Former Facebook exec calls to limit conservatives on social media

Publicerades den 18 jan 2021
The Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech discusses conservative censorship by Big Tech.
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  • cooool

  • I hope a class action lawsuit get started against Facebook so I can join is sue their pants off!

  • Conservatives are getting blocked left and right on Facebook are you kidding. Heck I got blocked for life just for posting a video of President Donald J Trump's speech on the 6th LOL what a bunch of BS I hope I get a chance to sue their pants off!

  • Facebook💩💩💩💩👎👎🤮🤮🤮

  • we are tested some foods Contaminated corona virus! im just warning u be careful your foods!

  • It's simply silencing political opposition. This would apply to anyone, including Libertarians like ME ☹. I'm already silenced in my circle, as the overwhelming majority are democrats. Now I guess that I should be silenced everywhere. Interesting days we're living in.

  • Good!!!!!!

  • Who cares! Who needs Facebook? Not me never had eversince!

  • FB sucks .

  • I dismissed Facebook and glad I did !!!WishI had done it sooner!!!

  • Typical liberals, they’re idiots who don’t understand how hypocritical they are haha! 😂😄😆

  • What ???? Who has radical views? What about free speech?

  • Had to stop watching because some genius kept writing with marker next to a mic. It ruined the audio.

  • Imagine if Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos and the rest decided to take a break from trying to control the world and turned towards trying to help us. Between these people, they could easily put $50 billion dollars towards the public good without even denting their bank accounts. They could take a hiatus from trying to figure out who they are going to cancel next and go out and show us what true philanthropy is. Imagine these people showing up in your community with an open check book, an open heart and an army of people who are only there to help us with no concern about anyone's political agenda. They could go from being the worst people on the planet to heroes and I would be the first to applaud.

  • Social media is trash used by trash. Let it all burn to the ground.

  • OH MY GOD!!! Are these leftie globalists serious? What woke, latte-sipping bubble do they live in? Radicals exist on all sides of the political discourse!!!!!! NONE should be shut down - we must be mature enough to handle what we do not like. “When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

  • The Authoritarian Communists!

  • The Democrat Party is The Communist Confederate Party.

  • The Bigoted Left!

  • Treacherous, Wicked Democrats!

  • Where are all the republicans?!?!?!?!?

  • Only new world order idiots use fakebook

  • Extremely radical views such as: ......

  • They've been doing this for a while.

  • "No FB, no Twitter, no problem. Follow me on TikTok!" - tRump

  • I propose to eliminate facebook

  • Because all the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others - don't you know?


  • Thank you absolutely!

  • Time to regulate big tech so they move to China like all other businesses in USA Conservatives need their own social media platform that allows lies and wild conspiracy theories

  • Our rights mean nothing to these fascists. America was a great country, she is no more. These Communist bastards are doing & saying whatever they want. We are on our own guys. God help us all!

  • *I have been using Vanced SEnewss for a year now. And Brave browser+DuckDuckGo. Give them nothing, take as much as you can from them. Sadly, auto-skipping your ads as well. Also, not sorry.*

  • The US political system is based on slavery. It does not matter what mule kills this cart. The ruling regime in the United States uses the resources of this country for several families who are connected to Zionism. The United States has become a colony of Zionism. Democracy and freedom are a toy in this system of government.

  • Who made the left the *_"Ministry of Truth"_* ??? 👉 🔥😈🔥

  • It's about time that right wing media shut down. Because if we don't what happened on the 6th of January will happen again. And the next thing that we should bring out stronger gun laws so that irresponsible people who intimidate lawmakers have the right to bear arms taken away from them. If you want to protest leave your guns at home. F-you.

  • Trump lied to Americans about a stolen election 🗳 Crooked republi-cans working in the White House Trump send ritos to the capital them thugs Trump lost 100 💯 times Biden 2020 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  • Mark suckenburg planned this long ago when FB was born , its all part of NWO.

  • I hope there would be 70 millions Americans deleting their facebook account. I haven deleted my accounts a long time ago. The only one left is google. For how long?

  • The filibuster "would" keep the most deranged lunatic policies from being implemented. But the Demonrats will just do away with that, then force feed their insane agenda on the country without it. The filibusterer only serves those who actually believe in democracy, which the Demonrats do not. It serves no purpose to an authoritarian communist regime, except to get in the way. They'll take the iron fisted approach and force their agenda on the country, just as all of their Stallinistic forebears have done before them.

  • I'm not even conservative but facebook can go f@ck themselves. Criminal Zucc should be in jail for stealing people's information. You will never silence anyone no matter who they are or how hard you try. We will fight back, the internet is OURS not yours.

  • This should be illegal. These people should be jailed for trying to openly rally to ruin the lives of the majority of Americans... now that they have control in the white house and big tech and media they are gonna make a huge push to completely take over. They have created division amongst the people but we are all gonna suffer

  • Never had a facebook account and never will!!!

  • They don't have to worry we are ditching big tech soon you will be bankrupt

  • I already deactivated my FB 😜 this country USA supposed to be have freedom of speech , but Twitter , Instagram and Facebook ditched it from us or shutting down us all especially conservative peoples , I hope to God will do something about it .

  • Who cares about facebook. People are moving on from them.

  • Good job lefties! This will open the door to an alternative channels for free speech. Soon enough people will realize this they do not have to be on these biased services and make a switch. You loose again!)

  • why not limit you jerks, look where's its got us ... should have muzzled your hate and disinformation years ago

  • No other news org has been spreading more fake news and disinformation and in favor of far left radical ideas like defunding the police, packing the court, violence as protest, killing babies, etc than the propaganda network of cnn. Extreme views must be debated to delude them easily, not censor them where they become stronger. Cnn is a Isis alike misinformation network.

  • FAKE NEWS personality Katie Couric is speaking out in support of the cancel culture as well. 🧛‍♀️

  • People who support cheaters are just as bad as the cheater themselves... Yes FOX your included

  • The thought police are on the loose , shut them down and end their business

  • Good!! 😂😂

  • Just two days until Fox News starts blaming America’s record high number of COVID deaths and deficit on Joe Biden!

  • Fox is lying. Not conservatives but extremists

  • 🔴👀🔴 Why does Twitter banning Donald Trump remind me of Nazi's burning books?

  • The Biden/Harris administration need to demand all American people vaccinate to avoid infecting our incoming immigrant friends.

  • One world order on full display. Sounds like China doesn't it

  • Are Republicans conservative or radical? I can’t believe those thugs that stormed into the Capital are conservatives let alone patriotic.

    • Democrat/Repub rioters are both not conservative.

  • Most people with common sense are pulling the plug on Facebook and deleting their profiles.

  • Conservatives will need their american version of Taiwan soon to escape the commie henchmen and gulags.

  • Parler ( et al) Just be law abiding. Don’t spread hate, insurrection, sedition, and treason. Stop whining.

  • All hate speech should be culled from the public discourse just happend that what Republicans like to talk about.

  • You all made it happen give a pat to your own idiot backs lol what the hell ya think was going to happen?

    • Two wrongs never make a right. That is, unless you are an amoral hypocrite liberal, in which case, every wrong is never wrong.

  • As citizens it is our personal responsibility to preserve freedom. Freedom of speech trump's freedom to use your company to attack free speech. It is not government that tells companies what to do. It is We the People that set the standards that protects freedom of speech. Republicans should want less government involvement in private matters. Christians teach Freewill and personal responsibility. If you own a company and value freedom then why attack freedom with inferior values for power and personal gain? You have freedom with your company untill your company becomes anti American and works against freedom for sinful gain. Freedom has a price. Most freedom is free unless it trump's freedom itself. If I have a company I should be able to do whatever I want with that company unless it attacks Freedom morals and righteous values that protect freedom in the first place. President Trump understands this and so does the Republic. I don't think we can have to much love, however? Heavy issue. American companies create new global communications network. The network is used more by Non Americans and it's all about communication. The bias is heavily favorered by Non Americans. The Companies that created these communication tools are more rewarded heavily with money from non Americans. So the tech companies are in favor of anti America because most of the users are anti America. The problem with all this is America is righteous and the rest of the world loves communism, socialism , old ways that don't benefit humanity to the greater good. Big issues for sure. Help, please someone save our Nation under President Trump. The irony is President Trump gives credit to American values for his Success and he is President. The Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter owners think they are above American values and now they seems like arrogant treasonous criminals. America is not the values of China, Russia, India, etc. We are a Republic, not a Democratic, Communistic, Socialist, Tyrannical people. Senator Biden is Globalist sellout to the Country.

  • Real Americans won’t buy this. Even the Democrat ones.

    • Yes they will.....they already have....because 'ORANGE MAN BAD'.....

  • "Everything the left blames the right for, the left are guilty of actually doing." - Me

  • Trump smears Georgia clay on his face, what’s Domenech got all over his? 💩

  • *Today* *is* *the* *18th* *of* *January* *2021.* *There* *is* *1* *day* *18* *hours* *22* *minutes* *and* *47* *seconds* *remaining* *until* *the* *authoritarian* *nightmare* *which* *is* *the* *Trump* *presidency* *finally* *ends.*

  • Turn off electronic devices off January 20th

  • Kicking white supremacists and terrorists is perfectly acceptable, kicking trump probably saved life's.. also isnt it nice having America a less hateful place since his tweeting stopped.

  • Welcome to the Dystopia. . . . . Are you, are you Coming to the tree? They strung up a man They say who murdered three Strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be If we met at midnight in the hanging tree Are you, are you Coming to the tree? Where dead man called out For his love to flee Strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be If we met at midnight in the hanging tree Are you, are you Coming to the tree? Where I told you to run So we'd both be free Strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be If we met at midnight in the hanging tree

  • Facebook, twitter and the like are not social media, they are antisocial media.

  • lol he says it's 50/50 right now Yeah right now and then Joe Biden becomes president and they're going to give DC statehood and then he will have packed the court Oh I'm sorry not pack the court change the numbers of the court He's basically packing the court it's like saying in a game of cards I'm not cheating I'm just counting the deck That's called cheating You're making the odds go to your favor by knowing when to call and when to stay by counting the deck That's cheating Oh I'm just changing the number of the supreme Court I'm not cheating by packing the court No no no no.

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Honestly who cares about disinformation on the internet because it's everywhere first of all second of all what they need to do if they can pull these plugs they should be worrying about pulling the plug on like something like p hub or the other sites that are out there and just not let them upload those kind of images or videos if they want to make the internet safe not worry about persons opinions

  • They’re trying to turn America in a third world country. Everyone will be out for themselves and people in power and I’m afraid that cops will also become corrupted with the lack of respect that they’s nerve racking. I’m terrified.

  • Get rid of big tech... all of them even your Google phone

  • Only points approved by the Ministry of I mean the Media Literacy Commission will be allowed.

  • What is now happening in the United States is shown to the smallest detail in the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939.

  • Surprise surprise

  • "They aren't after me, they are AFTER YOU! Im just in their way" -D.J. Trump Boy was he right

  • Freedom of speech is not only clearly stated in our Constitution’s First Amendment but it is our country’s most deeply valued prize. Ninety years ago the Supreme Court in Near v Minnesota (a 5-4 decision) , gave continued freedom to publish to a publisher of violent slanderous and antiSemitic editions. The four opposing justices opined that Congress should pass a law giving some protection to public figures. Only the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists attempted self- control by calling for journalistic integrity in the presence of facts. “Yellow journalism” such as Near had used to sell papers, was singled out along with lewdness. In the movies, the Hayes Office for years attempted to prevent bawdy behaviour from appearing on the “silver screen.”

  • The more I get censored, the more I react. The right is pushed towards what used to be leftists narratives decades ago!

  • Facebook and Twitter ignore Dems encouragement of violence, yet silence republicans. They can silence us - just like we can boycott them. Join the boycott and fight for justice!

  • So American people who don't want to lose their freedom is radical huh? Gtfoh! They know who are the real radicals that they pay and encourage to go out and start riots! Gtfoh!

  • Down with facebook

  • Don't buy IPhone 📱,Google, Apple, Facebook, twitter....

  • domestic terrorists aka trump’s insurrectionist mob dont have rights to free speech anymore

  • Impossible to have real discussion about complicated topics on The Fox Clown Show. It’s all about hate, incitement, and money.

  • 1042 comments, very interesting, listening to these guys talk remind me of the movie "They Live". I feel like we are being lied to by these guys. and 1042 comments are seeing the same thing I am.

  • Trump now HATES FOX! The US Supreme Court turned Trump down! Trump is now working with the Texas AG to steal the election! There are also 18 Republican AG's that signed on, and 126 Republican Congressmen have also signed on! The US Supreme Court turned Trump down AGAIN! Trump supporters in Congress trying to stop Pence from confirming the results of the election are TRAITORS! Trump tried to lead a COUP that killed 6 people, and he needs to stand trial when out of office! All of those with a law license should have it taken away! Impeach Trump again, and add the statement "can never hold public office as long as he lives"!

  • So does Fox News- just look @ 'thumbs up’ to 'thumbs down’ ratio. Truly sickening

  • Better not limit their Grindr use, lest you want a YUGE BIGLY revolt!!

  • FB is f up! Delete ur FB!

  • Misinformation decreased 73%.

  • Remember cnn Anchors you have to walk the street it’s coming

  • They cut off all hate speech, the GOP is just more hateful than anyone else.

  • Of a day comes when conservatives cannot speak freely then noone else will be able to do it either.

  • So much for freedom of speech....