my kitten is NOT vegan (spearfishing cat food)

Publicerades den 17 mar 2021
This is the microphone I use:
This is my dive mask (with gopro mount):
These are my carbon fiber dive fins:
Great book about learning how to spearfish:
Amazing book about freediving, the ocean, and our connection to these things as humans:
Interesting read on how it’s scientifically proven that being near, in, on or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do:
This book is all about big fish, where to find them, and how to spear them. Written by a spearfishing OG, it will inspire you to explore the world, searching for big fish:
William Trubridge can dive to over 100 meters (330 feet) on a single breath of air, without wearing fins. This well-written autobiography explores his journey to become one of the deepest diving humans in the history of the world, and also helps show the potential that we all have inside of ourselves to dive deep, if we practice:
Finally, this book tells a tragic tale of an extremely talented freediver and how dangerous this sport can be, if not practiced safely:
***If you want to learn how to freedive or spearfish, DO NOT TRY IT ALONE. I recommend signing up for a freediving course to learn how to dive safely and find a buddy do dive with 🤙🤙******


  • Eat the Cat. Problem solved!^^

  • Kill other animals to feed your kitten

  • You mean pescatarian. vegans just eat Fruit and veggies


  • Are you implying that only creatures that need to eat meat to survive should consume meat? Aren’t you implying you shouldn’t eat fish because you don’t need to?

  • Naturally fish is our food

  • Nice tripletails

  • ur doggo n kitten looks really cute😳❤

  • yezzzzz kill other animals for the cat (XD)

  • How is that a hard question? Most animals die to feed other animals.. as normal as anything in earth

  • Kill my kitten or kill other animals to feed my kitten.. 🤔 why not kill and eat your kitten?


  • I don't have a soft spot for vegans but dayum what they do to you?? Y u hate vegans so much?

  • I sure do love meat

  • Fresh triple tail for the kitten 😩


  • Fishy fishy my kitty want you

  • Save the cat

  • but killing things is cool and normal!

  • Being vegan for health reasons, not moral ones, I say if an animal is a carnivore, it needs meat to survive. Humans can go either way, but we don't NEED meat for survival. Unlike cats that will literally die if they stop eating meat.

  • She's *precious*

  • Don't kill cat please

    • NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • just evolve. i dont eat. i have evolved to replace all my primary organs with a biological nuclear reactor. i will live for 25,000 years and if i eat tacobell ill accidentally start WWIII

  • I said kill the kitten. They're not native to the area. Just like I don't understand how there's an 18in limit on striped bass in California when it's an introduced species you can catch all the catfish you want.

  • EAT THE KITTY!! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

  • Yes continue to murder other animals to feed her 🤗

  • I was vegan for a few years and I realized this if your respectful to what your hunting deer fish whatever as long as your eating the meat or just being a decent human and killing it fast than there is no problem also I fish all the time now lol

    • I went crab netting and I tried some and now I eat meat and fish mostly fish

  • I can understand being vegan because you don’t want to eat animal products. It’s when the ideology of “let’s not use animals for food because they are living things too!” Like plants are living things too chill out.

  • Kill other animals for your kitten cuz you don't know what the cat's going through okay

  • The kitter wants a fish..the kitter gets a fish no debate there.

  • Kill the vegan lol

  • Take the kitten back in the motor cycle wheels and drive

  • Someone I know someone down put kills you’re kidding oh wow you don’t care about anything I don’t wanna put

  • You’re a kitten because he’s so

  • I have never heard a single good argument for being a vegan. Please, present me with an objective moral argument and I’ll give up meat.

  • It's obvious. Kill everything she requires. Food chain is a harsh mistress. That's why I eat steak.

  • Now I’m a vegetarian but I think you’re going about this exactly as you should. You’re only hunting what is currently needed, in addition you’ve saved an innocent animal from starving to death. Kill the fish, we all gotta eat something

  • PETA would say kill the cat.

  • How do you know if someone's a vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you

  • And a vegan myself I recommend letting the cat go free into the wild

  • Not vegan, but just kill the kitten. And use it to catch crabs.

  • Nothing wrong with this.. just avoid killing endangered fish...

  • Feed it milk

  • Vegans need to understand we dont care about their vegan lufestyle so long as you dont try and force us to follow it, I love my steak I love my chicken and I love my goddamn fish, Ill eat them how I fecking please dangit!!!

  • Kill your kitten lol

  • You should be feeding him the vegans. Although it might be slightly less healthy than store bought catfood, so maybe just as a treat every once n awhile. Vegan treats.

  • The way you talk is why you videos get flagged.

  • My current time is 23:45


  • Who would kill a kitten

  • Feed the cat

  • You probably wouldn't have to kill multiple fish a week just like one like if you only have that fish for the cat and then you like cut it up and you freeze some of it

  • DUDE Don’t KILL THe CAT PLEASe I love them 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • To ALL the peta people, I'd love to see you go tell a lion or tiger to quit eating meat-

  • Kill the kitten and the fish so you can eat both

  • Kill all the fish in the world for that cat 😡

  •🤣🤣🤣long iive the kitten


  • Kill fish for the kitten not kill the kitten

  • I used to live on a farm and whould give my old dog Ñoño food we got from the farm, the only animal product we got from it was eggs and milk, we got meat from the local butcher and give him homemade food when there was inexpensive meats and rice, and supplement it with dog kibble and burritos. Now since I live in the city, only dog kibble for my current dog, whom never got to try the chicken casseroles I used to give my old dog, my current dog has issues, so I have to keep him on his current kibbles, sad I loved giving my old dog egg noodles, chicken casseroles, and meat with rice.

  • Kill fish

  • Why not spear the kitten and feed it to the fish?

  • His confidence is on a role🔥

  • I love animals but I love them because when I get hungry I will go and eat a pig or a chicken by the way our cat likes hunting and its helpful to us

  • Dude why are you being a dick? Most vegetarians and vegans are cool people so why ask such a condescending question and give people a platform to shit on them.

  • Thumbs up if your vegan for the moral high ground

  • That vegan teacher would kill the kitten

  • Please not The KITTEN

  • That is a very small kitten. You do not need to catch such a large fish every day to feed it. One of those fishes if mixed with some other food can last for a long time.

  • I am not a vegan or vegetarian. I am against killing something to put a head on the wall. I don't fish just to catch it and throw it back. Those are my beliefs and they don't have to be anybody elses. Most importantly I don't push my beliefs on other people. Vegans don't care about my opinion and quite frankly I don't care about theirs

  • Companions come first if you ask me.

  • Other animals to feed the kitten

  • Feed them beef, in any indonesian market you can find beef or chicken really easy. Just suggestion Cat or dog near my house usually eat leftover food.

  • Kill.other

  • Other animals to feed it wym kill it your a murderer i mean i dont like cats either but still

  • You know, you could just own the fact that you like hunting fish and that at the end of the day that's the reason you do it? What this kind of video tells me is that you yourself recognize your motivations as ethically dubious and you're struggling to justify them to yourself.

    • @Major Gnuisance He doesn't hunt for sport though he hunts for food.

    • @Elixir Don't cut yourself on that edge, buddy. Again, he can hunt fish for sport all he likes, within the boundaries of the law and reason. It's these ridiculous attempts at being sanctimonious that he could maybe do without.

    • I agree! 2 seconds my dad just walked in asking what I wanted from maccies... IKR I alr told him Big Mac small chips and 5 nuggies!!!! Annoying I swear

  • Leave those vegans alone bro .lol 🤣😂 I love to see your hunting skill set .


  • Vegans who understand why its beneficial for humans to be vegan dont have a problem with animals thats diet includes meat to eat meat, my mother actually cusses out other vegans who try to feed their dog and cat vegetables....please stop being disrespectful

  • Seeing cats now makes me sad cause my 11 month old cat ran away recently

  • I love your cat it's super cute. U must feed the little thing

  • Since you asked what to do: just kill and eat vegans, wait what?

  • Imagine making entire videos complaining about beibg flagged, but also calling hunting murder.

  • But it's the beauty and inflation deflation of this nature. We are currencies our emotions are intrest rates and nature is FED ( Federal reserve bank or system)

  • Make it vegetarian or feed eggs.

    • @Swaroop Kapale yeah its obvious that your a troll

    • @pretty cool no man. You can feed it with eggs or vegetables.

    • So you want the kitten dead good to know

  • I have family who is vegan, they have 1 cat used to have 2, thank god they feed there cat actual food for cats (fish)

  • Im from indonesia and dont kill the baby cat no no thats wrong dont kill!!! Pls

  • I don't really think feeding your cat has anything to do with human veganism or vegetarianism.

  • Shoot your cat in the head for a quick death just like the fish

    • @Nils Christen its quite obvious the commenter wants the cat dead

    • what?🤦‍♂️

  • You teach the Cat to spearfish. That’s what you do.

  • Kill other animle to feed your kitten 😁

  • I agree with your opinion but you can feed her catfood it might be unhealthy but she will survive only with that

    • @Ruben Rogers yea and you pretty much know what you feed your cat

    • There is no benefit of that tho. More expensive, less healthy, less convenient (considering he lives in Bali and goes spear fishing anyway), and more things die to make cat food.

  • “Mmm, that is a tasty kitten!”

  • Good question. There are three reasons people go vegan: concern for the well-being of the animals, concern for the environment, and of course, because they think it’s a good way to lose weight. (The latter never stay vegan for long) I’m vegan for the first 2 reasons. Let’s go over it real quick. Factory farming is an awful living environment for livestock. I refuse to support the industry. I actually don’t dislike hunting as much as factory farming. Wild animals get a much better quality of life, and when they die (or are killed) that is simply the circle of life running it’s course. Factory farming is also very hard on the environment. Again, hunting really isn’t. Your kitten needs to eat. I appreciate that you’re feeding her in the most ethical way. Cats, unlike humans, cannot live on a vegan diet. As a side note: no I wouldn’t eat wild caught meat, or free-range eggs or dairy. I’ve been vegan for 8 years. Long enough that I no longer view those things as food. I don’t even like fake meats that taste and feel too realistic

    • I disagree that people who go vegan for diet wouldn't stay vegan lol. I know half a dozen people who do it and are fine, have been for a while. I did it for a year or so but stopped because it was too difficult to get the stuff i needed to sustain my sport filled life lol.

  • Feed the tiny one

  • To kill or not to kill, that is the question.

  • Beautiful baby kitty is fortunate to have been welcomed by you and your lovely pup. To criticise someone for lawfully sourcing fresh natural food for themself and their family is so utterly ludicrous. Why do these people even concern themselves with the dietary and nutritional interests of complete strangers whom they see on the Internet? This is really quite strange!

  • Hahaha amazing. To all those vegans out there with pets lmao

  • I'm gonna cut it clean guys I hate cats sooooooo much as you can see by my name I am Named after a fishes body part and yes I eat fish and if I could I would eat cats but I can't so I say KILL THE CAT AND LET MY BROTHEREN LIVE ON WITH FISH DOWN WITH CATS (and kittens)

  • Hahahaha