the reguar mug plus has a closable seal to prevent spills in the car or on the go.

  • So this is the mug coming straight out of curb your enthusiasm

  • The stove in our house has a part just to keep things warm, when my dad wakes up early he lefts my plate and coffee mug there until I wake up, since it's not for cooking just to keep things warm like ceramic dishes and mugs it's alright for us, so if I were to choose I would get one of those coasters instead because at our house the mugs don't have quite the long life.

  • I saw that on Amazon Canada they have different colours. Black and copper

  • Nice change from the tape stuff, it got a tad boring, what about some dash cam stuff also, and your site why did you let it go Matt? xXx

  • Saw a 3d printable record player

  • would be cooler if instead of straight just heating coffee it was mining bitcoin for the the guys who sold it to you, and that's why you have to login. wait...

  • I've had one of these for about a year now.. Paid 75 quid on Amazon, Best gadget I've ever invested in! I'm always a slow drinker at my desk and this thing just works perfectly,, Unlike all the cheap usb heaters I've had! Only down side is just very recently the charging plate decided to give up on me (one of the contacts jammed in) So had to buy another one for £40 also from amazon, Worth it for me though.

  • A cooling function would actually be nice for black coffee, there is a small window between scalding and acceptable

  • "Mug" is definitely the word that comes to mind.

  • what about savages like me who like to wait for their tea to be stone cold before going for one giant gulp

  • i got my first record

  • I went into this also very skeptical, but as I've already microwaved my coffee twice (and I'm not done with it) it makes me want a mug like this.. kinda. Like Mat said, without the app and a temp adjust on the mug itself (like the travel version), because needing an app is silly. And ideally one where the electronic base can be removed (a bayonet style connection or something) so the mug could be dishwashered. I'd be sold if a company came out with a mug having those specs.

  • You published this video 2 days too late!

  • Just use a thermos in the house or office?

  • I don't know if it's a good or not .. I still think they mug him.. :-DD LOL

  • Any mug that cools down beverage instead? I always end up drinking cold tea because I wait too long for it to cool down and forget about it.

  • I might unironically love something along these lines! one too many times to I find myself having a coffee and it goes cold before I've taken my second sip!

  • I’ve seen these mugs for sale at Apple Stores.

  • I love it, but don't love the price in New Zealand $300nzd 👎

  • I prefer my mug to cool slowly......just the way they do.

  • I just found an Ember mug at Goodwill for $3.99! I knew exactly what it was because of the video :)

  • Tomorrow we will not be able to eat because the entire kitchen will need a firmware update.

  • I'd suggest a mug that does the same thing without the need to connect to a smartphone or tablet, but if we're really going the kiss (keep it simple, stupid) way... a good insulating cup thermos is just better. I mean, this thing itself is nothing more than a mug sized electric kettle with extra unecessary smart parts... xD But I imagine there must be something similar without the smart part... nothing super fancy there really.

  • Is it overpriced? Yes Do I absolutely need one? No Have I bought one? Of course 😁

  • I subscribed btw

  • I've seen the reviews in the past, I have two mugs and one travel mug. All bought on eBay, unused, no warranty but not new. Is one of those things you don't need until you have it and then you cannot live without

  • IMO: I might not be an avid coffee/tea drinker but I think that the internet of things as gone too far for this product.

  • Kinda dumb but I can see it becoming a thing. I don't think the heater is to make your drink hotter, more to just keep it at the right temp.

  • Another gadget to steal bit more of your time on nonsense and make you starring more on your phone.

  • 4:33

  • 3:41 Notification after updating your id photo

  • Is Big Brother drinking coffee? (well sorry for the grammar...)

  • Good stuff :D But personally, I find it an exceedingly bad idea to put 19V across two open connectors where a cup should rest. They should've used inductive charging, but then, I guess that's in the new £150 mug :þ

  • Recently I wanted to write on paper with a pencil. Didn't work. Turned out I had to download the app first, create an account and then I could choose which color the pencil wrote. Annoyingly, because of a bug in the app, the pencil reverted back to white after every 3 letters. Also, because it was a free account the pencil wrote an advert every two minutes. Luckily I had an antique pencil laying around which worked like a charm.

  • Disappointing it is not a Qi charging mug.

  • I got one of these as a corporate gift. I find it extremely silly, but it can be used to make a very nice soft-boiled egg.

  • "An account for a mug" Oh yes, both sorts.

  • Cyberpunk 2077

  • I miss the puppets.

  • Belongs on r/internetofshit

  • Brit: Your mug is up to date American: Understandable, have a nice day

  • ever- ever heard of a thermos?

  • Honestly Matt. Anyone who knows tech understands that you need to jailbreak the Ember mug and run CoffeeOS11 on it to get maximum value from the electronic heater. Likewise, the Sharpie stirrer needs a firmware upgrade so it can be controlled by Alexa voice AI.

  • Missed opportunity to curdle some milk before pouring your tea in it.

  • Been trying to understand why I would need this thing. I have a 2litre tea flask that lasts about 8 hours.

  • thinking of this classic crushingbort twete: VESSYL: You are drinking a beer. 93 calories ME: Vessyl, lose 40 calories [VESSYL leaks beer onto table] TABYL: there is beer on the table

  • £55 🤣

  • I DESPISE how everything “needs” it’s own account nowadays. IT’S A FUCKING M U G NOT A SMARTPHONE.

  • There is black Smart Mug 2 already

  • I bought a Philips electric toothbrush 2 years ago which also connected to my iPhone and had a firmware update which made it “clean teeth more effectively.” That’s when I knew that tech has gone too far.

  • How about a cooling one?

  • Peak Techmoan!

  • I'm not surprised at all that this exists, still I'm disappointed in humanity that it does exist. If anyone I know has this I'm going to hack their mug.


    • You would be a right mug if you brought this mug!

  • I'm already avoiding DJI drones due to the unessasery account needed to use it. This is reduculus though. ..why not just a few lights and touch buttons in the side?

  • Tea, Earl Grey, Flippin' hot.

  • Something about stirring coffee with a sharpie is so incredibly foul it made me gasp

  • Updates for every thing? Batteries for every thing? All day charging and updating? Is it not enought with the anoying updates of Windows and your phone and in my case my car GPS, blue thooth bicycle day light, Gamin 520plus, the TV, the video consoles, the pulse band, the smart watch ... what is now, the electic bicycles, the electric cars, the tech fridge, the lights (yes I own one of those) the mug, the spam, the fork .... 😣 I will go analogue. Love the casette, casio whatches or other traditional brands etc

  • Hilarious review of a hilarious product. An app, an account and a firmware update, for a coffee mug? At least if the update bricks it you can still use it as a mug, though. As an aside, many coffee experts agree the optimum water temperature for brewing coffee is around 96C, or just below the boiling point. If your brew is coming out south of 60 the initial water temperature can't be anything near that. Of course, good luck finding a pod brewer that does operate at a proper temperature. But if you did find one, you would probably find your coffee tastes better, and you wouldn't need a silly gadget to heat it up. You could nurse your beverage in your vacuum mug for a reasonable time and it would be just fine.

  • Has your mug started to flake? I was going to buy one of these as a gift for my mom, but all the reviews on Amazon were complaining about the coating inside coming off. Ember hasn't seemed to fix this in the last two revisions.