Grey's Anatomy 17x04 Promo "You'll Never Walk Alone" (HD) Season 17 Episode 4 Promo

Publicerades den 19 nov 2020
Grey's Anatomy 17x04 "You'll Never Walk Alone" Season 17 Episode 4 Promo - Owen faces a medical diagnosis that challenges more than he imagined. Meanwhile, Koracick begins to go stir crazy; and Maggie gets a not-so-subtle glimpse into Winston’s background on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Thursday, December 3rd on ABC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on SEnewss for more Grey's Anatomy season 17 promos in HD!
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Grey's Anatomy 17x04 Promo/Preview "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 4 Promo
Grey's Anatomy 17x04 Promo "You'll Never Walk Alone" (HD)
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» Starring: Ellen Pompeo, Kevin McKidd, Kim Raver, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, Jesse Williams, Camilla Luddington


  • I hope it’s George 🥺

  • So many comments about who people want it to be or think it'll be and I feel you all, I want it to be Lexie so badly. But let's be realistic, can we? We need to consider the circumstances in play both in the show's world and the real world. If it was Lexie, that would mean that Chyler Leigh would need to fly to LA from Canada (where she's filming Supergirl) and that's not practical. Flights are extremely limited to begin with plus she'd have to be granted time away from her current show and she'd have to do a mandatory quarantine upon returning. Don't think that would happen. If it was Cristina, same thing applies but for the character, not the actress -- how or why would Cristina be able to get from Switzerland to Settle? No one is travelling in the pandemic. Plus she's gonna leave her own hospital during a crisis?

  • George or Mark

  • I think it’s gonna be the baby she lost.

  • What we want: Lexie or/and George What we'll most likely get: Ellis, Thatcher, or the dog.

  • Lexie please be Lexie

  • Wait so I just had a thought...what if its Mark and lexi together (married/a couple), and thats why merideth sort of does that "I'm proud and happy" look

  • We all know is there is no Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey. She will be fine, this is just so we can see Mcdreamy for which I am eternally grateful!!!

    • To whoever sees this, just remember that Jesus loves you and so do I❤️🤗😊

  • Pleaseeeee Let it be Lexie... ❤️

  • It better be their Dog Doc.


  • Plot Twist, it’s Gary Clark, who shoots Meredith back into reality.

  • It's the ghost baby I'm sure

  • Please be Lexie please be Lexie please be Lexie please be Lexie please be Lexie please be Lexie please be Lexie

  • Better be Lexie

  • Please be O'Malley. Please!

  • se deus quiser é a lexie

  • se deus quiser é a lexie

  • I don’t think she’s ever supposed to reach Derek...

  • I hope she see his mom. That will be very powerful and sad to watch. I hope she does.

  • its gonna be ellis and shes gonna say some motivational shit about how shes proud of mer and then mer will come back and be fine

  • if she dies from covidi will sue

  • To whoever sees this, just remember that Jesus loves you and so do I❤️🤗😊

  • I don't think they'll kill Mer, this show wouldn't make any sense. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the deaths didn't make sense to me but Meredith is the main character, the show's title is her name, it'd be weird to have a whole season without her...

  • We want: Lexie or George We'll get: The bomb guy who blew up.

  • I need some Lexie or George even Mark, I do not want Ellis or Thatcher lol

  • Knowing the way she talks about Lexie and how much she misses her, I know that look was for her. I loved hearing Meredith talk about her on the plane with Riggs. Think of people who will make her willing to die. 1. Derek -love of her life 2. Lexie -baby sister she met late in life

  • I want it to be George or Lexie....please shonda..😭😭😭

    • @foopyu nooui probably...😭😭😂😂

    • What we want: Lexie or/and George What we'll most likely get: Ellis, Thatcher, or the dog.

  • I can't wait omg

  • Anything can happen in 2020! With that being said, I’m guessing Lexi, George or Mark.

  • Everyone thinks it’s gonna be Lexie, but y’all KNOW it’s gonna be Gary Clark, the hospital shooter

  • I don't think I've ever read a comment section that was in such agreement. What we want: Lexie or George What we'll most likely get: Ellis, Thatcher or an old patient we haven't thought of since 2007

  • gonna be mom or dad, the im so proud of ur awards, love mom moment would be cute

  • Whoever it maybe....if mer wakes up after all this she better find Cristina by her side

  • I hope it's not Ellis. She turns up so often, it's lost all meaning for me. George would be good or Lexi. Even Mark.

  • they should kill her and have her reunite with everyone

  • Everybody’s saying “it’ll probably just be some crap like Ellis or Thatcher” But hey, last week the show promised us something and it absolutely delivered with Derek showing up. They might be pulling out all the stops for us this (final?) season.

  • we all are hoping for lexi but i have a feeling its gonna be ellis grey

  • Idk its really anyones guess at this point. I feel like, it could be either Lexie, George or Ellis. Out of those three Lexie would have the biggest impact for Mer. Yeah she and George were friends and she was with him when he was brought in after his accident but idk i just dont see it as being that big for Mer's Character. And I feel like Ellis would just be another situation from when Mer drowned. Plus, Meredith got what she wanted from her mother, her approval and love. During her Harper Avery win, you could tell Ellis spirit was proud of Meredith. She was proud of her as a person but to be proud of her being such an accomplished surgeon meant 10x more.

  • Oh I hope that’s Lexi.

  • I am betting on Ellis, but I want lexie!!! I will take a consolation prize of George, Mark, that one bomb squad guy, and the random security guard who got shot down the hall from Dr. Bailey during the active shooter... In that order.

  • it's just gonna be ellis isnt it

    • Maybe but whoever comes back, Meredith is happy to see them

  • What we want: Lexie or/and George What we'll most likely get: Ellis, Thatcher, or the dog.

  • O m f!!!!!!i cant f wait !!!!shonda ur rock !!

  • Does anyone know why is not going to be this week? Cause it says dec 3 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • It's because Thursday is thanksgiving

  • I'm kinda hoping it's someone that was alive when we saw them last, so then it's revealed that they died at some point after they left.

  • Ooo what if her miscarried child from season 6 I think comes and meets Meredith but I rlly want Lexie or George

  • If meredith dies after 17 seasons of covid, I'm never gonna watch the show again. 😂 That would be the lamest death ever. Its wouldn't make sense.

  • Who we want it to be: George and Lexie Who it’ll be: Thatcher or Ellis


  • what we want: lexie or george what we’ll get: cristina’s shoe

  • Wait can someone explain why she is sick? I have stopped watching after a while

    • She contracted coronavirus after working two weeks with Covid patients and on the beach , she was with Derek

  • We want: Lexie or George We'll get: The bomb guy who blew up.

  • Y’all it’s gonna be Derek!

  • It has to be someone dead, like Lexi or George, or maybe even Ellis!??!

    • I don't think it is Ellis cause whoever that person is , Meredith was happy to see them

  • I hope it’s lexiiii she was my fav, but I have a feeling that’s it’s gonna be her mother Ellis

    • where is Hayes? If he doesn't have a minute of scene at least with Mer, I die!!!!

  • It’s definitely Lexi

  • If it’s not Lexi, I don’t want anything!!

  • Why has no one thought of Alex

  • It'll b Lexi telling her to fight this like only she can! I can't handle Mer dieing! And if they show Derek one more time I'm going to lose my shit!

  • If it ain’t 007 mark or Lexie (Or slexie) imma catch a bus ✨O’Malley style✨

  • Im hoping its lexi or george or mark please one of them. Something tell me it not going to be them. And i dont want to get my hope up.

  • It's gonna be the baby she lost in season six just look at the way she's holding her stomach

  • It’s definitely gonna be Arizona’s leg!!!

    • @Fiesta DelSoul hahahaha yes! That was a nice a$$ shoe

    • 😂 or Christina’s shoe

  • I actually think she might die this season. Cause yea we will all be sad but just seeing that she’s joining all her friends makes her death alittle less sad

  • I think she sees Bonnie, the way she holds her stomach.

  • Plot twist it’s Denny Duquette and Dyllan from season 2

  • its denny

  • If it’s not Lexie I don’t want it

  • It's George. The actors were seen together recently

  • where is Hayes? If he doesn't have a minute of scene at least with Mer, I die!!!!

  • We have 2 weeks to binge watch all 16 previous seasons and these first 3 episodes of season 17. I'mma do my level best. I may be in a hospital bed by the time this episode airs. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Y'all thinking it'll be someone important it's gonna be one of her patients or something

  • That was a woman with black hair, its Lexie......gotta be.

  • Good, I have two weeks to prepare for more crying. 😢

  • if it’s lexie George mark or her mom Imma, flip

  • guys it might be..... April. if u think ab it I think everybody who died in her past will come up in her dream like no Cristina bc she didn't die. if u know what I mean. open to see something special "its a beautiful day to save lives."- Derek Shepherd.

  • She’s pregnant

  • LEXI OR GEORGE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  • Is it Lexi?!

  • The show is over if she dies! I just want her to be happy!

  • We want Lexie! nay, WE DESERVE LEXIE lol

  • The beach has castles on the sand and i saw a tik tok that says that can mean baby who died from an abortion

  • am i the only one that thinks it may be ellis?

  • its def Lexie.

  • Ugh, George 🤮 whiney, entitled, man child. He just thought he was supposed to get the cat from any woman he had a crush on that would give him the time of day and unfortunately hold a conversation with him. I can't stand a thirsty guy Bring either Lexie or Mark back! And keep showing Derek cause 😍💕 But it probably will be George 🙄 cause y'all love him for some odd reason.

  • If its lexie i will Die !!!! But for me its Ellis

  • I think they'll bring Lexie, it would make sense that Meredith would see Lexie

  • Shonda I swear if you kill Meredith we gonna have a problem!

  • Maybe Lexi??

  • What happened to Meredith? Is she in a coma? I didn't watch the episode!

    • She contracted covid after working with covid patients for two weeks and yeah , I think she is in a coma

  • So. We really didnt see her screaming excuse me in her dream. They never said another person return in a dream..what if all of this is a compilation of derek showing the house he built for mer. And in reality, cristina comes back to operate on her?? I mean she might need cardio god if her lungs are damaged?

  • I hope it will be Lexie.

  • Is it the husband?

  • Die, Mer. It's the last season!

  • CRISTINA!!!! It's gotta be Cristina!!!!

  • When you walk walk, through a storm

  • Omg it better be George or Lexi 🥺🙈

  • your mom?