Eating ONLY Prison Food for 24 HOURS!! **i regret it**

Publicerades den 10 apr 2021
This was actually crazy...
I found an ex prisoners TikTok account where he shows you how to make REAL prison food, so I did this for 24 hours...
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  • 2:34 prisoner in a Lambo😂 loll.....

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  • Is that 666 on your prison cloth i am i the only one seeing this

  • *me wondering why the title says he regret it but hes loving all the food*

  • I miss Jessi ❤️

  • Who else noticed that triple 6 on his shirt

  • "I'm not the brightest fish in the sea." - FaZe Rug election campaign.

  • What kind of prison does Rug think has their inmates dress like that.

  • Look, the worst punishment 1: Eating gross food 2: Spending in prison for years 3: You will pay any sin you did.

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  • If your reading this god bless you and your family ❤💚🧡

  • Ha ha ha loved this video 😃 very interesting

  • What did J go to jail for

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  • 1:37 the reaction to the flat bread tho lol

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  • The prisoner burrito is also called a brick

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  • I would like to try!

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  • literally Noah the whole time “zoom in zoom out “😂😂

  • I would never call someone D in prison lmao.. hey you seen the D. You would get wrecked on all day everyday

  • oh man! A level 4 inmate would have fun with an iron husband was in a level 4 prison and he would send me photos of the "grille" he built lol definitely wasn't an looked like a science project lolll

  • Are you in prison with gucci shoes on

  • She looks like shaman

  • every video I watch yours I like it and comment and I have already subscribed

  • Been to jail literally just did 2 months this is mostly accurate I literally made a burrito most of the time commissary is essential in jail

  • imagine eating that for ur whole life.....

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  • Only the end was a success

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  • Alternative title: Tik tok prison food life hack I fucking hate autocorrect

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  • Do prisoners actually have microwaves at prison?

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  • U are not gonna even taste the food prisoners get here in India 😐

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  • you should try this my step dad told me about this chicken ramen cooked with jalapeño nacho cheese crushed hot cheetos cut up slim jim of summer sausage mixed together

  • You can tell they hated everything

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  • The grilled cheese sandwich is literally the same as a normal grilled cheese

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