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  • Niko's pissing me off fam and this dude is gonna win smh

  • NDL

  • I feel bad for everyone else in this series cause Niko is gonna be the Theo of this season and never be voted out regardless of what he does cause he is entertaining

    • He was MOTM to be fair

  • Sick of jemel just shouting 24/7 not even his mic either he’s just screaming

  • YESS NIKO !!!!

  • Series fucced

  • Jomel

  • NDL

  • NDL

  • Popularity contest

  • Love Niko he's too funny 😂

  • NDL

  • That's a dinner lady mic hahahaha

  • can we actually vote nico out soon like man i like the guy but come on XD

  • NDL


  • Losers should just do a 1v1

  • niko is annoying...

  • The NDL will back niko to the W no matter how great his rainbow flicks are

  • justice for sv2

  • Kinda unfair for everyone because niko will continue to play bad and get voted but the NDL will just vote for the others so Niko has won the whole series really no point watching

  • What’s the point in this? niko will win

  • Jemel

  • Thats's a good video Marcus Bentl- i mean, Miniminter.

  • Nikos got an automatic win who acc wants him gone

  • NDL assemble

  • Great episode bro!

  • NDL

  • Simon getting sponsored by myprotein etc boys built like a hb pencil

  • Special Episode : A newcomer?!?! And then we find out it’s DANNY AARONS

  • Bet Niko has a video ready trucking Simon to giving me 50k and it will be him on the mic having a decent Fifa player playing instead of him 😂😂

  • danny aarons special guest?

  • NDL

  • Niko is not playing himself 100%

  • Niko to stay

  • Funny that simon is the absolute worst in the team

  • Just get him off simon

  • again everyone bumming niko in votes

  • niko is literally only still in cause everyone bums him

  • I'm actually going to be so disappointed if Niko gets through like Theo did, being completely useless and having one stupid joke he leans on constantly to get him through.

    • Lad it’s video mate calm down it’s entertaining

  • Kids won't understand the legend of Spencer fc and the wembley cup

  • Everyone knows that niko wont leave this series

  • Niko with the absolute masterclass performance

  • Niko is hella annoying

  • voting system by the fans is never a good idea if this continues niko is going to win

  • I think we all know niko is winning this big brother

  • Niko the champ with every vote

  • This should be a main channel series

  • How’s a guy that can’t take his top off getting a Myprotein dealv

  • Niko turned into Prime Cantona.

  • Big up the NDL

  • Jemel was terrible he was playing rm but playing as a striker

  • I love niko, he needs to stay on, he's so entertaining

  • we need danny arons in the next big brother

  • Jemel messed up so bad voting Niko

  • Niko will end up winning this whole thing. I feel like it's not a fun destination but I guess the journey will be fun

  • *anything happens* Pieface: “aw that’s class”

  • Chip did a lot of shittya plays but stayed safe

  • Main channel vid

  • I can see niko shithousing His way into winning it all

  • NDL

  • "I can do what I want, I'M MAYOR!!"😂😂😂😂

  • well this most easiest vote ive done lol gg

  • Niko is getting vote in every episode I hope he have the same luck in London mayor election 😂😂😂, this is just Niko practing how to get more votes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Will u believe that I actually voted the wrong person😂it said vote for who u want to stay I read it as vote for who u dont😂🙈

  • We all know the final is gonna be niko and chip

  • Niko will be like “so after my elaborate plan on these shmucks I will be using this 50k too .....”

  • Voted Jemal purely for the ole hashtag faithful

  • Is there any point voting? The NDL just comes through and outvoted everyone else... Doesn't matter if it's 90-10 voting Niko out... By the next episode it's Niko who is safe 😂

  • Niko has taken the mantle as the new Wizard of the series

  • I hate that people don’t get voted off because they are more popular, niko is jokes but he should’ve been voted of last week

  • Niko going out this week would be SO funny though 😂😂😂

  • jamel, na na na naa, na na na naa, hey hey-ey, gooood bye

  • The best part is that niko could be so bad but me and all the fans will vote to keep him in

  • is it possible to add different povs like how it is in the sdmn vids

  • The major of london casually carrying a bunch of youtubers. Love to see it.

  • Surely everyone knows Niko is gonna win..?

  • This episode was jokes

  • To the 0.00000000000001 % of people who read this, Stay safe during this pandemic. And have a wonderful day!

  • You GOT to keep NIKO for the content

  • 9:12 please tell me I wasn’t the only one who turned my device around cause I thought it was me 😂😭

  • Keep niko lol

  • NDL

  • NDL😂

  • I have a feeling Niko’s gonna win just through public votes

  • this is so jokes

  • damn, imagine if the wizard and niko were both up for elimination

  • NDL too OP🤣

  • I feel like niko will bring a video out after this of him on headset but a pro fifa player on game

  • Waiting for a BBC vs Sidemen pro clubs special.

  • our mayor stood up for Randolph👑👑👑

  • It'd be really funny if Jemel stayed

  • Yoooo! Simon, can i have your coat/jacket? Hahaha it's so nice, looks so comfortable! Please send it to me hahaha

  • Can you guys please vote out Neeko. He sucks

  • these videos are GOATED

  • "RIP Jamel the rest of you I'll see u next week" Niko is too funny man

  • The funny thing is niko is never gonna get knocked out with the NDL on his side

  • Anyone else come here after he removed his new streamer life simulator vid

  • NDL! NDL!