The AKWARD Experience Of Servicing My Audi R8 V10 PLUS (Caught On Camera)

Publicerades den 1 maj 2021
Had to take the Audi for it's first service appointment and it was interesting to say the least as my dash cam was running the whole time. The things people say when they think no one is listening ;)

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  • Sometimes I help out in the service department of my dads dealership and the battery of the R8 is in a really inconvenient spot buried deep in the front trunk. To exchange it you need to take apart half of the frunk inlay and it’s frustrating hard work. But nevertheless the customer is king and pays good money for the service, so it should be a privilege to service such a car. Mechanics like these put a bad name on the whole branch. Shame on them !

  • I just had my GTI Clubsport MK7 inspected for exhaust leaks etc. And you cannot belive some of the things you hear these mechanics talk about behind your ears. Not enough with they say my Cobra Sport exhaust is a pile of junk, cars ugly (jealous talk of course), but to start hear things about me, my mother whitch they think i live together with (idont), then as i forgot my phone there for 30 mins there, i realize the office guy been snooping around on it. I tell you: all kinds of gossip exists in those places! Its like a frigging Hair Dresser Saloon - But for MEN !!! (Im so glad idont have to work with such haters, coz their mentality is quite frankly sickening !!!) ill think twice before going back to these guys again.. But now i have them & their talk on camera! Which ironically these idi*ts have been installing themselves !!!👍 😄 👍

  • Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill and spying on people in their workplace. Watching this was the biggest anticlimax.

  • Didn't know Seth Rogan got a job as a mechanic.

  • And this is why I hate dealing with Car Dealerships - you can never trust them. DashCams are great! For Cochran to be the biggest dealer in western PA - The chances of me buying an Audi from them or any other car is a no brainier. Even though they reached out to make it right Im not taking any chances and therefore I am out on COCHRAN Dealerships PERIOD! Shout out to those who give us insight on dealerships like Kevin Hunter


  • No thank you to Audi technicians

  • All these youtubers spamming adds smh makes me quit the video

  • Need to confront dealership with this ASAP! Your not helping your fellow Audi owners. No telling what else he’s not doing that could damage or put you in danger of something failing. Not to mention calling a customer a fu$koff he needs to be gone PERIOD.

  • That battery was most likely under warranty and warranty does not pay like out of pocket does so they didn't want to deal with it. Also it most likely was in a annoying place but im not to sure. Either way they should have told you.

  • That's a disorganized grungy looking workshop, the floor, the tools, the mechanics attitude...argghh a crappy mess. You're right, it's time to find another dealer for servicing. If a German workshop floor is not clean enough to eat your dinner from, then find one that is.

  • Expedition St doesn't exist

  • I would go back and report that tech as that was MAJORLY unprofessional. talk to the service writer manager. That Audi Dealership used to be located in Dormont at the Corner of Rt-19 and Plymouth, I used to work at the Autozone that's there at the corner of rt-19 and McFarland and I used to deliver parts to that Audi Dealership and the techs then weren't professional.

  • That’s Cockring Audi, for you!

  • wow comment 1k

  • Clowns 🤡

  • You are too nice my friend! Call them out! Post a review

  • 3:09 watched this a week ago and came back just to watch this part. the editing and music is top tier mexico content on this whole website 😂

  • You need to stop cheating in the races

  • He said fuck you because you loudly said finally as he pulled up 😂

  • im happy with my honda thats all i can say

  • What dash cam do you have?

  • the Mexican music got me LOL!

  • I just sent this video to @audi_pittsburgh on IG and this was their response: "Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the video. We are aware of it and have addressed the contents of it with both the owner of the vehicle and internally with our team members. We are disappointed by what has occurred, can understand how you might be feeling about it, and apologize for our team’s behavior. We will be making the appropriate changes internally to ensure that this does not happen again. We are also working toward a positive resolution with our customer. Our business at Audi Pittsburgh is built on delivering exceptional customer service to our customers through professionalism, finely tuned processes, expertise, and trust. We have some work to do to restore some of these things with customers like you who viewed this video. Thank you again for reaching out to us. we’ve also had a couple of really good conversations with our client regarding what occurred, where we went wrong, the mistakes we made, what we did in response, and what we are doing in the future from the learnings. The customer is planning on updating his current video or posting a new one with further explanation - please be sure to view it." - Audi Pittsburgh

  • Yeah I don't deal with dealerships or trust them. sorry they all suck!!! they don't care!! so why should I waste my time going to your dealership!!

  • The wing will never grow on me one of the worst mods you ever did to one of your cars . You could have gotten one a little larger than the stock one . This one looks like it should be on the back of an indy race car . Just ridiculous

  • It was definitely out of laziness. I believe it is a pain in the ass to replace it. No excuse, it's their job. That would absolutely piss me off too.

  • @autovlog Audi care is extra cost, the original owner purchased it when ordering/buying the car.

  • I bought my 2018 Audi A4 in 2019 (at a Mazda dealership $1000s cheaper by the way). I was able to buy the Audi Care for about $900 at the Pittsburgh location - first owner didn't purchase it. Check out the rooftop on your next visit.

  • Two incidents in the video of complete disrespect of customer care. This dealership needs to be outed to deter other customers being treated in the same way. Doubt if the Ferrari F12 dealers you used were so indifferent to their cars, perhaps to be expected as the R8 is not in the supercar league, but part of the large VAG group, could be wrong.

  • What camera system to you use? It had very good video and sound I would like to get the same, and they should sponsor you if they don't already!

  • Why tune an M8? Is 600ish HP not enough? I don’t get it 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Audi-care is a paid service. Audi and -free- _included_ doesn't go together. Audi is related to Porsche, i.e. the quintessential nickel & dime auto-company.

  • Thank god for Mehico!

  • You honestly handled this like a true gentleman, you’re are one of the reasons why I own an F150. Great channel and I’m glad you have success so far and wish you more in the future. You deserve it.

  • I bought a used f150 from a dealer ship in waynesburg pa. It had a 190 point inspection. Witch was a joke. A smart person will never buy a used vehicle on line and have it shipped to you site unseen. I trust no dealer ship.

  • Tbh its not that bad. But since its the most expensive model audi makes, service should be perfect. On a regular i could understand the laziness to some extent. Not to be rude but this seems like an american thing

  • Caught ya

  • I believe the battery change out in an R8 takes about 45 mins to an hour. Although you can see the top of the battery from inside the front trunk, after removing an access panel, removing it completely requires removal of the front trunk liner and all the trim pieces surrounding it. The tech probably didn't want to do it because he knew it was a bit more time consuming than just swapping out a battery on most cars (10 mins). And I'm sure he's been told by the service manager to try and avoid such service work on cars still under the Audi "Care" warranty so he can focus his time on more profitable & billable hours for the dealership.

  • Old Mexico streets 😎 F... off what a service better if that happens to me I will never go back to Audi I better drive Toyota 💣

  • Took my car to Audi PGH and they tried to charge me $3,000+ for a new turbo. THE SAME DAY I FIXED THE TURBO MYSELF! It was a simple hose that wasn’t connected. I take the Audi to the sewickley dealership now!

  • Handled very well. I had numerous problems/issues with Mercedes service. Finally told them to never contact me again. Even had a terrible experience with Mercedes USA when I try getting my last issue(a recall) resolved. Love my E63, terrible experience with Mercedes.

  • F those guys. I couldn't trust them after seeing that. They don't give a shit obviously

  • Big difference for quality of techs for an Audi than a Ferrari. I went from Mercedes to Audi and also see a lower level than Mercedes.

  • I watched your first mod video the only mod I really like is the diffuser I personally think the wing is to big and looks ridiculous. But I guess it grows on you . You were a bit of a smart ass in the video as well . You have to take in to consideration there are alot of people out there that can't afford an r8 unlike you . You should be a little more respectful with your comments is all I am saying . I hope the new exhaust sounds as good as it does now or better its a shame to mess with perfection. I am enjoy all your videos. I am happy for you with the r8 but please be respectful with you comments by not sounding as smart assed as you did because there are alot of people out there that can't afford an r8 even a used one like you. And there are going to be some people that like your mods and some that don't who cares if people don't like your mods so be thats ok not everyone has to be a fan of your mods I am certainly not a fan of both just don't sound like a 2 yr old about it or be so smart totally immature reaction . Your in your 40s if someone doesn't like a mod so be who cares just go on with it and don't vocalize thst fact on you tube

    • I am happy for you that you have the r8 but there will be certain people that are jealous or can't afford it . And I just mean you saying about the r8 or any super car and rubbing it in is so very immature and kind of rude

    • And I am certainly not jealous by any stretch of he the means I just think you saying I have an r8 or an f12 and rubbing it is is not a cool thing to do for people who can't afford something that would love to have one used or new . Show a little respect

    • What I meant to say was not everyone is going to like the mods you do to the r8 so be it who cares . You really don't need to vocalize on you tube who doesn't like your mods thats kind of a immature thing to do . Not everyone has to be a fan of your mods the only one that does is you and if you like them thats fine . And like someone recently said saying I have an r8 or any supercar for that matter and basically rubbing it in people's faces that can't afford one used or new is not cool and very immature

    • I hope when you do lower your r8 you don't go to low because you will end up scraping the diffuser which would be terrible considering to me that's the only mod on the back that looks good . Why would you want to lower a car that's already low enough I personally do not think it will look right but that's my opinion . It's a shame to mess with something that already to me is perfection but what do I know I am not a mod person like you . As far as the wheels I don't understand why you would change them either there beautiful and if you woukd research them you would see that they are the most expensive wheels you can get for an r8 just like the exhaust. I just hope you pick wheels as nice looking as the ones that are on the car now. Still can't believe your changing the exhaust it sounds amazing . I hope it sounds as good as it does now when you change it .

    • I meant so be it

  • Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna buy a new audi after seeing what really goes on. The dealerships here seem to be shit too, no calls back from service departments either... just gonna leave you with a broken car until you file a lawsuit.

  • As a Mexican, I don't know what to think about the music. 🤣🤣 BTW, I love the orange color in that Audi.

  • What happened to your Ferrari? Just wondering.

  • Don’t worry, karma will do the work for you.

  • My dad had been a Audi owner for almost 3 years now, and I have to say, Audi has above average customer services and stuff members. I’m not so sure about this time...... Maybe is just for this shop, but I’m still very surprising...

  • Granted I see where they are coming from with why they didn't want to do it. Just from watching the video I just watched its a 2 man job and about 50 pop clips to remove the frunk to even get to the batter, which includes undoing the wiper arms from the motors, undoing the supports for the hood thing, I'd say it was about an hour and a half job at least to make sure nothing gets broken. But from a customer service stand point, if it were already covered I won't let a customers car leave unless I have done everything I can to make sure their car is going to carry them down the road for a long time. Hopefully they get you a good battery in there, and hopefully there is a port where you can connect a tender to it, it's pretty well hidden in the frunk

  • Not all 1:1 but my S4 had a "bad battery" at purchase. Lasted a year and a half with no issue

  • If you aren’t going to “Out” anyone then don’t mention .. either hold them accountable For their mistakes .. willful mistakes let it go if u not going to take Action

  • Dashcams are worth the expense.

  • Must be a trump supporter

  • Who wins if you don’t jump the start every single time

  • Had an similar experience at that same dealership! Will not go back there... I have Audi care but they did everything possible to “upsell” me to make up for it including trying to talk me into four tires that still had plenty of tread on them

  • 0:05 This part kills me 😆😆😆

  • Unfortunately it’s always a small percent of bad apples. I had a Mechanic at a dealership steal my GPS card to my navigation system like 10 years back and the dealership gave me a hard time about replacing it. I would never go back there. I hope The manager sees this video and does what’s right for the company....

  • Don’t understand why nobody talked to you about the battery. In my experience with the bmw dealership they just give you a call and explain the problem and ask permission to replace it. What good does a checked box do? That’s going to be very helpful when the battery dies on you...

  • Pain in the ass to replace the battery in one of those. Battery maintenance is important for any modern car that's not daily driven, has nothing to do with being a "supercar"....

  • You can start shedding pounds by unloading Starbucks, unless you're just getting a small black coffee...

  • What a bunch of douche bags 👎🏻

  • Dude you’re way too nice. Those guys are pieces of shit.

  • The joys of buying a “supercar” from a medium brand.

  • what a lazy tech...a real professional, not...

  • When did Joshua Weissman quit SEnewss and become an Audi technician? Lmao

  • That tech is screwed 😅 we need more of this! Bad techs are why I have trust issues with dealerships...

  • If this is how they treat owners of their halo cars imagine how they treat the owners of their daily drivers. Yup, just like shit.

  • Nappa: what's his rev limiter says Vegeta: it's over 9000

  • I would report it so it won’t happen to someone else.

  • Those have to be THE worst races EVER lol. BMW driver is a moron and both of you let off before the cars get in their stride. Smh. Did you all race to 60? Lmao

  • saw u at the sheetz in moon township earlier😀

  • what happened to the blue ranger

  • Been to many high end dealers. Have never seen techs in street clothes.

  • I would show that to the service manager and then tell them you will be taking your business elsewhere because you dont trust the techs. you have proof. imagine if you didnt have the dash cam and they didnt do the work but still charged for the work.

  • God knows what goes on whenever other people don’t have dashcams.

  • You were very fair to them. It seems like a typical customer service approach in the Northeast tbh though.

  • Three river audi in washington pa

  • Is that an authorised Audi workshop?! It looks like crap!

  • Yea, everyone saying to expose them. I totally agree. I’m tired of dealerships taking advantage of customers and not taking responsibility.

  • You’re a good man for not going full Karen on these guys for their attitude. I haven’t looked but I’m guessing the batteries go bad on these often and maybe it’s a pain to change.

  • Looks like a back street garage. I've never seen an audi main dealership workshop look so messy

  • I wouldn't put up with that crap regardless of the car, but Audi service needs to be better. You should show the service manager this footage. Congrats on the R8 BTW! Welcome to the Audi fam.

  • dude your too nice... sure dont publicly out them however you need to contact management and bring it up and show them the vid... and not the service manager... the dealership manager

  • Isn't the battery still under warranty?I would write a complain letter to audi customer service. You're to nice, probably its the Scandinavian approach (I mean it in a positive way) in Italy we are a bit more "Vulcanic" in such situations:-) I lived in Linkoping for 1 year and worked for a Swedish company.

  • Little bums

  • Power to weight! That BMW needs to go on a diet lol

  • What dash cam is this ? Good quality

  • That shop looks like a dump! I can’t believe that’s what an Audi dealership looks like!

  • Why is a bad battery so funny???? He's weird, and a jerk. So is the other guy that told you to F-off. This dealership should get new employees.....

  • What a shit bag,,,

  • which DashCam do you have?

  • M8 needs some driver mod 🤦‍♂️

  • Audi mechs are not going to give you the scope treatment as a super car service centre. they are not going to be best. The engineers have less respect for people and who they provide services for..

  • F those techs. People trust them to do the right thing. What if it’s a bad tire and you have a blow out or a family car has a blow out. It could be very bad.

  • Thats why independent repair shops are better than dealerships Not incase of free stuff but still

  • It is really hilarious how the oil companies have managed to scare 420 million people that scary things happen if you dont change oil Every 10.000 miles 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I’d make a complaint asap what shocking service

  • If that was my car I definitely wouldn’t be going back to that dealership