Big Snow Storm Makes For A Busy Day - The Team Splits Up

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
So we got a call for a lot of cars stuck in a crazy snowstorm. We even had to split up as a team.
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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!


  • For everyone losing their minds over the dogs Matt encountered on this rescue: In rural areas it's not uncommon for dogs to be let out to roam a bit (especially considering some properties are hundreds of acres in size). Matt notifying animal control of the dogs' location (& likely tag info) is ideal as it's quite likely that the owners are within a couple miles of that rescue. Consider how much "roaming" Max & Lady do when they're taken out on a call...if those dogs approached someone hiking nearby and got picked up (as opposed to the people notifying animal control & leaving Max & Lady alone), now you've got a "dognapping" situation! It's obvious those dogs are being cared for by SOMEBODY & animal control will step in if needed.

    • @Daniel Skorich not really, the majority of people just want to be left alone yet we have this pandemic of people speaking a disease of "so it this way, do it that way, we need more rules, laws, regulations" What we need is more people with a good moral compass and the old paradigm of "helping your neighbor" I grew up in Seattle in the 60s and 70s and right about 81 the Californians began coming enmasse. They brought their values, gangs, and politics. We used to give out bumper stickers in 81 that said "Dont Californicate Washington" The rest is history and repeating in The SW, MT, ID, WY, etc... All places that don't need or want busy bodies. Neighbor helps Neighbor and in places like Billings or Missoula they are finding out to late what a committee to study residents personal freedom can remove. These folks are free to travel, visit, or even move, but for the Live of God leave the crap behind that ruined your old home and embrace the freedom of "nunya"!

    • @Craig For every "liberal busy body" you have a "conservative Karen" pushing their agenda. So it evens out in some weird way. That's how the world rocks my friend. 🌎

    • @Craig “someone should lock those dogs up for their own safety” -liberal thoughts

    • I live outside of Charlotte NC and have a lost and found pets group and trust me not every dog that you find is lost. We have people that will pick up a dog right in front of the owners house and drop it animal control. Sometimes common sense should kick in before you pick up an animal.

    • Dooly noted.

  • Matt off road recovery boot camp, we will get those camera people in shape or my name's not Matt.🙂

  • Is it the V8 or the straight 6 in that Cherokee? I’ve always been impressed by how this guy does exactly what the hell he does. Keep on pushing brother.

  • Under this conditions, does it make you wonder what is a Prius doing out here, or people that don't know if they are driving a 4 x 4, busy

  • Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

  • i was watching one of your video on how people take advantage of you and your towing pay?, its a bitch to come all the way from your shop to help someone in trouble then get screwed from pay. how does your pay work? i would charge 50 percent up front on the call out, before leaving my shop, some is better then none?is it a mileage pay?, is it a county tow set up fee?, state? being that your help people in tow outs, placing a lien on the registration of the license plate or registered owner. towing here in ca, is 275.00 per tow?, the minute im tied to you its 150.00, then 125.00 on the final tow out. if not wait for the next guy. i worked towing people at kaiser hospital location for people that had handicapped plate or placards, but the where not the owner of the car or placard . kaiser had a problem with people parking in spaces at the wrong time taking handicapped areas away from the legal ones!

  • I am amazedby this guy always in Tshirt when it is snowing , Maybe he forgot his bathing suit.

  • I'm a fan of your car from Indonesia

  • Looks to me like you guys need to invest in some gloves, for both warmth and to help keep your hands clean.

  • I would not own any of the vehicles that they have pulled out even if I lived in a major metropolitan city... To me, not a one of them are worth anything....

  • I still find it IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE, That none of you, not a one, have any warm waterproof winter gloves to wear!!!!!!

  • Starting at 6:00 he’s talking to the couple in the SUV about how he is going to pull them out. And he asked them, is it all wheel drive. Neither one of them, Even know if it is or not!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!


  • What do tou think about getting a new Cherokee trailhawk for your towing would it be worthy

  • 1:57 does she have a dip in her lip

  • Camera man job is fun... and free exercise, no gym membership required!

  • off road behind a prius. Good luck. lol

  • I can see that Matt is one of those minimalist bosses but he should at least consider getting some drones for some of the chase photography instead of people chasing him. Randy fell pretty badly in another video and that could have been avoided.

  • Think you should get your camera guys a couple DJI mini 2 drones! Get some good videos without having to sprint!

  • I don't know how these videos get dislikes. To me, this would be a dream job. Doing what you love while getting paid to do it. Only reason I can think of for the dislikes is they're jealous and wish they was doing this stuff🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • where its that place?

  • Thumbs down people need to go watch a different channel. Great job Matt and crew.

  • Father and son. Cool.

  • What date was this? We just spent 4 nights 5 days at Sand Hollow State Park, Sand Pit Campground gs23 • Sunday April 25 - Wenesday 28 • Beautiful place with great riding for atvs & sxs • It was partly cloudy/nice Sun • then drizzling/chilly day with rain all night Mon into • Tues was overcast/chilly/sprinkles • Wens mostly sunny nice • Thurs was the nicest day • the wind blew from Sunday to during the night Wens-Thurs and I mean much of the time it blew a steady 25+mph and gusts 35 or 40! (SailFlow app) Anyway, There wasn't much snow on surrounding mountains until after Sunday night then a lot more after Monday night. So we are wondering if perhaps this snow was one of these days? Just to reinforce something Matt has said in the past. Many people do get stuck and most of the time get helped out without ever calling anyone. How do I know? On Wenesday my wife and I walked our dogs over to the Reservoir to find a family had driven barely 15 feet off the road onto the beach in their full size Nissan Van. When I walked up it was buried to his rear axle spinnng his wheels. I asked him if he wanted to make the call? His reply was he would rather not! I volunteered the services of my 2011 Silverado 2500hd 4x4 and tow strap/chain. Walked back to camp, grabbed our stuff then Pulled him right out and when he offered to pay I declined and asked him to just pay it forward and help the next guy in need out. Anyway I apologize for the long post. We really did like playing in your backyard even though the weather didn't really cooperate. Love your channel and content Peace Duane Tranter PS do you sell t-shirts online? If so we would like to purchase some. I also recommend a new one for people like us that say something like. We saved them from having to make the call! Not exactly a part of your business model but I would buy a few.

  • Awesome


  • I'm confident in my Subi's off road abilities but it is just a car. Taking a 2wd off road is never a good idea.......unless its a Baja Bug.

  • Man! The yellow banana does not disappoint ..not sure what to call the brown beige Yeep yet? Yeah leave the dogs alone, if they got collars. if they looked super skinny and injured maybe take em in. But those dogs looked healthy. I got land in Vermont and there's always dogs just emerging from the woods from others land. Not uncommon at all, can't imagine having 100's and 100's of acres to roam on ..

  • I keep wondering if you’re ever going to get some gloves...

  • Is Lizzie's sister still following her welding path?

  • How much will you guys charge for recovering the titanic from the ocean floor ?

  • Absolutely loved seeing the team splitting up, with the same level of professionalism and customer service. Enjoyed Rudy cleaning his hands in the snow too lol

  • Those tires still milestar and do ya'll air down in snow and mud?

  • Can we donate to a Yellow Banana headliner replacement fund? My OCD is killing me with that one. 😬

  • With an XJ it is always time for new struts on the back hatch, new exhaust headers, and a new steering box :)

  • I really wish you guys would wear gloves Matt , you guys do so well, leaders in the rest of the recovery industry. set a good example ????? just a thought.

  • Would help if they actually drove it instead of just being an anchor

  • because the other cherokee is not yellow? greetings are all great !!!!!!!!

  • MORR needs to partner with a cross fit gym … real world cardio work out for the masses chasing their ride home!

  • How are you guys paid for this service?

  • Interesting channel, just a shame its phoney.

  • Global Warming!

  • Call me a wimp, but why don't either of you wear gloves?

  • Crazy weather. May and it's Snowing

  • Camera crew getting ready for olympics:D

  • I bet there's mud on the inside too.

  • Rudy what size lift are you running ?

  • curious as to what exhaust system are you running matt?

  • Never help a guy in a Prius, now they don’t learn from his fault.

  • Might be time for some lockers in Rudy's jeep.

  • 👍👍👍👍

  • Rudy need lockers dad lol

  • When is Rudy going to get lockers?!

  • Saint Bernard's probably loving that cold weather.

  • Lizzie: "The weatherman..." LOL

  • Great

  • "Is this all-wheel drive?" (Opens Owner's Manual)

  • Y'all have some AMAZING camera folks. Mad props to them

  • You sometime let the owner drive the car?

  • Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the Yellow Banana is warm and delightful...

  • We need to start a Go Fund Me for that youngster and get him some gloves.

  • Can we have kudos form the camerapeople!

  • In snow use skinny mud and snow tires. Ice and snow it's chains or winch. Nice trick: Back into bar ditch winch out stuck car, hook on to tree, pull myself out.

  • “I think it sucks running in general.” This guy gets it

  • The sign of a smart person is when they know when to stay home in bed and sleep late.

  • @12:21 please PLEASE tell me you gave the Nissan Truck guy a shirt? Solid friend of the world there.

  • The Mud there is S L I M Y !

  • Utah people complaining about people who can't drive in the snow. Come to Virginia. It's awful. Very, very awful.

  • 12:25 She has a unique voice.. (not bad unique)

  • And i was unsubscribed Whats up with youtube always unsubscribing people!?!? "Conspiracy" channels would have you think its done on purpose

  • Well done by both teams! Looked so slippery!

  • Mat have you ever considered putting rotating lights? When you are pulling on public roads I’m thinking it might be good? Recovery points are vital. Nice clean reflective jackets, then lay in mud, arm coated with mud trying to get soft shackle on, maybe not best spot... Both my trucks have them. Have never used them. Next SUV will either have one, or get one mounted.

  • Looks like you've got alot of global warming going on down there,better invest in an electric wrecker.

  • Not very smart people. Not the right gear to be out there

  • Who takes a fucking Prius offroading in a Utah winter storm? Brainless people

  • I feel so bad for people who are lured into confidence of their veh hearing the word SUV. So many of them have no 4wd nor awd & if they do they come w/reg passenger tires. I’d take an old car/truck with upgrades vs a newy any day. Dogs know “dog people” roll right over 4 da belly wubb

  • Super skills and he loves dogs. Deserves 620k subscribers!

  • Great video. One of your best I think. Editing was very good. A very enjoyable presentation. Keep up the good work. Still don't understand how Lizzie stayed so clean on that trip.

  • Banana needs cameraman scooters in the back :o)

  • Love the recoveries but i really want to see the camera crew run at sea level they would be machines

  • If a jeep can a Prius can! Right? lol

  • Is that clay? No wonder it's tough.

  • You guys hiring?

  • WTF, it's 95 degrees where I live. It didn't even rain this year. 🤣😂

  • I'm wondering what state is this located in? Great videos, you just got a new subscriber.

    • Matt’s Off Road Recovery is based in Southwest Utah in the town of Hurricane. Near Zion National Park. Most of their work is in this part of Utah and sometimes they do jobs in Northwestern Arizona and Southern Nevada.

  • Hay Matt how about posting the dates of the filming in the description along with the date posted. Please

  • Anybody else wonder why no one at Winder owns a pair of gloves? It seems like not getting your hands muddy to begin with would be better than trying to clean them with snow.

  • Client: “Who knew it would snow? Lizzy: “the weather man”

  • So, why exactly did you bring Lizzy on this rescue???? Was she a camera man!? Did she help with the towing process??? Did she offer any fucking help whatsoever??? Why do you guys even staff her? She’s absolutely useless!!!

  • Prius tug,, just goes to show the kind hear, respect the MORR crew shows everyone...

  • The headliner in my Grand Cherokee is falling down exactly like that

  • Boy o boy. Snow, and mud, lovely stuff. Certainly a mix of bad sticky, to bog city.

  • Please get a new headliner for your banana jeep, it's due for a replacement

  • And also want say a BIG thank you to Matt.....I came to the car show a few weeks back in Hurricane and I stopped and talked to you I was in a blue wheelchair and you did something that not people do to me you Sat down on my level and got on my level.....IT MEANT THE WORLD TO ME THANK YOU.......

  • Y'all are AWESOME!!!! Cedar City fan here keep the awesome work yall do.....Can't wait for the corvair holy crap!!!!!!

  • I think he ran over the rope... Did anyone expect anything less from this tool?

  • I think it's almost time for the Banana to get some engine overhaul love...

  • Funny ya’all seem annoyed at these calls... when it’s the bread and butter stuff

  • I understand the concern for the dogs, but I need to report a missing camera man. Where the hell is Randy?

    • @Bonnie Walters I believe you may be right. He was good at pushing Matts buttons , thats why I liked him. He was on a vid yesterday but it probably was recorded last month.

    • Rumors say he's been fired

  • Why don’t you guys use chains for snow/mud?