KSI is *REALLY* sad...

Publicerades den 30 jul 2020
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Some of my favorite reactions:
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  • Just stop

  • Same amount of likes and dislikes

  • At least KSI was sincere. He said he like his song. Unlike someone *coughs* JAKE PAUL *coughs* *coughs*

  • Yo man just got 127k likes and 127 dis likes wowwwww

  • Why just why ?

  • The dislikes is nearly overtaking the likes no1 likes u delete your channel

  • The onlly person getting roasted is you jake

  • The likes and dislikes tho

  • Like : dislike . Be like 1 : 1 so great 🥴

  • Broooo, myb ur song has more views but u got 530k likes and 491k dislikes brooo, ksi has 600k likes and 30k dislikes so he's still better than u, I thought ur better than him but u've change into a dick so I actually like KSI more

  • How to somehow enjoy Jake paul vids 1st:Dislike 2nd:mute 3rd:watch the funny comments bout 'jake paul is the type of person who' something

  • First time I saw even like and dislike

  • 127K likes 127K dislikes Me: wut?

  • I'm a fan of J.J, but jake gave factual evidence that he wrote his own song.

    • @Coretonic well idk

    • If you go watch JJ’s video on this it disapproves everything about this

  • idiot

  • Look at the like and dislike ratio

  • 127likes 127dislikes 🤣🤣🤣

  • 20m subs 2.8m views

  • 127k likes 127k bad likes Who will win

  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Likes: 127k Dislikes: 127k 😂😂😂

  • 127k likes 127k dislikes PERFECTLY BALANCED

  • Same likes and dislikes😛😥

  • In impulsive he said that it was him and and another person that wrote the song and that’s a ghost writer because he didn’t credit the other person in the writers

  • Just saw on Reddit we levelled with em and I'm gonna keep liking each comment as they roll I mean there aren't any positive comments here meaning this dude is just a lifeless shell Oh shells 'are' LIFELESs

  • 127k likes 127k dislikes 🤣

  • Same dislikes as likes. There has been an awakening....

  • 5:56 jacksucksatlife

  • X

  • idiont

  • Jake Paul is the kind of guy to put milk first, then the cereal

  • Deleting watch history then throwing away phone

  • 127k likes and 127k dislikes. Didn’t know this could happen

  • Ksi will be better than you will ever be

  • Difference is that jj can admit when Jake's music is alright Jake cant

  • Just came to dislike

  • He got a ghost writer 👍🏽

  • Equal likes and dislikes NOICE!

  • POV:ur from tik tok

  • Threw a party in the middle of a global pandemic lol

  • 127K likes, 127K dislikes. Woah

  • likes are balanced like it should be

  • Stupid jake paul😂

  • i came here to dislike the video lol

  • 10:07 "Oohsi buuchi gucci laugi" I laughed so hard there.

  • Just quit yt

  • funny, that "kid" beat your older brother.

  • I dislike u

  • clown

  • clown

  • Sure he is Jake 🤣

  • Guys quick get this video to 1 million dislikes!!!!!!

  • Bye hes tryna look like the good guy my guy you literally didnt write the song rahh beg and that😩

  • Jake cut the "Imma watch it anyway" to look like it was about his fight. JJ was talking about Tyson vs Roy Jones lollllllll. Jake you clapped scumbag

  • 14:22 thank me later

  • Let’s try get his video to more dislikes than likes

  • Nice Like to Dislike ratio you got there bud! 👍

  • It baffles me how this guy thinks he is fire😂😂😂😂

  • What an absolute pleb 😂

  • who else came here to dislike

  • The amount of dislikes is outrageous

  • Guys please dislike this video

  • Yo look at the like to dislike ratio jake is in the piss

  • fun fact-KSI fans made 100% of these views

  • God this video is aids

  • 16:00 thank me later

  • This guy needs to just leave and never show his face again

  • Jake talking about music is like the stoner kid answering a question in math class

  • Jake saying he has more views..... Lol you also have more dislikes

  • Jake i got a tip stop playing fifa

  • Correction jake Paul is really sad

  • So annoying to watch this. I have a ghost writer but it’s ok, like what?

  • Again came here to dislike

  • Your mom is gay Jake

  • Jake, what went wrong man. Should have stuck with skits

  • nobody likes you

  • My🦾friend👹here⛓Justin💦he’s✅already🔥taken🤯and🥶he’s🧱cracked🧐at🌈fortnite🔈my😎guy🤖uhhhhhhhhh😩

  • I love how jake was like LoOk HoW BlOwN aWaY Jj iS when later in the video he exposes his ghost writer

  • Stfu

  • 9:09 and dislikes

  • pp

  • 1k more dislikes guys, let's make it happen

  • Just here to dislike nun else 🙂

  • The like to dislike ratio is perfectly balances

  • 0:02 jake paul watching manny paqiao

  • 1k more for ratio of dislikes let’s do it bois

  • Jake is sad

  • 5:59 as JJ should

  • “Then I make something good” There’s a very low probability of that happening, Jake.

  • I love how u didn’t mention that u had ghost writers

  • Alright Clowns, which one liked the video.

  • I love the trashy editing for KSI saying ima watch it

  • Bruh this kid is delusional af

  • When he says he is in the studio busting his ass for last year “me going to his other latest songs”

  • Jake Paul: This fight gonna end fast Me: UhHHhHhH I sEe nO WoOd

  • Lol the dislike to like ratio 🤣

  • KSI is better

  • you cant really roast someones verse when you literally didn't write a word fo your song LMFAO

  • why are 20,3 million subs sad

  • SPOTIFY KSI: 7.098.838 JAKE P***: 534.161 I AM JUST SAYING........

  • you are going down bro. tidy yourself up !!!