Kim Klacik makes bold prediction on the future of education

Publicerades den 19 jan 2021
Kim Klacik discusses the controversy surrounding Biden's Deputy Secretary of Education pick and how Republicans can diversify their base. #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime #Kilmeade
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  • Americans must be prepared to raise the level of education in the country to the level of Europe finally. Homeschooling will never reach the same level. Teachers are trained professionals. Children deserve international quality education so that they can succeed in the world of future. In the EU, schooling is nearly free, even in universities. Could U.S. learn from that too? Information is available.

  • The public schools are indoctrination centers to make kids obedient to authority. all it is is memorization of information and it might not even be correct information

  • Ridiculous

  • Home school your children

  • Insightful young woman ...

  • Nancy Pelosi wants to impeach Donald Trump and is trying to get us to believe Donald Trump and his supporters are 'white supremacist' June 17, 2015 Dylan Roof who is white killed nine black parishioners who had gathered at the Charleston South Carolina church. Dylan wanted to start a race war. He did not succeed. How many Dylan Roofs are there in the United States? In the past six years none. So you have to ask yourself why are the Democrats calling the Republicans white supremacists ? They seem to believe and would like us to believe there are millions of Dylan Roofs in this country and they are all republicans.

  • Home school and teach ALL men are created equal and into God's image

  • When are they going to impeach Beijing Benedict Arnold Biden

  • Minorities are right where the democrats want them..Uneducated, unemployed and dependent on government handouts for basic living needs..No minority should vote for any candidate that doesnt support vouchers for their children..Our schools are a joke no one is laughing about.

  • Kim Klacik is going somewhere. Can't wait to see where she goes next. God bless her. Biden is a tool of Satan.

  • REPENT: Christmas is condemned in Revelation 11:10 and Jeremiah 10:1-5. Easter is condemned in Acts 12:5 and Ezekiel 8:16.

  • To be fair, anyone who voted for Biden thinking he would be a moderate, simply wasn't paying attention, and pretty much is the textbook image of a low-information voter.

  • Yes it is creating a two tir class between those who believe in good and evil.

  • Roots is a fictional tv series and is not an accurate portrayal of slavery in colonial America as most slaves during that period where white.

  • She dont make any sense......

  • Schools in England , Teaching kids about transgender ,BLM ,,. English flag RASCIST ,left wing Communist s taken over system ,

  • Fox News is trash. Stop recommending this trash globalist neoliberal chosen tribe channel

  • Joe is criminal in chief!

  • Abc Americans broadcast communism censored Americans!

  • CBS communist broadcast service censored Americans!

  • NBC nationals broadcasting communism censored Americans!

  • NPR censors Americans!


  • CNN communist news network censored Americans!

  • This is all part of a dictator/communist plan divide and conquer get people fighting over their gender over their sexuality over their race over their religion and you're not paying attention to the fact that the dictators are stealing not only your freedom but your money

  • Had I lived in her district I would have voted for Kim Klacik. I'm not a fan of most political ads , but hers were incredibly awesome. I hope she tries to run again

  • Biden. Aking huge mistakes already this could become ugly border we need it sucure man ..

  • As Ron Paul said,,, the federal department of education should be eliminated!!!

  • education is important. schooling is expensive and ridiculous.

  • Why do they want the African American community now.

  • She lost didn't she ?.


  • Dems are idiots

  • I hope that everyone how voted for this crazy, now sees that this guy is going to ruin this wonder country.

  • Biden is a communist

  • Private schooling is extremely expensive..... not every parent can afford it

  • God help us

  • Kim Klacik - a very impressive lady.

  • any chance the good people of Georgia knew masks slowed Covid... like in Asia + Europe ? Knew the GOP was lying for votes, while covid was taking more American lives than war ?

  • Unbelievable Georgia wasn’t lost, it was stolen. Nothing will change unless big tech and those voting machines are trashed.

  • She’s on spot; These oligarch globalist still just want to separate and divide. If we all wake up....

  • Really Kim ? So sad ... and I actually liked her despite her party. She seemed smart, but this is definitely doing her an injustice. Candace’s big sister.

    • But you love Kim. Oh yeah! She's a rolling stone, baby come on! Tell her what you like every night! Girl, I know that you got your own, but she could you-ou-ou-ours!


  • I noticed that anything pro God, pro trump on You-Tube lately has excessive “Buffering” messages.. just for the hepck of it I went to a CNN, MSNBC video, and to my surprise ( not) no problems, 0 buffering🤬

  • Will President Biden disavow and condemn BLM and Antifa?

  • I love this woman wish she had won her race it was stolen from her.

  • Go Kim! Love ya, young lady!!!

  • Half like for Kim half dislike for the rhetoric of could've done better in Georgia. I don't know about their run-off race, I do know the corruption of the presidential election! Kim probably got the same corruption loss as John James did, not sure? But a white male likes both but, there is "racial discourse"... My asterisk!!!

  • Another example of the talent on the conservative side. I hope we see more of Kim in the future!

  • Her not being elected is the proof that Democrats are *WHITE SUPREMACISTS!* amirite?

  • There should be cameras in the classroom.

  • Love you in your new role Brian!

  • This is an extremely intelligent young woman I look forward to seeing her going to Congress

  • She's nuts but she fine as hell. sounds like my type 😉

  • Kim Klacik is a real leader.

  • You are a amazing young lady. god bless you!!!

  • Why are we listening to this loser again? Can’t even win in her small district. On a lower note, looks like a man too.

    • No, she doesn't look like a man. She's cute. She can make a grown man cry if she ever say goodbye! Never let her go oh ooh whoa oh ooh whaay! *pop music*

  • What education system? Have you not had a conversation with some of these college grads? Don’t waste your money people!

  • Opps this is the Faux News Channel, I AM OUTTA HERE. SHILLS!

  • We should have critical political theory, they would learn critical race theory of the Three parties!!! That would open your eyes!



  • FK Biden Biden Making America Unsafe Again

  • Homeschooling is the way forward for a variety of reasons.

    • I homeschooled my children for five years and then send them to a Christian school. They are critical thinkers who research EVERYTHING and don't drink the Kool-Aid

  • Thank you Kim Klacik!! I am a 60 year old white Science teacher and I dearly love ALL my students brown, black, white, or Asian I dont care a thing about students race I just see FUTURE POTENTIAL and it's my job to develop young minds for modern life!! I do feel picked on and misunderstood and young people are so conditioned to see me as racist just because I am a 60 year old white man. Identity Politics is wrong morally!! .God Bless!!

  • 2:05 Those who have not met Joe in the last 40 years have only themselves to blame if they have trusted him with their lives in good faith. And when Kamala is in power, they will wish Joe were back. That will be a very long 4 years.

  • How can someone get educated then look back and say something could be improved. The radical right has always segregated education. As soon as there was civil rights. They kept their kids at home and put them in private schools. Dont want to pay taxes for others. Tokens.

  • I'm trying to figure out how I can homeschool my grandsons next year.

  • I love her

  • This woman she has no background in education, she doesn't have a degree, nor any expertise in education, why would anyone listen to this person about something where she has no expertise. Its like Trump hiring a rich lady with no education training, and never attended a public school to run the Dept. of Education. This is a big problem with the right wing, they like personalities over expertise. For example, President Biden's selection to run the Dept. of Education, Miguel Cardona, has a Doctoral Degree in education and 15 years experience. I'll listen to the experts they know what they are talking about.

  • Where did you find this woman? Black people know Republicans are evil

    • No, Republicans aren't evil. It's a new generation....of party people! Get on the floor, dale. Get on the floor, dale. Let me introduce you to the party people in the cluuub! Uh, uh, uh! *party music*

  • Biggest question that needs to be asked why is it every 2 to 4 years during some kind of election race is always an issue

  • Kim Klacik would make a good education secretary when Trump gets back

  • America, gone from meritocracy to mediocrity in a decade.

  • The schools are their favorite place to attack because ones they change the kids mind, they can divide the country. It is so important that families must get involved what their kids are learning in school.

  • 🤔🤮

  • Will never teach my kid that the color of the person makes the person. Homeschool 💯 then trade school no colleges

  • I don't think there is republican party anymore. They got spoiled of ratas and traitors, they sold out by China. They will never be trusted again. The patriots must star a new party, that can follow the constitución, that have sense of justice, and respect the liberty of the USA people.

  • Kim Klacik you ran failed bye girl your now irrelevant and isn't it amazing only when fox want to talk about race they find people like you like you any other time your irrelevant to them as you are really.

    • No, you love Kim. You couldn't turn on the TV...noo whoa oh! 'Cause there's something that'll remind you! Ooh aahhh! But somehow it ain't that easy, ooh, to just put aside your feelings! Mmm ahh! *R&B music*

  • Talk about creating a divide. All these right wing trolls comments.

  • She lost biden won lol

    • But you love Kim. Lady, hear her tonight! 'Cause her feeling is just so right! As you dance by the moonlight, can't you see she's your delight? *electronic dance music*

  • As if Betsie Devose was qualified, and yet the republicans have dumped down Americans for decades.

  • The real fight is vouchers! Withhold the money from the leftist teacher's unions and open your own schools.

  • They haven't taught history since the mid 80's or earlier.

    • They indoctrinate on revisionist history..So WWII becomes the U.S. invaded many nations and subjugated the people while waging war against them.

    • Critical political history has been removed from books!

  • I already homeschool and will continue ....think about it seriously folks ! Downsize if you must your kiddos 💖


  • What they did was block $2000, pretty simple. That's why they lost

  • Pretty sure Georgia was lost due to a pipe breaking.

    • @Lisa S don’t forget to take your vaccine.

    • Good one, only even that was a lie

  • Now that was the stupidest thing, I've heard today

  • Listen to the prediction. All media predicts and or tells you to your face the future, if you listen correctly. On an individual level one can choose to like or dislike the prediction. But let one thing be for sure, there isn't anything you can do about it.

  • He has to stop using the race card, that Civil War was supposed to be the end of division. Thousands died to end the divide. Let's be United States of America with all types of people.

  • I still think she won

  • lol. Fix is trying so hard to find themselves. And she’s not the most qualified on this subject. lol his black history was roots. I need not say more

  • Love Kim Klacik! Fox News...not so much

  • biden is the beast read your bible

  • Mr. Kilmeade, "the party of Lincoln" is the REPUBLICAN party. Lincoln FOUNDED it

  • STOP dividing people by color and telling them they are a different race!!!!! We are all the human race!!!!!! It really is not political correct!!!

  • I think if we just removed politics from education and race we could be a lot more truly progressive as a country

  • "...and it's just not that important." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I am so relieved that President Biden is in office. After four horrible years we have a presidential president. We have a competent administration, not kids from a corrupt family in charge. We have survived the Trump family.

    • No, not horrible years. You liked Trump. It seems like laaately, you're coco craaazy! Coco, Chanel! You ain't really 'bout it, I can tell! Coco, Chanel! You got it on your belt! Coco, Chanel! Cocoo, Chaneeel! *hip-hop music*

  • Or teachers telling all the white kids in class to stand up and apologize for being white!!! a mom took her child out of school after a her child told her this happened at school. Sad, sad, sad.

    • We have to stop this Insanity now. We can't stop some people's prejudice, but I think we are still in the best country and public schools should show all of history so not too repeat the bad parts. Let's stop going backwards, let's go forward to a better future. The Dem's have to stop with the BS and inciting violence.