What New Upgrades Have The Teams Added? | F1 TV Tech Talk | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

Publicerades den 31 mar 2021
Join Tech Talk guru Sam Collins as he discusses the upgrade packages the teams have brought to Bahrain, and the changes in development for the respective teams from the pre-season test.
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  • haas front wing mate

  • It’s really weird seeing a HAAS car driving around with it’s four wheels with body parts. The shape of HAAS we know is with smashed broken body work & broken suspensions & wheels leaning on barriers. I couldn’t name a race where a HAAS drove over a finish line.

  • yes the sticky uppy bits

  • 4:13 "sticky-upy-bits"?

  • marcelo❤️

  • I love his technical terminology. E.g. 4:12 The sticky uppy bits.

  • Tell me about the sticky-sidy and sticky-downy things too.

  • Well presented, I like this guy.

  • Thanks as always for the education. I want to understand this stuff but need instructionals like this to break things down.

  • Box ticking F1?

  • Please get this guy commentating on channel 4 coverage

  • Alright, 6 minutes of talking and saying very little. This was a waste of time

  • Someone needs to intervene about this guy’s goatee/sideburn situation

  • 04:10 - "wobbly floor and the sticky uppy bits..." For a tech talk, that doesn't fill me confidence that you know what you're talking about. Or maybe you are just talking down for your intended audience.

  • interesting

  • I'd like to see sam at race weekends more!

  • Biggest update for Haas is- they now carry around russian flags on their cars. Nice investor they got there...

  • Heres me being like yeah sick I just installed a new fuel filter housing gasket. Nekminit F1 teams have a whole new car a week later

  • I don't want to raise any debate I just want to know how is it legal for AT to take Red Bulls suspension and put it on their car but illegal for RP to take the Merc brake ducts and fit them on their pink car?

    • Its the rules - some parts you can buy - others you can't

  • Wobbly Sticky-upy-bits The kind of extreme technical knowledge i expect from Sam!

  • haas doesnt even have an f1 car, no point in even talking about them, seriously they might as well of just not participated this season and instead came back for next season

  • When Hass inventions were talked about.

  • Stickie uppy bits!!! 😂😂😂 love it.

  • Umm...ahhhh...get a haircut😁

  • Every year the rules change. Every year research and development is crucial for F1 teams. The team that does the most research and development is a team that has an edge advantage for winning races! 👍😁

  • Give this man a raise.

  • I think it'd be cool if these Tech Talks were more like 2-4 hours long

  • So alpha has an illegal car then like rp last year 😂

  • Sam: "sticky uppy bits" Aston Martin engineers: smh 4:12

  • Finally saw the USA flag on the Haas

  • Haas increased the SpinInator Arms too

  • This man knows his stuff!

  • imagine the hard work this guy will put for next year,we are going to see him every day in youtube

  • this is the best car racing, requires level of fitness , and this guy fitness isn’t right

  • This dude could've been a member of Outkast.

  • I like this guy

  • The hospitable lung endosonographically pick because nerve suggestively talk round a honorable titanium. cynical, anxious pike

  • This guy was best in class. Outstanding performance.

  • Jay-Z

  • Formula one should further reduce the minimum car weight.

  • "the direction Haas are going in" Round and round?

  • Not gonna lie, this is the only talk segment in this channel I watch. The format is cool. Collins keeps it short and informative 👍

  • Not crazy about the new politically-correct appointments. Obviously not merit-based.

  • Sam! Sam! Sam! Sam!

  • What if tech talk .... Talk more about checo recovery of his RB at the formation lap .... And if we can know more about the performance of MERC AND RB PU s at the final battle between Lewis and max .... Thanks for this segment.... 👌🏾

  • Sam could talk about paint drying and I would give him my undivided attention.

  • Man, I literally saw Sam in the thumbnail and went right to the Kitchen to make some popcorn and watch this. It was worth it

  • We need Sam in commentary 😁 just like he is commentating Super Formula and Super GT

  • Tech guru!

  • Excellent, Sam Collins is great at this. Haven't enjoyed technical analysis this much since Steve Matchett

  • 4:14

  • "Down to poor gearbox casing design on last years RedBull" RedBull: So this guy just highlighted it was the Gear Box departments fault. Who's head are we going to slay?

  • F1 Intelligence workers = New paper "Spot differences" picture drawings (brain game)

  • I love this guy and his “sticky-uppy bits” . Trademark it bro 😎

  • A RBR foi roubada

  • He said sticky upper bits So we all get to take a shot

  • Wow Sam is the man. Love these explanations!

  • This is the first year I've actually seen the aero rakes on the cars during testing. I'd be interested in what exactly those are used for.

    • @Sam S Collins will do. Thank you

    • Have a look at the other vids on this channel there is one on them.

  • Bob Ross?? Is that you?? Didn't know you were into F1

  • Hebat Marcelo bagi analisa

  • alphatauri really looks like they could create some chaos at the front of the midfield and even get some podiums toward the end of the season

  • I like this video but I think it would be a lot better if he also explained what specifically the teams are trying to achieve with these changes, for example what aerodynamic effects are at work how exactly the changes will affect this. I think if you already go to this level of detail you should also explain how it works not only that the parts have a different shape. Just a suggestion.

  • Sticky uppy bits

  • love these vids. Shame it was so short.

  • I like to see this guy more, very interesting even after 4o years of watching F1. Love u Sam

  • 자막이 필요해.. 제발

  • France is watching ! Thanks a lot for all these infos! Of course praying for Pierre Gasly !

  • Don't forget: This is a Max basher of the first hour...

  • Me: hey mom! I want to be taught by a university teacher at a young age! Mom: don’t worry honey! We have one at home! *University teacher at home:*

  • THANK YOU FOR NOT USING THE FACE DIAPER, now i want to watch again

  • Haas’ development has a fatal flaw: turn 3

  • Without these crucial updates, MazeSpin wouldn't have even made it to the first turn

  • F1 should change Sir Lewis Hamilton’s 3 letter initials on Tv to SLH

  • That's pure f1 gold

  • I hope the Viennetta guys are watching this, if they add sticky-uppy bits to their ice cream, they could improve the airflow which would keep the ice cream cooler for longer.

  • 0:34 : rear wing or front wing? just asking.

  • How come this analysis is not a part of the full tech talk show it links to in the discription?

    • @Sam S Collins the full show can never get too long 😉

    • This was an extra bit we made as the full show got too long.

  • The Maestro speaks, and we listen! Awesome as always, Sam!

  • whe need to hear way more from this guy here. this is way beter then those two clowns we see here to often.

  • Give this man a raise

  • I love this content - Sam you rock

  • this guy is the bees knees!

  • This guy used to work with The Race

  • Sam mate... Quality content! Keep it up!!

  • Hass has to pray for a miracle .

  • I'm not too sure Haas knows what direction they're headed in. That's a Maza-spin joke.

  • Ok now I really wanna hear more about Red Bull's poorly designed gearbox casing

  • sticky uppy bits

  • Finally. No mask for the camera👌

  • I love this guy. This is my sh*+ We need more on F1 TV Pro from him.

  • Matey compared the Aston Martin floor to Vienetta Ice Cream. This guy knows how to speak to me.

  • Where is Palmar analysis!!

  • Red bull rake is crazy. Looks like buggy from the back


  • The lower element of the rear wing you mean the front wing lol

  • Thank you so much for not wearing a ritualistic shame muzzle while explaining the teams upgrades...I fast forward the race commentary on Sky when they wear them...again, thank you!

  • sticky uppy bits = SCIENCE

  • I wonder what Mercedes is doing, or they will show up with package NR2 out of nowhere and blast everyone.

  • captions, please!

  • That point about the Alpha Tauri and Red Bull is interesting seeing how the media went to town on Racing Point how quiet they are now... Red Bull only moan when another team dares to outthink them