Taking our Hovercraft to the Moon

Publicerades den 26 apr 2021
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This video was done by professionals under the supervision of professionals on a closed course!
In todays video, we buy a new Hovercraft off of craigslist and or Facebook marketplace. We then test the new Hovercraft in preparation to bring doge to the moon! The hovercraft is a Scat.


  • WE ARE GOING TO THE MOON!! www.cboystv.com

  • Ryan falls hover craft: add turns on Me: FAAAA

  • We’re are the sunglasses 🕶 from

  • Nah I don't do drugs

  • When the guy at the end of the bar said "Are ya gonna blast off later?" and there was enough quick witt under that astronaut helmet to answer "No, I don't do drugs." I don't think I could have been happier... That couldn't have been scripted any better. That guy didn't know what hit him but I loved every bit of it. This is only the 2nd video of yours I've watched and I am ashamed I didn't subscribe after the 1st one. Proud to say I didn't go any further until I subscribed. Great work guys!! Respect!

  • It won’t steer bc there’s only two louvres on the back lol

  • It's strange how wearing a costume can bother people that much.

  • Yooo Cleetus got one? Lemme get one too.

  • Omg your Tesla 🤣🤣🤣

  • Guy: are you going to blast off later. Response: naa I don’t do drugs😭😂😂😂😂

  • i like how yall are making the channel funny... suttle changes in the past 5 ish months have been unreal. keep goin off

  • 😄

  • This episode was PURE GOLD.

  • LMFAO!!!!

  • You guys gonna blast off later? “Nah I don’t do drugs”

  • He still had his phone after getting thrown ran over and treading water and was in total shock even back on shore...

  • Cleatus Mcfarland had a hovercraft first get the guy that souped up his engine do it to yours

  • I laughed so hard when they were at dq

  • (No I don’t do drugs) Ben May 2k21 😭

  • huh, water, land, well damm where tf else can u use it

  • How do you guys have the truck

  • 0:14 ur welcome

  • fuckin ripping donuts in a hovercraft

  • Nah I don’t do drugs💀

  • I did this kind of stuff before I watched you guys

  • Gotta take it to Lake superior

  • Lmao he never let go of his phone😂😂

  • You giys haven't made a video even remotely entertaining in about 2 years now

  • No free plugs? When did you guys turn into such tool bags.. And it obvious ryan fell out the hoover craft on purpose

  • i seen the quad eat him the same way as the hovercraft😂😂😂👌

  • I bot Joer mirts

  • I got an ad as Ryan fell in..... It just paused with him in mid air 😂🤣

  • No I don’t do drugs im dead 😂😂

  • The ice cream cone at the end was hilarious 😂

  • one of ur funniest videos in a while! haha

  • Last video you would be a bad astronaut ken next video he’s a fing astronaut

  • Hahaha should of left it to Ken that nose dive was sick

  • The ice cream cone at the end had me dying

  • 6:30 cj has a voice crack he’s still growing up 😂😂

  • @cboys tv you guys should do an astronaut themed merch drop

  • “Nah i dont do drugs” i fookin died

  • What’s the give away if there is one?

  • Wearing nasa suits in a Tesla that could be a video itself.

  • Bro i if i had a dirt bike my life would be wortg living

  • I need that

  • Its able to float btw 😂😂😂

  • Are you guys going to blast off later or what? No we don’t do drugs 😂😂😂

  • "You gunna blast off later or what?" "No I dont do drugs" Only a person that does drugs would say that lmao

  • Your supposed to ride scat hover crafts from a kneeling position. Ideally it wants to fly bow up.

  • You all need a big chicken barstool

  • "Oh I don't do drugs"🤣😂

  • You guys took my idea when I said hover craft

  • No I don’t do drugs 😂

  • THAT IS A “KEN DO!!!”

  • Honestly has to be the fuckin funniest video yet I think😂. Loving the imagination boys!

  • Can I get a ATV

  • That’d be sick in snow and ice

  • These videos make my day good

  • Soneone watched Cleetus!

  • I want see the atv on the wather !!! Pls🥺🥺

  • Did u get that from cleat

  • You should buy 50cc scooters. That would be sick

  • Glad to see the old girl out in action. That is the one rebuilt about 6 years ago. We found it in the trees.

    • Yeah it was the most hp. You could have through that opening and propeller combination.

    • No way 😂 with the 500 cat motor in it right?

  • The fucking cboys

  • You should get a pond like Roman Atwood had

  • I Swar I need to come out there keep it up like this comment for a invite to the c Boys house

  • like your swim ryan

  • Wheres kens four wheeler for the 50k likes

  • Fire content! Never sell out boys! 📈🔥

  • Cboys reminds me of a mix of nitro circus and top gear lol

  • You guys should buy a electric 2 wheeler

  • Ben at the end with the ice cream has me dead🤣🤣

  • U guys really to buy a apollo dirtbike on Amazon there insane it's not a toy like the 300 dollar one this on is the real deal

  • Ryan made this whole video. The suits were rather...lame.

  • This would be better if it was original

  • This whole video is a banger

  • Why is the raptor back

  • @9:11 the way he popped up lol.

  • I was gonna watch this vid last night but was super tired so I saved it to watch till now

  • Hovercraft on thin ice !!!

  • This was vreally a AWESOME video!!!!

  • Only legends stay at the end😂

  • This was legendary cboys will always be my favourite fuckin SEnewss channel hell yeah

  • The ending

  • Awesome video

  • “Nah.. I don’t really do drugs lol”

  • Did they give away the scrambler?!

  • Random guy: you gonna blast off later? Ben: no I don’t do dugs. Random guy: 🥸

  • New merch?

  • Can you sell the space suit 👩‍🚀 with the ken logo on it

  • The ending ! 😂😂

  • you guys should buy a ski doo

  • please race cleetus mcfarland

  • Hi

  • Ben: "just getting a beer" Also Ben: "I don't do drugs" LOL

  • Slam a v8 in your hovercraft

  • Best ending ever

  • Ken looks like the guy from astronaut in the ocean by masked wolf

  • just getting some beers.... nah i don’t do drugs 😭

  • Funny video guys, glad Ryan didn’t drown.