Clarkson z'n Favoriete Rally Battle: 1983 Audi Quattro VS. Lancia 037 | Amazon Prime Video NL

Publicerades den 17 aug 2020
Een van onze favoriete momenten uit seizoen 2 van de Grand Tour. Een blik op de epische strijd tussen de machtige Audi Quattro en de underdog Lancia 037 in het wereldkampioenschap Rally van 1983. Een strijd tussen 2WD versus 4WD. Abonneer nu op het SEnewss kanaal ⇨
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  • Ben jij het eens met Jeremy zijn favoriete rally?

    • i dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it xD

    • Audi heeft dan wel de regels veranderd maar zich er wel aan gehouden... Lancia moest vals spelen bij elke race om competitie te zijn....

    • @Small Ben7 Look at you thinking I give a shit about twitter

    • @TheLogitech91 Maybe you'll get more likes on twitter

    • @Cameron Soh Blyat Cyka

  • today this UR Quadro goes up and up in valute, here in germany an original UR Quadro is about 100k Euro


  • I need the songs

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  • With the 1997 Subaru Impreza WRC and the Opel Manta B 400 one of my absolute favorite Rally Cars. And the 037 is such a pretty one.

  • 17:25 - what follows in these next few seconds, is the story of what won rally in "the good ol' days". It wasn't more car than driver. It wasn't just having the fastest, most traction, or most money. It was the deft combination of a car that not only performed well, but would simply do what the driver asked of it, when and how he called upon it. Audi didn't have that. Every one of their drivers will tell you the same thing. You didn't race the 1st Quattros to a 1st place finish, nor did you drive them. You wrestled the beast until either the stage was finished, or it was done beating you and broke down. "Horse and rider"... the same mantra in the design of the Mazda MX-5, is was brought success to Lancia here... not just one or the other.

  • this walter rohl guy... zero fucks given.. what a dude!

  • May you rest in pease hannu mikkola🙏

  • 037 is my favorite car and this is my favorite rivalry also

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  • Inline Bob Sport Systems is a chance to make our own business in racing entertainment.

  • This and James May's Ford vs. Ferrari piece rivals anything they ever made on Top Gear. Pure gold.

  • This is why i cant stand Top Gear. So meny wrong facts, lies and things just made for fitting the history. Only 2 of many: 1-Rally of Sweden was only for Drivers champiionship. So nothing to do with this story 2-Walter Rorhl didnt win at SanRemo. He was 2nd behid Markku Alen. And i can go on and on and on.

  • “There was nothing in the rules that said you could do this but critically, there was nothing that said you couldn’t.” A common theme in the history of motorsport.

  • 10:40 ... And that, ladies and gents .. is how its done .


  • I'd like to see the story about Opel Manta, it did it before.

  • Hannu Mikkola RIP. We miss you.

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  • Yo, Chinese/Russian/Saudi Billionaires, I am talking to you; revive Lancia. This company has too much heritage to die the slow death it is going through.

  • Fact of the matter is, the italians were organized and trained and the germans learned A LOT from them. Ask Walther, he will tell you.

  • Page 8 million ;)))))

  • Rest in Peace Hannu Mikkola

  • RIP Hannu Mikkola. One of the greatest drivers of rallying!

    • Yeah, he was great

  • The funny thing is, The Finns still won.

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  • Epic battle - amazing story!

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  • R.I.P Mikkola

  • Just a beautiful perfect video ❤❤❤

  • Once he's too old for Grand Tour antics, I hope he does content like this, the great stories of motorracing. They have such a large appeal outside of the motorsport fanbase, and creates an opportunity for some perhaps overlooked people in motorsport history to get the nod they deserve.

  • @ 8:07 OMG can I has one? I mean there's so many! They won't notice One! I'll have a red one plz.

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  • Epic storytelling by Clarkson! Watched this like many 10th of times now and still not bored! Rip Hannu Mikkola..

  • Poderia ter legenda para português por favor?

  • that car is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen

  • 9/10 just because we only hear of Markku Alen once, otherwise brilliant really

  • That Lancia though❤❤

  • Absolutley brilliant video, Clarkson, the Lancia, the music at the end,...priceless.

  • Crash bang wallop world of rallying

  • Guys a poet. So well made and told. 10/10

  • Amazing no more accidents have happened with all these people standing on or close to the track!

  • RIP Hannu Mikkola

  • Gotta love Walter Rohrl

  • What a wonder full piece of Rallycross history on film, I take me hat off to Walter for just going and having fun, not in it for the win, just enjoying the drive and the mind set I'll do my best. And that's all you need to do.

  • Help me, I can't stop smiling!

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  • This Walter guy would be out of job if he would drive today because of his conditions... "i don't want to be champion" and "i don't want to drive in finland because of ..." YOU ARE FIRED

  • "I am not planning to have an accident" that sounded so bad-ass..

  • R.I.P Hannu Mikkola

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  • rip hannu mikkola

  • Audi - Genius. Lancia - Ingenuity.

  • rest in peace hannu :(

  • RIP Hannu Mikkola :(

  • And this was during group B right?

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  • well and then walter left lancia and went to audi 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I wish they would do more of these. The Jim Clark segment was also fantastic.

  • Fun fact: You probably aren't from the Netherlands.

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  • Honestly, someone save Lancia!


  • Przepiękna

  • I'm not sure I really want "specials" each year. I want Clarkson's storytelling with this incredible production quality.

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  • Piango

  • When it comes to Motorsports I'm an entire Italiamaniac. Always a fan of Italian teams.

    • My favourite is Alfa Romeo beating the Germans in their own backyard in their debut year in DTM back in 1993

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  • 17:46 boys in 1970s already prepared for coronavirus

  • I would fly in a car coz like a plane is scary as f

  • Such a stupid serie, those Guys are allways sitting and public has to stand up ???

    • ???

  • What a great, high-qality content! Humor, suspense, great turns and dramatic presentation

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  • Moral of the story: if you want to win, you have to sort of cheat

    • More like you have to know all the rules and exploit it by using clever tactics

  • That... was awesome!

  • "It was just......... nobody can beat me" and then a smirk That damn smirk

  • Cheat to win is the Italian way of living

    • This is a Cliche. I don’t think you live in Italy, in real life it’s more like cheat to live, not to win. You know, when nothing works in a Country, people just find their own way (legal or illegal), this is the great problem of Italy and Italians - I hope you understand what I mean. ✌🏻

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  • Lancia Stratos is my favorite car. I didn't know much about Lancia 037, haven't paying much attention to it ever since. But thanks to you, mr Clarkson, the 037 is now one of my favorites cars ever. Best story I heard in a while. Great telling. Ps. For me, it would be so good if the WRC commitee could consider banning 4x4 cars again. It's nice to have some sort of connection between the regular cars that we drive on the streets and those that do rallies. The great majority of cars used today doesn't have 4x4.

  • This was amazing

  • This was so good! Thank you SEnewss for the heads up!

  • when Clarkson still had his marbles

  • I want a full movie about this!

  • clarkson is aging like shit

  • So glad to see Michèle Mouton being shown here. She is an absolute legend! How you say a she has a certain 'Je ne sais quoi'.

  • Walter Röhrl: The man how won 1980 rallye world champoinship but in 1982 he´s a "part time driver" again?

  • The editing, the narrating of the whole video, the music that fits every scene. Its the best video that i have seen. Plus its Clarkson that does the talking so its much better

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  • Defund top gear America!

  • I used to work on Group B cars Iv rode shotgun in an 07 but never got to work on a Quattro

  • •I’m not planning to have an accident•

  • Cesare Fiorio , terrific Italian rally team manager..

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  • So basically Italians cheat at everything. That's what we take from this?

    • It isn't cheating if their is no rule to cheat in the first place