Jake Paul & Nate Robinson Weigh-In & Face-Off Ahead Of Fight

Publicerades den 27 nov 2020
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  • Stop being a pushy and fight Mike Rashid 🤷‍♂️

  • Let’s take jake Paul back to the mid 90s and have him fight mike and watch jake Paul cease to exist in a ring

  • Gg

  • if nothings gonna happen then whats the point?

  • you $exually aSSaulted justine

  • I never really rated Mike Tyson until I sat down and analysed his style. He is The greatest fighter that has ever lived. When I realised that Mike Tyson would beat Bruce Lee in a fight. I took my hat off. Custemato created a monster.

  • is it because hes black

  • Why just why?

  • Jake vs wilder

  • Jake inbox me got a good idea for a video

  • 3:00:00 jake pauk

  • .

  • I’m getting tired of disliking jakes videos

  • lol

  • They really dragged Mike Tyson into this? Aw man

  • Jake Paul the way you are going Joel

  • I kinda feel sorry for nate

  • What’s humbling is your head smashing against the ground after being a big mouth with Jake

  • Why do people sub to this channel?

  • This Match Was Worthless. At Least Nate Was Humble.

  • jake paul acting like a pro ufc fighter and impersonating khabib with that hat and talking mcgregor makes me cringe to my stomach. he’s genuinely embarrassing himself and he doesnt realize it

  • Let’s get a Nate Robinson vs jake Paul 1v1 street ball

  • My name is Nathaniel nick name nate

  • Wow you beat a basketball player

  • Nate lives in my state and his son played on the older team I play on in football his son is so good

  • Damn

  • Love you jake

  • Nate regret saying those after getting knocked

  • Jake Paul is so selfish this ain't his fight

  • Fun fact my 10 year old brother is stronger then jake Paul

  • I doubt you donate me 1.000.000 dollars to my account in Brazil

  • I miss the old jake Paul he was so chill and kind and now look tides is forgotten about and now jake is different money and fame has really changed him he used to be so kind and family friendly but now look he cussing like crazy smoking cigars and drinking whiskey on a SEnewss vid and offering money to fight a guy that is apparently a pussy when jake is the pussy

  • Imagine being knocked out by Jake Paul, of all people.......


  • We need more dislikes

  • I doubt you donate me 1,000,000 dollars to my account in Brazil 

  • Anyone in 2021

  • Wake up its time for school come on its time for school

  • Nikita Ababiy vs jake Paul

  • Why would anyone want to fight Nate Robinson wtf jake is 23 This is y he’s hated cuz he’s a tool

  • Jake was the only one talking at the face of at the end.. Bruh shut the fuck up 😂

  • This guy thinks he's mates with Mike tyson 🤣

  • One day just one day

  • Hope Conor slaps u around

  • Where Jake

  • Jake fight me bro

  • It’s pretty cringe how his pfp isn’t even Goku ;-;

  • Mike Tyson will kill jake first second of the first round

  • Jake paul a pro boxer? What a joke

  • I swear Jake was high

  • I like how it's just a bunch of fortnite kids cheering him on lmao

  • “Best version of myself”....Such bullshit

  • bozi txa

  • Mike Tyson: Ima Go To Plan B Punch Him Back Also Mike Tyson : jejeje

  • I like how one of the sponsors is weedmaps

  • uhm the only thing Nate should do is model lmao

  • Poor nate i was hoping he would win still love jake tho

  • Hey bro, sorry, you can donate me a 10,000 dllrs for a House for my mom? i can i me tatto your face

  • The best content on jake pauls channel

  • Nate Robinson got knock out👀

  • Why tf this man have the super sayian hair on and second why tf his stance like he he’s part of the hyuga

  • Jake look like Santa clous

  • 8:20 wtf it say pro boxer

  • Nate woke up after the KO 80 years old

  • yeah that's true ,, fak that guy 15:19

  • Mike Tyson is so inspiring now a days. I love hearing his interviews and his history.

  • 7:43 when Jake comes on

    • Where is he all i saw was some moving dogshit

  • That went down literally how JP described it

  • Boy u got a big ass lookin bush on yo head lookin like a pineapple 💀

  • Resident sleeper

  • Jake Paul was spot on with his interview lol mystic jake

  • *Video: Says 3 hours* *Me: watches 5 minutes*

  • “Going super saiyan 3 tomorrow” damn even the god of destruction could two shot that, pretty weak if you ask me

  • I am a 45 yr old former Australia champion boxer. This is laughable all these SEnewss brats. I'll fight both Paul brothers on 1 night. At 45 and still whoop them

  • shave dat beard bro

  • Nate got rocked

  • Nate did get clapped

  • nate ran out of gas half way to heaven when he got knocked out and came back

  • I’m a pro street fighter

  • Come fight me Paul for real bro

  • I feel bad for his son who probably gets somewhat bullied

  • My dad wants fight u

  • Kreeirh6e

  • davidpakman

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Where is jake Paul’s robot arm?

  • Nate is a good guy bro jake u gotta chill

  • You are the worst you calling out lebron he is going to beat you

  • o you calling pout all these other people to fight i dare you to calll out mike tyson

  • Man you messed up nate

  • LMAO

  • Jake has a troll cosplay. Never thought he had anything cool.

    • @Spalitz Gohan is a badass and Jake isn't

    • @Spalitz r/whoosh

    • Its actually ssj2 gohan hair

  • Jakes so rich (buckle mask)new air pod pros)watch)and all Balenciaga clothes)

  • Jake Paul challenge MC Gregor 🤣 let them fight..🤣🤣🤣

  • Why is he flexing he beat someone who isnt a boxer

  • jake paul🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪💪💪⛹️⛹️⛹️⛹️🏋️🏋️🏎️🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

  • I didnt know these was 3 hours 💀✋🏻

  • Who is NDL?

  • Jake looks like he got out of drugs

  • The dislikes are from KSI fans