Clarence0 Dismantles Anti-Doping - My Analysis

Publicerades den 5 apr 2021
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  • Half the comments on my video are about you lol. Thanks for the great analysis Derek, learned a bit more.

    • Thank you gentleman for elevating the paradigm so effectively and articulately. 👏⚡💪

    • great video

    • Thank you Clarence for having the courage to step forward and speak. I'm so sick and tired of all these athletes lying, even tho I can understand their motives. It's good to see an athlete like you step forward

    • @Co0lRmCr7 idk man clarence has huge delts

    • @clarence0 sir can you make video for combat sports like judo cause I think that in combat sports skill dominates strength.

  • I laugh it off when my blood tests show I'm pregnant. I act like "oh that's crazy!" Only my bros know it's the divine enema

  • Lol turd place

  • There is a response by Yamato the worlds best squatter pound for pound now about Clarence comments

  • 47 minutes man?

  • Algorithm, we need more videos like this

  • honestly i'm tired of this shit, Clarence started this.. yall all need to have a conversation the video ain't doing shit fam

  • I don't want to hear what the fuck you had to say in a video if you really want to talk about this get on a zoom call and lets everyone talk about it and everyone get to have their opinion

  • Yooo you need to be in conversation too, lets talk about this guys honestly authentically

  • It depends on the sport. Steroids won't help you with hand eye coordination or technique, which is why they are rife in sports like cycling where it is purely about physical performance.

  • Let's talk real controversial stuff here: Derek, what are your top 3 animes?

  • Why does he never pronounce the word covid?

  • Spreading the gospel. Now to black-pill the rest of society

  • Good shit derek.

  • M'fer... Thought that was Harry Potter deadlifting in the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • great video

  • What happened to Lex Little's Turkesterone drug test proving he's natty to you?

  • An 80kg increase in powerlifting is really fucking big. In weightlifting?! its just insane.

  • One of the things people often overlook is that genetics also extends to PED response. Elite PED response genetics lets certain athletes achieve insane results from minimal dosage. Add this to the mix athletes with both elite natural athletic genetics and elite PED response genetics becoming champions with significantly harder to detect metabolites. That's life son, not fair but it is reality.

  • Modern tech makes it possible for an athlete to be monitored at all times.

  • Not the DMT I'm familiar with, lol

  • As an analytical chemist, it warms my heart to hear derek talk about MS testing

  • I love , Clarence0 the weeb.

  • I love the way Derek pronounces it "Compilation", instead of "Compilation".

  • yea do a Usain Natty Or Not

  • I wish I had known how prevalent PED use was when I was in highschool, I was the second or third highschooler to ever hit a sub 10sec 100m. If I knew everyone was doping anyway I'd probably have been able to juice and qualify for the Olympics

  • The Koreans are so obvious lol

  • Definitely makes you think about UFC Champs particularly the non-american ones...

  • please Usain Natty or not would be hilarious

  • so a lot of fuckery is going on

  • >clarence0 makes quality video >mpmd jumps in with the standard word salad and dross to capitalise on the algorithm

  • There's so much corruption in my country there would 100% be "issues" with testing. They couldn't even play the most boring game (cricket) on the planet without match fixing.

  • good stuffs, dont forget to get back to Clarence guys

  • 41:23 explain

  • In my highly esteemed, high sought after expert opinion: PEDs should not be allowed in sports on any level. they should be mandatory on all levels for all athletes every single sport to include bobsledding and pee wee table tennis. Specifically on competition day in order for the athletes to compete they must test positive for tren, hala, and cheque drops.

  • Everyone at elite level in sport is doping.


  • fucking love the end of the video the best! arm-wrestling video came up again! love it!

  • have to google every other word and i still dont know what it means.

  • I clicked on this because I saw a swole Harry Potter in the thumbnail

  • Do a Usain bolt natty or not

  • Hi.

  • when his forehead start sweating a little, you know he's about to spit some knowledge

  • LOL you see the numbers for Methyltrienolone?! Androgenic 6,000-7,000! Anabolic 12,000-30,000! 007

  • Does the presenter have sylvester stallones mouth deformity?

    • Clarence or derek? Derek has some nerve damage on one side of his face. Clarence is irish.

  • i blame coaching in many ways. i knew coaches who were pushing peds on athletes in our mid teens

  • Philion perked up at 2:13RSI Edit: Philion spends the entirety of this video saying "I TOLD YOU ALL OF THIS YEAR'S AGO."

  • If Derek respects you, you get an “exactly” If he doesn’t respect you, Dude...

  • 28:48 if testosterone is derived from soy ....then...?

  • The Olympics is just a Commie wankfest & WADA is just made up of a bunch of talentless hacks who were bullied at School & now taking their revenge on the Popular Kids

  • just dont compete

  • You should do a training session with Clarence whenever

  • I mean, I knew people who were juicing in high school for their sports.

  • I swear to God every time Derek mentions any sort of ped the video gets demonetized

  • algorithm

  • i dont understand 99% what u sayin but i agree

  • Please make an Ussain bolt Natty or not without fail. Even though he seemed clean, the protocols he used would be interesting to speculate.

  • Super surprised to learn your dutchess cocktail video didn't do that well. I thought it was one of your "better" videos. (Better put in quotes because the vast majority of your content is 🔥)

  • Dmt is a steriod? I can trip and get ripped? Joe rogan is super intrested

  • Really wanna see the usain bolt natty or not

  • So all sports is garbage now. Ive seen doping 12 years ago when my son was in junior high. Organised sports is ruined then. Isnt it? Cheaters win now

    • Remove the now lol. It's been like this for decades people have just been ignorant.

  • Dude that intercom system or ac wall control in the background is crazy old havent seen those since i was a little kid in early mid 80s

  • Yes I was waiting for this

  • Good video man 👍👍👍

  • Dude in the thumbnail looks like a white bill Cosby

  • Lmao got a essential oils add during the vid about how it can help you physically

  • Those first 20 seconds got me rock hard

  • All sports would only benefit financially from not testing for any ped's. At the end of the day it's entertainment and nobody cares but our pussy-ass, nanny-state governments if the entertainers are natural or not.

  • I would be interested to see if the advancement of AI could either improve or worsen the drug testing situation.

  • Usain Bolt Natty or Not 100%

  • 12 ads 💀

  • Clarence is the goat!

  • Let me make it easy and crystal clear for you guys! Everyone is on drugs EXCEPT Mike O'Hairpiece! Got it? Good! 007

  • The problem with getting rid of doping would be that it would make gear more attractive to minors. That being said the argument that it facilitates an unfair playing field is valid. Hard to say what the right course of action on this would be

  • The unhealthy noise resultspreviously shiver because doctor peroperativly preach beneath a questionable leopard. annoyed, heavenly heavy hellish forehead

  • @11:06 imagine this, what if the guy and his coach deliberately went for him to get caught, so they'd have a cart blanche for the next two years...

  • you can tell Derek really enjoyed making this video...

  • SARA BACKMAN transformation NATTY OR NOT EDIT: how many people here watched the documentary "ICARUS"?? ICARUS covered everything in regards to how russia got around testing. Remember VIC conte and "THE CLEAR"? there is always someone developing a new compound like "THE CLEAR" which was Tetrahydrogestrinone

  • You're getting your cheeks clapped and you turn your head to see this 39:01

  • people want to see heroes on the olympics, who reach new records

  • Watch the movie Icarus if you haven’t! I reckon most you guys have, its on Netflix

  • Clarence0 unique idea and content =4 ads Derek’s COMMENTARY on a Clarence’s content = 12 ads Don’t take advantage of your audience.. we’re loyal but not stupid.

  • 12 ads?? Jeez man, are house payments becoming that hard? Can you at least respect us a bit like Fouad does or does it have to be monetiZed this heavily? An ad every 3.5 minutes.. you’ve got your TRT clinic, can’t you just use this as a freakin funnel? I’ll be surprised if you don’t experience a shorter channel lifespan plaguing it with ads like this. Just my opinion as a long time subscriber, I love your info, you’re channel you’re choice at the end of the day. EDIT: the sad thing is, this COMMENTARY has 3x as many ads as the actual original content!! God dammit Derek, even Clarence only put 4 in his. I fuck with you, but you can’t be blind to how wratchet that is.

  • He just claims unnatural because he's to humble to admit that he's from krypton

  • Great vid

  • I do wonder what sport would look like if instead of testing for PEDs they tested to make sure people are safe and not over doing it. Take what you want, push your body and mind as far as they can go. But make sure you have good kidney and liver function

  • Why is he affraid of saying covid?

    • because of stupid youtube rules

  • So does this mean I can start injecting soybeans for some test?

  • Chris Froome chrushing the Tour de France times of super enhanced Lance Armstrong, yet he is natural. Yeah sure... Cant stand the hypocrisy...

    • What times exactly? Just looking at the alp d’Huez times there’s a whopping 3 min gap between the two with lance obviously being the faster one.

  • Can you do a natty or not on Nimai delgado?

  • How the f did they take 350mg of test e for 6 weeks and pass a drug test???? Wtf..?.?.

  • @durianriders

  • Need to do a natty or not on women’s crossfit

  • Everyone should just get caught at the same time on purpose like a protest, at least then we can have transparency

  • please do the usain bolt natty or not 100% sure hes a juicer

  • Usain bolt natty or not ez views


  • Derrik Delt lord, i realy love this long video's!

  • Honestly I love you content bro. But you react to videos (aka use their content) and don't even add their video to your description. Bruh, at least put that effort in. I don't mean to be aggressive, but then you tubers criticize fair use laws or whatever. Come on bro

  • Why would an European Olympic weightlifter talk about NFL and other American sports, none of us give a fuck about.